Friday, August 12, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, August 12, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 12, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas Religious focus HeraldZtltNiif August 1983 5A Ministerial alliance Inner peace comes by reflecting on gifts By CHARLES DeHAVEN Paul Lutheran Church Folks always to be in such a hurry to get where they are goinn so that when they arrive they tend to lose sight of where they For how often do we find ourselves rushing to a crowded parking hurriedly going into the store only to return and wonder out Now where did I park my its not Maybe its stolen or Help In returning home after a long day I so often find myself hastily seeking relaxation to the extent that on the following morning I Now where did I lay my Where are my shoes It was Peter who when dealing with the im patience of people a thousand years are in the sight of the Lord as one I have a hunch weve kind of turned that around to read In my life if I am going to be successful or excited abut life there must be a thousand years in my day Ive got to fill each day with one event after And as we attempt in our hustle and bustle of life we find such excitement by jamming years into days we miss the opportunity to live and celebrate one moment at a As a result of such a lifestyle it could be that while were traveling with such such anxiety that we reach a point in the journey we dont recognize where we are similar to being lost in the parking lot and separated from the Such a vision of life out there somewhere keeps us zooming forward seeking one experience after another shopping for something we may already have and have missed simply because we havent celebrated our arrival or become aware of where we As a child of God I would be better equipped if I would only pause and note my The problem arises in that such a moment requires time the very thing that each of us confesses that we dont have What we dont realize is that in effect we are I dont choose to make We have such a struggle in realizing that we make or create It is not something we We may find a twentydollar bill or we may find a lost but we dont find We are merely managers of our own we must conclude that we are responsible for our use of Time for relation Time for Time for time for prayer and And certainly even time to note where we have parked our cars or placed our Perhaps it is that if you add your name to the list of these who are continually asking Now where did I you too could receive the gift of inner peace by just pausing more often and reflecting upon the gift of time that God has given lyet us together let God have a thousand years in each day if he so but let us as mere mortals celebrate one day at a time the daily arrivals of our Staff photo hy Cindy Richardson Church of the Nazarene is located on Interstate 35 A way out Tree of Life plans service Jerry and Kathy Baker will be leading a service of singing Sunday beginning at 7 at Tree of Life 125 Highway 81 Jerry Baker was raised on the mission field in Latin America and understands the mission work and understands the meaning of a so called faith says the pastor of Tree of He also has experience in knowing what it is like to be totally dependent on Kathy Baker comes from New She says she was accustomed to the security and protection of wealthy and loving But through tragic the manmade covering was ripped away and through adversity learned that her covering was from says the KATHY BAKER Jewish women searching for answers for divorce By SCOTT KRAFT Associated Press When Heidi Sterns husband skipped to Mexico he left her with two children and a marriage she couldnt four years despite her civil divorce shes still married in the eyes of her her her community and her Until her husband grants her a religious called a she cannot date other she cannot and if she has any more they will be labeled Heidi Stern is an agunah a chained Stern is one of several thousand Jewish women in from California to New from the most observant to the whose husbands have refused to dissolve their A sample of Americas agunahs wife of a federal employee who holds a Boaz Avitzur won a civil divorce from her in but he doesnt want her to be free to remarryand have his son call another says Avitzurs LouisJack of New wife of a communications sciences professor at Hunter Myron Margulies was sentenced to 15 days in jail a decade ago rather than give his wife a religious divorce and he had already remarried and started another To this he refuses to give her her Some agunahs have given up custody of their children in exchange for a Jewish Others have waived A few have paid sixfigure in for their The rest refuse such Agunahs they All I can tell you is this It is a living says Madeline I want my freedom I want my life Many of the problem cases involve Jews who dont consider themselves Orthodox or Conservative but want a get in the event they choose to remarry in a religious Many of those cases end up at the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of in New where the beth din handles 500 divorces a The council has several hundred unfinished where a husband refuses to give the Those who balk are simply using the get as a vehicle to get back at their Thats all il is and its ver says Rabbi Joseph ad ministrator of the councils beth Among observant Jews for whom get is an article of iures just break my heart theyre so says group founder Gloria Some of these women never remarry and others leave the practice of orthodox for the reformed says Sarah a GET vice president doing doc toral work on the role of the Orthodox But many just remain in this state of In where Jewish law is the law of the courts can order a man to appear before the Jewish But Jewish courts have no civil powers in the United Secular courts here have issued such orders after determining that a Jewish marriage contract was a valid civil