Tuesday, February 15, 1898

Galveston Daily News

Location: Galveston, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of Galveston Daily News on Tuesday, February 15, 1898

Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - February 15, 1898, Galveston, Texas DAILY NEWS. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 15. 1898. lln-ly free end In.U-pi-nd.-m In Ih.-lr oVIIb- I hi'.nlluK In lh" of Mintjiiik i.olni i-nttlniu. und II nei-illi-Ki to nay I A! about II Alerl -m-cV III.'- ahal -any; attempt to vug of if ur liy the. .uf tl ilitniK-atufy to wi-lfuiv' ol'.ll IJiClUFlVT. Sun In Win any Son..- Mcc Without lilu-le Aali ftfr nn ASHINOTON. IX At. a meetlnjr of Ihe congressional 'campaign commit- tee to-dn-v tlin' rnllnu-iriir nfllr-ers were i-lcct- (-d. Senator'White huviiiK been chosen elinh-man s-onii-.. time ago: Governor Ojtborne or Wyoming. vice chairman: James Kvrr, Pennsylvania, Beet retary. Ji.dde w. it, Fii'mliiR of Kentucky. Irsl 'owlsui.ni seci-clary: Jos. Uhl of Ueorgki. xecoiv.1 usiilslnnt secretary. I hi. eonunhti-o the following resolution, preK-ntell by Senator Jones- In tlit- opinion o( Ihe commlllpe there should he the -moat- earnest -and hearlv co- operation hetv.-t.rn Ihe various fi-Ii-mis ol' 'iintry, und it Is u high of lo uvolil to- Ili'V.otboi- v-.-iyluiblr of vi-ivpUliut UP! ol siii-h a the -arKurftonl l.ilu-r imini. suyluy that, .tin? ot the iipimip.-Uiihin If i-nviwiiry i Jhe ntulmcimnci- of tho .government, nn tile In.'ornoniiion cf the reMolinlori a a putt of the diplomatic bill. after tin- house deellned lo place- U theri would necessarily be fcKttrJed us an a tempt at compulsion by ;he house. desire of the commlllec that th joint resolution adopled bv Hie senate, they closi- by saying, "should be udupte by iMjusr of ri-prin-nuithVs-. athi bul do not rei-Om nil-lid that <iny at-lloi( should b-- taken I rl-.i- tiuil will or in (Uiy way b i.-uu.-iii.-Uil by liial huliuial.h- as tt lliti-rli-rcnce tlu-lr pt-i-f.-et frcedon and iudepcndi-m-e In thrir di-lilieraliun. upon ally measure. .The commit tee i-ei-oni im-mlrf Hull the proposed anieniliuent I; laid on Ihe lilmptalllsm ilenned by tin' Ohlcairn plnl- lunn should use and ICRltlinnte muans to propaunie .sontlment cyid unite in Us support the parly outsiiU- tl or every standard, tills the cold XenrliiR Eml. Washington. U. H.--The trans- action Is explained in the rollowlns brlet statoment Riven out 'fa-night by the state department: Reeoirnlzln.ir the ownership of Iho IJo Lomp leller. occurdlnK: to his apent, Mr. carllsic. who presented proper author- ity tfx receive the same, the letter was de- to.Hltn to-day. As' explulncd In this letter. Mr. Carlisle tully authorized to apply for. and re- ceive the letter, having the cabled authori- zation trom St-nur Ciimilejus. In view of the state department the letter was a stol- en document, .like tiny other piece or prop- erty. It should, upoir application, be dellv- fi-tii to us liKhu'ul owner. There- was no other course. loft open, ror in the Hulled States, as In all other countries having a code or laws, a letter becomes tho Hole property of the person to whom It Is ud- dresaud Im-.nedlutely It sturts on Its way from the -.ender. Bvcn the latter can not obtain possession or It without the cnnsi'nt ut inu pi-iouii udin-L-ased, the limit or his powers leira'.ly beliiB In certain eases to stop the delivery of tho paper. This letter has besides already completely .served all or the uses Tor which It mlRlit hove been applied by our Kovernmeiit and there are. In exlsl.encu simile coplea or I he. paper that (in- so sureiy authentlcaled ua to leave no lenul iloulit or I he accuracy There now .vmtilns only the chap- ter or the In. -Idem to wrllli-n 'I'oi- the end Is iili- ill lhal, bus slulit. iN'nt.wlthslanilluf.