Friday, October 22, 1982

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, October 22, 1982

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 22, 1982, New Braunfels, Texas HPYW TWWWWfTH BACK MCNNMKX GOT HEW C 1M UnHM FtMura Ine A l CFA STABLE AMD AMP 7HATA6HIN ANY tUWW LOOK ITS A GOLDEN OPPOR IFYOUANPUNIW COMB ON FROM W LOOKS OF THESe imse OF COM I UOULDNT TDMYATWI SlDCKISSOUNPRWUeP FDR IM HERE FOR THE JUNIOR BOWLING ROLL A PRACTICE BUT I PONT FALL ASLEEP IN SCHOOL ANP SET 11P NOJMISISMYFRIENR MARCIE JUST 60NNA YOU CALL YOU PIPN T HAVE TO SAY WHO HNOWS VV6 DO KNOW THE SOLID CITIZENS CONTRIBUTED TO THE CAST REBLECTION AND VOU THINK THOSE SOLID CITIZENS PUT PRESSURE ON TO GET CH THESE APPARATUS FIGURES ARE KNOWN TO HAVE TIES TO SOME UPSTANDING MEMBERS OF THE IM WAITING FOR MY HANDS TO DRY ILL BE OUT IN A IM WAITING FOR MY NAILS TO TAKE YOUR AUNT FRFTZI MV TOMTOM eOPSHTHOP FAIfe StbCK THIS WITH FALLING ROCK THi WAS KENPEKE7 POWEC LESS THE ONRUSHIKie Mr Rerito TARZAN HIS STKAM6S LOST CIVILIZATION Roses I Melba Rbse first name is Melba gentlemen MARMADUKE YOU WILL BE WISE NOT TO MY LIFE HAS TOKEN A NEW 5QO WHftTS LMHAHD6 STOPPIN1 IT 15 STELLA TV listings NCAA Foot ESPNSoortt VedCMtOo ThitOnTV 1 Binding 5 Sonars kin 10 Delicacy 14 Evergreen genus 15 A Muse 16 Bradley 17 For ear that 18 Kind of shoe 19 Alaska city 20 Most tardy 22 Break 24 Born 25 Relative 27 Sea holly plants 29 Firstaid items 32 Affirmative 33 Refrigerate 34 Debarks 36 Sing loudly 40 Lodging 42 Vaults 44 Indian tongue 45 Attempt 47 Thong 49 Gypsy village 50 Seaman 52 Curative 54 Harpooned 58 Birds claw 59 Vandal 60 Take chances 62 Succor 65 Upright Prefix 67 Spokes 69 Poet Pound 70 Molding 71 Lyric poem 72 Beloved 73 Composer Jerome 74 Populace 75 Norway city DOWN 1 Charge 2 Athena 3 Pallid look 4 Spread 5 Puts on again 6 Macaw 7 Fish 8 Do penance 9 Turning 10 Weight unit 11 Midst 12 Brief rote 13 21 Strike THURSDAYS PUZZLE SOLVED aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa 339301 3333 aaaauaa 333ii3 juaaa aaa 3333 aaaaa uaaa 333 jaacaa uauua ajjaaa jaauua 33393 J33U aaLlLJQ 3333 J3uO L1ULJUU 23 Magpie 26 Time periods 26 Uokls son 29 Twining stem 30 Cards 31 Cracks 35 Herring 37 Arranges 38 peceiver 39 Impost 41 Farewell 43 Earnings 46 Court 48 Whimper 51 Made upright 53 Ohio city 54 Trembled 55 Eliminate 56 Register 57 Curtain 61 Biblical country 64 Gambling game 66 Egg source 68 Wedding