Sunday, December 11, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, December 11, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 11, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas 10A New Braunf eta December Home wants a family for boy TeiM AP For three years a oliveskinned boy has broken the pall of loneliness at the Tutor Nursing Weldon Jackson the boy with 40 didnt have a a or even much of a future when he But he brought life to this lonely place and its 40 men and four in found Weldon was dropped off at the home three years ago by his a soldier at nearby Fort Tests indictated the 11monthold was deaf and mentally He never cried or and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach because he had dif ficulty He suffered through anemia and Weldon is still well behind his age but he learned to eat after the tube was removed in June He has some vision and may even be able to He can walk with help and hes as ram bunctious as any 3yearold or speeding down the nursing homes halls on his red Weldon is starting and whose family owns the nursing says he he may even be ready to join a real family Hes doing absolutely said Hes just getting around Weldons almost at the point now that we think a family could take Its just been He just continually amazes Just last Tutor was saying that he didnt know when Weldon could be placed with a I couldnt even talk Tutor Were seriously considering he Its probably the best place he could Hes probably helped them as much as theyve helped He has his favorites and manipulates them Thats what a child is supposed to Carol Daniel pediatrician Theres been a family thats been very interested him almost since weve had Weldon was born seven weeks premature in South Korea to unmarrried He underwent open heart surgery and had two blood transfusions at the age of 10 His Korean mother renounced him at When his father was transferee stateside to Fort his mother remained in Weldon stayed in a base hospital for a wi and was later placed in the Tutor nursing home mder a medical service but the father disappeared on his release from the It was not until a Houston attorney caught up with the father in California this that the Tutors could prove Weldon wasnt an illegal In the Weldon couldnt qualify for Medicaidor Scott White Hospital has donated all of Weldons But the care he has received has been key to his says Weldons Carol Its probably the best place he could Daniel Hes probably helped them as much as theyve helped He has his favorites and manipulates them Thats what a child is sup posed to His says is George Tid well became curious about Weldon soon after he arrived in 1980 and started rolling his wheelchair into Weldons He sat beside Weldons crib and would touch and talk to At the Weldon didnt even move his Tidwell knew a little of what it was like to be His grandchildren live in and he has never seen Tidwell says as he holds the boy in his has filled a You could say hes the light of my Tidwell Tidwell said he wants a family to adopt Weldon if it would be the best thing for The other residents although they say they would be disappointed to see him has mixed Once it becomes not detrimental to the youve got to consider the Tutor Im from a very close I have nine Im very prejudiced toward family life the thing is youve got to do whats best for Terminally ill boy gets chance to see tractor Iowa AP A terminally ill 4yearold cancer victim whose favorite toy is a model John Deere truck got his last wish Friday with a tour of the giant John Deere Tractor a place he wanted to see more than Will who suffers from leukemia and a growing brain was greeted by hundreds of Deere employees as he rode through the 48acre factory in a wagon pulled by a garden Will sleeps and breathes John Deere tractors he just loves said his Ralph of Along the way he was given a ride on the biggest tractor made by a model a 300horsepower monster that is 11 Garment workers payday prayer comes through AP Payday was a prayerful time at a newly revived garment factory where workers have been donating their services since relying only on faith that they would ever get And for company president Sam who personally handed out each of the 73 paychecks it was a dream come We made it he exulted as he kicked off a payday celebration in the dingy dining room at the DeCasper We made it because you had confidence in me most of because you had confidence in Until some like Pauline had worked more than 10 weeks without This is a wonderful Booth said as she waved her which covered two weeks of I was one of the original eight that came back to work in and were all very thankful to have a especially in these hard And were also very thankful for Hes been awfully good to us and has done everything he said he would Last a Chicagobased company closed the plant and locked the Nearly 200 mostly women and all members of the International Ladies Garment Workers lost their who had managed the plant under the old refused to he found a financial backer who joined him in buying the decrepit factory at a bargain Then he went looking for A company down in North Carolina agreed to give us a small order on a trial he After that I called the former employees and asked them to come back and help I told them that I couldnt pay them anything right away but that I thought we could get the business back on its feet if we all pitched he eight employees as business picked more and more workers began trickling You have to realize that they came back solely on said adding that he also went without Many of these people are very skilled and used to make better than an plus fringe Right now I cant pay them more than an although I do expect to get the pay up to about an hour to restore some of their With more orders coming in and approval of a lowinterest loan from the West Virginia Economic Development DeCasper said the factorys future is beginning to look infer Quality mannenl Quality treatment lor you and your windows is available at Let one ot our certified decorators help you select from our varied decorator window 40 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off Saturday Walnut Naw feet high and 21 feet and was allowed to sit at the wheel of a smaller He could stay right there all day I Wills mother Beth said as her son sat in the cab of the smaller And the chubby cheeked boy declined to leave the cab and sat there turning the steering wheel until his father retrieved About the only word he said on the 90minute tour was Trac said Will chose to see the factory after shunning her first suggestion of a trip to Disney World in When I suggested that he could see them make his face just lit she Ona too many of om thing and not enough of the other 6259144 Christmas Computer Camps for and adults will haM 2630 at Radio Shack Computer Instructors and computers provided at aach dally 2hour Gift cartlflcataa are only Most Stores Open Late Nights TO Christmas CHAHQftr MOSTSTORtS 11121 3 7 6 5 CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN PulseDialing Off Housekeeping ET120 by Radio Shack 0 S3 K Cut a 0 D as seen on TV Hangs Up on Any Flat Surface Give our pushbut ton phone 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