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Galveston Daily News

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Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - April 25, 1931, Galveston, Texas Tne second of Tarzan will bo presented in colur for News leaders Sunday, It having been In- stalled aa a regular feature in the ro'nlc section. Good reading adults and youngsters alike! Again The News has scored for its readers in obtaining a new and modern novel, "Mad now appearing daily. Don't mias an in- stallment. 90TH 15. GALVESTON, TEXAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 1931. ESTABLISHED 1842 STABBING SUSPECT NABBED IN MEXICO Texas House Condemns Act of Austin Business Men CITIZENS ASK LAWMAKERS TO ABANDON LEAD ON BIG BILLS Action Pends on Electric Sale Satterwhite Calls Action Scheme to Force Men to Aid Great Bond Issue Austin, 'JYx., April A little flame of yesterday was fanned into a fire in logis- lativr halJs today. The house "f rvprpsfifitativrs vent 1o the aid of Travis County members who yosipTvhiy wore in n roKnliiliun signrd hy Austin IniKim'.ss men to abandon lead- ership on controversial state- wide issues. It unanimously adopted a resolution by Heprc- Sattcrwhito of Odessa the citizens group. Representative Satterwhite skid action of the 50 Austin citizens was itn effort to "browbeat" (be Travis (-ounly representatives into sup- port in? the J212.000.000 highway bond iKSue. The entire Travk County di-icpation had voted against the bond Issue and Representative. McGregor had been ono of the leaders of the opponents. Slr.ward Proportion. The "flnrc" waa precipitated lenlny when Representative Ste- ward of Tcnguc enld he would pro- pnp-R removal of the highway de- partment to Waco and the creation of a. highway ulfice build Jnp there when n McGregor hill proponing erection uf a highway office building in Austin was brought lieforo the house. RrnrcKonlutlve Pope of Corpus ChrlKtl charged John WMlae-e ffrrctiny of the highway commls Hlon wrote the resolution which A lift in hufiiiPKH men aigncd. Wal- lace utaterl he knew.' nothing oJ i IIP resolution until he rend It In pnppra lodnv. Thp mutter Kpiviid to (he senate where Senator Woodruff of tin- dcrriod of Auutin's citi- r.fHK to Torre their to chop their crmvlrdons of JpRlKla- ttvc nuitlrrn. Woodruff thpy ilrnnrvcd rrmmicntint ion for atanrt- hj- their prtnrlplrc TniviH County is netting them to fituUify to "pipe down' thk fnr tho nhtrf-t nf It ih n. com- inrntHry on thr citizenship of Aus- tin, Woodruff Kftid. The resolution adopted last night U. S. Minister DISTRICTING COMMITTEE TO DELAY ACTION UNTIL MONDAY Will Take Plenty of Time, Greer Says; Leaders Ex- press Views. Prohi Crusader Gels Legal Aid By Clever Ruse Auociilert P Thoio, ulliiK G. Lay. United Slates min- ister to Honduras, kept Washing- ton informed as to revolt develop- ment u In that country and looked out for American interests. FORMER mm TO Page MEXICAN AMERICAN MIXED CLAIMS COMMISSION AGAINST PETITION. Mexico City. April tH. M< vjrnn-Amerienn milted cr.mintj'Hlon todiiy rejected th? flnltn of roliillvpH of Hoover Rus- si II. American, for In arms against the gov- rmm-nt (if Frimclhco Miidcrn. but whose revolution did not Hiiccee.d. After its derision (ho commmnlon ndlourm-rl nnd its left for Vein pniK lo pnibarl, nn the Mnrro SMurdnv fnr VMiijh nr.lon. Thorp they will at- lend the spoons of the Mexiran- Amorlran ffenernl rlnlmn whirh began early in Mny. The Weather For Gnlvtf.trm Vlrlnllv Cloudy, wllh fhnwrrr Snl- iirdny; little chnnKfi In Ipnihoni- 'n O Knia. TOXAR: Pnrlly clnuily uhnw- 'i-n In nnrthnnul portion Knliir.lnv: Snnjlny pnrlly rloiiily. tn Ttrth ncmlhnrly wlndn nn the. Toxnk: I'ailly cloinly uidny nnil Htmt'ny Ixiillnlnnn: Cloudy. ncrasionnl -hnvrn Siliinlny. SuiKlny rlnuily. prnhnlily slioworn 'in nortli porllpn. (0 ly winds on I he con.ct ArknnMK: Clnmly, Holiinlnv