Saturday, January 13, 1906

Galveston New Idea

Location: Galveston, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Galveston New Idea on Saturday, January 13, 1906

Galveston New Idea (Newspaper) - January 13, 1906, Galveston, Texas W� are h�fct�r pre pared to do jour Printing than ever before. Try us now TO ADVERTISERS We have the largest Circulation among the Colored People of Gal veaton, oar circulation book is open to thogQ who mean business. No. 36 Vol. 9. GALVESTON, TEXAS, SATURDAY JAN. 13 �06. Pubiished by Shelton & Bearden AVE L CHURCH NOTES. The new ohaudeliei-s have arriv ed at last aud will be installed in a few days to' the delight of the mum .bership and friends. Services last Sunday were well attended aud highly spiritual all day. Many anxious men and women came forward lor -pedal prayer aid-the fervor ui ihe meeting nidi cated that we are verily mi the eve of a harvest for the Lord. The 1'im.uciai reports were read off from cash department aud show ed flattering success in the opera lions. of the ohi reh work during the year. Thj report of the building com mittee showed that the total cost of ths church building 'alone and by itself was $6,628.97- The total coat eoinple with seats, chaudeliers, pulpit set" carpets etc., $8,059. 07. A- vote of - tb.uu.ks was extended the committee for such able manage meat and aneal small sum of �10 was presented to Secretary D T Shelton as an appreciation-sot his of ficial standing, The winter rally for seals, HghU etc is uow on and everybody is ex peeled to lignleu his trace* PRESENTS. Given For the Holidy-Criner Wedding on Jan. 1, 1906. The groom's gift to the bride* Gold watch and chain., Mr and Mrs W Pendleton, Gold sugar spoon., Miss Cameron, white, Silver desert gj^poii., Mr unci Mm M J Bates, Si I tear pickle iork'., Mr and Mrs C A Wallace, Silver jelly spoon., Mis K nd aud feature, but differing in no essential particular, ai-d alike in souls and in the RgssftbiHty of infinite developement Especially do ! believe in the Negro race; ffi tsttfc beauty of its genius, in the sweetness of its soul, and its strength m What meekne-s which shall yet inherit this turbulent tartli. * 1 believe in pride of rn�� h|W lineage and afijSfe in pride of self so deep usTtp scorn injustice to other oelves'. in pride ol liner lie so gieat as to despise no wuaa Jathi'i; in pride of race so chivalrous as neither to offer bastardy to ttie weak, nor lieg wedlock of the strong, knowtug that u.en may be brothers in Christ, even tho they be not trt-oihera-in-Jaw I b elieve in Service-humble, reverent service, from the. blackening of boots to the wbittning of souls: for Work is Heaven, Idleness Hell, and Wage Is (he Well Done!" of the Master who summoned all them that labor and are heavy FOR DISTRICT CLERK. J. "jiwmie" C. GENGLER Respectfully solicits your vote and support at Special- Election, February 6, 1906. and brother, Houston, Silver spoon; {]&dm^ m.tkil)g no distinction between the black sweating cotton hands of Geo? -kke8h KOASTKD COFFKE KACU DAY-- Coffee % Teas a^cialty Spices, Extracts aud Grocers Sundiios. Also the. Original Cow Butter. We Mr and Mis Sam Wilson, Houston, half dozen Silver table spoons and half-dozen silver tea spoons., Mrs K W Cash, white, Silver pin tray and breast pin., Mr and Mrs Fennel Dozen linen napkins., Mrs E Whit tlesey and daughter, half doz linen napkins and table oloth., Mr and Mrs Robt Mayues, Silver Bpoon., 1 W J Mason, 2 lace doilies , Mr and Mrs \V H Noble, Book , Miss An : na L Howard, white, Pink stlk I gia and the First .Families of Virginia, since all distinction not based on deed is devilish and not divine. .....___ I believt in the devil and Mb angels, who wantonly work to narrow th* opportunity of struggling human beings especially if they be black: who spit in the faces of the f alien, strike them that cannot stri&e again, believe and work to prove u, hating the image \ybich their Maker stamped on a broth er's sdul.  ' I believe in the Prince of Peace. -1 bsleivtr that War is murder. I believe that armies and navies are at oottom the tinsel and braggadocio of oppression and wrong; and I believe that the w4ot��d conquest of weaker and darker nations wbitei niid slronger bul fortshadovrs.tbe death of that strength ! heleive in liberty for nil meii; the space to stretch their arms and their souls the right to breathe and the right to vote: the freedom to choose their friends. Phone 958. Prompt Delivery. 