- ieen suld In tho press about 'eniumK irom I'or apoloulea or re- jmclloliH or the illsuKrutnihli! HililKS Said l.y Senor de l.onie in lulter. 11 can he ponlllvi'ly that at 119 time. since (he JHlbllnlllon of the li-tter the stale de- Jxinmi-iM- anv It han j-cllod eillll-i-ly on I he sense of proprielv o't the Spanish i.-ovcrnmont to do nil that Van liroper and neeilliil lo wipe on! the un- Dleusant Impression produced bv slale- invnls, and It can now be sal'd lhat Ihls yours- bus been fully juslllled and Hint the Bixinlsh fablnel, now belnir awure tho full text otMhe leller, te expeeled with- in, day or lo make such dlsUliilmcp of the lelter on In by llic clrcum- fitancc-s. To-niKht the stale department reeelvnl ofilclal notice from Madrid or the selection or Seiior Louis Polo liernahe ua inlnlster to Jucccett'Mr. Dupuy do Lome. ity 'Mslioin stolen i Madrid, l4b.' The Oiudad de Diaz of the Companta TranH-AIIamlca filled will prol fo ill pr re Pft ed out. an a crnlnr with ten c-nns, lmbiy arrive III Cllbnn water.? b.-- iruiiry as will] a torpedo llotllln, AVri-StMI.I'IKU nil.L. 1I1IKV Of II OC I'llMHt-llH-i-r mill Ticket Washington. D. spec-la meeting of the Anierlcan ussoeiatlonrof.gfen era! passenger and--tlcket. agents" convener hero at noon to-tlay. William A. Turk genei-al agent of the southern association, presided. a rule the. association does no' inept hut once a year, but the anU-scolpIng bill. which is iiow pending before congress cauywl this extra session. The association adopted the following resolution: "The president of Iho American associa- tion of general passenger ticket agents appoint at this ir.oetiiiK a standing com- on ami-sen-pim; legislation bv the several states of the United States, which committee shall consist of three general pussenger agents from the territory of each of the following named associations: New trunk line, southeastern. central passenger, southwestern passenger and Irans-contioental." The president appointed c. E. Harman, J. C. Hulle and C. P. Atmore to represent tho Southeastern association on the standing committee. E. P. Turner, M. Uoh- blns- and H. C. to act In a sim- ilar capacity for the South ivesterr. asso- ciation. It is said to be the Intention of this committee to agitate anti-ecalpinff legislation before all the state legislatures. During tlie session the following resolution was adopted: Whereas, the- Impression has-been given out that the passage of the anil-scalping bill, now before congress. Is- favored only by a few of llvo transportation lines of this country; and Whereas, this meeting, comprising tho officials directly In charge ol' the iwissenger Interests of the transportation lines, i..is uunmbUd In Washington thJs 14th day of February, for the purpose -of consid- ering this subject: tfiereforc be It ftesolvpd, thai we express our earnest be- lief In the necessity for national legislation ol this ciuesllaa anil respectfully- m-irp our representatives In congl-es-3 that Im- mediate and favorable action be- taken up- on-' this im-asm'e. which has our unquamh-d indorsement, as being in the Interest of the general public, us well thtit of trans- portation lines. Resolved, lhat copies of this resolution be. Kent to al! invmbers of congress and fur- nls'ht'd to-thtt public press. Tho business for which tile meeting wan hnvliii- satisfactorily adjusted, Hie adjourned. A (it-iiiM-itl BoHlon, Mass., Feb. ndvices re- ceived, hero to-night It seems to 1m Ihu ircni-i-m opinion that thu recominendiltloim of the texlili. unions.tlwit a general strike- will be unlrn..il In all New HiiKliinil's mills, where a reduction of wages has occurred, wiil not be aeei.-pli-d In all places. It lilli-mb-il ill llrsl that the enerirics of all itnlniw shonlrl hi; dlreclvd lo the WWU opcrntlves at New Hedloni tl-'.i hum, Vt-li-i-intti. Aimthi. Ti-x., I'Vb ;L'.. .To Tlir .M.