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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - February 28, 1958, Galveston, Texas For Leisurely Dining VISIT Crow's Restaurant 35th ant! Beach Pleasant Atmosphere Attentive Service Good Food Is Our Bllslnosj Texas' Oldest Its One Hundred and Sixteenth Year of Public Service to Galveston Island and the Mainland W. L. MOODY CO. BANKERS (UNINCORPORATED) ESfABLISHED 1866 The flnt hunk In Gnlveiton with drive-In iidli-lei. Responsibility over In lervlce to our cuitomcn for 12 yean. Two per cent payment) on savlngf accounts. ESTABLISHED 1842 f PRICE 5< GALVESTON, TEXAS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1958 PRICE 5< Vol. 116, No. 324 85 City Lots Up For Lease Home, Camp Sites Are On West Side of Airport Eighty five lots, north and] be leased on the basis of louth of the crash basin on the j to per waterfront foot per west side of the Municipal air- port, are now available for lease, City Attorney James II. Phipps, chairman of the Galveston A i r- j port Commission, announced j Thursday. j The property will be available under a ID-year lease With option of renewal. Phipps said the properly basis year. This averages approximate- ly a year, the official said. He said an office will be main- tained on the airport property during March from Monday s Ihrough Fridays 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. where applications for leases may he filed. Process Applications The applications will be p r o- cessed the first week in April. Phipps asked that first, second and third choices be listed by applicants so if one lot has al- ready been leased, they may obtain a second or third choice. Phipps said the area will per- mit Galvestonians to obtain a t- tractive sites for home or camp sites. Approval of the plat and action of the airport commission was given by the board of city corn- enacted providing for the crea- miss loners. tion of the rank of detective in phjpps, questioned if the air- the police department to insure property wouid be needed by permanency for career po'ice of-1 ,he government for expansion of firrs was submitted to the board jts defense needs, declared h e Ordinance On Detective Rank Asked A request that an ordinance be the civil service commission. Another ordinance request fd by the commission asked amendment of the civil service rules for min- imum standards of height and weight for polirc nnd firemen. The requests signed by three members of the civil serv- doesn't believe the government will have any further use of the airport. Phipps said there will be cer- tain restrictions, pointing out that i! a used building is transported the to the airport property, it must ice commission were presented to the board by Edward Schrciber. chairman. Van D. Mercer and Herbert E. Schmidt, the other two board were also present. The letter and proposed ordi- be covered by a substantial new material. Improvement must con- code, MRS. A. OETKEW leaves her home in Victoria, Tex., as flood waters from the Guadalupe River poured into this west-side sub- division. The flood drove 350 persons from their homes. The weather bureau said 103 needed assistance. Lukovich Says City Permits Monopoly BY LILLIAN E. HERZ News Staff Writer Charges that the city was per- a "monopoly" in the oper- ation of but one taxicab com- pany for white citizens here and form to the city buildin; he said. 36 On North j t'nn wcrc being throttled, were Of the 85 lots to be available, j made by former Police and Fire hat free enterprise and competi- 3G are located north of the crash nances were referred to Police, basin and 49 south. and Fire Commissioner Walter B. Rourke for recommendations. Mayor George Rnv Clouqh and other board members asked that the board be given time to study the ordinances. Schreibcr asked that the mem- bers of civil service be- given an opportunity tn sit in with the1 board to discuss phases of the ordinances, but Rourke s.iid there were matters he wished to dis- cuss with the members of board nnd he would make his port next Thursday. In presenting the ri't'ommcnda- tions nf the civil service commis- sion Schrciber said that the re- quest.1; nf the cnm minion were In line with the provision's of the law bv rmki'v: the ran': nf detective n separate classifies- j (inn if would imun; permanency I for the pnliro officer and provide n chnnrp p.dv.nnrrment. j Tie lots average 75 feet i n width and from 200 to 500 or 600 feet in depth. Water and sewer lines have been installed to the area, the airport commission furnishing (he pipe, with city crews installing the