nnH Hun- DEATH APPARENTLY CAUSED BY BLOW TO CHEEK; AT- TEMPT TO STEAL PAINT- ING THOUGHT MOTIVE. Lrf'ft AnpclOB. Cal.. Apiil 24. -The death of Dr. Luigi Barf Rjibungi, B8-yonr-old Awyriun philosopher pnd ono time aecrctarj' ind political advisor lo the late Sultnn Abdul Hamid of Turkey, was (he mibjecl of a police Investigation tonicht. fiUhough preliminary examination weakened the theoiy he hail been murdered. The body found in apart- ment at a hotel today by a maid, after Rev. Boury. n mlfi- nlonarv priest, of the Syrian-Dreek Catholic Church, had discovered his floor locked. The missionary was calling to arrange a ilnte for n nipptine of fallow-countrymen to honor Dr. SobunRl. Bl'Hv on Cliwlt. Di'jiih caused by blow on thr rlfhl rhpek. poltrr firrlare.d M B ripRi- case of murder, ascribing tlip art In thff-VPS who may liavp berni snaiehlntr for n rare, heroic ranviw rntltlPd the "Univernal HlHtnrv "f which wan virtually the only posae.sFion of tho old man Cnplaln of JOP Taylor 'ifter dificovrrinK thP canvas was In plain sight, that Sabungi'e purse containing J6, had not been dis- (Kep RARUNOr DKATH. Page 6.) FIVE MILLION- DOLLAR CATCH OF DOPE MADE JS'rw York. April itlrs valued by customs agents at to.000.000 were found on a Hudson River plnr today, climaxing a three- day fruitier search of the. French Inor UP dc France on whirh Hie agents had been fnformpd the ship- ment would be made. One prnup of 135 Inspectors had concluded their search of the rench liner when another group and polko seized (ho J7 of iplnm. hproln and mnrnhlnp whirh hoy nald had been unloaded Wed- nenday from the Hamburg-Ameri- can liner Milwaukee. diatoms officers nald the narcot- cs nppnrontly hud been diverted to hi- I-iiimluirK MUM afu-i thr KOV- mnnienl had been "tipped" off to he fhipment. They said there wan nothing on thp. canon to Indicate "heir intended receiver. Auslin. Tex., April CoiifrrcsGional rcdisl riding will not ho attempted ajrain hy the free ucnfrrcnec committee un- til next Monday night, it was decided Friday and auiiounccd hy Representative I'enrose Mct- calfu, who acts rhnirinaii of the cuMihiiicd session. Mclcalfe said further will be made to the committee at Its next session as to what mem- bcra think of the assignment of counties and building of districts. After all this Is done the commit- tee itnelf will buckle down to dln- eusMons and endeavor to agree., all admit U going to be itnr Julian. hoarj of conferees, does not' be- lieve that the committee should trv too much. He naid Friday he wanted to give It plenty of time so that If a bill is agreed to It will have been written after delib- erate consideration nnd avoid nnv charge of .'map judgment or rash action. Hocause of this ho will- Ing that it proceed slowly and give opportunity for other members to counsel wilh its members. ConuTCHKman Wright Palman of Tcxarltana arrived here Friday. He is not ovcrconccrned with the proHpeclK of his district, Haying he preferred to have, his present coun- ties with others added than to re- build and take in a number of new counties. Originally the bill took Hopkins, Lamar and Delta coun- ties out of the old first district and later they were restored. In the. restoration the present district i.i retained, the IIOUHC adding Upshur l tbi WonH Greenville, Tex.. April A sign "lawyer devised by cotton from a mat- on tho window of her jail cell tyith Byrup served at her meulB, today had obtained for MlRB Beuluh Allrcd, rruwidrr, an attorney who MWking her release from the Hunt County Jail here. The exponent of temperance who nnce walked tho streets nt Tampa carrying a basket and shorn In K that Jamaicn ginger was for in an attempt to fthuv. that Fuinim centl v was adjudged Insane In Rains County. Sheriff G. N. Mc- Tartrart of Rains County had brought her to Greenville bc- of crowded conditions In the Kalns County prison. OPINIONS ARE VARIED WITH MANY PRESENT