Tuesday, April 24, 1860

Civilian And Gazette Weekly

Location: Galveston, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Civilian And Gazette Weekly on Tuesday, April 24, 1860

Civilian And Gazette Weekly (Newspaper) - April 24, 1860, Galveston, Texas ' AT�i-ra aa*alA.^H galveston, tuesday morning,' APrIl 24, 1860. no. 4. live for Mouthing, be do*, idle - look about tine for employ I DM notdowa to useless dreaming- letter ig the aweetcet Joy. PoUad hands are ever weary, Selfish hearts are never gey, life for thee hath inany duties- Active be, then, while you mif etoaMer Mespinga m thy pathway 1 Gentle words and cheering smiles Better are then gold and silver, With their gnt( .MapeUing wiles. V the pleaaant srtnehlao falleib. Erer oo the grateful earth, Bn let sympathy and kindneaa. OUddan well the dkrkeiad hearth. tfeaH there are oppreoaed and weary , Drop the tear of sympathy, TFhissnr words of hope and comfort, Give, Bad they reward Shell he for waao aay sotd returning, From this perfect fountain heed. sYetlT, M thou freely givest, Hhall the gruteful light be nbo!. gHatribailad te the ktattn. afletal statement just completed by H �'- at,the request of Senator UemphiG i the following arm* bare beou dis-to. the several State* o^tico, WEWEIMT, IPBIIi 18, I960. The steeniahip �t Laites, J W Barker, W Martin, R Johnson I. A tdenofnga, M Qnin, MoOroeda, C Wild worth, C McUude, Wharton, S B Fields, K M Currv \f- : (,'nreon; J Stamps A lady. li th:.. The f. S. H-ai: .steal Capt. Jaix. Fori eel, ur;\f! , mond&g with the fwlLmiiy passwigx is Mass's. BoanDauit, Harris-.il. Morau, Hvnie, , J % Bryan, A H Fellon, Htanohfield, Whiteside, , "' )Haydn,M^i�oT>an, M T Thompson, Hewbaii, , m ' Ferria; iftTRea, C Arurv, J J Lynch, Daniels, i ^\ Brdet^Sa'iderg, McDonatri, Fox, J E Gr�o,"I>r: , 8�T*�iiT, Dr i M Oatia, Whites Johnsuii. llr.i 1 Ureej*. ilisali Groce, I> Hill A ladv. J Oirr'.an- !< lady:* chi'.d. Miss Whiteside, !fern.�rd Tum CnASL�8TO!f CoirraNTiON meeU next Monday, and ilu procexliagii iri ^ipected with more than the usual iitefeal by 'he whole country. The leading quatioo n-.^u i.i not so much who will be. the nominwlor the I'resideiity '.' a* whether any comnmc plat/oni. tiin i�-^s^ibl.sh-etl vr any Qominalioa mmde, v.v. tlk- tisuni forum. Our adherencet andadv -of !>-ji'-ocrntic pnuciple.s, tor n perj��ii It. r'.y yrar^, baa Always been i>a.s<Ki upor.  l!,u - pr nciple- and actuated by tbt atn.e fie:mfc�. Wbetbc: -such in to continue- to be 'Jie �u.-m' :kt. the I'robleu,. li is .'.et-dSea* to ,.,y :;.-.\ �.[;.. olui-f"i'.i recehtly Adopted itf- the i-oi vmiin.i. �bieh n.s^-.-n:!^^-/. ^-;ly, fontaiUfc l.vlariltluns, -'tVtl �� UA\t �lo|.tr.! l.y 't.-.v nrtl.s il:e HvuvH <4 the I'uion. or aa ti.iTe : � .u:t rea- . *i:p[. T:, � the Charleston <-. ^liuija! platA)riii dee --]"' if' WaWtCa<a�^a�� 1*; Tiki thiri< white HM�Mi nutde the reauUef, bera in eeMuTi'3a%a<ii,al"al theBemberof Coeyeee-^ men to whiob tbsy will he aeverallj tut"'"' Tbua The House 6l the ceoans set of. Sneral ratio n tbia and olina 1 iiev limited by ii�Uer�. The [red'to main- lying Sliaaij Seerij/Jrkf eUa���i�s�j�Wip3WaWy I. iltii �� uam-tr-Wsf ^r*�W'r� ,of. 7 Tbo ... . Stale* gala 1* ��d lose 10-hemp ft positive i irain �f 4, with 4-3wmtorain MinnesoU aud Or-iiiou TbcadrautslonofKaiuiasaiidNebraika, which will Bpeedily happen, will add J Hepre--�� and �* 3e�*t�rs to the name side. t.Ouolina.. I Oaoralia.. wee addreased ^bsiJaew 9Tet% Chamber of Obntmarot by, ----- ~ �'� rsitap^wiatbeirlMH^ert Bainletineaxrn fhror ot fta perfect iiiaiiUj, *'Bfiyate pwperjy fjoro eptaru mi aee in ato�!