Tuesday, January 29, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, January 29, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 4 foaunteSa January JViailbag New Braunfels Herald Zeitung Box 361 Wow Texas 78130 O pinions General Manager Robert James Kilpatrick Experiences color news judgment The Washington press which constantly is in quest of something to laugh has been enjoying a fine round of snickers at Jesse It seems that has come up with the wild idea of gaining control of CBS just so he could fire Dan Aint that a kneeslapper Its the biggest joke since the House Ethics Committee last OK First the Helms and a small group of fellow conservatives have indeed filed a state with the Securities and Exchange as the law publicly declaring their intention to purchase CBS stock for a specific Their purpose is to express their dissatisfaction with the companys liberal bias in its coverage of political personages and The Helms group no sooner had announced its in tentions that the intentions than the National Con servative Political Action Committee offered to put up in matching money toward such a worthy Said NCPAC Chairman John Dolan It is time that conservatives made an effort to regain control of the airwaves from people who are always running down our country and our This ruckus prompted a formal statement from Said Vice President Mary breathing piety and virtue from every CBS News reports the news as accurately and fairly as it independent of any political point of Another CBS not noted mildly that CBS has nearly 30 million shares of stock out The stock recently has been quoted at about For Helms and his partisans to take over the com an investment of well over a billion dollars would be Jesse has some rich as his senatorial campaigns have but the filthy rich are not necessarily Dan Rathers hair will be a lot grayer than its getting before Jesse can ask for his me cut through the Are the TV and most notably biased in their coverage of the news Of course they So are such great newspapers as The New York Times and The Washington The liberal bias is It is It is empirically measurable on the air in minutes and It pervades the news columns of the Post and Times in the same way that a stain pervades a It could not be This is because the Dan Rathers of this world are not saints they are not ethereal beings of divine grace and They are The editors who put together the CBS Evening News are personable people they are men and women of professional but they bring to their tasks all the accumulated experiences and prejudices of their Does anyone seriously believe they take off their opinions when they put on their eyeshades The judges of our state and federal courts also are persons of sworn to try cases On the Supreme William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall are just as dedicated to fairness and justice as William Rehnquist and Sandra Why are they so often on opposite sides in key cases It is because they see the as TV editors see the through the filters of all their Some of my friends have been needling they wants to throw Dan out and put me I am not nearly pure enough for but put that to one If I were anchoring the evening I would choose 20 of the same 22 items that a Dan Rather or a Tom Brokaw or a Peter Jennings would This is the nature of It would be on those marginal two or three stories a night that our judgments would My judgment as a conservative would This story should be included or I dont believe that story makes and these would be honest They also would be biased judgments biased as all judgments are by instincts and by defeats and and by the shaping influences of every journalists If Jesse have in mind a propaganda count me out I will fight them all the But if their goal is to replace the present liberal bias with the kind of conservative bias Ive been talking more power to Other voices Mailbag Reader concerned over pipeline Turmoil continues in Soviet Union Another Soviet chunye looms appeared in Tuesdays Sun Antonio ExpressNews For the third time in just over two the Soviet Union apparently will undergo a change in Soviet resident Konstatin Churnenko repor tedly is critically his respiratory problems complicated by heart Two British newspapers reported that the Politburo already has approved a plan to replace Chemetiko as general secretary of the Communist Party with Mikhail If Chernonko resigns or dies in it would add another complication to the slightly thawed relations between Washington and The Heagan administrations dealing with the Kremlin has been made difficult by a series of aged and ailing Soviet Leonid Brezhnev had a prolonged illness before he died Brezhnev was succeeded by Yuri who died 1984 at Churnenko succeeded Adropov at the age of 72 and has been ill most of his time in as Gorbachev follows it would represent one definite Gorbachev is only The Politburo remains a mystery to most Gorbachev is believed to be 2 in the Soviet but that is not a known It is also uncertain just how much power a Communist Party chief and president wields in the supposed collective It is fairly certain that yet another change at the top in the Kremlin could affect the armscontrol negotations that will resume in the possible new round of trade talks and cooperatint in President Reagan has remained steadfast in his policies toward the Soviet There is no reason for him to no matter who heads the reviewing stand in Red To the Editor I wish to voice rny concern over plans by the All Americna Pipeline Company to place a 30inch heated crude pipeline through the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer in south Comal Articles in the San Antonio Light and the New Braunfels indicated that the county and state officials were not aware of the companys plans until There are strong indications that very litle has been clone thus far to conduct hearings or to fully in vestigate the environmental impact by state The line is to run from McCamey to As an owner or property adjacent to the proposed route of the I am strongly opposed due to the damage that could be caused should leaks The Edwards Aquifer is the primary source of water for more than one million people living in Comal and Bexar In the terms of the easement being sought by the company con tains clauses that could permit the transporting of unspecified sub stances that could be even more there is already an oil pipeline from McCamey to Houston which could be modified to carry this crude Having a deep concern for protecting the environment of I wish to seek your assistance along with other state officials to either oppose the route of the pipeline if insure strict application of restrictions to prevent development of I understand that a preliminary environmental impact study filed with the Federal Bureau of Land Management in California recommended that the pipeline not be constructed through limestone or over Tom General Manager of the Edwards Un derground Water District has ex pressed his concern and said he is notifying all interested I trust that you will support efforts of the EUWD and other agencies to prevent construction of the line which could be potentially harmful for so many I would greatly appreciate any information regar ding steps that will be taken to disclose all facts concerning the pipeline and to insure that one of Texas most valuable resources is not Sincerely James West Aborted children deserve advocate Dear Editor I appreciate the Heralds restraint in printing only a fraction of the available hoopla concerning Super Bowl The 49ers won Big fat hairy Garfield the cat would I find it much more earthshaking that more than million children will never see any Super because they were 22 was the 12th anniversary of the Supreme Courts debatable Roe Wade a day of infamy which began a death knell for over a million preborn children each CDC the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reports reveal million abortions and million live births for 1983 the last year for which statistics were Thats almost 1 out of 3 While I deplore violence done to abortion I also deplore the violence done to these unborn They deserve an advocate for their I marched for life with thousands Saturday in Austin to voice my concern and desire that Texas legislators do something to or at least limit the The Sharp Kubiak Abortion Regulation Bill 129 to be considered this session migh Do you care Let Traeger and Kuempel Julie Ousley THINK JS PATI6NTWILL IDOSOONTOSAV I MAPI excuse twr CUP IN WSAY IF YOU TO SOMETHING HAD A BUDDY IFOLRUffBtAlPQNOfl THIS HIS70KIC MIGHT NEVER TAKEN HIM PUSH WUAfOUNP MWON F1GHT0ACK I KG miwsTEx OF TION BY MOST BANAL Your representatives Mark White Governors Office Room 200 State Capitol Texas 78701 Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room 240 Russell Bldg 20510 Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington 20510 FIGHTBKK YOURMY5 OFTEKKOZ I JUST wrr HIM SHOOT 7AKBTHt 06M I PONT MANL Traeger Texas Senate Capitol Station 78711 Mac Sweeney Guadalupe County House of Representatives 20515 Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives Box 2910 Texas 78769 Tom Loeffler House of Representatives 1212 Longworth House Office Bldg 20515