-.VM: Al Iti.sl a iximv l.'nlti-i! of ranfcilrrata V.-u-rans has orciinlted in AiiFttin. tlio t'upllul city. U'n to annojlice lllp flli-t iliruuRh The -N'ewi- <ind to Invltu members ol i-ainps'thraiUKhout -tllg lo on us when In Austin or write us ubout any mailer of mutual Intercut when can be or service. Our charter ineiii- bershii) Is llfty-iive, nnd wo are otyled "JR'1' S''ilr-KI B'Oildwuy Houss. U. S. O. V. No. Our purpose, slrong and earn- est. Is u. clnd each other together wllll bonds of Inseiviirablo eomra.leshlp. -Ihat we and our dtsi-emhinls may to per- petuate lor all -111111- to come the heroic Heeds oi yulur. performeil by Uu- ilurlliK Hulilloi-H ol UH- Koulh.-rli conledi-i-iiey. and thu i-iiua.ly worthy fortitude anil bravery 01 soiithrrn women. Our objet-l Is Ihe as iliat of lho Keneral oi't-aillzullon .mil slnillar :Ucal camps Ilio Mine, bin we uuiy especlaUy aidlate the Idea ol liiil.illiiii <i confeditruti. willows and piphaiis lionie In. the near future. Wo i mend to keep uloof from polities und take no otock wliatever In It. Neither is our camp to five undeserved prominence or title-to any man or set of men. We are no tilie nuiklnir Inslllullon. The race for lms. a'A'auy won Its prance of uicrcL-nai-y or selfish suds has no or Parcel with our proceeillngs. We leheve that high though" UICI'OIIT IMUIl-IOUTY TMilOU THE (-UAlUOl, OV THI3 l.lilHT- 1101 sn ES'l'AUMflUMBM'. A Tali- of Two Urollieri. Slilp MiiKle Wcuf Twi-uty Vfurs out u Visit. J. B. Commandant. there COPY of the report of the light- house board for the fiscal year end- ing June 30 has been received. The pliuw.-. inai at, me end or the year were the following aids to naviga- lllc-li Nt In the Kloitililcc. Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 14.-On December 15 ast rich bench claims were discovered on a above El Dorado, lh the Klondike country. The- first thrse claims were lo- ated by Dr. Savage, Ben Olsen ant? Knoch immons of Tacoma. A stampede foiluwed tnd niany claims were taken up. News of he discoveries is contained In a letter from O.sen received yesterday by his wife. It vas dated December IS, three days after the irst claims were located, and 200 feet higher Hi on l-.l Dorado creek still another bench as been staked out. It Is said lhat one laim owner there has opened a rich pocket ot over ten feet square, from which be as taken JSOOO. Other stories of rich strikes n the same section are also reported In otters from the north. A Woman Killft HcrncJf. A'rdmore, I.'T., Feb. Hyman H. urrls-. wife of the national treasurer of le ChlckasQW nation, committed suicide aim-day night by blowing brains out a The tragedy occurred t the Burrls residence, where Mr. Burrls eating his supper. His wife, who was on a bed In an adjoining room, called er husband to come to her. He replied in a minute. .Immediately a pislol shot ing out. Rushing to the room, o horrible as lyini; on her el in her grasp. A bullet from the pistol ad entered her head between the eye und ose and literally lure the lop of her head All AlllHlcu AVreolcetl. Vic-lorlu, B. C., Feb. brier dispatch om Captain Irving of the sttsamKr Island- r. whlelr arrived at Union this morning .Skaguny, reports t'hat the ateamer lara Nevadu or Seattle Is wrecked and It inipposed (hat all hands we're lost. The spulcil does not whether Hit- Ne- ida was going south, or how many pas- ngers she had. Captain Jrvlng repurla rrlllc weather up lion under the control of Ihe lighthouse es- tablishment: Lighthouses and beacons (In- cluding 21 temporarj llghta in Mobile har- 1110; light vessels In position, 42: llsht vessels In relief, 5; electric lighted buoys In position, 11: gas lighted buoys in position, 30; fog signals operated by steam, caloric or oil engines, fog signals op- erated by clockwork. post lights. 