Thursday, October 6, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 6, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas I Unhappily ever after WASHINGTON AP Jim and Jane have been married more than a Theyve got a lovely a swimming pool and a hot He They are unhappily But they have no interest in The names are but the case is and the eiperts say they illustrate one of several reasons why the divorce rate has fallen for the first time in two I have no doubt in my mind that the divorce rate is down because of the said Jean a marriage and family counselor in They Jim and Jane dont want to go from a nice house to a a month A Economy may be behind falling divorce experts say husband who used to be able to afford the playboy lifestyle is now faced with The government reported this week that for the first time in 20 the number of divorces in the United States fell last What do the figures mean That marriages are more stable That couples cant afford to get divorced Or is it simply that there are fewer married couples to get divorced The experts say it was probably a little of The new compiled by the National Center for Health show that million couples ended their marriage in percent fewer than in It was the first drop in the number of divorces since 1962 and it was Of the 49 states that reported 1962 divorce 36 showed a drop in the divorce rate from the previous Tor so many states to drop is impressive to said Barbara a demographer in the health centers marriage and divorce This is no The divorce rate really Sodal scientists insist there is no easy answer to why the number of divorces Most say they are unsure whether it a changing attitude about divorce or a statistical reflection of an aging One of the influences on the divorce rate is the size of the said Richard a professor of economics at the University of Southern California in IXM When a generation is numerous as it was in recent it aggravates economic problems for young people Theres lots of competition in the labor We are starting to move into period of decreasing generation size Other experts say the divorce rate declined because more young couples live together before making a decision about marriage and that their breakups are not reflected in divorce TMs ui NaUmal mt its ssse Lscal u pMefMaf todays in Maw Texat Solms man charged bondset on sexual assault An man accused of sexually assaulting a local woman was in custody Thursday at the Comal County with bond set at Abel Campos of was arrested late Wednesday morning and brought before Justice of the Peace who charged him with sexual The incident is said to have occurred at 5 near a roadside cemetery two miles south of The suspect and his alleged a 26yearold New Braunfels had both been to a party in a nearby and he had offered her a ride said Sheriffs Investigator Rudy Two other party guests accepted rides as and were dropped off in the Solms The driver and the victim thought he was heading back to IH 35 to take her to New Rubio When the road turned out to be a dead the woman tried to jump out of the and the driver slammed the door on her he The investigator said the victim had some bruises on and scratches from a barbedwire DYANNE FRY HgpaldZdtung lf 92 199 18 THURSDAY October 1983 25 cents 18 Pages2 Sections USPS 377880 Autry reprieve governor says Taking it Laying down It doesnt look terribly but Jesse Olguinn of the Lay Construction Company of San Antonio seems to be relatively comfortable with his hard Staff pftaro bv John Senter hat pillow and newspaper CMguinn chose the parking lot of Krauses Cafe for his nap AUSTIN API Mark White says its ridiculous that the James David Autry case which was the subject of 12 previous court rulings kept the judicial system in doubt until the final It seems regrettable we cannot handle the judicial appeals without waiting until the last 20 minutes before the execution was to be earned White said several hours after Supreme Court Justice Byron White stayed Autrys I was sorry to see these matters have to be resolved at the last said I think that certainly judicial wisdom has to be applied in these But it seems these matters could be brought to the attention of these courts in a more orderly Autry was to die early Wednesday for the 1980 murder of a Port Arthur Justice citing a pending decision in a California death decided Autry should not be killed until the other case is Autry was in the death chamber strapped to a gurney when the stay was White said he would not have stopped the execution State law gives him the right to issue a 30day but the governor said he had seen no information that would have justified a delay He said judicial appeals can be done more efficiently and effectively if we would be able to set sone better John director of the Texas Civil Liberties said the stay blocks ail Texas executions until at least when the Supreme Court probably will rule on the California case Duncan said the argument that brought Autry off his death befi was ignored in the final hours before Charlie Brooks Jr was executed Both of the issues we raised in the Brooks case now have been accepted for review in subsequent said and Charlie Brooks is See Page 12A Suit against Wurstfest security guard dropped By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer A 1961 civil suit filed against a guard at Wurstfest has been dropped after the plaintiff became ill on his way here from an island in the Fred attorney for