�FWaV: _ yummne* <^ir, htawh M, two. T* P,jiBBIT,SaaV jjrjr Jfear <S�r .-Tour favor of the Sth injt., _______ _ r-., _ pen the ocsan f wer.ejWt^eaV liejt nd, end referred ,____Jt haa alnoe ocourrwi i thai the Wsjeej ap .eseiaantly dee to the qqinfelhit IWiCFnld addreee you a _____*A alallaTinK to bo- a to be aeetiiid by ail honor-BjejaMi M�'�lMlei ,ai-kind ooafeaue in MM lUte, it wOl tiwjwrtfnee be ie�rit-U, with Mm hmU a�ig�iUn( mwI *ree oiilhU country, we ihosJd be diirep iate a war erttavejBlitm pcaveMfasf a navy tu otore mam-mf4tttm lawVarfel tbu oar own, we should tbesMM � eoraparativety belplets condition without the aid of" privateers. 1f� �ughf With alaaeat as nraoh orrrpriely agree to abeadoaonr sntetn of volunteer mffitaa, aod treat alont to the regular anna for our defence on the lend, as to deprive ourselves of the service* of privateer, which are our volunteer and railitia upon the ocean. Besides, privateers may be strictly guarded from abuses by law, and be reeininM within Ihe rules which govern our regular mary. Ntitber would the abandonment of war against 'private property upon the ocean of i^elf afford freedom ana eoearity to onr commsfK. In order to accomplish this object, we muat proocud a step farther, and obtain the consent of the IKiwerful nnval nation.i, that merchant vei-Belis shall not be bloekadevl in port, but be suffered to l �,M0 45,000 18,800 54,090 3,500 li.POu' SO.OOO 18,700 U,5W W,000 1,10* 7,000 S.700 4,000 211,000 K,00>) SO.OOO 8.SO0 7, 0. Whole number of muaketo and riliee dirtribuu\l prior to the SOth of June last, -446,102- Texas KM not only required to disarm on entering the Dniori, bat ban only received in return Hie ;iii f�l en robe* of 1,600 mnaksl* and ride*. All the other States retained their arms nn rhe :"t mation i-*f tbx1 prcacn! government. Tentllatlon. A New York merchant of weullli, pm eiis?. ,1 .> fann "Ont Went" for a prpmi.sirnj ...on. urith.n ayear he IvH-nine unwell, ln-.purio* were i:;a.1 ' as bie ^leepiii|/ room ; the an�wrr was. !hs-he had for hi^ ehamber u larce nj'Oer r- -n well lighted. His siMer paid him a visit, soon obf�rved that his e'.iithinp in ! :s wardr �! t was Han:p, whi'r'.hat m tlu- drawer wa^ hciii.i |y moulded, when Ihe fact presented MfUiNK I.0.SSES.--In thi �taU . 1^.^ ra 'or ilarch, Ui-lde up Hi N' . ifcsd 6e steamer Sofia, built in l-> , tll�S-*W ^gK.Q.11... fw: 1' 'r I Ix.i-.4Lrt 'by U a nnderwrilers, a� nsn:.d I- : Irestm and $3,on(l o . .. (,.-, got dr. Staamer Commerce, o.;.:t i--;.v, Yoiraffor (Jaiveaton, insure-1 tor fjj.-ael aid freight, and $50j)(iu -n ear-*e�. S i SMp National Guard, built in 1�5; |efpoot for Ualveatuu, returned m d,-': 'tlljOfjQ each oo veksel and c,,rt- Bat^oe Robert Mills, built in Ir-j'J. ti erpool for Galveston, lost at ll.nyhoad. $i5,00u ; c*ij�o $InpUuii. Schr. Sam lIoust*-ii, f, ;:. ]1j':::: r.