177U: day and unligliLed beacons, 424: whittling buoys in position, 71; bell buoys in tlon, 112; other buoys in position, including pile buoys and stakes in the Fifth district end buoys in Alaskan waters. 4710: steam tenders, '.a; steam launches, 11: sailing ten- ders, 2: light keepers, other employes, Including crews of light ships and tenders, 1144; laborers in charge of post lights, 185K. Seventy-six new liylits were placed dur- ing the year and seven :cen new fog signals were established. Of the Hew lights this, the Eighth dis- trict, got sevtn and no additional fog signals. Concerning the work in the dis- trict. Lieutenant Commander Albion vv Wadhams summarizes the aids to navi- gation tluis: Lighthouses and beacon lights (including 27 post lights on the Mississippi river, Grand lake und 91: light ves- sels In position. 2; day1 or uniighted bea- cons, i.4; fog signal operated by steam, 1; fog signals operated by clockwork, 12; gas lighted buoys lu position, 2; xvhistllng buoys imiHlvr. Iwenlv-threo days -su.r. In bwlhist.' from Aland Us tons. Thomas I- Jiiivim mnsti-r. Iwelily-CiiTo days, from MVIIIISI.JI, In ballusl. MI ri-oiinvell IK7 IOIIK. riilf iiiHMrr. ilsys from Swan- sea, :n. httll-jvt. C'I.EAUfin. IVmbl'lUfie (Br..i, MlllolU, Genoa an SA1LK15. 88 Telesfoi-u Lurrlnaxti. Munches cutu''' Dvnnejit. tii.il Ktiiortm. 1MPOUTS-OOASTWISE. New York-vPer steamship I.eonn: lO.fl pnc general merchandise, 40 cusei- mi-diclnes. lu barrels oil. 20 bales, corks. Key steamship Leuuu: crates tomatoes. 3 barrels shells. 4 cases clKa rn-. Newport News-Pe'r schooner Mary E. CJ, H. Dow: 1KCO Ions coal. 1.MPORTK-FOREIUN. Porto Paulina: 4WU cocoanuts. KXPORTS-FORK1GK. steamship Pembrldse: 254S r" pounds, valued at _ steamshln Pembrldgo: 2300 cotion seed oil, gallons, valued at S33.COO: bushels wheat. 2.SSO.- IMI pounds, valued ut 34.285 bushels pounds, valued ut In Port. STEAMSHIPS. Net Master. Pier In position, In pos (I; bull buoys in position, u uoys n poson, other buoys in position, 113; steamer Pan- sy, buoy tender, and for supply and inspeu- tJon; steamer Arbutus, lor eons true-lion tmd repair in the Seventh und Klghth dis- Clu and rejwilr In tho Seventh and ISIghth dis Thu J'JIghth district extenda from --.....t file other centers whouM ferreil till tin- New Bedford troiil.la olid the Trlgu'lii of ,2.71 tons. ICniwini aniioiifici-s thnl owing ID tin. Imcrnatlonul consld- uralloli Involvvd, the KovornmtMU has toke.n to ascertain how und by whom Srnor Dui.uy de Lome's letter to Senor Jose Cjinaiejas was Htolen." WlMiil riiril'H D.-imiml. iludrld. Feb. Hole from Minister Wuodford demanded thai Spain should for-, nially .ilsnvow in.- Insults lo. President Me-' Senor Caiiah-jas. The oiihlnd coum-Il to-aay. It Is decided uiiilnimously to replv lo Minister "VVoudford that Senor De Lome's sponla- nccepliiiK it were considered sufficient satisfaction. It understood thai Minister reeelvcdthlM ImlnintlQP SurfriiK-t-- t'oiivcnllon. Woslilnitlnn, D. c., Feb. U-Kusau 13. Anthony the thirtieth annual con- vention of the National American woman Kvttled, hut as the weeks- havo passed Iho of tl.e unions In places when- thi.-re are no strikes claim lo have found Ihe ralo of under the reduction is no small that Ihu opurallvi-s have all llu-y could do to make ends meet and are not able lo help rhelr New Uedford M-elhrrn. 1 his fact beinjr borne out by reports that Ihe assistance n.