Friday, January 7, 1983

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, January 7, 1983

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 7, 1983, New Braunfels, Texas Religious focus HaraldZeltunj January 5 Ministerial alliance Faith is difference By LINWOOD KENNEDY First Protestant Church Why are some people defensive and afraid And how does a man become so heartless that he can coldly order the death of all male babies two years old and younger What makes a man a Herod What makes a group of astrologers leave their work to travel to a distant country to pay homage and bring gifts to a small child Two men see a One searches for a child to become victim of his hostility another travels in the direction of the light and finds a child whom he and his com panions believe to be the Son of What makes any person what he or she is Why do we believe and do as we do Why do some believe while others are antagonistic or indifferent I am certain the answer isnot in the old heredity or environment Heredity and environment are both im portant and we are responsible for our environment and what it does in shaping and misshaping of But some who have both good genes and chromosomes and a healthy and wholesome environment either fail to see any significance in the star or ignore its light One thing has become clear to It is not hat some are given a star while others are Some who seem too deprived to have received any star follow the light anyhow while others upon whom great light has shined refuse to walk in the light given to especially teachers and others who work with people have observed those who come from an environment given their their lack of op portunity and bad influence that has been exerted on really shouldnt amount to Any some of these possess some kind of inner poise that no one can say where it comes from some kind of some eagerness to some grasping of every And others we have seen have had every conceivable opportunity life has to Nothing has been denied They come from good with plenty of material all the educational good fine personalities and yet some of them waste their opportunity and make nothing of the light given to The Magi were foreigners a fact celebrated by the church in the feast of the We know nothing about their previous religious background or if they were religious at They were ap parently not Jews waiting for the birth of the What is likely is that they saw the star while busy at their daily task studying Who knows why they followed this star As with every theywe may stay of And the journey is always blocked by the barriers of distance that lead to strange new un traveled It would really to be easier not to We are frequently not giventhe light of the sun but are usually required to follow some lesser light some light that requires more careful attention than the light of More often than not we are met by the obstacles of the Herod systems of the world that divert our attention and destroy our Observe how faithful the Gospel writers were to point our that the most un suspecting poeple were the first to recognize Jesus as God in their midst They all shared something in They were not passive Each possessed a certain an an awareness of whatevery way God revealed Himself to them in a given time and place in the usual routine of their however good of bad that may have Each acted upon what little knowledge was given him or Each walked by whatevery light he or she Each was obedient to whatever truth he or she None demanded yet another but each had the spiritual insight to see God in both the good and bad events of As with the wise men and two people see in a single event two different Gods revelation of himself seems to mean something entirely different to each of An Epiphany is not any kind of says It is the flash of recognition of the divine in ordinary life it is the discovery of the sacred within the It is Moses recognizing God in the flaming For those first century wise their response included a journey a search an willingness to follow the light wherever it the recognition of the Holy in the midst of te secular that which was above them a beyond And their response included the presentation of that days most treasured I is conceivable that any person who got so much as a glimpse of God could remain unresponsive and whose life would not ultimately reflect some change some reordering of some new sense of self worth What if our search for Him today and His availability to use really does carry the change in our lives And what if it is our faith that makes a difference Freedom of religion Separation of state carried too Graham By GEORGE CORNELL AP religion writer Talking with a churchman in Soviet Billy Graham remarked that reading of the Bible is prohibited in American The man looked in a state of Graham He Is that America I though it had religious The evangelist cited the incident in contending that courts and state officials have given in overmuch to efforts to ban religious elements from American civil This country has carried the business of separation of church and state too he said in a York The writers of the Con stitution meant freedom of not freedom from is part of a tradition the who were pivotally respon for the constitutional provision against any establishment of religion and guaranteeing its free He said the intention wasnt to suppress its But now students in our schools cant even sing carols at Christmas he They cant have group Theyre sometimes stopped from carrying In some its been held illegal for them even to have a period to meditate whether about a girl friend or Schools and other in stitutions are prevented from displaying the 10 Teachers have been