-vestoii. insurexl fl.iiin. j o; a .vii -�ciionai j.artii-m.i i:ic siavci v. i>ut, .sipniticant Sen.-.{,.> \\ v:,! tive.-ita :. iv;.i !ftre3 t:.a: :t.e paity elaisis fellovrah;- with and xo, j^raliflO of . ' '' Cttian, uht1<-r';. :ht if*u he hi^i^L-'.: the Hebrews" in i.:s de-. SnuUieru rights, i t'u itath C>ji.-'>. -.-uf<r IIiU. IK. : . rs, clmoieo I, ouni�- ento uit-r of Mi'-1. b tee kingdom of ! 1 t i i)�ES 1. BKV3KIN1H. n|y lent awhile -. i'heu -ink ink) the um.> tic Spring's teft bream -j: :t Winch shed their tieli ptrfs: t�- frosts 01 Wmu-r wtti.-i : i IHIKSUH, i rived tlii- :uL-n,.::^ : : coll-a. anil :t.> :' :. �%% Mrs Maurice, A I'll it- l! .-. :a:hl3, but .el:'. U:.^v: i being  it.,:. -!. t . : v..- night. ii - r rwarl- ; -..'.] p.~'c �. .ed.au* . . � : a:: fc.tr '! v � ". a .. , . :: . i.� A: clothes the all : iure '. liiev 'aili |; ,: :. -tr.ck If.: ad| in Liv- I urauri^l i . > i-! tie uls - Dew element 'f the L'l'iun, lor tlull order James K. Patldik -ttt: inst. at hi.s re \ork. Mr. l'auldii Ciiunty, N. V In 1807 M the author, died ,.u the lencc at Hyde l'ark, N\ iv wa- a n^iive Dutchess and was b-iru A up. 2i, 17711. 1'ftuldinir was connected with Wnnhinjjton Irving' iu the publication of " Sal- , ruagundi." Iu 1S13, Mr. l'aulding published j apjiointed " the divern'ru,' IlisUjryol John Bull and Brother .,'onathau," and the next year he published sev- , waj i�ch--r books. In lS2.r', havinc passed tke suuimer in Virginia, be wrot,. "letters i'mdi � st�k.-the South." Other books ot his wore the "Hack- �Maine.... .. woodenian," " Koningsuiarku," "John Bull in i Sow lliiuipmhi America," the "Three Wise Men of Gotham," | Vermont, tfie "Sew 1'ilgrim's IVosfrass," - Tales of the > MaHtwehnaett: Oondwoman," " The Dutchman's Kireside." Ubode Islaiel. " Weetward Ho," Sc. in ls.35, he published a ; ComiecJieut  Lite'if Wasbingt-.n.- atid ui-.r� recentlv "Sla- '. New Yt-rk. very in the Tnite-.l Statea." In public lite Mr. 1 Nej� Jersey Paniding has hail consideruble eijierience. In , lVnnaylvai.-a l.-.H be �'M Secretary of the Navy t'onm-is- O'-.i.-. siouere at Washinpt^'n, and al a jubee-jueiit [w- , riod navy agent it: New York. From 1M" u 1S41, he was Pecretary of th.-. Navy under Martin Van lliiren. Iailtcrly. Mr. !' wilbdrawn from the pub!:,- eve. i n: - : :i.e U �� : a:1--' -.-au o-a; exp' -�: . uii: b-.1 aahunie\i. , a.n a, a ' HehreU' u. N-a ;..,!. M, Jh.- idea ! ' r. '.-b- ; appn.vcs '.he :::iroductioii ol any I m at , lo distract '.he Democratic party j and prefers t* .-apporl any pood msi: ron: l.iv- i Presideiicv, ever, without a platforir, to beat the Black Hepubiieans, to the breaking up of tke Ciu�rl'.ston eonvention aud thedisso-lutioii ot the Democratic party. This does not sostain the ci'.reine oiarae required by tbvconvention of Alabama and Mississippi and understood t' be einiorsed by the Texas convention. Those who ejfs?ct to see the Alabama, Missis-.