Tuesday, June 21, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, June 21, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 21, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas New Braunfels June 1D83 Marmaduke I dont know where he got but it Best Cafin Showl Briefly Bible school class j mbkes giant banana split l 1 AP Mix 300 scoops of Ice assorted whipped but chocolate and and what do you get A 60footlong banana split and a big the monumental ice cream concoction was a last day treat for children who attended Charlestons United Methodist Church vacation Biblfe said Naomi church education i Breedlove said she set up the splitmaking session Sunday after contacting the publishers of thfe Guinness Book of Work Records and finding they had no record of anyone setting a record for con structing a giant banana She said the church deeded to fill the gap by creating its Crossword ACnoss 1 Ugly mark 5 Piece 9 Stage 14 15 de camp 18 Less common 17 Egyptian 16 Bark 19 Esoteric 20 Locales 22 Grandeurs 24 Canted 26 Dick ol the comics 27 Asian nation 29 Follower 30 Pronoun 33 Abandon ments 37 Erudition 36 Professes 39 Do gardening 40 Polyp 41 Sawbucks 42 Dialed 44 Also 45 Crude 46 Cheat 47 Fright 49 Delineates 53 Readjusted 57 Resin 58 School book 59 Times 61 Darling 62 ol Iho Union 63 Jacobs kin 64 Overrule 65 Window parts 66 Radicals 67 Greek underground DOWN 1 Cut 2 Radioactivity unit 3 Slacken 4 Mutineers 5 Drain 6 Fabrications 7 Handy 8 Carilloneur Noble 10 Nearby 11 Pisas river 12 Soothsayer 13 Slips 21 Scathes 23 Ravages Sundays PUZZLE SOLVED 331133 aaaa aaaa 30333 aaaa taaaa aaaaa aaaa QHQQ aaaa saaaa aaaa 993 aaaaa aaaaa aaa aaaaoaaa 333 aaaaaa aaaa acaaaa HEJOQ 03000 25 Speck 28 Rattlesnake 30 Auto part 31 Dies Day ol Wrath 32 Unite 33 Logic 34 Abreast iv 35 Remit 36 Alberta resource 37 2 40 Task 42 Flavor 43 Container 45 Brings up 47 Overlay 48 Halt 50 Granted 51 Ham It 52 Storage bins 53 Wood file 54 Kelt 55 Dog 56 Twosome 60 Swine genus TV listings CABLE USA Lisa KSAT San KMOL San KENS San 6 KLRN Sqn CNN Cable News CBN Christian 13 KWEX San Antonio 600 1990 Sports Feud PM Entertainment Peoples Report MaeNellLehrer Allen Doble Chesplrito A 700 The Angry Days Joanie Loves Em Back Antonio Perspective Spy Latino 800 Company 9 to Junior Miss Gabriel y Gtbriela 3 Drysdales Baseball USA Sports to In the Playhouse Horas Reporter Tonight Jellersons Tonight Crossfire Life El Candidate 1990 Sports Night with Allen n Jack Benny Track Field tt NBC News n Joan My Little t CABLE PM 6 00 30 7 00 30 Lone Star Bar Grill Another Chance 8 30 Bijerre 171 SHOW Showtime rrogContd 191 NICK Nickelodeon Kids Writes Black Beauty 20 WTBS 211 HEALTH 122 dlHWGN Atlanta Cable Health Net Chicago Sports Network 23 ESPN 24 GALASICN The Tomorrow Pwpli Against The Odds Joseph Papp Presents Swan Minnesoti Green Acres Andy Griffith All In the Family Baseball Atlanta at Houitpn Nature of Things Alice M Major League Baseball Cable Health World Report Evtrybody1 Children Forwird Prmntttlon Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh ESPNS Sportsforum ESPN SportiCfnWr NFL Films Best Ever Coaches 2nd Annual Legendary Pocket Bill lard Stan Galavislon rog Conf d 26 HBO XETU It Novell Oancln Dayi tt La Qrgenliaclon Home Box Office Prog Conf d f Wlmbleton Update Movie Oodr Poem touches poets daughter THKK FRI6NPS STAW IN WMKltP WHEN TUB IW1W POCTOH 5TATIP THAT HE PIC NOT NOW THf WMBCIAfOUTS OP KAVANCAS w A NTBICSf TO S nuKIU fV HH SON CIEC VOUK SCRSfkMEf YOU VilUlNE1 STRANSLINS AFTCK A FEW TKAITCKOOS WITCH PDCTOK cocurvf INPfATH KNEATH TO SOT STOW BY INTKWK6 THIS IS DEAR ABBY You can imagine my surprise and great joy when I read your column in the Los Angeles Times and saw the poem The World Is It was written by my Dot some 35 years Through the years we have heard from so many people around the country who have found inspiration from as did Marti from who sent it to you asking who wrote It has been a long time since I have Seen it in and you cant imagine how deeply touched I am to that my mothers words continue to live She was a multitalented lady who passed away in 1969 much too and with so much more to I am newly widowed at age 53 and have recently moved to California from Thank you for printing my mothers It meant so much to SUZANNE AARON MATHES DEAR SUZANNE Aha Your letter is the conclusive verification I had hoped To date I have heard from readers in nearly every state and too in forming me that Dot Aaron had written that lovely poem many years And shame on those few who themselves claimed DEAR ABBY I have been dbmg a lot of reading lately and I just found out that my husband is no bargain in I Weve been married 11 and I never thought I had anything to complain about until I read up on how other men per According to some of these sex my husband is at the bottom of the and I feel I wonder how many other women feel i the same I CHEATED IN YPSILANTI DEAR CHEATED Dont believe everything you If youve never had anything to complain you werent Sex surveys can be I suspect that more people lie about their sex lives than the combined total of those who lie about their age and DEAR ABBY I have this friend an older widowed and living alone who embarrasses me no end when wcdine out together in a Before we she empties the con tents of the bread basket into a plastic taking all the