frightened against any reference to Theyre frightened of their superintendents the superintendents are frightened of the school and the boards are frightened of the Stuff photos by Cindy Fichurdson FrancisByTheLake Episcopal Church is located on FM 306 Vespers service planned A multicultural vespers service will be conducted in celebration of Epiphany Saturday at 7 at San Fernando Cathedral in San The services are sponsored by the Texas Catholic Conference on Ethnic Community Led by group President Balthasar the Epiphany Vespers will include scriptural hymns and a homily by Edla Maria and will feature a special liturgical dance by the Filipino Dance This service combines two religious traditions of many cultural groups an ancient religious tradition of evening prayer and commemorating the visit of the In many Epiphany is celebrated more grandly than Christmas with gift visiting and partying since the Magi visited the Christ Child and presented Some cultural groups have also celebrated Epiphany as the Baptism of the Local First Baptist 733 Cross Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Worship 7 Wednesday Prayer Service First Protestant United Church of Seguin and Coll Worship 8 and Church New Braunfels Presbyterian 373 Church School Worship 11 Nursery1 provided for all First United Methodist 572 San Antonio Church School Morning Worhip Youth Activities Johns Episcopal 312 Communion B Church School for senior highs and intermediate and chapel program for younger students 10 Family church and church school 11 Communion and Healing 9 Paul Lutheran Cross and Santa Clara Worship Service 8 broadcast on KNBT FM 92 and Sunday School Trinity Baptist 1235 Er vendberg Sunday School 10 Worship Service and 6 Prlmera Iglesia Bautist First Mexican 2080 San Antonio Corner of San Antonio and Grape Sunday School classes for every age Morning Worship Evening Worship 6 Wed nesday Prayer Service 7 Mission Pentecoste 129 School Services Saturday and Sunday First Assembly of 16 87 Highway 81 Sunday School Morning Worship Childrens Church Evening Worship 6 Wed nesday Family Night Iglesia Bethel Pentecostal 2990 San Wednesday Saturday Sunday School 10 Bible School Sunday 6 30 Worship Services Sunday Harmony Baptist 1472 Highway 46 Sunday School Worship Services 11 and 7 Bible Classes 6 all Prayer meeting Cross Lutheran Hickory and Cross Sunday Adult 9 Wor ship Holy Communion first and third New Braunfels Foursquare 1492 Highway 81 Sunday Worship 10 Evening Worship 7 Midweek Service 7 First Presbyterian 272 Sunday School Fellowship Worship 11 and 7 Church of 16 6 5 Highway 81 Bible Classes for all 9 Worship Service 10 Evening Worship and Childrens Bible Hour 6 Wednesday Classes 7 Nursery Worship At The Church Local Churches Ejemplo Vivo Baptist Garner Santa Clara and Guenther Sunday School Worship Church training 6 Prayer Meeting Wednesday 7 at 498 of Your Choice Second Baptist Sunday School Worship Services 11 and 7 Faith United Church of 970 Loop Church School Worship Service Freedom Fellowship 330 Prayer Worship 10 Live Oak Baptist 335 Sunday school Worship service 11 Peter and Paul Catholic 386 Saturday Obligation Mass for Sunday Sunday Masses New Life Assembly of God 552 Highway 81 Sunday School 10 Morning Worship 11 Evangelistic Services 7 Wednesday Worship Tree of Life Carl Schurz School Nur sery Sunday morning and Sunday evening 7 Oakwood Baptist La mar Bible study morning worship evening worship 7 Wed nesday prayer service 7 Area Churches Bible Believers Laurel Apartment 300 Laurel Sunday School Worship Services 11 and 6 Eastside Baptist 983 Sunday School Worship 11 and 6 Wednesday service The Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay 2386 San Antonio Priesthood meeting 9 Relief Society 9 Young Women 9 Primary 9 Sunday School 10 Sacrament First Church of the 146 5 IH 35 Sunday School Worship Services and 6 Green Valley Apostolic Tabernacle 104 Melody Sunday School 10 Evangelistic Service 7 Bible Study First Church of Christ 137 Mill Sunday Service Sunday School Wednesday Service Child care Asamblea De Dios Spanish Assembly of 255 Com merce Sunday School Evangelistic Service 6 30 Saturday 6 Josephs Anglican 185 Jahn Worship Services 9 1928 Prayer New Brauufcls Christian Loop Sunday School Worship and 6 Junior Church Chapel in the Cove In Cypress Cove Club Worship Service 9 Triumphant Lutheran Bat Cave Road at Schoenthal Worship 9 Sunday School 10 for all Bulverde United MetbodUt Highway and Cibolo Sunday School Church Service Thomas Chapel Reman Canyon Dam Sunday Mass and Pre6unday Mass Saturday 5 and 7 Canyon Lake United Methodist Flintstone Canyon Lake Mobile Home Sun day School Morning Worship Bracken United Methodist FM Sunday School Church Service Friedeus United Church of Church School 9 Worship Service Andrew Lutheran Church FM 26 73 East of Startz Sunday School 9 Worship Communion first FrancisByTheLake Episcopal FM 306 1 mile west of FM 11 Holy Communion Second 8 Holy Communion 11 morning Church in the Valley In Deep Canyon City Church School 9 Morning Worship Evening Worship 6 Bulverde Baptist Box Sunday School Worship Christian Training 6 Evening Worship 7 Wednesday Services Church of FM 3159 and FM 26 Bible Class 10 Sunday Worship 11 and 6 Wednesday Service 7 Church in the Wildwood Assembly of FM 26 The Sunday School 10 Worship Service Paul United Church of Main and FM Church Worship Paul Lutheran High way 186 3 at Highway Sunday School9 Worship First Baptist Horseshoe Falls Sunday School Worship Evening Service6 Nursery Rock Hill Gospel Church Faith 502 IH 35 South of New Braunfels behind the rest Sunday school 10 worship 8 and IV and Bible college Ladies meeting Young ministers