-iiii'i, or even the Texas platform fully endors ed al Charleston w:!l be disapjioiuted ; and w, thiuk that tboac who expect and desire as a fiey a.r ; 1 watcieal -1 i:= httie ,1 :�! seen - c... t'lel:. . u ould spi'.Bj T: . ivavi: Tew seem t" do that the tail:! views will load to a diss.du:, or even of thefleniociatie par! The Charleston nsist o| ;to;t uii'mbeix. as : srek .-rarv - 1 OTt he the room nas.-n the nut!; --ide overlooking an inunense flat prairie, ni� ruv orsunshine evereniere.l t'rr'n end to another. lie reti:::n.d ' N^v and died of turbeimlar wh;. grcsil reitamty. ws- ii��'-. i ^t, r -\ ,t natol. by tie itr.txfup.-. ;-�-..,�-[: Chaillbel . Ill* itV-"n if, Me :"MP the n'iv]Mna' aparluemt. ;!� .c.,!,, ., apaiimcnt which i- .^�er.,:-i : i \u part i�f twenty-! I window.- facLiijr th and th..: ue T�e: k  li living >|uietlv at his h. writinys ere Nv! ki-w A !'r:m;titr >lr \ri �! V.� 1: Vjpa-n rhimiilh tl.e S^ulheru eg �| �''�' '�'''-�"!!":! .' ' >: a t r ~.| ih .t t--w'i ' k" I tl it :' if i: Del.iuar, VU.-v.j: �: \.i^in.a. .. N it';: Crtroln.a . Soulb Car.'li s >xai i India Illi::, Vv: W.m'i I i*. a Vim., i'aii �'. Or,- - 1 vs .~1 .11 i-. 5 IjOU'si. We know 'r.vefe :,� ::. To (j.kI our iea ^ is � d'hou^h earth iijav :. Heaven has in .::.  Vest"!.. April Is, i-''e HPE.4K Ml lil. "e � - r ieiX e u >'..: � : n, hreatne eac: : lar LK.-neath a li...re.- : 1 ..ft a "..iter ��ed. - - �'"'.: .^e'^i'i^ ^ :' . is .'.vak ': � �- . ..- hear; tta: �.. ui.l lain aneth.-r'.- " r can n plea.se eVu ..: pr.ve Inimauitv t .:: ' e! as : .ach a h:e;.L: entiti.sr.: �: - ec: i^ el! as np- : > > . .*., ;.t : : tl.t '. t.derw: iters. '.'. - v.-.,;. v V pUced tUerv for lbs ' �\b:'..:::!. a i:h"bt, at private expense, "aa- this light may be infcrrn! �u.pl- fact tbnt fifty tbousan I person* .'.!. f doTlars in. properly pstas k ~�� i-. and these am unts -ue a1 i". As will be .s.-ea by ih^ -'-  - :--m iav. M: . i'.av. Uaa -,s-� � ,  : . n.PTa. � r the f 1" ^.. ; | (i.:.r|pr:l.N, Apr . : J liLA i. Ce.;�: wiuer' iWl, tialveat -u .i - '' S act the removal uf the iu;!'t-sbip fron. r -'.'.::.:: a^ it rac.ee h-hi near Uoj ntei b.�r, .(!.� ' valuabie carjo has Uen aa:..�i tt.e north breakers, and aa accident- :'.,i character arc liable u- occur at night, and in hoiy and f'ggy weather, fron: the absence of a fight at or near where slse lays, ive, the uierchaata of CoUveston, ask. of y.ju. as underwriters' a^ent, Ui pr..eurea suitabl" vessel to take U�- p.acc  ti� light ship aurinc; her absence. \oUaxetuliv aiiuvre o' th light at t:. i'- i !ace, iu..i n � -tt j those j I ^ince t! Oe 1 iion 1LS : i � . in the ha' : a �'! tin: n:.;ti:, l Usi: I th .: . : .. i IjT Tbe stoomahip flltMln, Cap*. H. Place, I from lirajhoar, arrived eariy akii (Thersiaay j mormng Willi New Orbmaf naaiia of veatenUy and tiac lullowing peatsabfHI AkboUA ladv, lag A Itfe Jr^apere 4 � Cbaiman, laal r A 3 ehiklreaJw Qrovea M tihtld Hweie, ladv k child, Clkl^'feW"", AID Ricketta, J J� Harris, Ko�tv . The speech was groatl/ appUudod t-v ui Southern aud conservative- uiemberf Senate. la the ilouee ot Uepreesntativee tbecKtoln li'iu to a,ljuiira u> tbeatjtof May, was tallcl b� a uiatority of 4j! v, uis. A till was iotrodneed providing for tbe O..o preasion of the Oc-'be trade by American r�-srls. The UU iraii pasa**l. In itiu Sainate, a joint reauluUtin was oiler>�l uroviding for aii appropriation .  