Friday, January 20, 1984

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, January 20, 1984

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 20, 1984, New Braunfels, Texas economy shows growth New Braunfelt January 3 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The economy grew percent in recovering its recession losses in a frenzied spring and summer and then moving on to a calmer ex government figures showed The years advance was the fastest since the percent of 1979 and followed a drop in growth of percent and a gain of percent in the recession years of 1982 and the Commerce Department Last years gain was fueled largely by a strong comeback in final in part because of a boom in consumer and business investment to rebuild inventories sharply depleted during the Dragging on the years growth was the weight of a deteriorating performance in foreign The net trade figure slumped sharply as merchandise trade posted a record Economists have blamed that partly on the high value of the dollar in relation to foreign currency and the fact that the American economy was recovering faster than those of its trading The report also appeared to confirm analysts widely held view that growth slowed substantially late in the year as the recovery Other recent reports have shown that industrial business restocking and retail sales posted some of their smallest gains of the year during the OctoberDecmeber Todays report said the economy as measured by or Gross National Product grew at an annual rate of percent in the That crime after a rapid percent growth rate in the second quarter and percent rate in the It had grown percent in the first three months of the year as the recovery was getting Most economists say the slackening is typical of this stage of the recovery and needed to avoid an overheating that could revive higher army prepares for pacification had financial woes SAN El Salvador AP The Salvadoran army is preparing to launch the second phase of a major counterinsurgency and recon struction plan in one of the countrys key agricultural military officials Since more than troops have been dislodging leftist guerrillas from the eastcentral province of San Vicente and guarding villages there to keep the rebels from returning while peasants are resettled in the The second phase will extend the program eastward into Usulutan I think its going to start very Col Ricardo the armed forces told a news conference He declined to cite a starting date to avoid giving the guerrillas an Sugar corn and beans have been replanted during the San Vicente but rebels have continued hitandrun operations in some parts of the The army has carried out dozens of smaller drives in which has major guerrilla supply but rebels appear to be stronger there than The province is a major cotton and coffeegrowing area that has been plagued by rebel activities for three Cienfuegos said the guerrillas aim to stage major attacks in the next few weeks in an attempt to disrupt elections planned for March They cant give the people a chance to elect their own he They dont want the country to prove to the world that we are doing what the communists dont I think they will do anything they can to try to prevent the Elsewhere in Central America chief of Oscar Humberto Mejia signed a law that sets a July 1 date for election of a Constituent The 88member assembly will have an unlimited period to write a new a habeas corpus law and a law to cover future but Mejia Victores has said it will not be empowered to elect a provisional Salvador Schlaefer on Thursday returned to Nicaragua for the first time since he accompanied more than Miskito Indians fleeing to Toole indicted on murder charges Texas AP Authorities say that a Williamson County grand jury has indicted Henry Lee Lucas and former companion Ottis Toole on capital murder charges in separate A grand jury Thursday reindicted Lucas in con nection with the Halloween 1979 strangulation death of an unidentified woman in Williamson The who had been sexually was wearing only orange socks when her body was found along Interstate 35 north of District Attorney Ed Walsh said Lucas had been indicted earlier on a charge of but new which he declined to convinced him to seek the death The new indictment includes capital aggravated kidnapping and Walsh This indictment will take the place of the other Walsh Lucas trial in the murder case was set for March and Walsh said he believes the capital murder trial can begin Last Lucas was convicted of the murders of an 80yearold North Texas woman and of his 15 yearold commonlaw wife who ran away from Florida to travel with The Williamson County murder is one of eight others he has been charged but Lucas claims to have killed more than 150 women in 17 a convicted arsonist and former traveling companion of was charged in the indictment with alleged capital murder in the death of Mildred of southwest Williamson The woman was found beaten and strangled in her Authorities said her murder was previously Walsh said the indictment aggravated robbery and burglary of her a Williamson County grand jury indicted who is in jail in with capital murder in the slaying of Kevin of Austin and the aggravated kidnapping of Rita of Investigators say that Key and Miss Salazar ap parently hitched a ride after their car ran out of gas along Interstate Keys body was found in Williamson and Salazars body was recovered near Both died of multiple gunshot SAN ANTONIO AP An Army Reserve general lashed his hands behind his back and hanged and although he planted a typewritten note that