Friday, October 28, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, October 28, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 28, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas World rteraldZHtiitf October 10A Reagan defends actions in Lebanon WASHINGTON AP President declaring wt art a nation with global aayi troop are in Lebanon and Grenada to protect Americas inttrtita afalnst a Soviet network of and The president went on nationwide television Thursday night to address the concerns of an American public shaken by the startling deaths of more than 200 Marines and sailors in Beirut and the invasion of the tiny island of In strong he defended actions on both fronts and blamed the Soviets for en couraging the troubles in Lebanon and The events in Lebanon and though oceans are closely Reagan Not only has Moscow assisted and encouraged the violence in both but it provides direct support through a net work of surrogates and It is no he that when the thugs tried to wrest control over there were 30 Soviet advisers and hundreds of Cuban military and paramilitary forces on the And he noted that Soviet advisers and technicians are in he makes no secret of its claim that Lebanon should be a part of a greater He opened his address with a reminder of another Soviet act Some two months we were shocked by the brutal massacre of 269 women and more than 60 of them in the snooting down of a Korean he in these past several violence has erupted He vowed that those responsible for the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut must be dealt They will The president said before and Carib bean forces invaded Grenada on Tuesday it was a SovietCuban colony being readied as a major military bastion to export terror and undermine We got there just in He said the foremost mission of American forces on Grenada was to guarantee the safety of citizens The nightmare of our hostages in Iran must never be he Reagan put American actions in a broader context when he said We are a nation with global respon We are not somewhere else in the world in the world protecting someone elses We are there protecting our The world has he Today our national security can be threatened in faraway It is up to all of us to be aware of the strategic importance of such places and to be able to identify Reagan said he ordered the invasion of Grenada because of an urgent request from that islands neighbors that we join them in a military operation to restore order and democracy in These peaceful nations needed our the president adding that three of the countries do not have any arms and the others have only limited The legitimacy of their plus my own concern for our dictated my said supporters discuss merits of Reagan speech WASHINGTON AP President Reagan won praise from congressional supporters for declaring that troops in Lebanon and Grenada are needed to protect But critics said he ignored questions of whether the risk is It was a powerful and moving stating clearly a policy of resolve and said Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker it will have a unifying effect on the American I dont think that invoking the death of brave young Americans is a reasoned justification for lack of a policy in the case of an illegal or unlawful said Ted D one the presidents toughest critics in the There was continued doubt about the wisdom of keeping Marines in the midst of a civil war in but Reagan appeared to make a few potential congressional converts on If Americans in Grenada were in danger and if a Cuban buildrp threatening our security was I can understand our said Joseph a member of the Senate Foreign Relations But I dont think enough facts are in Biden Jeff said there may be a good case for evacuating Americans from but Im not sure that we had to essentially invade the Assistant Senate Republican leader Ted Stevens My wife and I couldnt help but think about President Kennedy at the time of the missile And Charles chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations recalled another Democratic Franklin Roosevelt and his informal radio talks to the I couldnt help but think of fireside said The president took a highly complex situation and skillfully boiled it down to its Percy The countries that were critical of us for our operation on now realizing that Cuba and the Soviet Union had more massively prepared Grenada for their own I think will probably think twice about their earlier Percy blocked Cubans About American troops and 400 from six Caribbean nations have landed on the island since a predawn invasion It is our intention to get our men out as soon as the president But he gave no Reagan said the number of Cubans on the island was larger than the invaders thought and that they were a military Six hundred have been taken prisoner and we have discovered a complete base with weapons and communications equipment which makes it clear a Cuban occupation of the island was he he Cuban President Fidel Castro ordered his men to fight to the death and some The others will be sent to their Landa Foto WASHINGTON AP President Reagan says the combat force that invaded Grenada three days ago blocked Cuban plans to take over the Caribbean island for use as a major military bastion to export terror and undermine Reagan made the charge in a nationally broadcast speech Thursday after Marines and Army who seized control of Grenada earlier in the discovered new caches of Cuban weapons and One warehouse contained munitions stacked to the The president praised the invasion as a brilliant which officials say encountered stifferthanexpected resistance from Cuban and Grenadian He said the attack was now in the moppingup phase and it is our intention to get our men out as soon as but he set no Reagan argued that if the United States had not invaded Grenada and overthrown its military the Cubans would have seized control of the tiny island in the near we were was a friendly island