Harrison Oren Preston said his client was set for appear in court I dont know whether he caught the virus on his or after he got but he was so sick he couldnt come to Clark said We had to decide whether to continue the case or drop and since it cost quite a bit to get he decided to drop He Preston didnt want to make another Clark Preston was suing Ernest Lobello for in actual damages and in exemplary who listed his employment with the Balcones Heights Police was serving as a security guard at Wurstfest on when the incident Prestons which alleged assault and illegal maintained that he was placed under arrest at and taken inside a building where he was searched and made to remove his shoes and all items from his When Lobello began to read from his checkbook Preston grabbed it from the Thats when Prestons suit said Lobello hit him in the The suit also aJJeged Preston received a swollen left a bruised eye and bruises to both wnsts in the The case had been pending for some Clark Former County Judge Buchanan transferred the case to district court on 207th District Court Judge Robert in moved the case back to the county courts jurisdiction on Sept Garden Ridge council to zone annexed land Inside Planning and Zoning chairman Bob Kolstad thinks Garden Ridges zoning ordinance needs to be Until thats his board recommends residentialagricultural zoning for all the territory annexed last After some discussion Wednesday the City Council and voted to proceed with zoning action as quickly as Councilmember Neil Craigmile thought the commissions plan a little at Obviously we have a business in the ice house Shouldnt that be zoned business he There in two businesses at FM HU and FM 3000 the Lone Star Ice and the Garden Ridge Taco Kolstad admitted he had thought of this as a business before the planning commission held an informal public bearing on In he had drawn up s proposed with buatnaas zoning along most of the FM MM corridor But after hearing all the citizens and at the or the rirnmlsiinn thought it be bast to sane the entire in aree in one council for changes can be bu grandfather To nail it down is the name of the vicechairman Maynard Hamilton told the The 2252 corridor has been inside the city limits for a year and hasnt been zoned at Theres nothing to prevent a company or developer from walking in and putting up something completely Hamilton Garden Ridges present ordinance provides for three types of zoning singlefamily residential agricultural and Kolstad thinks the business codes are not specific and need to be tightened to reflect the type of business Garden Ridge Many of the people who live on FM tXl south of the Ice House objected to business zoning Kolstad Some of that land is used for farming and and residents would like residentialagricultural to keep it that Kolstad also mentioned the possibility of adding more categories to the zoning THti one member of the partnership thats thinking of buying Laoahawlfillers undeveloped properties in Garden Hfeerttar COBMI County tttMMt rails for party cloudy tonight with a S0 percent chance ef Oewds wil wager Friday will be frea the dacre wiQ be at and CAMVONUMCf MAM MATM8 ia IA ia TVlftTwttl 11A UA law enforcement head Garden Ridge budget Without raising the property tax rate one Garden Ridge expects to be get some more revenue next year than it planned for last City Council also expects to have some funds left come the city budget jumped from the latest amended figure for 1963 to for fiscal year Council approved the budget Wednesday after a public hearing before 10 or 12 As noted the property tax rate wont It will still be 15 cunts per assessed The city does foresee an increase in other Council will vote next month on an updated building which will bring in an estimated in filing and inspection fees this coming year Revenues from building and were figured at only u the 1963 Franchise collected from the various utility companies that serve Garden are predicted to total more in 1964 than they will in And Mayor Paul Davis indicated the estimate on municipal court fines this year was way under the He put down in next years Thats based on an average of one ticket a day he noting that 45 tickets had been issued by city officials during the last 9Mn Ad valorem tax revenues are estimated at Even at the same the city expects to collect some more next because Garden Ridge has taxable property it didnt have a year The big items on the expenditure aids of the 1664 budget are streets and law nets where our values said Sfrgjgjt atlWAVft figfeiA A the annual tmrtgtl than anything fmianl The big items on the expenditure side of the 1984 budget are streets and law Thats where our values said Mayor Paul budgeted a total of for drainage and rightofway this then had to get some money out of savings to finance repair and drainage projects this The 1964 budget has set with of that budgeted for road I dont think will quite do If it well just have to wait and do it next Davis You can only do much in one year The law enforcement budget has almost going from in 1963 to in of the latter amount is coming from federal revenue sharing Garden will be getting this and it has in revenue sharing left The council has allotted to repair and upkeep for the volunteer police forces patrol and for uniforms The city doesnt require its officers to wear but I looked around and were wearing They were buying their said I think city can afford to buy their and their See 1U