Tuesday, September 20, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, September 20, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 20, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions BUtor James Kilpatrick Nobody knows the gendergap problem Ronald r permstert Fw M contrvrern has persisted profciem is pobbc what we hav A fair that vfS dearest r leaders presdert ha 5 r opposing their no support for vf ment has iytcvr revere Ls to aso at a vf s vf the rtrtuses they Jack Andersoa Soviets tr to lure planes into airspace WASHINGTON government information that of illfated X Korean blasted out of tne My associates Michael secret and Department Agency portanl Here are the v L c The military craft Soviet legally by a a t Tne the shot at after SXciet widely Soviet abases r for 36 Egypt at at 5 Some cant truit they iiraye Thojgn sisted from the Soviets krieA tney civilian ment doubles confidential v the State force was were American military The Statt t secret cable to Seojl said it presence of fervently doomed flight had t The CIA reporuo Soviets could easily telex communications other tempting targets hub been on the KAL Jesse RNC But the State Department i able Seoul said We havi im repeat evidence that the pnhtn ni McDonald iV r planned travel Sen others aboard that flitta i in the Soviet attack on the The Soviets mas have hail agent among the crew oi the airliner lliat strayed deep mtu t m It forced down near Korean copilot SD at the tuue that tnr became Their the in a safe flight path airspace A that a crew may nave Uen in diaorientation An unreported atUM down without i i Japanese P2V OB April ui the wtert KAL Flight U07 went rtfUcta the traditioiia s datennination to protect the ir tj ic r eo involving the Egyptian had com sedan for his r heir families zed AlDfmanced such as trips during home and ac Urban Electric 17 to senior Egyptian Electric with the The main each a project r and vehif le after i h jnan as i2 cars were rarely if ever oariiaged vehicles iiiiiiiieil rotting away ie crt details HitreUeial govtruiitnt la tjearish Since the late the buffered from the i Natijnal Park Service e uf This has in national ufteii contain ranches jn contact 1 i tic near population in the in Idaho lias dropped to an i Uweeii 187 and in a Loniinuing problem ratic as five und statf agencies compete lUiisdiction over the threatened My for wtiaterer t ray a that srtaaBr speak for only a very srrjiJ fracUwi c tbe M Amen women ever the rf J My raess that large majority the M sappoort the 4ea Irat that a that majority urxterstand ofLy vaeuely what a is all I JoutX that nf in 20 cares a about bench 9r the and I am ertam that not a thousand Eves a damn if I413 erf Title 48 the is w is Tre law prcmdes for the protection of the wjdcrws of discoverers of me the presidents case as he it to me last What we he is more an dersuwfinf Anwog his first actions as president was to ask each of the sutes to set op a program aimed at repeal of their discriminatory laws AL Xi states but socne have rocived faster than after are rjrder But were continuing jj press on At the federal level roore has been than the feminist teaders wJj Twentyfour sexist statutes already have Another M statutes will be cured bj Bob Doles bill which should clear the Senate this It is likely that 47 other iden tified by computer wii be added to the Dole btli by So far as the is this will leave onlv 18 laws on the books that make geodertaMd distinctions AI IS dstriminate oot against but in their favor The Justice Department has recom mended that 11 of the II be repealed This wouid leave four laws prohibiting the use of women soldiers in combat and three laws excluding women from registration for a potential Without a thorough Reagan is unwilling to ask that these seven laws be The president wishes there were greater awareness among women of charges in tax and pension laws that have been made to their benefit in the past two He speaks of lawsuits brought by the Justice Department against employers charged with discriminating against Other actions have been taken aeinst discrimination in educational op His he has vigorously enforced laws on child support and has sponsored a pending bill to compel states to im prove their efforts in this His 1981 tax bill substantially increased childcare tax credits for working In light of all why the hostility The president ruefully cites the im portance attached by feminist leaders to the Beyond he doubts that the gap is growing significantly He believes that few women who voted for him in 1960 would vote against him if he should ran again in Ever the he wants only to be understood a desire in relation to doubtless is shared by all men in all Andy Rooney Vacations a perfect example of too much of a good thing Its I thought it would never Its been just one damn summer weekend after If summer had lasted another month I might have died from all that I can stand a Little but things are getting Our vacation period in America Lasts from Memorial Day at the end of May until the Tuesday after Day in September Dont tell me you only get three Thats just your real Im talking about all the days off and long weekends we all take in addition to our It hardly matters anymore which three weeks or months anyone take You cant find them at work when they arent on vacation in the summer either During July and August people dont get back until late and they leave early Friday if they corne in at all The necessity of having fun in the summer is one of the most tiring things of the whole year for me idea of a good restful week is to get up at the same time every eat breakfast with the got to come home have watch television and go to bed by Thats what I call The tiring part of a vacation is planning to go getting ready to go getting everyone else organized to go there and then getting Just as soon as you get you have to start planning how to get everyone Ill bet I could add ten years to my life if I didnt have to take all these summer When Im on vacation I dont get enough I worry because I spend too much I do too much I eat too much and drink too much Sometimes its two weeks after 1 get back from a vacation or a long weekend before I feel rested There used to be a game we played when I was a kid called Missionaries and I forget the exact rules but the situation was this There are three missionaries or nuns on one side of the river and two cannibals on the There is only one canoe and you can only carry two people in the canoe at one You have to get the three nuns to one side of the river and the two cannibals to the other without ever having a cannibal and a nun in the canoe Im always reminded of that game by the family logistics of a summer My wife and I go to a country house we and often several of our children They come from different places at dif ferent times using different modes of The problems are always these What time can you leave Do you want to go with us or could Emily wait and pick you up If theyre driving from Boston they can meet you at the railroad My wife leaves from home in her car and I leave from the office in The operation is complicated by the fact that our home is an hour from my but my office and our home are equal distances from the summer Every weekend we have a problem gettting the nuns across the river without being eaten by the There are so many thing about the summer that are Someones always suggesting a for You have a nice house with to eat from and chairs to sit on and an ice box to go but people arent satisfied in the summer unless theyre breaking their backs having a good They want to rough it and go on a What you do you put all the food except what you forget in basket and take it somewhere un Then you sit on the ground or perhaps on a hard rock and share lunch with an It feel great to have vacation over Ive only been back to work a couple of days now but already Im beginning to feel relaxed and Your representatives Uoyd United Room 240 Building DC 20610 Tom US 1212 Longworth HOUM Butfding DC 3H1f John United States Sanata Room 142 Building DC 20610 Edmund Texas of Boa 2f 10 TtTM John Texas Sanata Station Taxaa 71711 Oow Mart Whha Oovarnors Offica