i^o.OiMi nVfrej the expenses of tfie Japanese , mua � � The bid was passed. A bill waa.iuiivduoed providing (Mr aa ap-prat'.i.-n ��!" ?-lo.i,e;)(i, tu restore, the tecvi.i.. rta.ie-1 service � f tb� I'oat Office Ivpattmeti- �Note lark .Harsu-tt.f " : v V .�K A; - . '.:. The sales - f .-it-terday am- niiteo m 40ti bales. Th- nuilo. -- .-ed \ l-:y .iu.:, : ui pr- � ;oua r*tea � are ^.i Moaaiboat l)ha>tcr-l.��toi lift. "M: l. � Au'.ll'. rhe .-t�*uiU.*l L'eieL . .- i-avily iieighted, while ..liber |ia.Ksa�... ::..u: N.-w Orleans ti, i'ltLnburir, s:ruck a snarf ear lawi mo, aid e.m: iQimediA telv. l'brve : ::.-..:�.- .-. :..o. Is ere WUct l.\ U..e u'j/cc^ - . -1 : -.� ' i '= a: alidbe.*- v :ir^ "blel II � oiherb taiijaj.'* aire tbe first l fan'.  is the first te niak. ! runt e sand LraatliaB ^ . u.i.co bel^c aaserts ttu; a .-:.ai. --i �: transmuted by Al. Thouveiic! i. �.;� Ki:-sei!, to the efTeet that " if tbo dis-! ;�� i i... i by Mr. kinfrlake's laouoo u..  �  the Impcrtai Cioveruntebt �-: � bi.:1 e-p.sider Ihe Anc,:...-Via-u,:. a, n-v :..-if!, compromised, " :: u .'. , 15 hi lie-Kb. A U Tex.is Tennei. K.ent�< Aikan. passu ! h,� Ihe oak - . 1. :' As, 1 thai at I u thirds ueo-.-ssa; v � Stales named, oI " -i-il. and �l itT.-: � 1 '.r 11 M' . : 5 � N ; rii'l.rlf, lilu rrooi't tbal :iie -e i.u.�cK l Si. T..,jLiii-ue: ,,...,. .- 1 :.: .-u-.h terms Ibat w.l It is acknowieJge<l '.ha: s'/otien.'' but o'lu'luUf^ - ..-vltugs ' 'v. as ]> ii :i u; atna\ s . lr..ft tiiroiii;:. ,(o Drv O Tas> Mik KT�K0M�Any�w Massachb.- The S^lt Lake I alley Tan, the last number of that paiier issued before its *U3pcusion, coiUAins a Msk'utciit fTfltn Win. H. Kegers, in regard t-lb. lua.aaawre at XUxantain MeacWwn, in Septcm-b..r. l-i", when 120 men, woman and children, emigrants from Arkansas', 'were' murdered by M.rinons. In. oonapebW with !>r. Foriiev, S".-l�-i ii.tendeJit 01 IndniJ-'Aifcirs for lltah'Terri-t :y, .Mr. livgera, abt<ut a year since travers, d i! e diatiui of eotintry where the massacre occurred, llmsceneoif the tr�ge ^jf iJjiuflJe apparel were also u. M T%M,Bht*Jmit� T�nna>abwe, like tbe i-'ueeJtfliiihJ Mkn paee tuina, bleached from i iik,- cxe^aaere, rtt abtfr>ab�n� was, in many in-stancesatojWfo'-In k grrteh or holo in the ra-v iue by eaVaido of the mad, a brge number of ietr aitAajsaaeeiMaavwid aast> of Anils, eouM be ,.s.-n s^KsjwbOt* the) fWrflate, as if thay baJ HnJ attBlg ^-fflf*^^^*' ku again exposed them Wtnght The*ee&e scene was one too b-irribleJHate^sk^eete^riainrnaffe HHc'iuatcIv t. describe. ,.iltT�ft� 2- - " l'ii i -ti.--- oceasionai' ti'S iiiwrvd-ant^. '! has' i-ceu b e.-le- :l.r s' vears. As and i>r.v Gin.ds K Drj 4.ood>.. Us rua: ket fc. -.v. are I seerrtuea^ beeauae as the external il fishes '.h:xn: �: the window , r. viee^ �. -nppl-Ihe defiolelicy eau^fcl by tlo-.-,si|.- .,r lUr np '.he ehue.nev. If r.al open lb,- l,.w,i sash "f a i\ ind'ov, Ib-.re it< Mu,r\. dialt, Mil ..jcii flu? u-nTHM sllsb. file SMifjo h ilttt %uilviMOiti mud fat ruuutvueti uiomilalu ...r n..u. >-.i ti.