Friday, July 9, 1982

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, July 9, 1982

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 9, 1982, New Braunfels, Texas 10 No to BraunMs HeraldZeitung July YOUR D06 IS AT VTHE POOR CRYING WITH A HANPKERCHIEF LOTS OF P065 STAMP AT THE POOR AND CRY THATS NOT UJNUSUAL WPONT SOKTOFPEWET ACT Of AIM06T PONT LOOK IN JON ITS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT 1UI5 ALLSTAR ILL WRITE IN WRDNEKRRV ILL WRITE IM TUflDMEKKtt 1 VfT Jl 1U9 llaluawl AFTER 1 LOSTMYCOMfKA use A Lrme TIMB so FOR KB WUTRISP PORTING THE TRUTH AS LfMONJUKS ITS NOT A SAP i cm SENKOMBuimsanemem FORINSTANCejAKE BLOODSTAINS wese PKW BLOOD STAINS ON MY IN85IRUT LAUNDRY THESE MASTER TAPES THE HE FILM IS TRANSFERRED TO TAPE ev use op A CONVERTOR TO THE BALL GOT LEFTV FLOORS AUTOGRAPH THAT HOMER OFHIS HITME ON THE HEAD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN TODAY VOW THERES A CRITICAL OF 1PBNOUNGBE messes YOU ME SHKUGSINGV TAtZAN TOO THE OFFEKEP VAULTED INTO THE A SLICES TOOK Of EMEC AM7 TWO SAVASE THE A SLAKE OP THUMPETS ANNOUNCE THE SEGINNING OF TME THE CKCW Just that he What Ive no What do know about that The kid learned a lot in that lives in the room does Mother ACROSS 1 Tessera 5 Itemize 9 Elector 14 UK river 15 Unknown 16 Mockery 17 Gone by 18 Refrain 19 Come out 46 Tower 49 Dwarf 53 Oriental 54 Brother 55 Expos or Mets 56 Cancel 57 Coax 58 Unfasten 59 Across 60 Sale paper 61 Pronto UNITED Feature Syndicate THURSDAYS PUZZLE SOLVED SANDY we you OCMHHERESEEIF THAT CUKKENT ONY 20 Boards 22 Ecole unit 23 Alder 24 Converse 25 Pacific sea 28 Appreciative 32 Rejoice 33 Rent 34 Individual 35 Traps 36 Burn 37 Joslp Broz 38 Eastern FALLS DONT name 39 Footwear 40 Mastic 41 Strains 43 Reptile 44 Extra 45 Cripple DOWN 1 Strip 2 the Terrible 3 Wasted 4 Internal parts 5 Bill of 6ear 7 Progeny 8 Explosive 9 Desecrate 10 Florid 11 Toddlers 12 Adams grandson 13 Ptarmigan 21 Relative 22 Pursuit aaaa QUIDS iaiaaaaaaa aaauau aaaa aaaoaLaanaa aaaaa aana naaa aaaaa aaua 24 Tors 25 Sired 26 Banishment 27 Argument 28 Hereditary factors 29 Palm off 30 Up to 31 African coin 33 CFL or NFL team 36 Call 37 Extremity 39 Pretalkies 40 Downfall 42 Twist 43 Drunk 45 Skin problem 46 Sharp 47 Utilizer 48 Fissure 49 Additional 50 Moving 51China 52 Gas 54 Slander TV listings MARMADUKE CABLE KSAT San KMOL San KENS San 6 KLRIM San CNN Cable News CBN Christian KWEX San SHOW NICK WTBS WGN ESPN Sports Network c00 Feud Magazine it Tic Tac Muppet Easy MacNeilLehrer Eye Another Derecho de Nacer Dios se lo Contd n Tomorrow People Black Beauty It Major League Griffith Carol Burnett and Contd 700 Making a and Clark Chicago of Wall Street Geographic Presenta Fortunate Wolfen n at Atlanta n Batman fi 800 Rich Kids u Report t Rojo u ot a Ballet The Overgrown n tf ii Q00 Law Bernstein out Horas Reporter In God We Trust Leos TBS Evening British Open Golf Highlights MASH Tonight Movie The Curse Cavett Captioned ABC Tonight RFD Another at Movie Good Zone Saturday Sports Center a Late Night with Muskie Home in Coast Allen Jack Benny the Gay Blade Movie The Russians World Cup Soccer SemiFinal Match n Fridays n n Married Joan My Little Collins The Hip The Russians Are Spain Whats your opinion