2017 Market St. Commons Attention. handkerchief bag , Mr and Mrs L ; et,j0y the sujshine and ride on the railroad, uncursed by color thinking, dream Robinscn, Embro'idery,eenter piece \ iug, working as they will in a kingdom of Gcd and love. Kev sn'd Mrs F Gary, -Linen table J I believe in the training of children, black even as white; the loading out of cloth., Mr and Mrs Neal Britton, ; little souls into the green pastures am) beside the still waters, not for pelf or Sil ver waiter and wiue set. Miss peace, hut Life lit by some large vision of beauty and goodness and truth: lest only ask for $500 this tirueWd will - jyiam;e Gibson, Cut glass pickle we tornet and the sons of the fathers, like Esau , for mere meat barter their hit 'em harder next lime. Keep your eyes open. Supt Streitou graded the. Sunday Sohscai last Sunday and rearranged the treauluug .force and announced thjl those who did nut intend to give first clans service through the year to speak now or hereafter hold your peace. The Old People's clas* will U-tu uglit. by Kev N F Talum. j j r-j Wal ler j oik.'k, manager m i.n .ioo, 'sent and i--ii,iii'd tl cbarne o: pre .� Sn nd.i v Set Colon1 i citizens at San ,\ � tonir) me LrVittlt a^ain to �et,' money to dufend Monk Gibson at the next term ol court. Any person desiring- Lo aid the boy can send money direct to him or thru the. idea. JL/?l> t 99 OO.GOLD FOUNTAIN PEN. ''1 he Celtic Model.1 to livery Suliscr her old or new, who sends us a vkaii srusc'fif rrioN' urn! kiftv Mj cents uddillionul. .'he pen will he I oi winded i in -mediately upon receipt (if the money. The pen is of I he best quality of lmr.l nil. ber in four pnrti, and line:, with a giiaianteed iiTidiiiiu-pninted 1-1-K GOLD RliN The 'fouiilBin'1 is tbroiiuli-out of the simplest, consi met inn and cannot get out-dor dt-r. oveiflow, or fail to sip ply ink to the nil). A Fountain Pen is a Necessity of the Twentieth Century. The Egyptians UEed a sphl rend; our yiaud faili^rs u roi)se ipiill: "in Kdhers a steel or nrdiiiart U"!d pen J3n t to day we � uut A Fountain Pen thab dispenses with an in-Cijnveiiienl iiikKland tliut d ie" no! (")rrode, and t lot! is iiluws i p.;ni> fur use. Heats tur niai'ii:';ic tinei s glial llil'.ft 111 il 1 lie pen Im S' tl 'I.I) i 1-U FINB. II il doeh not pi '>\ .-..lUsfaet-t" y in ev. i y way � e w ai ex chanu'- i'. ii lino: I nr. or i e imu iIh- tun i'liHs atiiii;-nil itl on re' in n ui tin pi m. dish., Mrs Bea>dey and daughter, Silvei sardine fork and spoon , Mr aud Mrs E M Whiting, Mr aud Mrs C S Coznie, Mrs Eva SfifBip, Mr and Mrs W E Whiting, Mi and Mrs E il CJs.-ady, Mr and Mr� C G Holm i's of iowa, white, Silver card re ceiver , Mr and Mrs G If Neviells. Hug,, Misn Ilaltie Evans, Toilet bag . Mr aud Mrs Lemons and Mrs ill \i Connor, ling., Mrs and Mi.-* ' 0.l..>vn>. .lU'-i Mv Sample. P.iifi- ?�!� i iaii!.;. XV L (ii-veu. M K�ii|., A D lii'iile and Hev \V il iianiii, Chureh . .I.'i- "l'.n ion ., Mrs.M 1 Johti-ou ami Mi-y lilia I > 111 i c J.: l, ,l;tpaiie�c rliinni 'set.. M Dui i iz, I wo pai r of blaii ketx; i i f^arliade and Kill ilul.. White kid j gl .'Ves , Avi' L Sunday School, Shirl waist box , Mi�H�K .M.ii'v and Evelina Anderson, 2 Sofa pillows., Mr* M Brooks and family, Silk pil low., Mr and Mrs K E Pender and birth right in a mighty naiion .Finally, I believe iu Patience-patience wiib the- weakness of the Weak and the strength of the Strong, the prejudice of the Ignnorant and the ignorance of the filirid; patience with the tardy triumph ol Joy �ud the mad chastening of Sorrow-Patience with God. EDITORIAL FIRINGS. . The minister of the gt�spel who reinindeth his people not oi their poll ta.x, Ktatll be cast with t.hern,inio the pool titHi i� --iiiTtfl v. ith prejuilic-e and hate. , 2rf9-212f. CHUKCH st. WILL CREDIT YOU! FOE COOK KTO^ES, HEATIKG-STORES. QUILTS, BLANKETS PIAKOS & SEWING MACHINES. In fact everything ueeful in a house. Call and inspoot our Stock before buying your household needs- HOT MEALS & LUNCHES AT ALL HOURS. FISH, OYSTERS, CHILI, HAM AND BEST OF COFFEES. When up town; on your way to the. depot; if in a hurry to catch a train or ear, try us, we will satisfy yon everytime. REGULAR MBA! S 25c. BlIOltT OKDKliS AN1>LUNCI18 10 & 1 5c. west wide 409 25r.h street, ,*-�' and Poat. office. FRANK DENNIS, P'h r1etgr. , , .,,......................I.M.II.......