� i............. :..... I formed bv him. i nave tho nonor th: i-ceiiuse- il trie 1... in-. s,llh iv: caasrf a (.t-n luportrtUioi [-ro^rtesiv -uira fri :n � r the la Kci'iionust | '.irk. the r - i eeipi-S for Ih if ih- W.hu roller Silk Flat..... Miscellaneous van. us dr-. nionlh.s end: le^S. J.s,0\i0,2i: s,54fl,isn l,-.i(,*-7 l.i^j.uw 1,131 the V c;.- -.Is tnaiui:i.-'ur-s ig March Sit!. l'i1.'. ISO;-. �,ii2,w2 'a.roo.oaT s,')J0,986 7.5*1. SI'S M-lo,773 12,072,lrt7 .1,2fl2,Sflil 2,7n�,7PS 1.1M.TS9 1,8* ids ! award; bin if "he u[.|vt sa^b ix* op,-n i:;.. b,-.twx-^airef the rnx.ni vr l !1 rush - ut arid of -�'::> tik-re will !>-' i".-H .irar^ mn a- ! A -x-.-i > ''-.v venlilated b? 'hk.-liil'ir ihe u; p. i f-a- ,l-.>.:-.^. oiU-r, al .New Vork. the r - ' hot veuulaUyl an. �l. -!. ...�a - ...rnj*' � -i-> .-a* > Th- Willi drn.-s damp bneli. be-a-..^. \-: ' -: ! iir.i a hjx'iijre. iitibbs-.^ ll^ ',ntt in;.- ' .iu. r frerr. the snrfaee of:-.:i.-i: ^- '*si a- ib-.-v �u l'orroe-1. The h.-i-'M pis>-- u -. r� i-rh ,., chapel is :n (he e;lierv, fir^au^.- '� -\:---' :.:: of the boil lu ascends, an-1 a'! :' - e..l-l ai: 9? ! S4,o7a.i�l I s5p..0.a! .lUa-nlion should b- rdati.si of sUr.ping-r.s.riiK ; tor Swire air aod im abundance 'rf n are, if p-.-^ib'e, nvort oeceaaarf whea ivti.ne rst.-ep tbau when we arr awaks SleepiUfT i.k�ius shmild tki lanrw, high, .li-A a:rv. 'mors esp-a-ialiT u. wane lat.tndeft, and in s.i:: ataotts, where tbe wintlnws have ' k. ft , - 11- si. Wet st- man ;..i nifiin. > lovjitH-f r in rs i. ' ape.: lo, le I ii.ir 1- r - here Te' . , whetb, Who- :I lu 1 ii ? m To thom WHO It Toted. .I�,'J45,1 it apjieari fioai Ihn eonparison t-hat the tu-crenae for the Bret nnarier of IW over tlial o/ ISitI aiaMBta n. $�.fl!^,31S, ,* i.ither more than 10 per ee�t. Il will be observed th^t the incrowM- has bei'n chiefly on manufactures of �,.ol and of silk, whilst on clton goods and linetielherv has been j closed at night on account of malaria atleciea-S''. Tbo importations of silk jro-vdn fori the ij'iurter has neeti #12,t�73,I7S, r- thirty-m J :s.-r cent -t the entire-impoiiauon-f di i ^ools, a propovruKi Bianifeatly moim-iatem w,Tb tbr legitimate r��jniremcnte of tbe trade. The excess on this ctaea of goods over !aet v-a: is $S,SSr ,n*.w9 i.e. in;- the is ".Tl, ' Bol al tb.-- b. to he**- who ranir the the door '. l)lcsw-.l p that, on this rail: .ad, " age id . Ac, WK*i � -n^r -� bo\ ar bv Co Wr.-i, e.l formed Ins evj w 1 '.be lull. , Kr,ss I'' cross th In;:. ::;-that'.f the el. These iii.- pe explore I6e u.i-1 i Rnckv .Maiiiita.a ck,-l al 'ih. sp.ril : Frf Bi h free 1. lulg ril i i on *ihi-iiie Baran Muncliunarn. 1 be "Advenkire* of Iianin Munf hs.u^ ii .�:-.!� a work written several yeara .ipo, for :'.- ; ur-|>oseof putting tn ahame a elnivs. / � titers, wb.., in giving to Ui� work! (iccoiiut-s o.' i*kji ...It.^i-Inrea iu forelgit lauds, t..ld al! w^it.s .f inipr-r. able storlee. in order to render thwu.-f! - .-s r.-o. ISib'.y. . 4� � t'l "il.-22 i ikwananoscrip', as it shouM be aid be a (peeiTevarto exbtontand priuu>rs. should those wbottMH ftrHhi�%ieirt -oftserr, the foUowia�;,aa�.:;-TsjayWre�iMon�ble, and -rreopondenta|ehould �ejtjsaijs%an��ji] such . I. Write with blankh)k,nu whisepapcr. � . bed lines. J. Maketbenage#�Mie�tMn-4Tffteiof f.'ls- "^^mrHf pe^fek Sbwt blank. !. Oive to tbe wriWH page an ample, margin all ivund, ..'