FOR HEARING PRESIDENT HOOVER EXPECTS BUDGET MAY BE SMALLER BY NEARLY FOUR MIL- LIONS. Washington. April cost of running the fedor .1 govern- ment fir the next fiscal year waa estimated by -Prealdont" Hoover' to- day at a decrease of S3tft.7SP.nW the man EH Id cither or both would be latlBfactory to him. Congressmen Mansfield and (Son REDISTRICTING, Page fi. IP. ACCUSATION OF INJECTING RELIGIOUS ISSUE HIT BY CHAIRMAN FESS. Wimhington, April A charge, by Chairman ShouFe of the democratic, national executive com- mittee that the republicans In- jected the religious IHRUC Into the mat campaign wnr- hurled back nt tho democrats today by Chairman Fens of the rcpubllcnn national committee. "Clearly and unquestionably M Shousp did Inject the religoii.s li HUP." in his recrnt San Frnnoisr speech, the Ohionn sntrt in n state- ment from republican hcndquar- terr. At the same time he said thi> i-e- ublican national committee circu- publi lated d nn anti-Haskob article Frank Kent 'n the 1930 cong slonnl campaiRii. hut it did refer to the religion of Chair- man Raskob of the democrat Ir. natlonal commit tee and would have er RaHknh rlhuted wheth- tist nr a member of aiiothcj denom- ination. Hi- said Sbouse's speech had hee.n repudiated by several California lenders. Elevator Operating Lord Is Desirous of Divorcing Wife Waleiioo. Iowa. April Ir Jtagliinld Be.itly Wntacley. elr- ilor oprratnr here, who yenr camn inl0 n title. Is nfekhiK rtl- vnrrn thr KnKlliih girl IIP married bemuse ihr- rnrrd fni- his mother Mir Reginald, bettor known here Wnl-tcley. fUi'i] null in trlr.I nourt today aKJiiiiHt. Lmlv Mn- rlnn belli linker Wdseloy. deaprljon. Wnlneley, lust. Mny 2 f a verbal attack upon Premier ktussolint of Italy, has evolved a definite plan of how a state police unit should be organized. Undo: hLs system hundreds of municipally directed police forces vithln a state would be abolished nd a single statewide unit substi- d Pren Photo Igloo, the litUe fox terrier that aocompanled'Rcar Adm. Richard E. Byrd to both poles, died in Boston. Eyrd canceled lecture engagements in Memphis to hurry to Boston when he learned of the dog's Illness, but resumed his tour when word of Igloo's death came. BILL APPROVED BY CONGRESS CREATES PENALTY FOR OVERPRODUCTION IN THE REPUBLIC. Havana, April com- pliance with A provision in the sugar Institute bill, approved by congress this week, the National Exports Association immediately wili begin a complete census of all available cane in the republic. A committee of six mill owners will supervise the census. While the bill does not specify tho basiv fnr n-jtabn.ihinjr the production quotas in the future shall be changed lo that of the available cane of each mill, It says thp object of taking the census Is to obtain the necessary information in order that the cane supply may be taken into consideration in the quotas. Production Restriction. The sugar institute, establishment of which was author.'zed In the bill, will represent the Cuban sugar In- dustry as a whole in international conferences on questions affecting It. It will have the power to agree to restriction of production and ex- ports for a period not to exceed five years, subject to the president's (See SUGAR CENSUS, Page 6.) TEMBLOR HITS LOS ANGELES; DAM AGE LIGHT Angeles, Cal.. April An earthquake that lasted five sec- nds shook Los Angeles and suburbs at a. m., today with exception of a few shattered store windows and some broken chinaware the sole result was a highly excited populace. The epicenter apparently was in the Santa Monica Bay district. Sev- eral store windows foil in, plaster n offices and homes was cracked and dishes broken. From offices, homes and aparl- ne.nts alike, people, disregarding the warnings of earthquake ex- perts, fled into the streets Experts have ndviscd that walls of buildings shaken hv qnukes fall jut first and thp flours usually are he