mains. Phipps explained the airport subdivision does not run near the Perry property on Hcards' which has been in dispute. Commissioner Ambrose Luko vich, as attorney for Robert and Custcr Kesel, Thursday before city commissioners. Despite a lengthy hearing i n The Yellow Cab Company, which was charged by Lukovich as monopolizing faxicab operation in Galveston, was represented by Charles G. Dibrell Jr. It is owned by L. A. Veatman who was pre- sent and who was questioned by the board. Deputy Killed Asking About 'Child For Sale' Massive Snow Storm Rages Over Prairie Another Tornado Causes Injuries, Damage in Florida By UNITED PRESS A huge storm system swept a blinding blizzard across the west- ern prairies Thursday and hit the Southland with a new tornado. The blizzard raged without check from Kansas northward. It had already dumped eight inches of snow on parts of North Dakota, closed schools by the score in Kansas, and brought highway travel to a nsar-halt. A zero cold wave moved in on the heels of the snow. Minot, N.D., bore the brunt of blizzard. Hardly a wheel was turning on highways leading into :he city, bus and air travel were halted, and the town was sur- rounded on all sides by deep, growing snow drifts. Snow plows were ordered off the roads until the end of the storm. A new tornado crashed its way Ihrough the Southland, cutting through an area near Defuniak i Springs, Fla. Fnur members of City Attorney James H. Phipps jone family were injured when told the board a hearing was cement tile block home was Jan. Ifi, and that evidence was submitted both favoring and op- posing the application. He e x- plained the city ordinances re- which charges and counter that certajn provisions be ges were made, the txmd upheld to and that evidence be the previous acUon of Police and Fire Commissioner Walter B. Rourke Jr. and Chief of Police 0. Fi. Ht-'nsnn, a.s In.ipc-Ciof of taxicabs that the application of the Kese! brothers to operate four taxicabs be denied. .'.IT i Economist Favors Income Tax Cut to Halt Business Dip submitted as to the need for additional taxicab services and the financial responsibility of the j applicant. It further declares, Phipp said, the type of equipment, color scheme of the cars, and whether there would be increased traffic I congestion through the operation i of additional cars. 'Not Needed" Phipps said Henson, in his ca- By FORREST LORD News Staff Writer A Columbia University econom- ist visiting here believes a federal IIU.I.UK tnx bv June 1 would stim- Hc said the civil ;.ervicc board j ulatc buying 'and hujp reverse the lifter nMhc trcml of conditions. Dr. R. H. Heckhart, professor nf banking at the university, auth- or, lecturer and world traveler, paid in an interview the present recession is world-wide ns it was in the early thirties and cannot be cured without a corresponding improvement in other lands. Present and taking part in the dinner discussions at the Calve? cation of detective-; fed that de- tectives fi el df-tcctivcs phniiid have pernnn-'n! thnt cfeast1 individual inccnlive nnd contribute in n stable police fnrre. Ii <hnuM rnnk below that of sergeant. Amendment nf article I? nf rule 37 of UK; rules and rrnulntlnns nf the. police department was re- quested tn ns follnws: the spending of large federal funds in civil works of all kinds, and a third an increase chases of foreign made poods to; stimulate production abroad and j pacity of inspector of taxicabs, found that the public need does not require additional taxicab service and that he was not con- vinced of the financial ability of tnti aPPh'can.ts operate. He said t_ Henson was not convinced th levelled. Elsewhere in Florida, high winds crumpled a huge tele- vision tower at Panama City and knocked buildings off their foun- dr.tion at Uiipiey, Crestview and Quincy. Many areas were without power for several hours. The Florida twister was a se- quel to more than a dozen tor- nadoes which ripped Mississippi and Louisiana Wednesday night, killing at least 12 persons and in- juring 130. Forecasters warned the p tornado barrage was not over. More twisters, along with power- ful thunderstorms, were expected in extreme northeastern Georgia and most of southern South Caro- lina. Turn to Page 2, See THREE PARENTS FACE CHARGES IF KIDS HAVE STOLEN ARTICLES Chief Juvenile Officer John Kaiser Thursday warned parents of Galveston youth, they are subject to criminal charges Jf stolen auto accessories are found in their children's possession. Kaiser advised parents to check their youngster's car for stolen accessories "before the police pick them up." At the