-colvcd at NoV Red-ford from I lie ootloi'j mill employes elsewhere was dlsYinnnlmlnr'. H rn'.icH to (in with Ihe recommentlallon that pi-u.1 IIP undertaken. The local unions will take action on the matter during the, next week or Trxdern llullluli uu tolloa. Mprket CouimeiitH. N HW YORK. Feb. London came unexpectedly br-lgh fen ranged once. enerai -William Booth, commander or the Salvation 'army, addressed a meeting or ministers of all de- noiiiinmion.s at noon to-day In the Sniltli- lield Street Methoillst church. J he large auditorium was crowded and the general received a hearty welcome. Him made an address. Affirm ou Allen Itosolitilon. Washington, -D. C.. .Feb. Us re- port on the Allen resolution by the senate loreJgn rotations committee, after quoting the amendment, the committee, pays': th'R Imposed amendment is with .1 joint resolution which 7' wns sent tH iousi- or reinv.ser.tn lives and referred standing committee or thai liodv ln 'linn nf A'atliktial lOilneiittonal AHnoelalfon. Chicago, III.. Feb. executive com- mittee of the National editorial association was In session to-day at the Palmer house. Between elxly and sevenly edllors from Massaclnisells- (o California wero nreseni It was decided lhat Ihe annual meltinj will be held September fl to 9 at Denver. Pluevil Under Ilotid. Paris, Tex., Feb. l-l.-Joe Dodson hail n'n oxajnlnlng trial to-day before Justice Dlck- stm on a. cliarge of murdering his wife Ho was placed under bond, ana in do- fault went io-'all. 1'Vll Kroin n Tyler, Tex., Feb. Bre'nhaii, ,-arpi.ni.T, fell from a scaffold this morn- ing, breaking Ihree ribs and otherwise In- juring him so llua his recovery is doubtful. Fli-e Department llt-11. Lngrnnge, Tex., Feb. 13.-The Lagrange nre dppartmpnt reix-lved their new bell and II was put up next to the engine house. It IS a very line bell, costing ?20U Goldlhwalte, Mills Oo., Tox.. Feb. Sheriff GeesJIn arrested two young men yes- terday charged with horse theft in Bell county. ill- Iiitvrrt-il nt to S" <luty. 'to our "coiinlry.' for tho rights welfare 01 our own people. Thi-lr and humanity, onp accord, admitted (heir obedience' pbllKatlons und duly or P'lrlsilnn Hvlll" tlon demande.l rhe Intervention or mr governmeni against ihr-lr cruel nbandnnmcnt h5- Spain In Hi" r nf termination It vms .-ondnctlni- Hu-iinut Cuban people. This ii.uimlltc'e id no, reason lor juiRgi-stlne iho niralKirniinn o( that resolution In any part of Jl" lory of the- war In Cnh.i, Vp; n-i-.ini- Biurvntlon'bj liundli-.lu of Ihous.iiMis vim st'll ThP wmup hu.-i nnlhlnc In resn-l ir lo mortify n.- in HUM the a.lopli.u, pn-ilofih-d for iirllou. inul Mill im-M-lullv'ii'i- vltoa Ihn ronrurirnc.? nf rf Hi all no-iip end ir. with ihe spirit ol cur UUIons, lh- ;n ih.lr n.-lion iiprm all questions presenter; to clly of- Kanllugo On ha. Tin. colon, from Spain, m-rlvM to-day with (le-nenil Miu-i-riii, rorly-lhree sol- wine in cvrlair. ,-aus.. wirprlwi-. the pVoi-o-i s upnn at a Bryan, Tex., Feb. 14.-Mr. John Rohl, aged 70 years, who died at his homo at Hockfey, will bo buried hero to-morrow atternooiu SPORTING TOPICS. New OrlcniiM nitnpM. New Orleans, La., Feb. weather and a fast trae.k wero the conditions to-day. All six favorites benien and Ihe rlmr had a chance to even up recent losses. I. Irst race, seven-eighths of a mile: Crys- talline won, Wiggins second, Octavo third. Second race. Ihree-fourlhj) or n mile- Lau- rr-t I.r-iif won, Lotfstlc second lllat-k A nnl.. third. Time: 1.16. ,mH0: Qlenmoyne won. 1 42V4 J ote Kitchen, third. l-'ourlh ra'ce, three-fourths of a mile- Med- w- 1'. i-'irt'h race Ihree-foiirths of a. mile: Lillian Tlini--lirii- "ccoiul, Dorothy 1U Ihlrd: selling, one mile: Kverest won, Washington LABOR MATTERS. lias been cut through lied Fish bar would be of much service. The buildings of tin- station have decayed lo such an extent that it Is impracticable to remove olid place them elsewhere. It Is .estimated that to re-establish this light on the edge of the channel, where It would be of great use lo vessels going through the cut, would cost, say, SSOOO." Twenty YearH AVItlioat n. VlNtt. Masters of tramp steamers do not have any of the pleasures of family that Iho cap- tains of regular ilners onjoy. It often han- pene 'that a niaster ef. a tramp steamer