suggested in vestigators suspected suicide from the the medical examiner Robert Ownby was mired in financial troubles when he stepped into a stairwell at Fort Sam a noose looped around his Bexar County Medical Examiner Vincent DiMaio said The ruling sent the family into a state of shock when they were told of it the family the Buckner told the San Antonio And Ownbys Ralph Ownby told the newspaper he would seek legal review and representation concerning the but he would not was found hanging in a headquarters building early a note pinned to his sweater saying he had been sentenced and executed for crimes by the It was fairly evident from the beginning that it was a DiMaio It was obvious that he had tied his own hands and there were no marks on his body indicating a There was no sign of foul Both DiMaio and the FBI refused to elaborate on the financial problems of the two star who owned and operated BristowONB a company that manufactures steel doors and It remains absolutely in conceivable that Bob committed the generals brother said from his office in I will work with the other members of my family to do everything appropriate in the interests of my brothers My brother would have done the same thing for This is like a bomb has They have to get over the blast before they can start picking up the said who was at the Ownby residence when the FBI came by Thursday to tell family members of the suicide ruling and to ex plain it to Fanning is the pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church of San where Ownby was a Ownby was the head of the 90th Army Reserve supervising 63 combat reserve units in Texas and The medical examiner said investigators were only momentarily diverted by the string of misleading clues planted at the 90th ARCOM headquarters The FBI discovered the typewriter on which the note was written at a place Ownby had access DiMaio but would not disclose the suicides are DiMaio These people who do this are under great emotional Sometimes what they do doesnt make He probably thought it might just pass off as a terrorist He probably wanted to save his family from DiMaio said Ownby already had typed the terroriststyled note when he entered the 90th ARCOM headquarters the night of When it came time to kill the general put the noose around his lowered the rope over the slipped his hands through a looped belt and tightened straddled the railing and just sort of slipped the medical examiner Doctors optimistic about bubble boys health HOUSTON AP A bone marrow tran splant intended to free a boy who has no im munity todisease from his sterile plastic home has made the child sick for the first time in his officials But doctors say they are optimistic and that 12yearold Davids diarrhea and fever are not causes for He has developed a slight but thats said Susannah Moore a spokeswoman for Texas Childrens Its by the It happened to other children who have had the same She said Davids slight diarrhea is being That the diarrhea has been a little Griffin but em phasized there was no reason for the worlds oldest survivor of un treated severe combined immune underwent a bone marrow transplant 20 which was designed to help him develop disease Doctors said the procedure is the only way he ever would ever be able to live outside his plastic Griffin said it is too early to determine if the bone marrow transplant will be but she said doctors are very They havent seen any reason not to be optimistic that its going to she whose last name is kept secret by the endured the transplant procedure well and only recently has experienced a Griffin A series of tests run last week should determine if the transplant was a Results will be known and announced by David was born by Caesarean section and immediately placed in a sterile He has lived most his life in a three chambered plastic bubble in the family room and dining room of his parents Everything that touches him toys and books must be sterilized by chemicals or heat and passed to him through a double He has never touched the bare hand of another person or experienced a mothers The air he breathes has been pushed through highefficiency filters to remove any Doctors had hoped to keep David alive long enouh to find a donor whose bone marrow matched But no such donor was found and David lived and grew in a series of everlarger David and his family resisted any effort to use experimental procedures to treat his immune deficiency until last They agreed then to try a type of bone marrow transplant that would enable the use of a non matching nonmatching marrow would cause a reaction called the graftversushost disease in which diseasefighting cells called which are manufactured by the bone would regard the host as foreign tissue and attack Soldier says he staged kidnapping SCHWAEBISCHG West Ger many AP A Army soldier has ad mitted that his pur ported kidnapping by antinuclear activists last weekend was an elaborate West German police said Herbert spokesman at Stuttgart police said 4 Liam of Port told authorities he had acted The Army declined immediate sources said the Army and West German authorities would release a joint statement later in the The soldier made an telephone call to his at their residence near Sch ea rly claiming he had been kidnapped in his car the night before by six In a second call Saturday Fowler asked his wife to publicize through the American news media the opposition to deploying new misailes in West Ger The soldier was found unharmed Sunday morning in a barn in Stocks NEW YORK AP 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