last (o collapse, so the street is a poor place to seek safety. In Hollywood, the shock was slight but it was more pronounced n Los Angeles. PROVISIONS OF AGRICULTURAL MARKETING ACT TO BE FOLLOWED, STONE ASSERTS. AuguntB, April James C. Stone, chairman of the federal farm -board, 'told- the Amer- ican Cotton Manufacturers Associa- tion here today the board intends to continue attempting to improve agricultural conditions in accord- ance with provisions of the agri- cultural marketing act. "The idea seems to prevail in the minds of seme tr.rr. farm products that the farm board is out to destroy their he said. "VVe are not trying to de- stroy or injure anybody's business, but wo are trying to help improve conditions in agriculture in ac- with provisions of the ag- ricultural marketing act and we arc going to continue doing that." Cotton Cut. Mr. Stone said future prosperity of the nation depended on the farmers' participating In tho pros- perity, "The co-openitlvc program being developed under the agricul- tural marketing act gives hope of that he said. He repealed the recommendation of the federal farm board that "temporarily there be. a nharp cur- tailment in cotton acreage until the consumption at home and abroad again catches up with production and. furthermore, that the quality be improved in line with the buy- ing demand." The chairman said the success of (See FARM BOARD, Page 6.) FIESTA'S QUEEN NEAR INJURY AS FLOAT DAMAGED San Antonio, Te.x., April 124. Dorothy Thomson, queen of thr court of Olympus anil fiesta San Jarinto, narrowly escaped in- jury Friday afternoon when n low throne toppled 'Irft fl ragged thr columns supporting her from their moorings and them to the street. The quee.n anil her float hud just finished the fiesta parade, de- :crlhed as tin- In his- nnd wprt (.n tho wpy to rtib- bnnd when the nccidc-nt occurred. Polico estimated Friday's crowd at 150.000. Inrgt'i- by some SO.OuO than the crowd last vnar. and said hr> (lip largtrat in history. JESSIF DOUGLAS TOT REPRESENTATIVE OF PRINCE OF _ WALES CALLS AT HIGH ISLAND CHAPTER I. Sunriar. Something must have happened In the Villa Rosa, for quiet brooded over it. Nora waking on her lumpy Italian bod, looked out nt, the brightening sky and the cypress ky bl strange trees looming black against it. It wn.s nt UiLs hour owcli mainlng that Mngdalennn arrived with a clash if pots in the kitchen. Rut thU nornlng it wns quirt. Nora rose to look down over the valley tn the blood-red roofs of Hi.' KuUIi-n "iiiUiim noat'i :ts brulKf's.nn'l to thp pur- r Appenines riFing tc niPPt the night when very late she had heard the crunching of whtola before the gnto and her father's boisterous shouts of welcome. Tho moonlight had picked out a tall, shaggy fellow, the painter. Nicholas Thayer. whom they bad known at the Pensions Soli to. "Thin, my dear fellow. In our niflcent villn." her father cried, "It's not bad. "Rad? We have a tardcn, a room with n tin tub, W-ds like ardcn, a bath- of potatoes and R cook, of voluptu- ous They had disappeared indoors with n load M cnnvflnrn. Why had her father kept such a watched last) <RPO MAT) The personal representative of the prince of Wales was in High Island this week but he loft rather suddenly Thursday night. .Some disappointment wns expressed among tho natives nt his hn.stv de- parture., for the prince, himself, wan due to visit there in about two The personal dressed brass buttons representative, blue uniform with and a yachting cap, arrived -t High Islnnd about a week apo. After euriosity hnd l sufficiently aroused ns to thp mysterious strnnger hom t be, he mnde public his position and his mifislon. He was the personal I representative of highness, sent over to thin country to pu-'clia.- c some full-bloorled bulls for the royal stock farms, ho After he had got the deals- lined up the prince was to p.iv n flvlm- viMt High Island to approval on tho bulls Wears Brilliant Uniform. Thp personal repiesentntivr. in addition to nnttv unifoim and j golil braid, hud a big silver belt buckle with bis nnnie thereon. Thi.