-...........,1 I ||__ I ' I l|....... . ........... iGULi^&'INTERSTjVTlf rV" Aiiuiii seventy-ti^e colored men have been put out ..f en.iy-lrtvtng by thu eaf*r�eincni ol the |xagainst I'he; .,� ni I. hi d k'ii-i UTOX DAILY AT 3 OO P.M. I: !! .lilni.e .mi Kaiihiik (':! \ s.,n:l r; i  /1 Table covers., Mr and Mr, the CllJ Oomnn-Bioners have put the Pohcy Com rail, '2 Kitbro.der.d table Uover�.,! panj 8 out, certain preachers are telling their folks, "How Mrs Gussie Huldis, Embroidered'dey fit dem hell-holes." A policy table cover., Miss Kebecca D ': that the self same "holy ones Crooms, Night gown,, Mr and Mrs Gaston, Silver hai p... holder,, M,-|]](i claim6 that Rome of this m-mcy never reached the col- and Mrs L Phelps, Silver spoon;! . * , ,, ,. . . . ,, Mr and Mrs s Sanders, Silver te,il�ct)on table at aH, writer- being especially sent to strainer. Mr and M.s N Kemp. ><-'� if it WHS. monday january i 5ti AT 000 FELLOWS HALL' Buildin. Stale Chairman and National Committeeman; Cecil A. Lyon is in Washington consulting with Mr. Roosevelt on Political appointments in Texa?, The colored leadprs (?) Ferguson, Rogers and Broyles smashed all chances of any Presidential appointments lor Negroes in Texas v?hen for selfish ends they with R L. Smith were forced to betray their followers on account of the jobs they now hold. The idea has never had any faith in job.hunters leading. of Colored Society* The Moil Aristocratic and Fashionable Turn out of the race in Galveston The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of The Odd Fellows and their ladies of the Households of" Ruth* The real kid glove and brond-.cloth society affair. Under the auspices of OLEANDER LODGE lDSJi, and I. IV V. LODGE JJI84, G. U. O. O. F. manager informs us, made demands ni them tor each month in the Lord's name. DON'T "MONKEY" WITH YOUR EYE SICHT That's slang; but it's expressive and good advice, f'on't iisk y in euiN to iiieotnpeUuit � rumination- eouie here and get eipert oplicMis to do ll.e testing if you need glasses or spec;�c!t*H - and only i' you do lo-e.! tliem- w-'l be glad to sell them lo you at fair pi ices M. W. SHAW & SONS. Comer Treniont Market St. China eakf set, , Proi A J Cnner, I groom's father, hand paint-,i U.-vry | set and plates.. Emma St Cyr two '.�aid receivers , Mrs Walk.lis, half do/.eli China ei!:.- in, 1 saii. ers., .'Mr and Mr- r 1, \ o-ieo" .jaiioijo-i'. hall ilo/.i'ii t.'iuii.i trail pan-*,, Mr .1 s.iiiei lorquitiity I'.,.'  � i'i mi Hi- ' : ''" ^i-nliii i" ''|'' eoiul'-i' .iii'l eonveiii. nto.*f even' one who writ. .- Remember that the Offer is for Thirty Days Only. GALVESTON NEW IDEA. and Mrs A I' n itig yla.-r, i." on C"L/k. gr:iiii|i:j. .I.i/.en rs11 wr i is, llemsiitehi. -r. Go':. I., and lii. r ol i - j loon ^. [ slji't-ls inio,ui took 1'iisii.. Mrs brid-, nail Mis E Uav M r and M rs VVith such graft going on i- it any wonder the church is silent on such evils, is it any wonder the people ate irrev-erant and turn the cios,ed ear to wailing Masi|ueraders in the pulpit. Revival meftings have- itad little effect in this city since the flood, among aduh peoph- and wo ,u t forced to heleive the .Spirit ol the L i d has found littk residence nmi'iig -ue 11 grafi. It seems that Mayor J^ande* in cloin TRlfBE MHOS. SHOES AND TAILORING, <*S^F0R WEN ANi) BOYS. 4* + Pants S3 90 up. Suits Z\b up. mori foi' Religion than the oi ^anized el.urch foices. S'ltB A(< K \ TH FOlt W. L. Douglas Shoes BEST F(.U< WLA It SI.75 to 85 00 2409 MARKET STREET CLOTHING Mad..-. A'.ler.'.t. (tepaire-i. � i^nio-l and I'l.-.s i. CHARGES REASONABLE. ( 'on11n wed on last O hateful ingratitate! the kind that biteth like an adder i and fltingcth like a serpent. A race of Migrates will nev | er produce a race of manhood. Be not ungrateful men. fie out m Subscription 85 Cents*

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