Wednesday, July 13, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, July 13, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 13, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas 4A New Braunfeto MereW July AllStar game tops Nielsens U3B ANOEtJB AP Home nm MR OK rorwM M broodceet of the bMttall AlWtar fame topped tht competition in the tetovWon euUy ouldlilmcinf ABCa Hurt te An estimated million houeholda tuned In beMbeJIi midfunifner million more than witched Hart to which ran second for the week ending July The AltStar fame and four other Top 10 shows poshed NBC to the top of the compiled by the NMeen for the although the network also had the three The American League savored its own victory July beating the National League 133 to win its first AllStar game since Ratings for the first full week of summer reruns showed NBC with an overall rating of CBS had a rating and ABC trailed at The networks say this means that during an average primetime percent of the nations television sets were tuned to Each ratings point represents NBC scored third with The A a mldseason replacement about a group of freelance mer and fifth with the detective show Remington Rounding out the top five was CBSs The which was rated Other NBC programs In the Top 10 were 9 Hill Street Blues and the Sunday night broadcast of the first part of the movie which tied for sixth place with CBSs Simon and NBCs Major League AllStar Preview was ranked Besides Hart to ABCs only other program in the Top 10 was the news magazine show in eighth CBSs held the 10 The lowestrated show was NBCs news magazine show down from the thirdworst spot the previous Other shows at the in descending were ABCs Monday Night Baseball ABCs Ripleys Believe It or NBCs NBC Reports Central America and NBCs Voyagers Killer cellscould help AIDS victims EAST AP The bodys cancerfighting killer cells could get a boost from another body scientists and the discovery may eventually help AIDS Lab tests on the chemical known as found in healthy white blood significantly enhanced the activities of the killer which normally destroy cancer cells and virusinfected according to a study to be published in this months Journal of Clinical These positive lab results suggest that interleukin2 may eventually be helpful in the treatment of patients with said Alain Rook on Tuesday at a meeting of the American Society for Virology at Michigan State But he cautioned The results are ex tremely In patients with acquired immune deficiency the activity of the killer cells is reducing the victims immunity and leaving them vulnerable to other including some forms of according to a researcher with the Food and Drug Administration who worked on the Authors of the study reported that interleukin2 increases the infection fighting activity of impaired lym phocytes a kind of white blood at least in the test Whether it will help AIDS patients is not yet they the research may provide a hint about Ihe nature of this disease and how it might be AIDS had been reported in people in the United States as of and 634 had according to James Curran of the national Centers for Disease Control in In another a University of California epidemiology study reported that the number of new AIDS cases in San Francisco nearly doubled in the first three months of 1963 over the previous Forty six new cases were reported by MarcB compared to 26 in the last three months of The most vulnerable groups have been male homosexuals with many sex intravenous drug hemophiliacs and The disease apparently is spread through sexual contaminated needles and blood not by casual Federal officials have declared AIDS their 1 health Rook said it will be several months before it is determined if interleukin2 will help combat the White questioned by radio listeners AUSTIN AP During an hour on the phone with Austin radio Mark White explained his education policies and defended his house and boat but referred an im migration query to the White The governors personal possessions came up in questions from a woman who reached White on KLBJAM She recalled Whites trip earlier this year to a shanty on the banks of a downtown Austin He led reporters to the site to show them poverty near the At that time you owned a home in West Lake the questioner I was if you really were so concerned why you didnt offer your home to those people to use White Quite I wish I could give s house to every person who needs a I dont think thati After taking White sold the The same woman wanted to know about No a 31foot sailboat partially owned by The caller said to White recently you received a gift of a boat from Lowell Lebermann and another friend of and do you think that is ethically correct No Chance was not a said who bought it with Austin bMinessmsn Lebermann and gubernatorial aide Pike I didnt receive a gift of a I own onethird of that boat along with my two I owe the I havent paid for it the governor After the hour of one Austinite said White did a better job of fielding citizens questions than former Bill Identified only as the caller said to speak with Clements on a call in I had to go through his so to who quizzed me about what I wanted to ask There was a thorough screening That was hot the case this White did not know who was going to ask him White cooly fended off one callers question about When is our border going to be like I asked you about a year ago on the Joyce and Mel Show the caller referring to a local television callin Let me tell youve been calling the wrong White Why dont you call the president of the United because thats the person in charge of the executive branch of The state of Texas has absolutely no authority to seal the borders of the Several callers asked White if he would be a vice presidential candidate You dont run for that he Ive got the office now that I asked the people of Texas to let me I dont intend to be a candidate for any other Kings Kid Grade A EGGS Larga Par Dozan El Popo Flour Medium per dozen 57e EI rope nvw Tortillas fc 4 Deckers Vacuum Pack SLICED SLAB BACON Per FAMILY PACK SHOULDER WEEKLONG SPECIALS July 14 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Cut Minute Made 100 Pure Lemon Juice Banquet Fried Of V Ralnbo Set Cinnamon Rolls 790 Prtnglea or light 850 PotatoChjPs Chicken Styro Cups 20 ct Insulated 12 rrVBIl OIICVU mvinvi Calf Cheddar Freeh Packed or Lee A Beef Cottage Beans Showboat In Tomato Sauce BEANS Mature Beef CH UCK ROAST PER KENLRATION DOG FOOD KIBBLES N BITS 20 bag KenLRation Dinners Tender 360 COLGATE COLO ATI1 CURAD TOOTHPASTE TOOTH FLEXIBLE FAMIC Regular Gel Colgate ii Adult Medium Noxzuma Skin Cream B For Athletes Foot mm f TYLENdL EX TWA bTT EMGTH TYLENOL Vour choice SOacafMuloe Stoyfoe Maxi 12s DISHWASHING LIQUID DETERGENT PALMQLIVE 1115 Save Energy jj New w iEnergyPinchfrr Low and watts I 95 watts Eacn 990 Cnaimhi Bathroom CLEANSER COMET Reynolds Heavy Duty p i roll Banquet Cream Generic Cups 490 uwa J writ Trash r PATIO BEEF OR CHEESE ENCHILADA COMBINATIONFIESTAMEXICAN Dinners Caraway Sliced Rye Bread OMFathion Lily French Cane Paper Per pkg pat Kitchen 125 ft Handi Wrap Luncheon INNE I IN I N t Del Nome 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