.'" rder ^ their succeseesjl.' .-''.ai u.' -0. Wril^k^lK^kpS^h^hand, wiib less re- 7. UawwBHB'rlationii which are bo: to 1'iiiiied. ..'.-� l^.itijj^je�ihraoora iue line . the small eapitate. \mo-y etnatftle, tbref. 10. Tw� ^taM mm with every letter in proper nejMB. � ~" II. Revteff eTejW word, lo be sure thai none is Illegible. f . 1.' Put direction* �* the printer �t the In ad ot tbe brat page. 13 >ever write a. private letter tb- the editor t. tbv printer'seopy, but always on a separate -beet ----t�e* .---- Wool -Mr. B. C. Wethered, of lrsltirjiore, sb'. coimuunioatea to the iioret Register, some . - . a..'oon tipoe^e airinial jf peeperiny wool i the market, the eatlttaaee of whieti r? as f.ll.iwn: i ir.i. remor* tbelegsandleg locks, then sheer -od giiread Ihe Seece on a clean door, or table, ti, .tb Ihe sheared part down ; th$n fold the bellv pat is to tbe centra of'the1 fJsMJS, and repeat the operation till the fleec* a�4* ee'tl inches wide; u w rjl the Seeee, pteelilte hard si the same lime; when Uwiwos tl Beeitly Klbkl maka a '.pe uf the neck sj�d OBfier tiari ot Uk eb>yuj-br twiatieg *ai im&Dg Mi) iaskg eavough rniawi.see' teosadtbe ted under the __r e��j�^ieef pMeh la rejeetefl, and nuers a�Wiulw�n�dBoa *�-wa�h (hen- wool, ne>-lens they um <fe h-rrropfrlj. ---m ��1 --- Ihb JUaeaoa StawaOasi.-John Jay, of N. \ oik. apyatued tefbre the Court of Appeals, ou Monday, |� awH'ci^ curia m Ut* pamou slave ease, to argue thai uo ooaijejteV eaee was bei.ire i lie u.uir(, and thavt pe deeasaeai ahsasld be nia.le. He pn4ieed iliif 11me*saw evMewee to prove .bat thttaaaeaa were t*<lariaih. beyond the ju-i isdtction of the court, and Ibst the owners, baling received, pajnient fix the slave*, had act nowje^a^,Woo*acd had no far-thei rialni; MM thai these neuag the only par-: e.-, iuterveted, nothing waa left bat an Immature ca.se MUtWH-the States of Virginis and Neii York.. ,- Same a|ie<ttuUiiio prevails as to tbe motives : Mr. JajjUl takiaaj this, poaUiea, aa Uee.vuu stands (iJipSepjiittaaaB to two atewiocr�t^ aud one Acoaaeeaav AMho*jjrblti�e^ene�wasr<ro-.inc�d by Mr. Jay to snbatanrinte hts position, i is tbe epWiqe^Tawyeii that the court can not coos Jar the taw, since no opportunity baa been aateeavHkts parties in.interest to contio varl the facts. t'.ijlmu.: UCt�tl "ft :t i-'MTtpftrativc slat'1 Svw V-rr: rr, .I.i ^ive the tniYetj1; ctJDUirRxi �ti far �� iMTclcrs U.ti! it v--tfaeni. When, ihi-ftSM froni abn-.it! wt-ro (Jul*. in{ frvntW *x*x$t*i a:- The U. t!: c 11 ' !V.rvr\, 'Willi, flu pnHiVtie'1 Irt'f lure -t m�I'; t n; - I !raf>:o, wt- .-t Y : fhi'f. Tri*u-c;-t ,.U'. 'rr '"'�n'.irii.i't'i*ti"r Aritcn^'km-. I A;J:- ir- lur tit.wn as tho uioulhr.f iLk- V- '. it-Mii'iicfl id the ling tit r Paoitic. Nc t.i.ti int NajKileoB in eniats;:i[: tin.-ut.'I tbe d*np�rg and iarcisi.t; -Clftrke, .vud iii�ir fifty cnniim', tiaw*.-ai tb� &>urie uf the nnr'- \! - ' era I thou�anil Uitlea, \hvi aiui by day the ;ri lanii* .-  atul the HtT^ff tribr* wr.i Te '.Mfiodi'biuent-s hi: w: m-. * j \ . . t.b l n� 1 ..5a- .b-s . : 'i '/ f... i. . oo iuu 1..; ... pan;, K. :-. tuasv s 1181ik-.s, ^UlO.