UUVM not see his famllv for several years at a time, especially If it so happens that ho hus had hard luck, needing, every cent that ho can secure to make boul meet. Usual- ly captains take u lay-ofE for ano voyage, mm somenines it so happens tnici they ciui leave their vessels In the care of a mate when 1-n a port of their native country and take a run home for three or four days bo- fore the vessel Is reafly to sal! to some por- tion of the world of miles away. Tliesu- ore more forluuaXo than thu capluiu whose vessel has lieein chartered for one or more yi-ara In a trade remote from the bumu port. These seldom gel to go home they tfet leave of absence at their own expense or are fortunate enough to get transferred to some steamer of the com- pany that Is plyl-ng In a trade nearer home. There are in (Jalveston at present 'two brothers. masters of ships; who went for twenty years before they canie together In one port and enjoyert company of one "another for several successive days These uro Captain Holman, master of the Headlands, and Captain Holmaia, master of tho Glenvoch, and as incident has it, they uro both lying at the same pier, elevator A Once their vessels passed when the Head- lands was coming out from Port Said o.nd the Glflnvlch was going In nnc-thor direc- tion. They hailed one another, and there were excJtlng times on board both vessels But then they did not get a chance to en- gage In conversation. At the expiration of: twenty years tney met In Rotterdam nind there had or four days together On the lost voyage to Galvestorn, in Decem- ber, they wore together nearly the whole time that the steamers remained In port for they both an-rived about the same time and sailed within a day or two of each other. Prior lo that, In all tho time thcv have been coming lo OuJveston, which cov- ers a period of several they hava always missed each other. O..O would ar- rive Just after the other had gone-withln a few If they passed In mldocean. It woa when they wern ma-.ny mllea apart. Before they could catch up with each other Poll-carp n Ramon de Lurrlnuera t Sllvurdali! Jomes.....ut firemen Thurslon Barry 110 While Cross 1K ........................Rio do Janeiro BC1IOON1JR. Clara A. Donm.-ll. BrendoRe.Baltimore 1-2? Ilorae.o W. Macomber, Bray.Baltimore 1-29 Movr-int-tit of Ycnni-lff. Havre, Feb. La Brelagne. New York, New York, Feb. Taurlc, Liv- erpool. LhTrnool. Feb. New York. AnrsnJa, Marine Klneak-. Feb. Navigator rrom Giilvefilon via. Newport News for Liv- erpool. LIVKSTOCK, Roported for Tho News by Borden Bor- den, Livestock Commission MerclmnU. Beeves Yearlings and and calv Thla day Thin week 13G This season In SO Fed beevea Fed ouws............... Orass beevea JM 2J3 SS 243 IK 243 3.S13 73 85 SS K8 S.WIl si Second quaUtiy. fairly, supplied with cattle nnd yearlings: choice selling strone at top prices. Sheep in demand. Fair supply on hand. Now Orleans. La.; Feb. dally for News by Crowley. Flautt Howell, commission merchants In livestock. Spanish-Cuban jingo talk of our papers. Her advance from to per cent, Union Paclllc, Southern railway and Louisville Hit favorites, and these, with other stocks opened well. here, but in ten minutes tho advance had nearly all disappeared. Then Is one chief reason for this. The markc. largcly held up liy the Morgan and othei big Interests, who have underwritten man; millions or bonds, but who meet no re- sponse to their efforts because cf tho bear- ish feeling lhat exists and the fear that there may be trouble yet wllll Spain. The best informed here and abroad do not be- lieve there will bo anything serious, but until this la assured the market, will be fltful and nervous. Louisville was helped In its rise abroad by reports circulating there Lha't 4-per cent dividends would be resumed In August, and Union Pacific's sharp ad- vance