same time, he warned juveniles to use caution in buy- ing such accessories as hubcaps, fender skirts, tires, wheels, mir- rors and aerials. "Buy them from reliable places of Kaiser suggested, "so you will have proof to show where you bought them." "Think before you try to steal something off an he added. "You may get killed. The citizens of Galveston are very angry about losing their auto accessories, and they are ready to take a shot at you when they see you fooling around their car." Kaiser's warning followed the arrest of four Galveston boys Monday on charges they took part in a wave of auto-part thefts here during the past two months. Juvenile officers recovered most of the loot. Splash Days to Be Community Pageant Kyle Gillespie and John Mc- Cann, co-chairmen of the 1958 Splash Days, said Thursday they intend to make the huge event a community project. "Our goal this year for Splash Days is to make it a commun- ity pageant in which every organ- ization and every business man shall Gillespie told the board of directors of the Greater Galveston Beach Associa- tion at a meeting in the Jean La- fitte hotel. Gillespie said a committee with Howard Robinson, co-chairman, will meet with a Chamber of Commerce committee to enlist chamber's aid in promoting spe- cial stunts for the four-day cele- bration that will include the busi- ness men of the city. Organize Publicity A special promotion committee, headed by Chris Gent, will or- ganize publicity among business Lafitte Club. Gillespie said the club will be composed of Gavestonians who will dress in pirate costumes at all promotion events during the enable friendly nations to buy j ir more- from us, Dr. Beckhart de-i Ph'PPs "The people of the United States :ed that the additional cabs would serve the will not tolerate another great de- pression. Gve.rnmenl spending has become nn admitted and inescap- able alternative to depression whether we like it or he as- serted. He strongly advocates a renew- of the reciprocal trade agree- that the color scheme and the type of equipment to be used was satisfactory and there would be no increase j Reformists in Trade Union Picket Fancy Headquarters WASHINGTON. Feb. 27 I The reformists have been either Club wore members of the staff ments nlhcr countrjcs for a As nf the 27ih of Frbrinry. .and conferees of the Southwesl- ern Bell Telephone Co. seminar. Dr. Bt'ckhart is one of a number there Is h'-rehy created ii separate and rank ______ in the poliVe department tn he j Of luminaries of the world of ec- knowri ns detective, appointment: ononiics who have been brought of which shall be from the cliiji-1 here hy Southwestern Bell to ex- biHty list of pen-ons in the poiice j fhe intricacies of the eco- dcpartmrnt who have snihfnrtnr- j nomjc system and all its ramifi- lly pnisrrt civil crrviro tions for the of "All p.itrnlmen who nrr srrvinn as detective-1; the 27th day nf Feli- ruary In tii" finlvc.-tnn ;nlia< de- partment stall mifnm.itirnlly He- Turn 2. See FOUR catums. Other Aids A second palliative for the na- tion's ailing economy wnuld be freer flow of commerce. He staunchly supports the pol- icies of Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Dcnson, saying, in reference to cotton, "We cannot keep on en- couraging and providing price supports for the uneconomical pro- duction of cotton in this country. Efficient producers need no sub- Turn to Page 2, See ONE 35 of Car Dealer Party CLOUDY MILD Killed as Plane Crashes Forecast for Galvosfon and vicinity: Clear to parily cloudy Friday nnd Saturday with mild days nniJ cool nights. Highest Friday near 6M degrees. Mostly fresh (IS lo 25 per hour) Vrostorly winds; diminishing Fri- day nnd becoming moderate (10 to 18 miles per hour) variable Saturday. SUN, MOO AND fnr I'ffc. ft Weil H'nrh. I'll. Lowctl, 0 at ft Minot, n. D. BOLTON. England. Feb. 27 w- An airliner crowded with jovial car ili-ale.r.s crashed today into a blizzard-whipped mountain, killing 35 men. Eight persons, several with se- vere injuries, survived the grind- ing smnshup In the. deep snow- drifts on Winter Hill In the heart of the desolate Lancashire moor- (land. Among the survivors were j the three crew members, I One of the eight died later IP. a I hospital. Frantic signals from the five engineers at n lonely television re- lay lower 400 yards away touched nff nn all-out rescue operation. Helicopters and bulldozers fought their way through wild weather tn the crash scene. found the twin-engined charier plnne, n Bristol Wayfarer, slintte.iTfl intn three pieces and Allying on rluirned-up snow flecked j with blood. H came, down only 