Wednesday, October 29, 1980

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, October 29, 1980

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 29, 1980, New Braunfels, Texas New Braunfels NANCYfe bv Ernie Bushmiller 1980 10A Vampire census Sociologists research topic a little out of the ordinary NEW YORK AP This has some unusual It asks for a day address and a It asks you to rate on a scale of zero to 10 the violence of your reactions to things like the garlic and Frank It is the Official Vampire Research Center Census and even if you havent gotten one take You could either write to the Vampire Research Center in and ask for one or you could write to President Carter and ask for The man behind the project doesnt think Jimmy will fill it That man is Stephen a 10 yearold sociologist who describes himself as the foremost in the a respected scholar as well as someone who knows something of show Hes also a man who has drunk posed in graveyards and slept in a The sandyhaired Kaplan says hes deadly even though he allows as how hell be happy if one percent of the replies are A sampling of the 1 Hi questions If you could bite anyone in the who would you bite Historic personality Current personality Do you find it necessary to sharpen your teeth Do you have many vampire friends Do you date other vampires humansboth Do you use a mouthwash Actually Kaplan knows a deal about vampires Hut hes un willing to a lot of it away since its contained in his Vampires as told to Carole Kaplan says it is the definitive work on vampires and Theres only one You cant read it It is what is known in the trade as a book in search of a Me will share some Did you for that there are currently 22 vampires in North America and that Wisconsin is the leading contributor Even the foremost cannot explain that Of these there are five who live solely on Or so they Kaplan admits that he has not tried to verify that claim and he has his based on caloric The Vampire Research Center is on a treelined little street in the Elmhurst section of its exact location kept secret because of threats Kaplan says he has The world of Count Dracula could not be expected to be completely Kaplan will not interview potential vampires alone for safety He also says he has been called in by the police on occasion when they are investigating blood a fetish he says is on the increase in the United The center lias 10 volunteers s by to analyze the data once it starts pouring So the volunteers and Kaplan have been amazed by the number of people who have written in volunteering to be bitten if some vampires show a further note to any vampires reading Kaplan says he will have blood on Kaplan is a para psychologist as well as a and he says he is available to investigate if you feel your house is haunted or if youve been in vaded by a There will be expenses to be of in ad dition to an But Kaplan is an expert on ghosts and on hoaxing as He won the 1980 Albert Einstein Award for exposing the Amityville Horror Hes also won an award from the Count Dracula but thats another But back to Kaplan says he has been called an idiot and a but Thats just part of the territory one accepts when one goes out for Hes also seen his share of Ive interviewed more Bela Lugosi imitations than Chuck says Harris is host of The Gong Kaplan says he is supported by in the private sectors and the work of his plus proceeds from documentaries he With he vampirology is not a its a lifes Horoscope By STELLA WILDER 29 Born you are a satirist by You see the ridiculous side of life and are able to translate that side into w o r your medium happens to You may attain fame of in ternational scope if you attend to your training and for people the world over ap preciate a genuine whatever his means of ex At the same that a wry humor bubbles up in you almost a TV listings WEDNESDAY CABLE WTBS KTVU WGN ESPN Sports Network 600 in the Family Sanford and Poww with Tom and Miller Carol Burnett Sports Center 700 For The Love of Million Dollar Bionic Basketball Chicago Sports Experience NHL Hockey Louis 800 of San Evening Barney Gallery Movie The Long Geographic Wise Prisoner Cell Block Sports Center CFL Football Calgary at Carlo The Thomas Crown sense of justice and priority stands guard making you ultimately You possess a keen and highly analytical business You will have little difficulty making large commercial successes from minor You would do to take a patient partner for you are inclined to be too Also born on this date are Bill Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist James Johnsons To see what is in store for you find your birthday and read the correspnding Let your birthday star be your daily Scorpio you take action against forces working to cause you they will certainly Sagittarius friend whose loyalty and devotion are beyond question proves himself again Show Capricorn attention to your work There may be distracting elements causing Aquarius care not to become confused about current Seek two things at Pisees 19Mareh matters should be gone over with a fine toothed You can avoid future difficulties Aries March 21ApriI be talked into in creasing your credit at this Maintain the status quo get on your Taurus April 20May you can enter into the present situation on the em ployment scene and not cause you Gemini May 21June testing day for patience and the value of romantic If you possess keep a firm grip Cancer June 21July your af Loved ones may yearn for some open sign that they really exist for Leo July be talked into an investment by the author of a getrichquick Keep to present Virgo upset early in the day could create an air of tension destructive to your recently evolved Libra an effort to meet a person of some importance who enters your general work sphere WEDNESDAY 10 MO 1 600 Game Tic Tac Jokers Talk Alive Rex Fonh Your Spirit At Home a Amar on Jerry Will They Think Of Video Comics 700 is Special Raggedy Sounds of Life John Focus 800 A The The Jayne Mansfield Show de Row Features Tonight Campaign Caven Hogue PTL Voice Ross Noche a and Salon Platinum News Love News Rex Movie 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