New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, August 21, 1952, Page 10

Publication: New Braunfels Herald Zeitung August 21, 1952

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 21, 1952, New Braunfels, Texas 10NEW BRAUNTELS ZEITUNG - HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY Aofiist 2U 1952 Ziibtrnt ben "Huviufr, 'eierten .l^i'iT im'i) '^rnu ".flfrpb ^riefnt tjan ii^idocrh^ rfîn- 3fibfrïïe ìnti ciîtcr fatftdHn? "lU^ran fhìituna in her (HertifiubefKiiii; V' lÖliiDiTk. ilei)fr r>r><» iUTm^inute, Î^rvuiî^e, Hirh :^ffiinnf(' bri: Siibrrprmre ìuìiiìncii an hieii'r fd/onni teH. Civ nntriSr {f^km niih oiif (It ♦rî'.i'iiH.îCJî »VrriU'rr. X'w y?<!rif »,u ^í•r n, utnt iiv'ÛTtc ^err kr'Kuir itr-tf'^Hba'in u. ichie .^lapei-¡K\ "Pi". i'^i'lrofeiriìeit 'oìrì>en üffi iHTîixîûbîè IL f'efanutc tuf.îîn' ìiu'n, Oîi' .'HKin^er vmv A<T()re înd)t lîeielîPiî i^vTttfii. (f rnnscunvV-Mi Vinirhen au->^ic t.iliidv', iHU'> UliîC ■¿^('fuiîfir^ifkiîfciî i^i'îimdît 'Rnftoii^ii ifûat'Î, U^orntiCîî ,>if>r H.rit'aiim ^anncrocrcm: To the voters of Precinct No. One, Place No. One, Comal County Vol f'iiicii'fH'V in your J11st ice of thf Pcacp D»»p,irt!ii<-nl for your qu<i}iifi''i '-afifi!-(I.itc Wii!t» r' A. Schacft r' who i, ( .'ipahh' of '--«'cini', that law criforccfi in a fair and itnpartial way to ail < ifizi'Ms J>o your rliitv and vd»" Satui'day Au-iMi:.t 2;>ifi in the riin-ofF FViiitary Kirctio/i. }'ut a (jualiiifd nian iii tiii., offK't-,Walter A. Schaefer ( Advet tisi'iiif'nf; ]ii i^jiiiorit. tmh ^enreìit'. vtrau ^■■^uîc XemonnraiuMt über brad;îe beni Brautpaar òte her^iid: 'îi'U ^^Uiicftoinudie uoìt ÔÎI'ht ^er eiiUiîMita. -V^err 'Sduitìraìiti nun ^iieu ^i^rounu'iv, t^orntjenDer Voac bcc C -Ui rjar ^er î'.M'îrûenîer bei r^îciiT iteî.r ini^ evlodi.ite ^etn iliîir !!! lîîfinorhafîrr IìUmìv. X'iï;- 2:(bi'rpaar errreut fidi y!>t?ier .VîiivX-r, iHÎ're^ ]r. i^rieicii haf)n non 3an :Hnîui!io. unîi '^n îo:i itodi iîiî ifltvTni'iaiiv; inî1> audi ^meicr (^kovdin^er, Xuinim iiiî'à diolui); uuft CHIT SdnpiCi^er toditcr. * (iîife îDÎirettbe .^hii), ihr bc'dnîlîi'u îualUe, iDvir^' M t l'ilh)non i^Jbarîoii in •^ic Vint, ulu^friti;- er wic^vr aur .^cin "^^liAer; ianùcU brad) ¡.t ictn ('»k'uicf, un:) l'î liunDcn-' a^daiinit. xi^rour IVov met n'iut'iii iMinnie V!U' ^l'r /"r,'(•;!!, oer mit oor Muii üüO yu! AJaib inÎMunnontiUi! .!!(, erMf:!c ib.;;- biU'oi Vu ' :;r. ulu^'irT, ÎÎ" ib:' n: Vi;-:, U r iie^i? ' ì in Hi'nî lîiti, rou iiî ÙU^ rî^ î- H! y iii'iUHi, TANKS Steel and Galvanized. 9 - 2,000 to i0,f)00 gallon Steei Tanks. 6 - 1,400 to 2,400 gallon galvanized Tanks. One 1,000 gallon Truck Tank. One 750 Gallon Truck Tank. Pioneer Oil Sales Co. Somerset. Texas, Phone 23 or San Antonio, Texas, L-21141. 280 Taft Blvd. 1 HIGHEST PRICES paid for your ekickens, eggs. Buy every day from 10 sum. L Beram 236 Eart MUl, Phone 463. ^tf CASE PICKUP BALER Model NCM, exceHeni condition, with Wisconsin 4 cylinder motor, Gurinsky Implement Co. 1618 S. Laredo, San Antonio. 1 FOR SALJ: Gas Station to be Moved. Shell pattern. Very nice. Phone .^j593 or P. O. Bfjx 86, Florence. Arizona 1 FOR SALE An Old Railroad Coach suitable for Diner, also .several small to be moved. Phone .5593. or P. O Box 86, Florence, Arizona. 1 BARGAINS IN USED COMBINES. John Deere, International, Case and Gurinskey Implement Company. 1618 S. I^iredo, San Antonio 1 Steüi' gesucht bei einzelner PVau als Havi.s-Ciesvellschafffenn. Man ruhte bitte Briefe an die New Br;iurif»'isi'z- Zeifurig für Weiterbe-forriorunf^{. 5?> 3 ein.' Slcmc^ln^cigeii W«'icher Vvi haltiiissf-n chfi" VVit.wt itru' Mann ■Kn in f.(uten riiochfe nu! eix'nsol-11) "GOfrn" ¡n Brief-.vcch.-f'i Irctrii: iiloß F.hrhi'hf' mit gu-ten Alisifhten sollen sich melden. Man ticiite FirU'f»- an die Neu-Br,.iinfi-!:;c!