Friday, February 24, 1984

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, February 24, 1984

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 24, 1984, New Braunfels, Texas Il i 0 1 I i it Fired CISD employee loses first round to TEA By DEBBIE DaLOACH Staff writer Lester Jonas lost round one with the Texas Education Agency Thursday in fighting his dismissal by Comal ISO trustees last Jonas was dismissed last September from his CISD duties as bus driver and security officer at SmJthson Valley High No specifics on the dismissal were released to the HeraldZeitung im mediately following the boards other than Jonas had violated school policy and was not entitled to a hearing because he was a noncertified em CISD attorney Lonnie Chunn said Friday that Jonas contention was that board members had made derogatory statements about his dismissal which were published in a KGNBKNBT Kable newsletter the day after his The newsletter said that sources indicated a set of parents were alleging Jonas had bought their son alcohol and allowed him to spend the night in Jonas trailer on the SVHS campus on al least one oc Chunn Jonas said those sources were board and that those statements were an infringement of his liberty Jonas went to Austin to prove that principal issue before hearing officer Mark Robinett also head of TEAs hearing and appeals Arnong the Don a radio station was put on the stand and asked to identify his Ferguson Chunn and Rohinett ruled he wasnt required to reveal the based on a federal district court unless Jonas could show he was unable to obtain the information from another and that the information wasnt Jonas has admitted the newsletter statements were the attorney But he has also said there were extenuating circumstances that needed to be Chunn said in presenting his Jonas never took the stand When it came CISDs Chunn made a motion to dismiss the We said there was no evidence the statements were made by board and even if they were which we deny the statements didnt constitute a liberty Nor was Jonas able to prove hed been harmed in See Page 10A New Braunffels New Texas HgraldZeitung QO 1 O O O FRIDAY February 25 Cents Volume 40 18 Pages Sections USPS 377880 Ceasefire begins in Beirut Lebanon AP A ceasefire mediated by Saudi Arabia took effect on Lebanons civil war fronts Two hours police and witnesses reported sporadic bursts of rocketpropelled grenades and machine gun fire in Commands of various Shiite Druse and Christian militias said their men were ordered to observe the Their statements came as police reported the first ceasefire violation and said contacts were being established to avert further The aimed at halting the fighting so Lebanons political disputes can be began on schedule at 11 4 Police said 12 people were killed and 27 wounded in battles in Beirut and the Chouf mountains The ceasefire was announced Thursday night by Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia after eight hours of meetings in the Syrian He said it does not address the political disputes between President Amin Gemayel and Syrian backed Shiite Moslem and Druse The prince said the agreement dealt solelywith the fighting in Lebanon and did not cover the rebel demands that Gemayel scrap the May 17 Lebanon Police reported the first violation of the ceasefire and said contacts were being established to avert further Israel accord that called for simultaneous with drawals of Syrian and Israeli The Marines continued their phased with drawal to ships In southern and Lebanese security sources said Shiite Moslem demonstrators stoned Israeli troops who stormed into the village of Maaraka early and the Israelis opened A spokesman for the peacekeeping force said there were an unknown number of The security who spoke on condition of said four people were killed and 25 wounded when the Israelis opened Gemayel met advisers right See Page IDA Local man charged in robbery By DYANNEFRY Staff writer A 26yearold New Braunfels man was in custody at the Comal County Jail charged with the aggravated robbery of a Circle K Store Wednesday Keith Allen Moore was being held in lieu of set by Justice of the Peace Harold Moore was arrested at approximately 11 Wednesday by a policeman on the way to investigate a reported robbery at 508 A clerk at the Circle K store there told police that a man matching Filing pace Moores description entered the threatened him with a knife and took an undetermined amount of money from the cash The patrol car was on the way there when one of the officers spotted the traveling on foot a few blocks away from the Moore was held overnight and arraigned A car reported stolen at Thursday was found at driven into a creek near Krueger Lane and Wald The a 1978 Corvette valued at was reported missing by Kathy Moseley of 1565 81 Inside slacks off The rush for New Braunfels City Council has slowed to a standstill in the past In the smaller municipality of Garden there hasnt been a rush at As of press time New Braunfels City Secretary Veronica Sarkozi hadnt had a filing since when Michael Dietert and Robert Nohrn added their names to the Three candidates plunked down their fees on the first day of the filing Kenneth Joe a local was first in followed by retired resort owner Robert Henry and self employed designer Rolf By the end of that the field had grown to with contractor Esther Seidd and incumbent Councilmember Barbara Tieken filing New Braunfels will elect three atlarge council members on April using a plurality There are no numbered Garden Ridge will hold elections April 7 for City Council places 4 and So incumbent Bobbie unopposed for Place David Hencshel and Keith who now oc cupy places 4 and have announced that they will run But so neither has But you a lot of people out here like to wait until the last possible said acting City Secretary Betty The pluralityvote provision was part of the set tlement of a lawsuit filed last fall by a group of local represented by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Last