was on the Kansas Pacific settlement jetween tho government and the Union Pacilio committee, which the bears have declared congress would upset. Metropoli- tan railway cut somo remarkable capers, advancing: lo falling lo- 157 and tlnish- ng 162K. The last hour of Ihe market wns flooded with "war" buncombe, with a re- sultant fall of %W2 per cent, compared with afternoon. Bonds had sales of following itocks somewhat in. heaviness. Government ioupon fours fell Jfc. Texas and Paclflc sec- inds, 33; Missouri, Kansas and Texas sec- indu, International 3 97Uifli anil tho bulk of rhe plg.s went for Them was n Fund for sheep und luilllw ut better iirlces. sheen being wunled at for Inferior to pi-lino flocks: fed westerns bringing SOfii) 4.CO; yiiiirlingB, MM 70 Choice light weight slreep und lambs were fully luo higher. Rrceipla: Cattle, 19.EOO- hogs. sheep, Kansas City, Mo., Feb. Callle- Re- ceipts. 3000; southern'. 1300. Native fvd eiittlo only bent r-lilpirlng nnd ex port grades slendy. Cows heifej-H lo lOc hlfc-her; Klucki-rs and feeders phuil of the Hartford Thompsoiivllli'. has been clos.-d for ilpllnilo period. hands ifctfif. An misatfrfniuory- demand U to have been the cuii.ii- of' porliou of the Wpsllleld plalu fjH-Uiry ut Thimipaonvllli1 closed. un In- alao has been l.rtmc affiiir b.rji ,i t) Wr have I.e. u fnr Inr Mils inn) -..HI. lu pnlnt of II Is .-..ifi-r h.-lnl xnnili In .1 IMP manner w.........n Knliinlnv IEIH ronslsln pnllrMy of li'.n. uiiil mi-ii will be Kent meet r-rilMnhr if-riirf-d III 'S sound. ainmiiii the Mi-amer that v.-.i.-; .nm'i e IIIK Aim nnrl at auou. o o clock out Into WEATHER AND .CROPS, (It'ahi.in, Ti-x.. I1...-A fine rrl ,1'ty all ovi-r Young i-oiimy ami ;lip l.t'il .hill.-. 'I'.-iill.-s :nv :ili .-.r... r-.mni-ig bi-lsklv The Pant'i LonduB Cable. Now York, Feb. Evening Post's Lonuon nnanelal cablegram says: Tho stock markets were quiet and easier to- day, but with an absence of buyers Americans opened good, but finally cl'osed flat on reports of an ultlmalum from the United Btatos to Spulu. This was not gen: eraJly believed, and. barrlna- anv ..lic-h po- litico) news. 1 must still report 'a very fa- vorable disposition In llnanclal quarters here toward Americans. Many, Indeed, are looking for o real 'boom. Sicw York Dry Market. New Yorkt FeV week opened with trading of a light, character In both first hands and jobbing markets-. There was a fair-sprinkling of buyers In the city, continue to trade on a conservative basis taking only limited lots of goods, which they need to satisfy the demands of the depleted stocks. Mail orders were light again to-day, and salesmen reported thai Jobbers and retailers, though pxperlencint a fair trade In most sections, were to tako hold of goods'. Tho tone of the mar- ket continued strong. Converters wero again Ihe heaviest buyers. Print clolhg unchanged at 2 3-llic. VlHlhle Snmily cf Grain. New York, Feb. 14.-Tho statement of the visible supply of grain In store end afloat Saturday, February 12, is ns follows- Wheat, bushels, decrease SSSI corn, 48.572.000 bushels, decrease oats, bushels, decrease 753 000- rvo' S.948.000 bushels-, Increase 3K.OOO- birle? bushels, decrease 6000. FIHANC1AJU Ncwr, Office, Feb. 11.-Money la in ample supply ana easy and Is quoted by the banks at 8 per cent. EXCHANGE AT QALVESTON GO Par. anil ''w Missouri Missouri. Kan-Bos nnd iSsf MfHHouri. Kansas and Texas prof....... 3fpJ Northern Kurthuni Pucilio CTiajj nock St. Paul preferred........ TDXIIS and 1'acltlc............... 12 U'ubush..................................... 7 Wubash 38% Stall's 4.1 WeiIs-Kurtfo express.............. JMHsceJlnneous: Americnn cotton uil......'......... American cot-ton oil preferred... American American lobauuu preferred... 1'ncitSc Mail......................... Silver certificates.................. 