Wednesday, May 4, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, May 4, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 4, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas Texas Lt New Braunfels New Texas WEDNESDAY May 25 cents 92 36 Pages3 Sections USPS 377880 All NBISD bond propositions pass By JACQUELINE SMITH Staff writer A record voter turnout gave the New Braunfels Independent School District what It asked for All three propositions listed In NBISDs million bond package passed by wide Upon hearing the Hen drlcks called It a victory for both teachers and Our administrations only pur pose Is to exist for a victory for them Is a victory for us he later The big hits of the election were propositions one and which called for the construction of a new elementary renovation to current campuses and alrcondltloning all NBISD These two Issues passed by more than Proposition that proposed the con struction of a new office for the districts also but by a slimmer margin 285 Election canvassed and approved by the school board late Tuesday revealed that votes were cast In that days elec School although not thought that was a record voter Hendrlcks estimated Tuesdays turnout to be approximately 33 to 35 percent of the districts total registered Final totals for propositions one and two were In proposition one which called for new construction and renovation were In favor of the and 803 In proposition two that called for alr condltloning all schools voted in favor and 902 Proposition three that called for the con stmctlon of a new administrative office was a closer race with voting for the idea and voting against Since this was a three proposition not everyone voted for all three Issues which would explain any discrepancies between total ballots cast and total number of votes school officials Page i2A Voters lined up outside New Braunfels Middle School Tuesday evening Stuff photo hv Rec Center flap Board not informed about critical Doherty says By DEBBIE DoLOACH Staff writer Stuff photos hy Cindy Trustees felt the bonds passage really took the cake Cause for joy staff celebrate passage This Is better than a pay a very happy New Braunfels teacher quipped upon hearing that the school districts million school bond issue had Her Joyous attitude was a typical reaction among those few who waited to hear news during Tuesdays school bond When that news did come that all three propositions liad overwhelmingly passed school administrators and personnel let out a big sigh of relief and rejoiced In the It was while the school board was in executive session that preliminary voting totals In dicated all three propositions might With 500 votes left to those waiting for the school board to open Its meeting began celebrating with balloons and Can you believe a million bond Issue was passed In the New Hraunfels school district one ad ministrator shaking his Welcome to the 20th said husband of Seele School principal Vivian referring specifically to the airconditioning The kids are going to have to change their a giggling administrator chirped referring to passage of the alr condltloning It was almost before final vote totals were known by the school board and this was following a canvass of the By that time a party was un derway at Katie Gordons house to celebrate the bond Issues Gordon served as head of the districts bond Issue promotion Better communication could have lessened city governments recent flareup over tin1 condition of the Landa Recreation Center That was the strongest statement Recreation Board President Mike Doherty made when contacted about the story that broke at Monday nights Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Parks Director Court Thioieman reported recreational equipment at the center was little to He added the Interior of the facility was run down and un with shoes and clothing In com celling tiles and other structural Bob Hamll shocked other park hoard members with reports of exposed electrical and a upstairs wall that was nothing more than plywood leaning against studs with a 10foot drop to the first Tuesdays article said the future of the Landa Rec Center was and local radio reports had Mayor Skip Stratemann saying hed close the center down If It were up to 1 think a lot of the statements could have been eliminated If thered been better com Doherty Theres been a lot of and members of the rec board should have been contacted before the Information was released to the We were the last to A cityinspection team of Assistant City Manager Hector Building Official Bob City Sanitarian Rick and Fire Marshall 1Ilroy Frlesenhahn toured the facility April along with 1 didnt know they were an Inspection No one said a word to me about just small talk with Doherty Thlelemans report has been made The other reports have not been city told me Tuesday I could not have a copy of the other reports until council members got I dont even have a copy of the Im Just going by what Ive read and heard on the radio about what the reports Most of the tilings Doherty has heard deal with the upstairs back portion of the Its not finished back and we never said It The unsafe wiring Hamll spoke of are old wires that arent even hooked The two bathrooms upstairs are not in