Wednesday, February 9, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, February 9, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas 6 A New Braunf els February Chagra acquittal may affect appeals SAN ANTONIO AP Defense attorneys say Jamiel Jimmy Chagras acquittal in the assassination of District Judge John Wood could help three codefendants win but two jurors say the three received fair A jury on Monday found Chagra innocent of hiring a hit man to murder in a separate trial here last Charles Harrelson was con victed of accepting from Chagra to kill Chagras was convicted of conspiring to murder Wood and to obstruct and Harrelsons Jo was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct Harrelsons Tom Sharpe of said Tuesday that extensive publicity in San Antonio made a fair trial im Chagra was acquit Sharpe because you had a forum in Florida who were not prejudging But two of the jurors in the San Antonio trial said the proceedings were fair and I live in San Antonio and I was not up to date on said jury foreman Kathleen In I was amazed at how little I Patricia SchultzOr who broke down in tears as the verdicts were read said the defendants got a fair Sharpe said he filed a motion in federal court Friday to have the case against his client and that more motions were He said he planned to meet with Harrelson Bexar County District Attorney Sam Millsap says he still wants to seek the death sentence for Harrelson in state But Sharpe questioned whether the state of Texas can try Charles Harrelson on capital Shanty town White makes point on walking tour AUSTIN AP Mark White took a group of reporters on a walking tour of the seamier side of Austin to back up his statement that some jobless Texans are living in Depressionlike Nancy Hunt and Randy shantydwellers within a mile of the dramatized Whites To me its a little hard to believe we have these circumstances here in this White said during the Tuesday walking and bus The tour was prompted by a comment White made Saturday in All you have to do is walk a few blocks from our Capitol there in Austin as I did two days to find people living in makeshift shacks of cardboard with a piece of plastic the only roof over their White told the Democratic National One day a newspaper story headlined Austinites Cant Find the Snacks quoted Austin officials as saying they didnt know what White was talking The governor made good on his comments I want the community to recognize we do have these Its also important the members of the press recognize said The governor sent employees earlier Tuesday to make sure the shanties he had spotted were still and to tell the residents White might drop Near the banks of Waller about a dozen blocks from the White pointed out a small encampment among the bare Hunt told White aides she didnt want to talk to thegovernor Why did someone try to get him down here she seated near a fire in a Bill would prevent another Tent City I have nothing to say to I meant no offense in any she I would get dressed properly to see the Three people live at the The only shelters are a plasticcovered tent and a shanty made of cardboard and other scavenged Hunt said its no different than camping out Shes been at the site for six she I have a possibility of getting back into cafe she Whites next stop was the Salvation where a bus took him and reporters to the second shanty he Have you been to the Texas Employment Commission White asked Every time Ive been before they just sent me on a Sheilds lives in a shanty with his The makeshift home is about 50 feet from the railroad tracks leading to the nearby Amtrak The Sheilds and friend Charlie Norton collect cans and copper to buy Sheilds chatted with White and wished the governor a nice Ive just heard stories in the 1930s of that sort of Never have we seen anything like that in Texas in my White said of the living Sheilds said he has looked for a construction but could not Everywhere weve applied they say you have to have a permanent address and phone Its kind of hard when you aint got a job to get a per manent address and a he HOUSTON AP A state legislator has filed a bill to prevent makeshift communities similar to the con troversial Tent City from springing State Tony introduced the bill Tuesday highway workmen tore down the tents and leantos of the modernday Hooverville about 30 miles east of who represents the district that includes the said the bill would make it illegal to stay at similar rest areas more than 24 It also would ban building a shelter or structure of any kind at a stateowned rest Tent a state picnic and overnight campground that once was crammed with about 200 unemployed was barricaded Monday by order of the Harris County fire Polumbo said residents had been offered space at a Baytown but turned it down because it banned drinking and required them to look for If theyre so down where did they get all the money to buy all the beer they have out there Polumbo They had no intention of That was not their Everyone used Tent City for whatever purpose they had in he The national press used it to kick because of the very lucky economic condition we had for The international press used it to show that democracy is It was a media Polumbo said a wrecking yard owner across the highway from Tent City offered work for some of the campers but got no IS OPEN THURSDAY TILL FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE Gold per ounce We are per ounce Heavy Weight 59 96 Discount prices end 15th So Hurry With purchase of any adda bead chain receive FREE 8Smm beads or 54mm beads or 35mm beads Your Choice Available in fluted and No Golden Jewelry charges on beads Over 500 original designs of rings and pendants all at gold market pric es We can use your gold to make any of the styles Best selection and quality in Texas with the golden New Braunfels Segwin Courtyard Shopping Center 112 Cowrt near Divines across from courthouse 6256024 2 Locations 3790562 Wuests Has WeekLong Specials New Braunfels Herald Zeilunq February 1983 7A THATS RIGHT YOU CAN SHOP OUR SPECIALS SEVEN BIG DAYS 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