- Zt-itung fvir Weiterbe-ioi f]('! uni(. ,53 3 PAUL W. JAHN PWm 21 NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAA Houi^ld Mffvia« * StongB, Local A Long Diatano« Hauling. Insured Servica. New Brannfela Saukthow — Old-Faahioned Hickory-Smoked M^ats from Centuries-Old German Recipes. — There is nothing like a Vacuum Pack for Frozen Meats — We have it — Insist that we use it on yotir processing — Lockers can be rented monthly as well as yearly. 35t£ HIGHEST MARKET PRICES paid for poultry and eggi. Ful-O-Pep PoiUtry Peeda. CMnal Feed SUmt^ 997 W. San Antonio Street H LOUIS HENNE CO. can solve jtna gift problems. 47 ti Dr. D. H. Rittimann OPTOMETRIST SOS-7 Gibbs Bldg. TelephoDe G-9442 8AN ANTONIO, TEXAS Hours 9-12^ 1-5 Saturdays 9-12 Noon, FOR SALE 13 K(/i;iKtered lln-SÜMU Cov.-s, D.ii.iA. R^Ti.rds, Ov'<-r 4(H) il.;,, Bultt-rfat A'.-fV.i^o. M. Hayes, P.S R„ Weatherford, Texas. 1155 J 2. 1ihelOP OF THE B/^ io you FOR SAI.E lo svtiie estate -i ;i<;rt'S un)jro\'ed fai'tn ^ mile irorii (jbolo on Farm-to-Market Road 1103 vSee Otto Zimmermann. Ri 1. Box 210. Cibolu. Texas. ,53 3 .r Zu verkaufen 100 Acker mit 6 Zimmer-Haus und Brunnen; 92 Acker mit 7 Zmimer-Haus, Brunnen imd Windmühle; 16 Acker mit 6 Zimmer-Haus und Nebengebäude; 1 Acker mit 5 Zimmer-Haus und kleinem Store-Gebäude. F. H. Wuest, P. O. Box 154. Marion, Texas. Phone 9 2 long. 52 5 WANTED, an elderly lady for housework and cook for me and my sister. Robert Hoegenauer, Rt. 1, Box .503, New Brauniels, or inquire at House 122, U. S. Gypsum Co. 52 2STEIN ELECTRIC SHOP Electrie Irons repaired, one day service, have parts for practically all makes of Irons. 1<8 Jalm St »■I'H'I'fI I' t't I' |n|Hi|.il..M.ii..MMMHg IIIIIIIIIIIIIIMI Honig immer noch zu haben bei Wald. C. Conrads, R. 1, Box 113, Telephon 830-W-l. 49 5 DINNERWARE in sets and' open stock at Louis Henne Co. 47 tS WANTED Man to drive taxi and work at Funeral Home. Apply at Doeppenschmidt Funeral Home, 189 N. Seguin Avenue. ,51 tfEmmie Seele Faust Memorial LibraryOffen taglid^ cufeer SamStag, 6onnlofl, unb Feiertage öon 2 U^r nöt^mittagl hi» 7 U^t abenbl. teltHltB 54Ö SSHtHHiaMHi itom fh« fìn«4» ingredienf» . . only th« ckof, lively top of fh* bf«w , . , i» bonled for yow. Heavy harshness ond cloudy bite go down to the bottom, while the top is light. That's why Pale Dry Grand Prize is lots drier, tots lighter, lots more refreshing—only the naturally best part of the brew is bottled for youl ^7&>UP 70 TH£ WP OP we BR£kV-STEP UP fOR f¥KL£ ORY GRANO PRiZe, TOOAY/ WANTED Middle-aged German or Bohemian woman for cook in one of better local restaurants. Must be neat, clean and reliable; would be willing to train woman without cafe experience if she is otherwise qualified. Please apply by letter to the Zeitung, P. O. Box .361, New Br a u n fels, Te xas. for afraiigeh t eh I of interview. 49 tf Circulatmg wood stove for sale. I.>arge size — slightly used. See or write Howard W^ Locke, P. O. Box 418. New Brauniels. 44 tf Spray pump for sale - to spray fruit and nut trees. Used See or write Howard W. Locke, P. O. Box 418, New Braunfels. 44 tf Complete stock of PYREX WARE at Louis Hennt: Co. 47 ti HOWDY, FOLKS? We want your old .scrap, junk, old cars, batteries, radiators, etc. Telephone us 479-J-l, or write us Route 1. Box 85, New Braunfels, Texas. We will come and get it. HENRY SEMLER SOPHIENBURG MUSEUM Offen iMtgf nnh ^riiagl 8 Mi» 6 Ui^r ahenò§ «onnlaafi 2 6i« 6 116rAir Conditioning Refrigeration Appliance servic^'7PHONÌB73 875 W. Mill SfregiFOR QUALITY RECAPPING VULCANIZINGSERVICECALL 45GOODYEAR SERVIGElNew Braunfels, Texas ;

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Publication: New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Issue Date: August 21, 1952