15 miles from Ms destination at Man- M i Chester. ?7! Thu plane, owned by Silver City nnd carrying n crew of ?s j three, was bringing 30 automobile dealers from the Isle nf Man to vteh a Manchester battery factory. Thi survivors Included the only, wnman aboard, stewardess Jenni- fer Curtis. Miss Curl is. daughter nf an Knpjlsh vicar, slangcrod from tlic. wreck and linked forces with co- pilot William Kowarth who was dazedly stumbling around In cir- cles. Shocked exhausted, the pair struggled through knee-deep snow to the television station. "Our plane has crashed." they gasped. helicopters took off with doctors and nurses from a nearby air base. Ambulances led by bull- dozers and snow plows failed to get within a mile of the wreck because of five feet deep. One helicopter was able to put down at the scene. Rescuers who got through on foot with blankets, stretchers and medicines carried survivors down the mountainsides to ambulances. One of those put aboard an am- bulance was the pilot, still con- scious. Tnc crash came only 35 minutes after the businessmen, waving Roodby to wives and families, had set out on the 100-mile flight. In London, Silver City Chairman Eoin Mekie told reporters: "It Is too early to hazard a guess at tlio cause of the crash." He said it was. the first accident involving death nnd Injury to a passenger since the company was formed 12 years ago. Winter Hill rises only feet nbovo sea level but stands in the middle nf moorlands. The slon tower on its top is 440 feet tall. traffic congestion by the ope] of four additional cars. In the discussion it was brought out that there are 33 taxicabs for white riders and 31 for negroes operating here. (ion International Union of Operating Engineers, facing a corruption i dictment from the AFI--CIO, to- day was picketed at its fancy new headquarters by reformists seek- ing relief from "dictatorship." I.uknvirh r harped that the board I The picketing group was led by and the city attorney were trying to "crucify" the applicants with- out giving them a chance to be heard. He said the provisions of the i hy a mysterious acid thrower in William Wilkins, who participated in a radio broadcast on union cor- ruption with labor writer Victor rupuun wiui muui writer i, Riesel the nipht Riesel was blinded DC remstated. expelled by the local or forbidden to attend union meetings. For that reason and because they claimed De Koning Jr., controls the jobs and votes of Local 133 members, the Wilkens group said they will boycott a special local meeting to- morrow night on Long Island. The session was called to consider whether the Wilkens group should ciiy code are not mandates, but Turn to Page 2, See FIVE TOD ATS LAUGH It's easy for two men to re- main friends for life, says Ham Park unless they get interested in the same woman or the, same dollar. .All the world's a stage, and all the fathers play support- ing roles. (For more lauphs see Earl Wilson's column on Page 4) April 195C. "We're trade unionists trying to get a clean and democratic un- Wilkcns snid. "It looks like we're getting a runarnund by our union and by the AFL-CIO." Wilkens and his four fellow pickets complained particularly about conditions in their local No. 138, Long Island, N.Y.. where they've been waging a four-year fight for reforms. The local's president is William DC Koning Jr. He and his father, the local's for- mer president, once were con- victed of extortion. The meeting was authorized by Joseph Delaney, recently elected as a reform national president of the Operating Engineers. Delaney, a lifelong friend of AFL-CIO Pres- ident George Meany, was chosen to succeed William E. Maloney, Ifl-year-boss of the IUOE. Malnncy's regime has been pic- tured in Senate rackets hearings as marked by strongarrn methods and misuse of union funds. A placard carried by the pickets today said: "Pres. Delaney pro- year to help publicize Galveston. The club will be permanent, he said. GGBA President John Tickle announced inquiries about the Splash Days event had been re- ceived from cities throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. "Festivals on the scale of Splash Days are city-wide operations in other Tickle pointed out. "The GGBA not only wants the city of Galveston to participate, but the entire county." Danny Cochrane, chairman ol the GGBA sports car committee, said there will be a meeting ol the committee and the San Ja- cinto Region of the Snorts Car Club of America Friday to set a date in April for the second an- nual Lafitte Sports Car Races. Cochrane said the first races, over the last July 4 weekend, at- tracted