Tuesday, June 11, 1878

Galveston Daily News

Location: Galveston, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Galveston Daily News on Tuesday, June 11, 1878

Galveston Daily News (Newspaper) - June 11, 1878, Galveston, Texas the ailg ,.y Jfoow, but thM wollld jf im wiicl1 u ppoml Telejrrftrti upon reappearance and the ;''-Jllir'' Kin Sheriff JvWn "I I'Biiion county, summoned a pursuit. I t'inm i Elm io.t i; tb" 'led prcgie.in. Bus CCIt jlcar, within mile from Den wher tiitflH ho TUESDAY. JUXE 1878._PRICE_., CO- c.v-.ft, r jTri went to ID the i did. Super suld- r treated me in yo" wfore li Jltl on Kind. to tho NCWH n AJ'EW- June 10 courier br'ouclit new, yesterday to the 200 under Gsrza PW mile, nortl. 0, Nsw Mj af; "r a siren! engagement completely them, making n.any prioaen ormi, hones, etc Mans- are reported killed ami on sides, details There was great rejoicing in Ncw Lf- redo on receipt of the above news The BELL AM) UQSOLT EtV YOJflK. ar Teim Wool and w INDIAN "f Vermont Jlnl Of OrCIrtT- aa __i ,----c of .'iAO' ISpeciai port by of Mr.'iArd'JlV'! who U mtcrep In thii conncc thai wi'llln miles from town Shortly afu-rward they were ma by South, town marshal, and half Plir'iCS "Dd eft h'o while dismounting. After "iimfwr of shots were exchanged oir in a southerly dirucllon. Tnri'o encounters occurred thirit-L- ria't re.ulting no numerous" reports Saline titUe from Mason to Oity night of the 7th y' )a made a the merits to take up, _- -UADT? uiornineD hart through creek f peaohiug, he securely eared into Tarraut couiitr ro. aud camped in nick dry AM'O.MO. [Hpocltl Telosram to the 1 jfiSHK-Sr; fence immediately the bering aiity h Brewer, whe wuu .ucu By and were re- referred tiona. rmegca and Elec- to 1C} cents, .elected'; Wperleatner stock, S to n pound, U JA SfTio cents, selected; knife, SO to -0 Pounds, 8i to Gold Cotton ,iuiet. TIIE Won .Meridian on SatBrdir. and a Fu fur Cupt. Lmof, Ilarrpnt- a .Storm. De "traocratic coun'.r conve-i- -oco Bel! county met 'tLe cour; oiLc. t ,-day aud organized with Geo rr'd H- E. Brad- a'-r- precinct WHS tent 40 delegates to stats convention, instructed fo] f: H. E. Hubbard, governor; Jos Bayers, lieutenant governor; Stephen lJ.-iri.en, comptroller; Rufus Y. Jamea L. Smith of -ed, general land office- Geo. JJcCormick, of Colorado, attorne; P. X. Uarris, 3econd choice and A T STi--0.lcorortreiuiurer-' RELIEF Of THE ORPHANS BAYLAND Don't Fail To Attend Tim PICNIC T0 BE FOB THE r OfimFHOME. -n ria> -t 3 A ,'r A I u -V'.V-" cr-T, r the i TABI.U. Berne from ser gation urday. lhst j- 7 f te ia- the lo cenioleui lhe eyer rn' ihs revenue, of slate diicoaDt, anc of preferring on to anolhtr? Aft. aad four months of a policy aim spccicut preten where they otsjy pactiw bentflted bv boadboideri who pur- bondj at gsc Bnd BQW t 111 K> us, tliew loW, while at enditon cu t Jhp rntiH DOt t i TOttfl IS uui, _ycc completed aod hut twn About THE INDIAN WAR. Tho motioj. excused nervine- on th Second wnisner w neck. TimeS.Ki. OnemiM and a quarter; Ba Bell third. Time licit! D contrive to a. th the mur the District venire ed for "ic at the Abac idjine, charged About way of for attack the South fe'116, CORPUS CHKISTI. J.-UQD aistnct to Kon.o. 10. Calling i on f 1 dj tho 'xecutors m in the bill. he house ia ivnee o te vil Appropriation. up j debt which iMrctM It b Wig of ?i sHSrSrSSs and J w ffliaaing. "itrodaced and refe oi Massachusetts for industrial classes for tlement of public protection of the fr depredations marine and I n'3! of a "earner'... cab.n picked up two doors The sir v a H Jones, which arrived here on YOKK, June TJhp the ntxt administration Prevailed hero last very large-some larger than I hen knmvn are fluent ever unoivn. Corn in roasting ears C'nrtnn bioom? large and heavy yilid8t0d' promiscs tbe of osque Conner Convention [Special Telegram to the New." offlctaSv1 SECOND od It) JobBKQ Mrs. Cook. THIRD TAUtu. FOURTH TABI.K. fotfee Ktand, li. J. John Mrs. Stcclc. KIM -____ r.t'. ".VK >rf; SIXTH TABJLB. Ti-w, Mr HKVENTU