Tuesday, February 26, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, February 26, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 26, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 4 New Braunfels February V yiailbag New Braunfels HeraldZeitung New Texas 78131 HtraldZeltui General Manager Robert Andy Rooney Andy Rooney has some laws legislative body is always passing more Recently theyve even been passing laws that not only protect us from each other but from ourselves as I was thinking of some laws that might be good for them to enact Declare a ceiling on Neither Congress nor any state legislature could pass a law without first rescinding an old one to make room for the new Car manufacturers would be banned from building cars that can go faster than its legal to drive in this This would probably lead to a change in the legal speed Make it illegal for anyone to go to a dirty movie without his or her This would include Even a mother couldnt go to one without her These would be known as MQMrated Last year Americans were killed in pedestrian Add a sentence to the seat belt laws passed in some making it illegal to cross the Set up police road blocks and have officers check for Junk in the glove compartments of Anyone found with outdated road broken unmatched gloves or dark glasses with one lens missing would have to return to Part of drivers test would be a seat belt time be denied a license who could not fasten or unfasten a seat belt in less than one Thepost office would start charging a nickel for a stamp for a personal letter and for a stamp on any piece of mail that contained advertising the recipient didnt Young children would travel for half the fare on the airlines only if strangers who got assigned seats next to them also went for half Nothing is more repulsive to a nonsmoker than cigarette butts in an ash tray on a dinner A line on every package of cigarettes sold would advise smokers that In a restaurant theyd have to eat their own cigarette butts when they finished smoking When there arc more than five people in any it would be mandatory for the the bank or the checkout counter at the supermarket to open a new counter or If anyone had to wait in line for more than six minutes for that person would get it Drivers who turn on their right turn blinker just as they start to turn right would have to go back to driving Anyone advertising something free when it really isnt would get an allexpense paid trip to Everyone would have to get a drivers license for a shopping Anyone who blocked the aisle in a supermarket would have his or her shopping cart drivers license revoked for 10 days for the first offense a year for the second and lose it for life for the third of People who take their shopping carts to the parking lot and leave them so they block a parking space would be HESAJPHtJUSVCOULWfT BLACK PEOPUl SOMISEMBIE No company would be allowed to reduce the size of a a a can or a tube of anything without an nouncing it in full page advertisements as big as the one announcing the product was new and improved It would be illegal for a television network to promote the idea that a sporting event begins at when they mean their show begins at but the actual event doesnt start until 5 Batteries would be included as part of the package with everything that needs Anyone keeping another persons name in a com puter storage bank would have to inform the person whose name was stored there and advise him or her of the If the person didnt want his name in the it would be A depositor would have the right to ask a bank to keep his or her money separate from everyone in if the person chose to have it that Your representatives John Traeger Texas Senate Capitol Station 78711 Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington 20510 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County House of Representatives 20515 Tom Loeffler House of Representatives 1212 Longworth House Office Bldg 20515 Mark White Governors Office Room 200 State Capitol Texas 78701 Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room 240 Russell Bldg 20510 Mailbag Canyon Lake resident questions need for special ambulance To the Editor In your paper of Comal County was an article pertaining to the Canyon Lake Fire Department and Am bulance that I would like to respond in Your Letters to the Response the the New Advance Life Support System Ambulance First of I would like to praise the Canyon Lake Fire Department and Am bulance Service for their loyal service to the and all of the Volunteers and Auxiliary for their time and They are much I do have some real great con cern on my as to the purchase of or Advance Life Support System Ambulance at this I would much rather see more well equipped well trained and basic trained with continuing based all around the Lake than to have or very expensive ambulances in or The response for any is most important and get the patient to the Emergency and not some one at the if I have pains in my or abdominal as to whether or I am having a heart or gall bladder as to whcih unit should be It is not up to the Volunteer to diagnose or but to relay vital symp and give Basic First and relay i PROPOStOAtMfOFUFt UP tfc NATIONS AIUN6 FAMILY A FARM FAMILY IS EU6I01ZFORA UIAYOFIJFBUHN FIRST MUSTPROVBTHeY VOW THINK I COULPNT SHOULD WEAK WCAUCO these to either the Emergency or then from their Otherwise you are apt to have some Malpractice suits on your If the Fire Department pays all the bills and maintains all of the why does the Ambulance Service feel they have to be from the Fire Department Many volunteers serve in both plus hold full time Im sure the Fire Department could also use some new and more At the Fire is operating in the so please dont start getting ahead of ourselves This ALS Ambulance would be expensive to and the training of then they are going to want a present service seems quite adequate and Sure Id love a but only can afford a but it still gets me Also its paid If we were a large Metropolitan area thank goodness we as that is the reason we live in the then I would be all for but we are spread out all around the Lake so it seems much more logical to have more well equipped ambulances and stationed all around the Lake which would seem more suitable to meet our needs at the present Maybe in the near future we will have enough that would require but definitely not Thanks again to all of the Volunteers of both the Fire Department and the Am bulance for giving yoru time and also to those who contribute their we need you Most people dont appreciate your services until they need Then quick response time is the most im Margaret Mailbag policy The HeraldZeitung welcomes the opinions of its and were happy to publish letters to the Letters are published on the Opinions page as soon as they are unless delayed by space While readers pininna on local Issues generally are of more interest to other we welcome letters oo any topic national or international that the writer chooses to Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be poten All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by Anonymous letters will not Send your letter to Mailbag New Braunfels Drawer New Braunfels may also be hand delivered to the newspaper offices at 188 CasteU