Friday, October 7, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, October 7, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 7, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas USFL chief not worried about Gunslingers woes IAN ANTONIO tfttN hm minor mlrtclo Alttno StedHn and that hoa not wonM abort Chtt nwvt tte UIIX oM ol SMI dotpito tho local tuflo of Tho dty and a Mifhborhood Moodattoa Mch taw flkd mil oNklnf to block ftt torn from Alamo Tho OuMUnftn pnmpUjr couo And tha attornay for tha Marynatt tea fUad a alandar tuit aialaat Mayor Hanry danaroa for rafarrtnf to taam ownara aa a bunch of Ufa quit worrying about tha tofal and atart fatttiuj raady for tha Simmona Simmona tmolod hart to matt with tha Oun almfara principal Sooth Taiaa oil baron Clinton It waa tha conuraaalonari tint vlalt atnca tha francMaa formally waa awardad In Tha OunaUnfan ara makinf Improvamtnta to Alamo auch aa ptrtttftf In arttfldal turf and opandtnf tha aa part of thtlr laaaa with tha San Antonio Indapandant School Tha dtya rolt afalnat tha taam dtaa a IM daad natrietton proMMtlnf profaaalonal aporti from taklnf placa at tha but Simmona aald the USFL atanda bahind top Im raoUy Mttoftod with tho profnw that hM boon motJo at tho ho In lom thon thno thojrn pot In now Hold and A maxto tho ttedlttro look vary all that work Conyonot only ato of took a minor DtvMKIng Lost week 1M OvoroN MobtrtJohnton Lost 141 Dobbto DoLoaeh Canyon QonialMMKwrvNtoTlvv Botfnttt Aonoolph AnQOto Contfol ot OdMH Pormlon NorthwMMm tt SWT T MM CutfNMO LflflQttOn Oontatas Goto nffnVmt Tivy Goto Houoton it TOMM AftM N0w Mtxtoo T MM TMh TompoBoyotDoIlM Denvor at Houston Son AHQWO Contrvt awr Tw TOMM Houston TCU TaxasTach DoMaa Denver Odosoa Poffnion tWT Texas Urtnsren Touts Houston TCU TtMMTwh Laet week 141 Conyon Conyon Goto Colo Houston OtfOMt Porfflltn awr TORSO Lutheran TOKOS Houston TCU Tones Tech DoHso Denver Son AnQOto Control awr TOKOO Lutheran TMM TexaeAftM TCU TeKM TOOh Dallas Denver Standings On tho air 7 taaataN OaWmore Ortotee MAOK lockhart at Naw Noon OaeebeM Baltimore Ortotee aa CMeogo Football Tumi to bo Briefly 4 General WMo World of 7 Football LSU at WTB8 RADIO 7 PoottMH Baylor at Local FRIDAY Football Lookhart at Naw 8 Canyon at 8 Bandara at Landa Mae Cantar opan from 1 to 8 Harris ratings CLASS BA Odaaaa Parmian San Angato Cantral IJudoon Waat Brook U Porto GrogoryPofttand Lowiavilla Ttmptt Midland Laa Otnara Saguin CLASS 4A Jaapar Bay City Naw Braunfelt CMurne Carthago Tarrall El Campo Cwiicana Othara Fradarickfburg Gooitlei Canyon Georgetown Kttrville Tivy Lockhart CLASS 3A Litttafiold Gladawatar Navaiota Medina Valley Rafugio Sweeny Waco Robinson Cameron Yoe Ptlugerville Paartall Boarne Bandera Randolph Cola Southsidtt Smithton Valley CLASS 2A LHamlin Morton Groveton Hale Center Panhandle Goat Bernard Grand Hawkina Farmaravilla Vorktown 99 Blanco Comfort Mar Ion CLASS A Sramond Loon Wink 4 Teneha 6 Paradlee 182 ISO 179 179 178 178 178 176 176 17S 146 138 180 180 172 170 170 169 168 168 166 166 166 160 168 158 167 154 153 141 133 174 168 167 165 164 162 162 161 158 158 154 153 148 143 142 128 127 127 163 163 158 156 166 164 164 162 161 161 127 116 113 144 144 143 142 141 Union Mill My 138 138 134 Navarre 97 Baseball League Champtonahip Sarlaa AtAQItnoa IBoMofflvoaarioa NATIONAL LIAOUi ISarteatled1l Garnet Philadelphia 100 000 0001 6 1 Lot 000 000 0000 7 0 HoHond 81 and Olat Nladonfuar 9 and Schmidt Gomel Philadelphia 0100000001 7 2 LoaAngokM 100 020 01x4 8 1 Need 7 and Olai Niadanfuar 191 and L October 7 Loa Welch 16121 at Philadelphia October 8 Loa AngekM at October B Loa at If naceaaary AMERICAN LEAGUE Gomel Chicago 001 001 0002 7 0 Baltimore 0000000011 5 1 Hoyt and Flak Stewart tinez 81 and L Game 2 Chicago 000 000 0000 5 2 Baltimore 010 102 OOx4 6 0 Barojaa Lamp 8 and Fitk Boddtaker and L HR Roenicke October 7 Baltimore Flanagan 124 at Chicago Dotaon October 8 Baltimore at October 9 Baltimore at if necessary Schoolboy scores Reagan Austin McCallum 3 Crockett Auitin Lanier 7 tie SA Jay SA Memorial 6 SA Fox Tech SA Wheatley 0 SA McCoilum SA Kennedy 21 Hockey National Hockey League At A Glance By The Associated Press Wales Conference Patrick W L T NY Rangers 1 0 Philadelphia 1 0 NY Isles 1 1 Pittsburgh 0 1 New Jersey Washington 0 1 Adams Boston 1 0 Buffalo 1 0 Quebec 1 1 Montreal 0 1 Hartford 0 1 Campbell Morns Chicago 1 0 Louis 1 1 Detroit 0 0 Minnesota 0 0 Toronto 0 1 Smythe Calgary 1 o Edmonton 1 o Winnipeg 0 0 Los Angeles 0 0 Vancouver 0 1 Thursdays Montreal Quebec Philadelphia Washington Fridays Rangers at Naw I dmonton at Minneaola at NBMStMmafall to Klrby Thursday Thraa of tha four Naw Braunfala Mlddla School taama loat to Klrby Mlddla School Thuraday whlla tha fourth played to a acoralaaa whkh faada Into Claaa 6A powar Judaon High handad tha eighth taam a 1M whlla tha B1 aquadi Wa played a great game for 3tt coach David Vaughan aald of the Kirby acorad both Ita touchdowni In the gamea final four The aeventh grade A team while the All four had come into the week on a win ning they defeated Canyon Middle