more than visitors and 100 drivers from 18 states. "Within two weeks, the GGBA will attract thousands of visitors to the Island and promote nation- al publicity for Coch- rane emphasized. Membership committee chair- man Lawrence Del Papa reported new GGBA members are increas- ing and old members are paying their dues "at a record rate." "The history of the GGBA proves a dollar spent with us goes a long, long way toward promot- ing Del Papa said. B47 Crash Kills Airman EL PASO. Tex. B-47 attempting to land crashed two- and-one-half-miles northeast of Biggs Air Force Base Thursday night, killing one crewman but injuring three others only slight- ly. There was no fire. The injured were rushed to Biggs' dispensary where their in- juries were described as "mi- nor." Names of all men were withheld pending notification of next nf kin. The Strategic Air Command plane was based at Shilling Air Force Base, Salina, Kan. Assailant Eludes Big Hunt Posse Woman At Death Scene Denies Baby Would Be Offered ODESSA, Tex. 36-year old unemployed oil field worker burst out of an apartment bathroom and shot Deputy Sher- iff Thad West through the heart Thursday, and then eluded a huge dragnet set by authorities. West, 40, who had gone to tha apartment to investigate a report that a child was up for sale, nev- er had a chance. G. F. (Jack) McMichael burst out of the bathroom and started blazing away with a .33 caliber revolver. Three bullets struck West before he had time to un- sheath his revolver and one of them pierced his heart. As West fell dead, McMichael leaped through a window and drove off in his 1954 green Mer- cury automobile, which was later found abandoned in mesquite- studded country five miles south- east _f Odessa. Roads were blocked and 250 of- ficers using bloodhounds and for hours in the flat, brushy county but fail- ed to find McMichaei. Later, an Odessa man looked at a picture of the suspect and told Sheriff A. M. (Slim) Gabrel he picked up a hitchhiker that looked like McMichael early Thursday and took him to Hobbs, N. M. Texas Ranger John Wood immediately went to Hobbs to look for the suspect. Mrs. Pat Ledbetter, 18, and her two months and living with Mc- Michael at the apartment, and the woman saw the shooting. West, who had been a deputy sheriff only two months, went to the apartment about 7 a. m. to check out a report that a 4- months old girl was up for sale. Mrs. Ledbetter, who told offi- cers she left her husband in Gil- lette, Wyo., on Jan. 7 and cama to Odessa with McMichacl, told Deputy Sheriff David Collier, "I would never sell my baby." The first officers to arrive found Mrs. Ledbetter wandering around outside the apartment saying, "Oh, isn't it awful. Can you get my babies Woman Is Held West went to the apartment to investigate a reported attempt to sell a 4-months-old child to an Odessa couple, Collier said. Mrs. Ledbetter was held as a material witness. Turn to Page 2, See TWO tects De Koning Wil- kens said Richard Nolan had been placed as monitor over Local 13S with Meany's approval. OLD TOMBS FOUND ROTA, Spain Heavy con- struction machinery at R( where the United States Navy is buildir.g a modern air-sea base, have unearthed Phoenician tombs estimated to be years old. EXTJ3KS1VE ROOF dnmnge cnn lie seen in this Mrinl view of tornado (Inningr. to turned Pincy Woods Coun- try School for Negro children at Jackson, llias. At least two students the school, founded by Lir. Laurence C. Jones, were hurt. Extension Of One-Way Streets Set City Attorney James H. Phipps was instructed Thursday by the board of city commissioners to amend the city traffic code so as to make Postoffice east from 18th street to North Boulevard, and Church west from North Boule- vard to ISth Street one way streets. Action was taken on recommen- dation of Police and Fire Com- missioner Walter B. Rourke. Rourke said he and Police Chief 0. E. Henson had made a survey of residents along the two thoroughfares and that most res- idents favored one-way streets. Rourke said continuance of tha one-way streets east to North North Boulevard will facilitate traffic in the hospital area and in serving the Lindale Park, Harbor View and San Marino sections. CHRIST'S SHRINES "For mine house shall be called a house of prayer." Isaiah One needs no special place to pray Our Lord in Mark I made His way.. .At dawn into a desert .To ask God for new strength and prace.. .In Mat- :hew 6 we read nnce more., .Of low He'd have us shut the door ...Of our rooms and secretly... Ask God for help and [n Luke 18 Christ claims n saint .Should always pray and never iaint. 1UUEN HYER