con tract or after a husband agreed in a civil divorce settlement to grant his wife a niQ nig OB Worship at the church of your choice Local First Baptist 733 Cross Sunday school morning worship evening worship 7 Wednesday prayer service 7 15 First Protestant United Church of Seguin and Coll Streets Worship 8 mill church school 9 New Braunfels Presbyterian 373 Church school worship and 11 a m nursery provided for all services First United Methodist 572 W San Antonio St Church school a m morning worship a m youth activities New Braunfels Seventh Day Ad ventist 2990 San An Sabbath school Saturday worship 11 Episcopal 312 S Eucharist 8 muscial celebration of Rite II 9 Eucharist and family service 11 Eucharist and healing service Wed nesday 9 Paul Lutheran Cross and Santa Clara Streets Worship service 8 a m broadcast on KNBT Radio FM 921 and 1030 am Sunday school 915 a in Trinity Baptist 1235 Er vendberg Ave Sunday school 10 worship a in and 6 Primera Iglesia Bautist First Mexican 2080 W San Antonio Sunday school a m morning worship a rn evening worship 6 p m Wednesday prayei service 7 Mission Pentecoste 129 School St Services Tluii Saturday and Sunday 7 30 p m First Assembly of 1687 Highway 81 W Sunday school 9 4b am morning worship 1045 am evening worship 7 p Wednesday service 7 p m Iglesia Bethel Pentecostal 2990 W San Antonio Wednesday 7 30 p m Saturday 7 30 p m Sunday school 10 a m Bible school Sunday 6 30 p m Worship service Sunday p m Harmony Baptist 1472 Highway 46 S Sunday school 9 45 a ID worship 11 a m and 7 p m Bible study 6 Wednesday piayei meeting Croii Lutheran Missouri Synod South Hickory end Cross Streets Sunday adult Bible worship holy communton first Third and fifth Living Word 1254 Highway 81 Sunday worship 10 and 7 Wednesday service 7 Bible Believers Lame Apt 300 Laurel Lane Sunday school 9 50 a m worship 11 am and 6 p m Eaitiida Baptist Holly Sunday worship 11 and 7 Wednesday prayer meeting 7 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day 2386 W San Antonio St Priesthood meeting 9 a rn ielit1 society 9 a m young women 9 a m primary 9 a m Sunday hool 0 a m sacrament 10 50 a m First Church of the Najarene 1465 I 3j E Sunday si hool 9 4b worship 10 50 a m and 6 p m Northside Church of 511 E North Sunday Bible a in worship 10 30 and 6 Wednesday Bible classes Green Valley Apostolic Tabernacle P 104 Melody Lane Sunday school 10am service 7 p rn Bible study 7 30 p Thursday First Church of Christ 137 i Mill St Sunday service 1030 a m Sunday school 10 30 a m Wednesday service 7 30 p in Child care available Assamblea De Dios Spanish Assembly of 255 W Com merce Si Sunday school 5 30 p m evangelistic service 6 30 p m Saturday 6 30 p m St Josephs Anglican 185 E Jahn St Worship services 9 a m 1928 Piayei Book New Braunfels Christian Loop 337 Sunday school 9 30 a rn worship 10 30 a rn and 6 m lurmr chuu h 10 30 a m New Braunfels Foursquare 1492 Highway 81 W Sunday worship 10 a m evening worship 7 p midweek service 7 Thursday First Presbyterian 272 S Kiuegei Sunday school 945 am fellowship 10 30 a worship 11am and 7 p m Church of 1665 Highway 81 W Bible classes for all 9 a rn worship 10 evening worship and childrens Bible hour 6 Wed nesday classes 7 p m Nursery available Ejemplo Vivo Baptist Carrier Santa Clara and Guenther Streets Sunday school a m woiship 1045 a church training 6 p m prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p m at 498 Liberty Second Baptist Sunday school 9 45 a m worship 11 am and 7 m Faith United Church of 970 Loop 337 Chucri school Sib worship 1 0 30 a m Freedom Fellowship 330 Hackberry Prayer 9 30 a rn worship 10 a m Live Oak Baptist 335 Washington Sunday si hool 9 46 a m worship sery ice 11 an Calvary Baptist Church 540 Howard Sunday Bible study 10 a m worship 11 a in and 6 p rn Wed nesday 7 p m ai 440 N Seguin AVH Stt and Paul Catholic Church 38b N Casiell Saturday oDliQation mass for Sunday 7pm Sunday masses 10 11 16 a m No evening mass Monday throngf Friday New Life Assembly of God 552 Highway 81 Sunday school 10 morning worship 11 am evangelistic services 7 Wed nesday worship 7 30 p m Tree of Life 125 Highway 81 W Sunday services 9 45 a m and 7 p m Wednesday service 7 p ni Oakwood Baptist Lamar School Bible study 9 30 a m mommy worship 10 45 a m evening woiship p m Wednesday piayei service 7 p m D 1 i 3 j i i Area Chapel in the Cove in Cypress Cove club house Woiship 9 a in Triumphant Lutheran Bat Cave Road at Schoenthal Road Worship Sunday school 10 am for all ages Bulverde United Methodist Highway 281 North and Cibolo Creek Sunday school church service Thomas Chapel Roman Canyon Oam hillside Sunday mass and am pie Sunday mass Saturday 5 an J 7 p m Canyon Lake United Methodist Flintstone Canyon Lake Mobile Home Estates Sunday school 915 morning worship 10 30 a m Bracken United Methodist FM Sunday school 9 30 a m church service 10 45 am Friedens United Church of Church school 9 worship service 1015am St Andrew Lutheran Church FM 2673 east of Startzville Sunday school 9 worship communion first Sunday Francis By The Lake 14 miles west of I 35 on FM Services 10 Sunday noon Katharine Church in the Valley in Deep Canyon Church school 9 morning worship evening worship 6 Bulverde Baptist PO Box 43 Sunday school worship Christian naming 6 evening worship 7 p rn Wednesday service 7 p m Church of FM 3159 and FM 2673 Bible class 10 Sunday worship 11 and 6 Wed nesday service 7 p m Church in the Wildwood Assembly FM The Oaks Sunday school 10am worship a m and St Paul United Church of S Main and FM Church school 9 worship a rr St Paul Lutheran highway 1863 at Highway 281 Sunday school 9 a m worship 10 15 a m First Baptist Horseshoe Falls Estate Sunday school 9 30 worship evening service 6 Nursery provided Rock Hill Gospel Church Faith 502 I 35 South of New behind the rest Sunday school 10 worship 8 and 11 and Tuesday Bible college p m Thursday ladies meeting and young ministers M I j JLHJ imi