Wednesday, October 26, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, October 26, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 26, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas tow HwaMJMiffv October 1M3 Settler describes in 1845 INDIAN VKTW Oscar von who mnHMBy WM HIM by Indians on Mi way back frm Awttn to ttw younf Htw Bramfeli MttlOTMnt lest IhM eiftrt after the towns fomdlnf wrote Mi slater a totter of Uf htra during the flnt Town talk A trMMtotton Into EnflWi by AiMUa Honlf Cowan tt Llano County appeared In tlw Stn Snr September from which the following m carpta are Bach bnmlfrant waa presented with a town lot 100 i M tot In addition to 10 acrts outside of Von Clarana lot WM tht present site of tha talapbona building at Comal and San Antonio At preasttJM lots had been he AHhotifh tht letter Is dated May It ob viously wat written earlier since he opened by saying It had bean almost four weeks since making tht waarlaome journey Into a country completely Than Journey was on March CeHtls Tht young lieutenant had begun to spade up Ma garden and was finishing his having built flnt the most necessary thing which was called In Teias a cow pen a large court of six to seven fett Here cows were kept in the lot during the night white calves are turned out to graze until when they return and the cows are turned out to forage on the prairie and returned voluntarily at The young settler was impressed by the fact that thus feed did not have to be There were many people in Texas who did not own a house only a cow pen and several hundred cows for commercial he wrote hia Anyone who owns over 25 head of cattle has to pay the state a small tax which increases with the number of I have two cows with calves now each cost One is very gentle and is easily milked the other one is a Mexican cow and has to be tied before she can be Von Claren was expecting more hens any Four could be had for a rooster cost 34 Tent life Still living in a the lieutenant was working on a Mexican hoping to move in within eight days and enjoy the comforts of shelter again after so long a He looked forward to acquiring conventional bedding several bedspreads and pillow cases I am lying on animal skins and have a woolen blanket for He had acquired skins from Indians the day having traded a little Among the furs was that of a he When his chicken yard and fencing were the young settler would begin to build a a roomy comfortable one which 1 hope to finish by fall and then slowly proceed to improve and Anyone who owned chickens and a little house does not have to expend much effort to make a for everything grows without much Timber wealth I have become adapted to most things to cut drive The hardest problem still is carrying and loading heavy but this also is becoming easier for When I am in the forest and fell my building timber and come to a mighty which finally falls under blows off my I always If I had this tree at how much money I could make from it or a cedar with its lovely odor which reminds one of a DRAPERIES SCREAMING FOR CLEANING 629 1322 HvraldZtitung Taylor USPS 377 880 If you have not received your paper by Tuesday through Friday or by call 6259144 or 6581900 by 7 and 11 Published Sunday morning and Thursday and Friday afternoon by New Braunfel Herald Publishing 186 CMtell New Second class postage paid at New Braunfels Herald Publishing 186 Castell New TX Dave Manager Elnora Manager ftobart Johnson Mfea Grist Coordinator Crwy McCampbell Manager Don Manager Carol Foreman Gut Foreman ajaUnd Kraft Shop Foreman Wanda 1 Editor Editor Editor Subscription Rates In Blanco and Kendall 3 Ml 66 6 one t77 in one one Diacount Blanco ano 112 one ftaral addrsas changes to Drawai IX AM tMe valuable timber la being cut here to ba tonied Into paling houses and cow pans or perhaps to be burned as This tent thank will soon bn and by the time you receive these I will be living In my shack of wicker work and perhaps have a table and a pair of for now I an sitting on the and my desk Is a Housekeeping Von Claren regretted the demands of housekeeping which kept him from his If I only did not have to do the baking and dishwashing that la miserable especially the last Up to it has been Im possible to hire a and I have not enough money tobuya Cooking was so time I rise at 5 make a make bake and then I eat breakfast and afterward go to either into the woods or on the We only work until 11 for the heat becomes almost unbearable here at this I cook my and at 3 when the heat becomes leas we return to our work until Then I prepare my The cooking becomes more extensive as we have to make bread for each meal the bread made of meal tastes very badly when and they claim that it is also milk and butter were the chief sources of wrote von CurturaxJ society Leaders of cultured society in the wrote von were the Hanoverians although another shipload of emigrants Is expected within a few and It may be possible that some other nationality of Germans will be In the If only more ladies and girls of the higher class were the social part of our life would be much As long as all the cultured society of the population Is we are dependent upon each We hope that a few families will come with whom we would feel at ease wrote the young off He longed for a It would to such a pleasant pastime for the evening Good health At the time of his only one death had occurred among 400 immigrants that of a child who had been ill before leaving Germany and had died en We cannot thank God enough for health as I never felt so well in Most remarkable ia that I am compelled to live a very irregular life sleeping under the sky and oft times when I awake I am lying in water and no place to change into dry clothing well at all To be continued Council in brief Members present Stratemann Joe Rogers Laverne Barbara Jose Valdemar Betty Lou Absent Donnie Vote Unanimous Shadow Park Action Approved firit reading o an ordinance rszoning acres from R 2 two family to R3 multifamily Public healing was held before the in which developer Al Fficke spoke in favor of the rezoning No one spoke against Ranaw parkland maintenance Vote Work contract with Comal County Mental HealthMental Retardation Center extended one City Manager Delashmutt Mid the program was very both to MHMR clients and the Parks and Recreation Amend 198384 budget to purchase truck for code en forcement Vote Transferred from contingency fund to code enforcement to buy a second with for building City presently has two in spectors sharing a vehicle Advertise for bida on budgeted equipment and Vote Bids will be opened at 2 22 for the following items three 1984 half ton pickups one compact wheel one riding turf mowing unit one emergency generator six 1984 patrol cars one 1984 tandem dump truck cab and chassis one 1984 GVW cab and tractor with pull mower janitor service contract and radio communications maintenance Nominate candidate for Comal County Appraiaal District board of Vote Council renominated George who has served as city representative on the board for the past two NOW IN SAN MARCOS Decision maters Managers are always ifr Now the smart ones are using A ple Personal Computers to all the right Apples he p them test assumptions Explore Compare and chart the Come in to learn more ahout Well help y pick the system thats right for Carpets mmi Pick up the for CJct a free phone when you buy 14 or more yards of tor limited theres tree phone tor you when von purchase 14 yards or mote ol the following Con golcum nowax vinyl floors Ultraflor Lstccni Ultniflor or Sprint Choose from Viinitv nt designs and then choose your free phone torn any one ot livi disiiiHtive styles So nun m pick UP hi1 floor lit timeless unroll urn And dont forget tn pn k up the phone as well Alter its lor voti Gbnqoleunf 111 v lU i u mil P i v rti AI f v Open 91 Free In Home Fstimates ON SALE NOW m v TV 659 Linda New BrjunfrK 5126296100 Frank fj One too many ol ono thing and not enough of the other Advertise in the HERALD CLASSIFIEDS for a booming garage 6259144 lli Vll ii Vll Ilk iiiii Apple He Hone System f Apple He 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