New Braunfels voters approved a change from seven atlarge council seats to four singlemember districts and three atlarge One of the districts has a predominantly Hispanic But the three atlarge council members were to be elected by numbered place and majority and MALDEF charged that this system diacriminated against minority City Council and MALDEF settled on a 43 system with members elected by plurality The filing deadline for both city elections is March Todays Weather The Comal County forecast calls for sunny and todajv remaining clear tonight Sunny and warm Northerly windtoday 1015 becoming light and variable iaturdays winds will be out of the southeaat at mi Todays wuuet will at withnnriae Saturday i The btgfestfood price surf e in ffrr pwhed coMunwr prices up M percee their steepest gain atact the old Page U i Tht Spun tost in afttte t J A 4 Staff photo by Leslie Rolling rollin Garnell Barnes rolls in her wheelchair at the Eden Home Thursday with the help of a volunteer from New Braunfels High Eden Home residents were on a rock n roll binge rocked in their rockers or rolled in their wheelchairs raise money for the American Heart Hydro project GBRA applies for state permit The paperwork has been and now GuadalupeBlanco River Authority officials are awaiting word on a hearing date on the Canyon Lake hydroelectric General manager John Specht told GBRA directors at their meeting last week that the authority has filed for a water appropriation permit with the Texas Department of Water A hearing on the application should be set within 30 GBRA has also filed for a license to build the hydroelectric facility with the Federal Energy Regulatory and Specht expects the federal agency to issue a notice this summer which would set up a 60day comment period on the The Authority wants to build a sixmegawatt hydroelectric generation facility in the outfall of Canyon with the power contracted to New Braunfels Once the facility will produce 25 million kilowatt hours of electricity according to GBRA The project has been opposed by a Canyon Lake citizens which fears more water will be released from the lake to run the resulting in environmental damage to the Specht has maintained no water will be released just to generate The authoritys ninemember which in cludes Knox of New was also briefed on the status of interim financing for the The GBRA staff is now preparing a presentation for a bond rating to be made to Moodys Investors Service in Moodys uses nine ranging from Aaa highest quality down to C greatest In other Comal County Specht said a water supply evaluation is being conducted by the GBRA See Page IDA Davids legacy Scientists learned much from Bubble Boys death HOUSTON AP who lived virtually his entire life in a series of germ free bubbles because he had no antibodies to fight died when one type of antibody proliferated and ran amok through his doctors William Shearer said at a news conference Thursday that the totally unexpected proliferation of the white blood cells was probably caused by an 21 operation intended to give the 12year old the immunity he never But the Roman Catholic priest who pronounced the last sacraments 10 hours before the boys death at 8 Wed nesday said doctors at Texas Childrens Hospital had no choice but to attempt the procedure designed to let David enter the dirty outside It was the only thing to the Laurence Connelly said of the transplant of specially treated bone marrow into the boys It was the right thing to And the next person will make I just thought he would make I dont think there are any regrets about the Connelly Science should not regret the family should not regret the loved ones should never regret what has This was the right and the proper thing to Private Catholic funeral services for David were scheduled for Connelly was one of several visitors at the home of Davids family Thursday The boys family has never allowed hospital officials to release their childs last Davids privacy was guarded as jealously in death as it had been in Neighbors called in law who set up barricades around the suburban home of Davids family to keep back the David left his bubble at Texas Childrens Hospital but not as doctors had planned at the time of his Shearer said the sick for the first time in his had become severely dehydrated by vomiting and diarrhea which had plagued him off and on for David deteriorated rapidly over the next 15 suffering first from bleeding ulcers and later from fluid accumulations in his heart and Shearer The rampant a type of white blood cell called a caused ulcerations in the boys lungs and Shearer He knew his health was failing and told us so during his last day of said who paused several times to fight back tears during a news He said something to the effect Here we See BUBBLE Page 10A Utilities delays sewer hike Approval of new water and sewer rates didnt happen at Thursdays meeting of the New Braunfels Utilities board of General Manager Bob Sohn asked the board to postpone con sideration until some minor adjustments can be and thats what they At a 16 trustees scrutinized proposed water and sewer rate based on costofservice and new customer An example included in the proposal was to increase the water rates from to base and from 37 to 50 cents per gallons above the gallons included in the base But some questions raised at the workshop about rate design caused Sohn to take another arid hes still in that process The overall objective in slowing down is to make sure were being We dont want to Sohn We want to take out as much as possible and still feel comfortable that whats left will meet our revenue Even the proposed water and sewer rate increases are To secure federal funds for the Kuenler Wastewater Treatment facility NBU was given a mandate to make the water and sewer departments pay for For those departments have operated in the and have been sub sidized through the electric Sohn said Thursday the increases would appear again on an agenda within the next couple of DEBBIE