31% r.1% 13S nil w.-II JIII-U.-.1-I" rriH.iiiv will r- ".'his yenr il will .-nnnly will nt lain home J'hllndflphla Inn't so much. Thoro are ro'irlf.im iit.-iiiii-r.q In !i-c- im'' w'll prol.abh- ,H) far ex-i-ppd that n; as lo mako the ArrlTnln nnil Dcpnrtilrei. 1'ort of (Inlurstor, Fob 14. AfllilVKD. Roll Jtary K. 11. a 1207 J u trom ijij John Mo. -l-' and tor the remainder of the week- Imnhi' and ewes. St. boui.i. JTo., Fob. Cnttin: nowlnts (W shtpm.-nls market, f-'nlft.-. lower fop iii.I'vtv.-: Tcxtins shiuli-. loi-r-r- (o oxr-irt sieers l-ulk of Wwrfw.- dr.-.-w.i and liiilcher lieor and liiilcher Bloers, Si' fUli-H, wlerrn nnrti-r HlOft' pound- M.S.VH4.BI, bulk of Biilps. i-UKM. I jr, "lock- mi-: foMorn. -fl- i-ow.i and 'Inxat nnrt 'lii' J" American silver...... dls. LONDON. MARKET. Hank rate................TlfS; consols i'-ic EXCHANGE AT NKW ORLEANS. To-day. Yeslerday. Slerllug, com'l, Gus....fl Sl-ti-siVi fl li'nmcs, bank, Cos.....u 6 22'-i New York Hlght, bank Par. Par. Commercial 100 dla. 100 dls. KXCHANQB AT NEW YOHK. To-day. Yesterday. bank. S.114 Jl S314 StnrlliiK, comrr.orclal. 4 4 Uffi-hsmo.rka M 7-lfi Commercial W 7-lll-V, li 6 21% less j-ius-3 MK.U- YOTtK STOCK MARKET. Now York, j.'oii w-akness of slocks wan prcnouncod lo-iluyniul pe.rtreat- ed every iler-arimcnt of iho market. Tho decline was iiulte uniform In tho genei-al list nr.f! ,-i few hlRbly suecnlntlvp, bonda t-ioKt- s-.n.-rely. I uas sum.ort In (hn way of '.he buying orders av any point nnd prices went off cavlly and rapidly Tha market steadier an.l ntner rri- ulv. but dulliwiit followed t-verv Tennessee coal and iron............... Western Union............................. !i] NorUiwestern LONDON IdONlCY MARKKT. Ixiridon, Peb. for money 2 15-1G; consols for account, 113 1-1G; AIi-xl- can, ordinary. 23U.; Mexlca-n Ce-ntrnl liar silver. 25 15-ltid. Money, 214 per ccul. liale of discount la open market for short and ithree months' bills, 2si ner cent. v ON TUB LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. London, Feb. 14.- Business Inside and out- side of the stock exchange here- lo-tlay waa weak on realizations for New York account EXCHANGE AT PARIS. Paris, Feb. on London; 25C for checks. at a "Bht Prohibition Victory. Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., Tex., Peb. local option election was held In Palo Pinto precinct Saturday which, resulted, in a victory for prohibition by IS majority. SHERIFFS' DEPARTMENT. nnllnM County. Dallas, Tex., Feb. from Jones Hollilleld, at Orphans Home, four eight- Inch leather belts, about 28 feet lonff, also ono four Inch leather belt, aboift 26 feet long. This belllne was stolen from Jonea HollllMd's Kin riinco llle 2uth day of Jan- uary, 1S9S; was all nearly now. only having been used one season, and was all riveted together. All of It was Bullhead brand and Munsoii bolt. Messrs. Junes IjoHltleld will pny liberal reu-iml fnr liojilnj'anfi pay 51S for thief. Ben li. Cabell, slierlff'JUa'i. las county. Ktrayeil or slolen: One black horse 7 or S yearn old, Imnds high, left foot been cut above, hoof, scar on right Jaw, shod all around, collar and saddle marks: liberal re- ward for horsi-. Address Will Fay, Elm counly "m K' DallM long my tiiroat waV filled Tiitu sores, large neck, and a horribles ulcer broke out on my jaw, says Mr. 0. H. Klbert, who resides at cor, 22d St. and Avenuo N., Qalveston, Texas. Ho was three pro- nounced cured by prominent phy- sicians, but the dreadful discasa al- ways relumed; he was then told tliab was the fallen out, srid liu WHS in a plight, After takint-on? hol.tlo of S. S. S. he begun to improve and two floicn booties o u r i Mm completely, sn Mint for more thansixyoarsho 3ia? liAt] no of tlio dfarnsn. Book on tha lu trMtmtwt ndlnt tnr, by Spcciat AtltBU. Ua. sss

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