paradise for But it It was a Soviet Cuban colony being readied as a major military bastion to export terror and undermine We got there just in he He said the force discovered a complete base with weapons and communications equipment which makes it clear a Cuban occupation of the island had been Earlier the Defense Department partially lifted the veil of secrecy that has covered the operation and showed reporters an eight minute videotape of a warehouse in Grenada that contained ceilinghigh stacks of ammunition and Telling a battle story we were was a friendly island paradise for But it It was a SovietCuban colony being readied as a major military bastion to export terror and undermine We got there just in President Reagan captured arms of Soviet and Cuban A senior administration briefing reporters only on condition that he not be said the United States believes Cuba intended to exploit Grenada as a major base for operations in the southern Another official said of the Cuban Grenada may have already lost its sovereignty to the Cubans before the An administration official said a Cuban the Heroic had been stationed about 12 miles off relaying radio messages between Havana and Cuban forces in When the attack administration officials had estimated the number of Cubans in Grenada at about mostly involved in constructing a foot runway which Reagan charged looked suspiciously suitable for military aircraft including longrange COMING SOON In House Enlargements 5x 7s 8x 10s 11 x 14s From Your Color Negatives jdLxt Qfr To Attend Jhe IBM Computer Show At The Holiday Inn New Braunfels 2nd to 3 From 9 to 6 Featuring IBM Personal Computer I IBM Electronic Typewriter IBM Display Writer IBM Data Master FORT AP The first two wounded American soldiers to speak to reporters after being evacuated from Grenada say they landed at the islands airstrip amid smoke and fighting and immediately faced wellarmed enemy They were waiting for said 1st Andre Menu of describing the initial firefight Tuesday when his unit landed during the The 34yearold officer and Gerald of appeared before a roomful of reporters Thursday and for 10 minutes described the praised their comrades and voiced approval for the policies that led to the military Two Marines report on battle in praise fellow soldiers About 300 yards from the airstrip where they landed was a lot of a lot of action Menu We were fighting against very highly armed with armored personnel carriers that were jammed full of he Asked if the resistance exceeded his he they were waiting for But the officers and the men of the 82nd per formed like true They lived up to the reputation of the best in the The two expressed thanks for the praise US troops received from Georges University Medical School students rescued from the We really appreciate the American students for telling Americans something positive that we did our job and we did it said a member of the 1st 325th Field Artillery of the 82nd Airborne suffered shrapnel wounds to his right of the 2nd 325th was shot in the left Both were evacuated to Womack Army Hospital at Fort Bragg on Wednesday Its just good to be back in one said I hope all the guys in my unit made My unit had a specific job to We went to the points we were supposed to and we set The men performed New Buunfels Nttiontl Bunk MEMBER VICTORIA BANK iHVitM JW ft HitM fi Reflections in fail Canty ktm wktn wt in SunJty Mornings it 9 M 1420 Sun October 1983 fettering ERWIN REININGER 1000 North Lobby Houn Fri day Houra MomUyFiUUy FuUKfvict banklm your dtpoilli Intund lo by A I Otporit liuunnct Pkom 1 Braunfels Reporter remembers friendship of Marine who died in Beirut DMBIE MANN Cprpue Chriatl CaUcr CORPUS CHRISTI AP Tim Me MBhon was a lanky 14yearold when we first moved into the house acrou the street la typical suburban Austin neigh Since he was the same age as my little aiatar he was closest to They ran around in the same crowd during the xnmar and Tiro was always a welcome alfht at our He waa the kind of boy who always had a grta Mi face and a twinkle in his green He could comfortably carry on a CMveraatMm with my always Mr During the few summers we lived gatar Ondy waa a lifeguard at the pool ajajed cMck the evim of which Tm tl the few older He ww always encouraging yotMtfer ffriMMn Md wee here far Uw Htfur e they touted first During thoae hot Tim and Jacquie and the rest of their friends would spend their lives at the The boys practiced diving off the high trying to create a wave big enough to douse the girls working on their Cindy remembers Tim as one of the best of the He would push the lifeguards so far but he knew when to get He never went over the I remember Tim folding his already long body into our Chevette as we headed for the pizza restaurant or to a We were all laughing and joking and feeling elate and Four years ago Tim gave Jacquie her first real km but it was a shortlived Their friandahip was more He waa she waa We moved out of the houae before Jaequie and Tim graduated from high My pwtnU divorced and Jacquie Tbaa she came to Carjw CMati to live wife me and loot touch with But last Jacquie visited Tim in He had joined the buzz haircut and He told her he might be sent to Lebanon and he was very excited about He told her he was going to marry a neighborhood girl in We thought he mutt have been doing well in the Marines to be aent into Last when I heard about toe explosion and deaths in I thought of But I didnt know if he was still there and I thought chances were slim that be waa asleep in that building so far Sunday Jacquie had a She called his mother the next day and found out Tim waa They wouldnt tell his mother any more than Cindy celled from A television station there had a special They showed the flag at Anderson High School at haltauat and interviewed a They confirmed what we had Tim didnt make RESTAURANT Announces the addition of a COCKTAIL BAR at our newly remodeled Now enjoy your favorite drii HAPPY