School the The eight grade aquad won 140 on by Creapin Perei and Leonard while Oonulea acored the only touchdown the B team won A aquad aafety Glenn Herman picked off a againat Canyon sixth of the The seventh grade A and B 284 and CFtoftbatfl The Lone Star Chapter of the Cyrtlc Ftbroaia Foundation la aponaoring a aoftball tournament Saturday and Sunday at Camp from the tournament will go to cystic flbroaia Por more call or Jeff Southwestern ttam ranked 2 The Southwestern University volleyball which includtj Junior captain Dabbla Williamson of New haa baan ranked I nationally in The who have not loat to an NAIA school this only HawailHilo in the which was released last Williamson is a 1981 graduate of New High TBarM plant araoblc classes TBarM is starting a new Action class beginning 17 at the TBarM The class will run from 17 to and it will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from top cost is For more call TBarM at Club to sponsor skat tournament The Clbolo Bowling Club will hold a skat and domino tournament Sunday beginning at 2 at the club in will be awarded Fall softball games rescheduled Here a schedule of fall softball which had to be rescheduled because of rain New Date Time 10 10 10 10 Men38 League Teams Mens B 14 Mens B 102 Mens B 94 1314 12 Mens B 84 12 Mens B 1218 Field Old New Old New Old New Fishing Report AUSTIN API Here the llshing report compiled by the I and Wildlife Department AMISTAO Water 78 10 feet low black ban fair to five pounds on plastic and grubs striper good to on Radfin many surfacing some crappia at night around and white bast plentiful blue catfish excellent to 18 on rod and real channel catfish good to five pounds in baited BASTROP Water 78 normal level black good to three and a half on black and hybrid Striper slow catfish fair to good to three on stinkbait and live BRAUNIG Water 80 normal level black bass picking up from three to eight pounds on plastic worms in shallow water catfish excellent to 11 pounds in good numbers on tilapia hybrid striper off and on to five on 20 feet of water crappia stow channel catfish excellent from two to 10 BUCHANAN Water 80 four feet low black bass good to five pounds on crawdadcolorad cranks and crawdads striper slow crappie picking up slightly white bass schooling early and late catfish good on rod and reel to two pounds yellow catfish to 40 pounds in good numbers with live bait on CALAVERAS Water 83 18 inches low black bass good to six pounds on plastic worms hybrid striper slow yellow catfish fair to 25 on shad and grape COLETO CREEK Water 89 normal level black fair to four on to topwaters and plastic worms striper no report crappia good with stringers to 75 fish at PerdktoSulphur creek junction catfish good to 40 pounds on rod and CORPUS CHRISTI Water four feet low Mack baas stow striper low crappie excellent to 100 fiah per Wringer off the pier white bats fair cattish fair to four pounds on rod and FALCON Water 26 feet low black fair to six and a half on worms and cranks striper alow crappie alow white baas good near dam catfish good to two along river FAYETTE Water normal level black baaa improving to three on plastic and topwaten crappie alow catfish MEDINA Water 15 feet low black bass fair to six pounds on 2 minnows crappie low catfish good from 1720 on TEXANA Water 77 normal level black baaa fair to good to three on strawberry and black chrome topwaters and buzz baits early crappie fair to good with stinrgers to 50 fish white bass no report catfish excellent to 19 pounds on cutbait and TOLEDO BEND Water two feet low black good to six a half on crappie excellent with itringera to 150 fish on shiners white low catfiih good to six pounds on crappie TRAVIS Waar 79 13 feet low black base vary good to three and a half pounds on topwatera and plastic worms off points in 10 feet of water striper slow crappie fair up Pedernalea white bass slow catfish fair to four pounds on large WHITNEY Water 75 eight feet low black fair to four and a half striper fair to five and a half crappie good to 137 fiih per stringer yellow catfish fair to 40 SALT WATER PORT OCONNOR Specks and reds fair around Grass Island on Hve belt offshore fairly stow jetties live bah PORT ARANSAS Quite a few specks on piers to five mostly smsller some 1012 in Corpus Chriati Bay good numbers of croakers to two pounds flounder good to five pounds from piers live bait available snapper good CORPUS CHRISTI Croaker good around Humble Channel to two in good nutamara some in Intracoaatal some In Corpus Bay specks still slow and spotty flounder picking up along redfith stow live bsit available some snook and whiting at Bob Hall Advertise in the HERALD CLASSIFIEDS for a booming garage 6259144 Portable Bldg BARGAINS 12x2V office con duit tile 4 baked on en Regular Now Delivered plus 10x20 office con duit air high 4 tile baked on Regular Now 3579 Many Mora Qooal To Choooo TCM far ta Nw Inetfak AIM tar IVh Vatri MON Ffll 9 jm 530pm SAT 9 NIWMAUNHL8 OPEN TO PUBLIC For Limited Time If Youve given the Slightest 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