--- name pii-.-pili-.l by the title, ind h.- nobiidy to mHrc.-s him hv plr- blan "Mister." He made trips to the viillyinp Antuniu, Tex.. April Sanclioi! Jr., 19, was urrt'tilud latu Friday in oul- skii'ts of Xncvo Lai'edo, JLexi- rn.. HJK! luts lorlirrd in jail tliorc hi connection with tho brutal staying "Wednesday aft- ernoon of lifllo Kdnti Jfurlo Springer, U, at homing, 27 juilcs KoutlnvcKl. of Sun An- tonio. Tliis news was relayed, to San Antuniu hy telephone laic I'Yiday night by Cil.y Dc- Jack liico San An-' toniu. According to Detective Hicc, San- chez was alone when arrested in the outskirts of Neuvo Laredo and was believed to have been prepm- ing to leave for the interior of Mexico. Statement, Is Abide. Hicc aatd the man had made a complete statement to the mayor of Ncuvo Laredo and to Ed M-Unlle.y. aaalstant district attorney at La- redo. Sanchez had been traced by De- tective Hlcc and A. Grcsch and Sheriff Lott to the border town Kri- duy morning. After searching all day on both sldca of the river, tho officers received a clew lo his whereabouts. He offered no resisf- ane.n when Hloe said. Chief 6'f Police Owen KHday Im- mediately got In touch with Gover- nor rtosa S. Sterling, who was in San Antonio Friday to see the bat- tlo of flowers parade. The gover- nor wlicd his secretary at Austin In turn to send a telegram at once, to the, governor of the state of Tfl- maul i pas asking the latter to hold .ho alleged slayer in custody until necessary extradition papers could be forwarded to him Saturday from Co-Operation Seen. Governor Sterling believed that :he. Mexican governor would co-op- erate willingly with this state and that he would to deporting the man to the American side. However, he said he would decide Saturday what steps he would take. <flpp ISLAND CAI.LKH. I'aftr fi.) OFFICER SAYS STATEMENT IN BRUTAL CRIME MADE BY MAN Governor Sterling Asks Of tidal of Border State to Detain Prisoner. (See SLAYING SUSPECT, Page 12) LAST OF WOMEN AND CHIL- DREN FROM PUERTO CASE- ZAS ARRIVE IN U. S. New Orleans, La., April The last of the women and children refugees of Puerto Cabezas, Nica- ragua, arriving here tndny aboard the steamship Contessa, brought detailed story of the slaying of Pe- dro Blandon, lieutenant of the (lit, Sandino, a fow hours after the Logtown massacre. They said he was killed in single-- handed combat by A. R. Beard fucy. former Canadian farmer but now wharf superintendent at the port, who chased the bandits with small bund of Americans and native national guard. Bliindon, they said, hid under a hose with four of his troops. The. pursuers opened up with machiup jun fire and killed the four Beardsley then rushed the house and with piatol in hand dragged out Blandon, who had been hit by a bullet. As the bandit cried "Ah Beardsley emptied his pis- tol Into the man's body. Tim bodice of the Americans at LiOgtown were- found hacked with machetes and decapitated find were buried cm the .spot under a require- nent of Nirarngufin low. Bandits fcave sent warnings (o ec.rdsluy. ihc refugees said, thin they would tekp. his life in ex- change for Blundon's but the CUIIH- lian has refused to leave his post. Pastor Is Acquitted of Kiss Stealing Charges Kansas City. Kan.. April 30 minutes. .1 jury today decided in favor of UIP Rev 'James Cornish. Bend. Kmi.. and against bin former choir singer. .Mrs. Tler- t ho, Thomas, who ncrused him of a kiss from her. Mrs. 'i'honvis, who said upon hem inn the verdict Mho would ecuHider .soek'ng a new trial, ..o.iKh! K.OOO on a of ansnult find "It iupt KO to .show that Inn- tirr will triumph." said Mi. Cor- nish. who pnstor of tho rhrisfinn ChnrHi here nt M..-. .mid Ui---: WHS ittulcn while DIP. two wi'ic iii the r laird) hhrniv 11. 1IW.