and neverhave he The shoes and the clothing are near the and not stuffed The room upstairs with the Insufficient wall isnt a tumbling room like Hamll The mats are on the floor for a martial arts class Robert center director1 Robert Bouse and his students arent the up stairs Is off Doherty accepted the premise that a better railing should be put or maybe even a chain across he stairs saying the area Is off But If they would have asked they could have found out we dont use the upstairs But no one asked us lie The Inspection took place last Wednesday at That was a terrible time to do because Robert usually cleans up the place In See Ingc 12 A Planners eye zoning compromise Lone Star Primary principal Richard Free was all smiles Among those most happy about the bond Issues passage was Hendrlcks who termed It a victory for the students and teachers of the When asked why he didnt Include the administrators in that statement especially since voters approved the district getting a new administrative building Hendricks saicl our administrators only purpose for for A victory for them Is a victory for us And whats good for the kids and teachers Is good for the administrators he Voter turnout Is what delighted1 school board president Margy who joined other members of the board and administration in thanking everyone who worked so hard for the bond People In the community who were got out and worked for this bond Hendrlcks said in attributing the packages voter Now that they know the amount of bonds theyve got to work NBISD officials will begin working on preparations for the See Page By DYANNEFRY Stnff writer Faced with developers requests and neighbors the city Planning and Commission took the middle road Tuesday Public hearings resulted In two com promise rezoning one of which was compromised In turn by a split Rudy Seldel had requested Ml In dustrial zoning on some Loop frontage lots In the Comal Industrial which are now zoned CM for small local The commission recommended i commercial I zoning William Borchers and Kenneth Fiedler wanted a tract next to the railroad tracks in Country Club Instates rezoned from R2 i twofamily residential to Com missioners opted for which Is more But two of the seven members there voted against John Dlerksens and two Seidels request had come up at the April and drew serious objections from neighboring property owner Archie Culpep Since the two men seemed to be on friendly commissioners asked them to meet privately and set if they couldnt work out a plan that would be agreeable to They did Seldel through the use of deed to rule out certain types of Industry that Culpepper and another neighbor considered to be In dustries mentioned Included machine galvanizing or sheet metal poultry processing and flour Culpepper told the commission that he appreciated Seidels but that he still felt compelled to oppose Ml zoning on This might open the all the way down the he No OIK brought up the fact that the rest of the Industrial a large chunk of land behind the lots In Is already zoned M Its only the two front plus portions of lots and that are Cl at A update of the citys Master Plan established a bell of CM zoning down both sides of Thats one of Seidels He says the property was zoned Ml when he bought It and planned ills buildings at the corner of See 1ago I2A Trial witnesses relocated when spotted by smuggler Inside Witnesses In the murder trial of Juan Ramon Ortiz were moved to new quarters at an undisclosed location Tuesday as testimony began In the second trial of the accused alien Chief Prosecutor Don Hunkston said some of the witnesses were at a coffee shop Tuesday when one of them recognized another person In the coffee shop as a coyote or We moved the witnesses as a Bankston noting that several were threatened during the first trial of Ortiz In Richmond In Ortiz Is charged with the slaying of Ramon one of four Kl Salvadoran nationals who were bound and shot dead at close range along the Brazos River bank last The slaylngs were allegedly done to revenge the shooting death of a smuggler two days earlier at a Houston grocery The first trial ended with a Jury deadlocked at 111 for Ortiz District Judge Reagan Clark ruled It a when a woman juror said she would not change her mind about Ortiz Testimony began Tuesday afternoon with the showing of a videotape of the grim scone where the four bodies were found July Other witnesses Included Deputy Tom Larry SpilJers and Allan all with the Fort Bend County Sheriffs The three officers each had a role in the Investigation of the from the Initial discovery of the bodies U searches of at least three units at the Creek view Apartments near Mutchler testified he recovered a ball of human and found blood stains on the rug from and blood stains In He said there was no furniture in and a door In 403 had names written on Did you ever come across the name of Juan Ramon Ortiz In your investigation Prosecutor Bernard Hobson Mutchler said Seven mm hulls and one spent which Sec IM Todays Weather Today will be aunny and with southeast winds near 10 miles per hour continuing Into which will be warmer than Tuesday night and Thursday will be fair and continued with winds blowing up to 15 Sunset today will be at and Thursday at TV