hy EIGHTH TABLE. ._ T Crea j -lutler, lief of the and for tho from Indian We near Cold for s incresscd to Allalrn in tubn. latest the state convention, all for and so instructed. W. reaclv Revenue bill to rep till t Percent, on state baaks -is is still possible the Tvas _sunsf tDia morning in in the presencG of thp general, the authorities, and of K rborts Ma? f will arrive in lTaVaaa absut the middle of the week '1Vl-'la wceek.fter take3 effec' The Bennett Ocean Sub CTmiWee the Ne wVork regularly race will be governr Tie NINTH XK.VTK tSuii.s-ci S ij I'JI VTOG tr-E-Mso i n-'.o Dlock' H" Itat.. tort o ;M ut it. w-e- the Trinity fa tSntgh't wore free fight, :u which a Or ed i _ ,n J P r. ai ed wfco eoieptroUcr Alderman la QTcry diamiased. AFFAIRS AT AUSTIN. K> the Newa'l ilUtTllPfl Qnrl i V. I, J U.U CTG shoVt-horn m the roHtnn t "Dc grade sheen with "'PI, J of ten mi'es of Tavlnr [Speolil Telegram to tha New, i o went ashore on 3an Felipe Keys nSid Club, but Tfithout A Wme-tone w.ei- LSpeclal Tfllegrtm' to the Kews Clianee ot Schedr WASnraoTON, June 10 W8 clary ofThe to day .llla captain reports eight feet of m the hold. Assistance font. I'-i- Tno Our. waecatemattes will frr' .ac8es8amfc raCCS and both The Columbia will not enler for --v pairs in the foregoing races. wi 11 pe'm doanot TOE SALE OFSTANDS, Etc A T SCHMIDT'S 04.RDFN- vnn TABI.E LONE STAR All uuuiion, on uroundf, at pub- MOND.IY, JrJNE 17.AT -p n r ,s Horie? 3' TeaP'c AI- from bW'1 taken OICer' ien Iw Committee on stwd.. CO.-nmiTXEE OK SocJecieo, BIoMom Itc. tlantic, Cherry Bed I New n-l- SE Hook aofl Lidner'No 1- Th :r' "5" Coiip-iay ttataSi1id.UwiUwbw ia 9onza'e3 precinct sur- Circuit court I large tract in Leon The decision Special Telegram to the Kewa 1 BLOSSOIC June pi Telerrmm'to the N6W8., it to be some of )rm remaina fe WASITINGTON, June 10 mtttee have made no com- TT----i..._ maue no Droprflda on Mr. Condition i. lesting a quite itc so were_attecltert_and badly blaten" p kjjtton Worm Destroyer C. ill Todd. W. M. Robinson, John k'cSiborw, J. M.O. Jloiard, J. E. Jlason. J. N. Savver J. M. Another In .o J- O. Bteln, .TRY IT-TEST'IT in Jell 1m Ip 1'. J. V- S- C. T. McMitiiin, hldDf-y Poudcier, J. COM. E. liicter. ON' FINANCE. KB: i-'riok Tne Oregon JElectlon. On., June I-P publ.can state ticket was f p" for K' ---------------.---________jcn im Ctgyy j TifOGffllEB PRESSES FOLDING MACHINE, irSalc Tor Cash, AT T7iE LVBSTO.V XErVS OFFICE PHI-; PiiOi'JiiKTOh.s OF THE no_ A Web Perfecting Press two in w-a JfU a-, th.: iur.-hfs Inrf. Ucurers (Onlj- i Taj I or Small fjlin- in Perfect Order. I Machine, in Excellent Condition, for ii. HEI.O CO., __ BLESSING BRO PrtOrt accruca to Jb'recch e County Convention. l letestraoi to loo The German Em. and appetite increisini s'rc.-igth Iu aa first Bee County Convention. ISpecIU Tsleftram to the News.! iijjiL'wjutr Qpip- J. Mullone T J T- T minister, died herb to-day eravian Hall ter at Jlarshail, Teiagi P05'11115- GIVES SPECIAL ATTENTION" TO and EnUrgln. plctnpe. to ary Street. Qeo. J. S. J. H. Roblwon, A. d Bsiter! W. w. DuolcUn Jan. Htckrj-, Thori. L. C. Fither, A. Robin, Ilecry Wm. Mllicr, ii. R. J. ilayrac: Sic F r H' Chairman. r. L. Les, j A L CO.H.TIITTEE OS PHOTOGRAPHERS. (C.J for Europe Saturday. Wflo press' em- ver. ui QI je. AND USEFUL, Gao. a-e is Tort Cnii.h A :un POIn; S COM.n'lTTEE in collusion removing liquors. atulG- distillers iu Commissioner Ranm their employment. days. authorize a receiTer by the currency, of the HI iie dea-rer. G.iJ --raiT-Tlei-rer, t> e cTe- tiie trade to IN' i CO. eiclusirely open to to Bosrc Auburr J hotel en, haj been thrown Cane. -Sew Badfords, 3; ApoIIinaris ater German Suiter A.VD Hnnyadi Janos. A rEESHSCPPLY T A. Elun: i. J. E. Kau'diJl. -j.' B M. Welch, k. D., H "w Wilier cftshiE! ?CT' Hon. J. Zicvier, E r Hon. A. COTmrTTJEF COL w. rVv i- Kcw iwr.p. i-.Sic. BA no A i ;s Clayton Lynch. f-.r' a _J co Gates Open at 3 O'clock P. Admission the Groandsi E. Karl AUEORA

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