Friday, January 4, 1985

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, January 4, 1985

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 4, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas New Congress faces federal Mir f ithe warmth festivities already a leaflets df the mew Congress are talking df ihard flecisions on cutting soriidl ppoframs to deal tfith iburgeoiiing ffetierril Were going to all have lo ijump dff the several said AsiJitttartt Sentite Majority leader Alan Simpson df The neWly elected morribers df the flfrth Congress were sworn in on Thursday with traditional Vice PresidentGeorge Budh administered the oath to the new and senators four at while House Sbedker Thomas OWelll gave Ihe oalh en masse to the lower dhaniber as family menibars and friendslodkea on BUttheiBighlhTDWtridtdf Indianaremains without a represeritative as the House struggles wlthlhequefliioir df Whoreally won the dlose fight there in November Republican Ridhard Mclrttyre or Democratic Incuiriberit Prank The Bouse vdteti along party lines to ldt its Administration Committee look into the The top leaders df bdth houses were duly and installed iin Other Ceremonies 0Neill todk igavdl as Mouse Speaker for Whdthe saitilsriisladttdMn and iRdbert Ddle df Kansas assumed Ms neWly wonijdb as df Who wlllbe dhaimianrff the Bouse Armed Services Committee remained in Meivln Price df Illinois shotild retain the by but younger House Democrats have called for his House Democrats were to caucus tin dosed session today to decide In the new the GOP has a 5347 majority in the down two seats from the In the new Democrats hdlfl a 252483 assuming NIdlrityre is everiturillv seated down 14 885 seats BousekeaplHgdhores were the df the Btit the tdik wa rill df federdi dtffidlte and freeling spending all spantitrtg totieal wittfthatftoott df Dole kidked His ffJrtt day in the job dedlaring We warit to igdt odt ffrorit on the ddficit Issue and fidt wait for marching or ders from President Some form of freeze will be the ceriteitpiece df any toe Were alrprctty mudh onthe same On the Bouse ONeill said In his ac ceptance speedh that the American piiblic will ijudge this Mth Congress by our willingness to make the tough decisions to geVour f iThese Mtidlfc will ndt trike eare df ft is up tb the rpresiderlt anti to toe Cdrtgfess to tdke them won a fftth term as speaker on a straight party ddfdatirtg RopublicanRdbert Wldhe1 df Widhel wfll remain as Mouse Minority budgdt diredwr David briefed GOP members in a session told them that ddfieits over the three years will be billion to billion larger than the administration forecast only a few weeks The Washintjton CBS leads ratings during holiday week UOS ANGELES AP Paced by the everpopular the debut of Crazy Like a Fox and liveOther Top 10 CBS led the Christmas week ratings by more than twospoints over secondplace CBS average primetime Nielsen rating for the week en ding 30 was while NBC had and ABC with 20 The Fall Guy its highestranked Show was a distant third at In the absence of Dynasty ABCs usual ratings ileader Dallas was back on top with a Dynasty and Hotel were both preempted for a rerun 6f Part I of Malibu which tied lor 34th Part at 58th was among the weeks five lowestrated The 20minute primetime runover Sunday of the American Football Conference playoff between Pitt sburgh and Denver grabbed second place for Pittsburgh Crazy Like a a new CBS detective comedydrama starring Jack Warden and John tied with NBCs The Cosby Show for third place at Its impressive firsttime showing also landed Crazy Like a Fox in third place on the seasontodate list which chronicles average ratings for Tied for first are Dallas and CBS still leads iii seasontodate with NBC tracing by less than a rating CBSIiad NBC and ABC CBS was first again among the evening news shows with ABC was second with and NBC third with Ratings compiled toy the 2430 million NFL Football Runover of Plft million Tie Crazy Like a The 98million Family million She 60 million Falcon million Simon Knots million million Tie million Trapper million Remington million Times at Ridgemont million Facts of million million Tie million Night or million The Fall Producer relied on letters for Westmoreland show NEW YORK AP The producer of a CBS documentary that prompted retired William West morelands libel suit says he relied on a officers letters from Vietnam complaining of outright lies about enemy The written in 1968 by Navy James Meacham to his told of outright falsification on the very highest levels in reports about the strength of the communist forces opposing American now military correspondent for The a British was then a ranking officer in the order of battle section of Westmorelands Saigon His job was to estimate the strength and location of enemy Westmoreland lawyer Dan Burt said he would have some final questions for producer George Crile today before calling CBS film editor Ira Klein as his final witness in Westmorelands million libel Jurors saw Meachams letters Thursday as the trial resumed after a twoweek holiday When asked repeatedly by CBS lawyer David Boies whether he had depended on the letters in the preparation of the 1982 documentary The Uncounted Enemy A Vietnam Crile said that he Meacham has since disavowed the saying in an October 1983 affidavit that he never intended that the harsh language in those letters be taken District Judge Pierre allowed Boies to show them to the not as proof of the documentarys but rather of what CBS and Crile believed to be Meacham and his who have divorced since the made the letters available to Meacham has not testified at the which began who commanded troops in Vietnam from 1964 to claims CBS libeled him by charging that he suppressed in formation in 1967 that showed the opposing forces were much larger than had been EYE OPENERS By Henry Hull HELPING THE EYES TO FOCUS Print is beginning to blur when I Could something be wrong with my contact lenses Possibly but you should be reexamined to be Perhaps youre over 40 now and your eyes have gradually been losing their nearfocusing ability to the point where you need help lor close visual This is a normal process as we Since your contact lenses were probably prescribed or distance a pair of reading glasses worn over your contacts will clear up the blur and permit you to read Despite my Im having difficulties seeing the sheet music when I play my Any suggestions Talk to your optometrist about the feasibility of prescribing trifocals for Your bifocal was made to give you clear distance and near Like many other you need your sheet music at an Intermediate distance for which there Is no provision In your often have this A trifocal lens has in additional area for clear Intermediate Brought to you a community service by Henry 147 Fredrtciwburi 1255711 Open Dafly 99 Open WktUfMr THRU SAU Savlng ReoutarPrtcWMov VoyAl SomeSlows ompWtHon Houseplant SpfVos oi 20 Jobes fertilizer Nyton Panty Misses Choice of Toll of Serve 32 Socks Cable Girls Ea Toothpaste Choose from Aim ot Closeup toothpaste 10pack Hangers Tubular plastic hang ers In 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