remaining crackers and If theres a dab of butter she has a little container for She also takes all the little packets of arltlfical I told her It wasnt proper to take all that and she said she was told ac cording to once food is placed on the table it cant be served to anyone so she might as well take it with Is that true EMBARRASSED DEAR EMBARRASSED Ask the hostess or restaurant manager what the policy Is with regard to what customers may lake CONFIDENTIAL TO ANYONE WHO LOVES TO LAUGH Get George Burns How to Live to Be 100 or More The Ultimate Sex and Exercise Book Its the perfect gift for someone who could use n lift right If you put off writing letters because you dont know what to send for Abbys complete booklet on Send and a stamped 37 self addressed envelope to Letter Box Horoscope BY STELLA WILDER JUNE 21 j Born you are highly original in both your apporach to a problem and in your solution to You always try to find the aspect of a given situation or set of circumstances that others may be and to discover thereby a way to the heart of the matter that others cannot You are sym forthright and You know your own but you are con tinually tempted to try your even when you know you cannot You make great demands upon those who work with but none that you do not also make upon You are willing to work extra hard and extra long to gain your objective but you will do nothing dishonorable even to save yourself from Also born on this date are Raymond actor Robert Peggy To see what is in store for you find your birthday and read the corresponding Ixjt your birthday star be your daily JUNE 22 GEMINI May 21Junc 20 Take care not to become impatient with one who cannot work as long or as well as Be i CANCER June 2122 What you took to be a mere joke turns out today to have been Know your own LEO July 22 Your inclination to follow rather than lead may find you behind your peers at days Be confident VIRGO 22 Seek security in the work you are already committed change jobs now may be to court LIBRA 22 Opinion and good judgement are not necessarily the Look to one whose j udgement you SCORPIO 21 You may have a hard time making up your mind Many choices increase your chance of SAGITTARIUS 21 Pretense may confuse all involved including You would do well to lay your cards on the CAPRICORN 19 Seek for com panionship one whose mood matches your Otherwise you will know great frustration AQUARIUS 18 All else must come second to the needs of a loved one Make no move without consulting an PISCES Febj 19March 20 You might do well to reassess yourposition on the employment Loyalties are tested ARIES March 21AprU 19 A crafty move on your part inspires an honest effort on the part of you and a friend gain TAURUS April 20May 20 Avoid Make up your mind as early in the day as possible and stick to your come what Aerobics joy of sweat extends to White House NEW YORK AP Its Its ad Its In thats In hundreds of American in suburban basements and exclusive health an estimated f million Americans stretch And touch their sometimes seven days a week at considerable to the beat of throbbing pop until soaks tlielr TsHirts and their pulse rates soar and they feel the And then they come back for Most of Nancy Reagans staff does Former Defense Secretary Harold Brown tried but dropped Its an addiction a good says Nancy Mukamal of aerobics after she and two dozen other women had finished punching and dancing their way through a song from the movie Rocky III in a church gymnasium on Manhattans Upper East Mukarnal goes up to four times a week to her aerobics dancing which is run according to principles established in 19G9 by the originator of a former cheerleader named Jacki Sorensen was the wife of J a B52 pilot stationed in Puerto Rico when she created an exercise program by combining dancing and the work of Kenneth author of The program was tried at YMCAs in New Furniture and Appliance sales are Hated In the Herald Zeitung Classified Jersey and spread through the nation in many forms and under many names Jaz Dance Acrobix Aerobics in Dance Fit Fitness in Fitness Once a week about 10 women from Reagans staff leave the East Wing of the White House after work and walk through the corridors in their leotards a fifthflour hallway of an adjacent federal office They work out to the beat from a record player and come back all ickcd said Uodic the first ladys deputy press Their teacher is Lisa whose Saga Club in Washingtons Georgetown section is frequented by many prominent Washingtort including He said in an interview that he has tried Doblougs workout but prefers SATURDAYOPEN AT NOON HAPPY HOUR TILL 9 SUNDAYOPEN ATS LADIES NIGHT UNESCORTED LADIES DWNKS TUESDAYLADIES NICIT UNESCORTED LADIES DKINKS WEDNESDAY MIXED DKINKS 89 PM FOUR FOR ONE IH 35 McQueeney Exit Courtyard Center 6258133 CHRISTOPHER REEVE RICHARD PRYOR Daily ALL NEW SOUND IN POLBV STEREO BRAUNTEX 1 290 San Antonio 6254411 BRAUNTEX 2 ANTHONY PERKINS IE A UNIVERSAL OAK PK lUflt Daily RETURNflirJEDI DAILY 440 SUMMER KID SHOW EVERY WEDNESDAY 200 IM Bargain Coupons Available at box oltlcn Ticket at Uie door In WHins tumor of the kid usually found In had less than 3tS percent turylyal two yewrs after The American Cancer Society the HlrvlVSl new iopioMcheti 95 percent Dun Aykroyd Eddie Murphy BOND IS BACK ROGUR MOORE JAMKS BOND OO7 Show Daily At Daily At