-.j Si Y. -I vide.! .is.c mar an.'. : t tu- ��vm ��:. ihree :'.- ',.., last i.m.- Iii'in": (,. y u. . ilea*, of any previous real. li.llU K. rei^n in-.l . lis 15..-. i.-.j. I Mill. #U4-,aI *aS,76i.i>!>*.. . f.d.WIT.xW Tile- eflia-l of these -'.\ei-ssne i'.Lj^'l '.a'ions begins 1-. apical . "^Thy JilJiresS iias the t'oliowin^r : A m1. : tl'.'2,lKid . '. i iiiiso dry jichkIs t-. a aini:li. lanise, is re[airte�l to have been madY' or: XkurkHlay, which netted a less tct-tba imi'orU'r of ((00,000. The losses upon goods sold by auction, are in many cases very Mevtv, and instance-* are naiiied where large line* bare sold at half the coal of importation. Tbe buaioMs of the spring hat btwtn mneb out up, andaeriooa losses have been omde. The importations of dry goods have he�i es>m;Mirativelv larger than iu 1859, but they will not necessarily take an e f a ublirch alwpie 1 One bunaml and fifty feci "f snow bad fallen and disappeared iu Iwemy-bMir hoaira. Tiie Bajs.n took ml his pistol, fired at tbe bridle, r.lsit it in two.envl when the horse fell to tbe ground, bis maaiair at iwice incuinted him and went .t. his .!� tl:., iy . u 111- slip] .1 ve masb*. arayis on b -h.ll is al;s iv- No pro-.  -a ; i A I UA \ ! . > -  .r.f. ' . f- I:.... 5 -. r � . - .1 i-.ji ex; ..... fs; ^ :. .. . ' -all. .1*V is 1.^ . dera to ie:ch oftoe ImsU-d MPS. Doug lata Plattwraw. WaeBiNuTOX, Jan* IX, 1359. Mr l>*ii fli* :-I have received yoor letter inquiring whether my friends are at liberty to present my name to the Charleston Convention for the Presidential nomination. Before this queetion eanbefinallv determined, it - will be niwastry to aadattawad dUaiartl upon wkatiaaeawWi aswaaei.iatsihaaieMnwti cratie p>�*�-i>sjr� � laji tijajil election,aTllJHilsitmi teHavn*___ bodied |� ab�- tawnpromise uxaenrea "i>nM*,' and ratidaw by the pe .-..upb'. '.usl hand and loot, and theti p; dlio� . Ihii in-; the \oya^.'i I ihev rece.ve ; ,ff| sntlieuu: i ing whatever. 1- ui.,1 : being released I. atiei The lnterkn of the db. putrid mass of living the slaves dyin^ from h pox, engendered 1" :b. within the h .1! of il r !fl. li. s n \- lilt Ui e �'tlleS a utri \ sod -iiifti i, ..: : ib ,!r- u a .!:�! .;: tin- -' S7", bich w.-.s prolcsuJ. 'Ihe i p -reel his bear: and :: -Wui :, : ! Ii. i-pseUi.-d meisiid- i ;..:.( to Washiii.-t- il;.-... 1 b.-rsebavk, h- 1 sued .of. ; u --:� ; cah't:. Tbe o-.'-ner was h-u !.-:... b.v !c bin; welcome, aj�- lojizmc b-: S be s'e-p: m the barn, an^ aU-n: in i the re|s.,-i ..f fire-arms. EnteriE;; t i Orin-ler 'aas bornir s:rekL*ti ..: I'l 1mi Its IIUI s4., . - : - o.ris ua.i.au..., � lyiuir A . ' tl,,, :.> si'.J .j .-cue i. ab.ig., . 1.- t Ifla 1 jk 3 beuU.-.p I (:i!j.: ul-f>d " .'. :.' j;:l I ) �:ri. : suei u. . i .o^i. . .:�-rm. ; ,:a! it.,- uui.-.t>a#t! amr aaotber eccaeioa he was ;*tss>iii.' gale, which fell down by accident. ' tinatlon is teuerai'i s-u e , ludev ft'visitoil br Iler Majesty's e; evil hia, there, Ibeonlv iuiproveuie; poorborseasawoderyiiai N-hind the saddle The  ie a ml! allowance ol watri llarot) didn't know of his Ion* hi! an*h~ir alW- j lhal by stress of weather. when paeaingever abrov.k. tlM-b-'fae b^k ihe Kreuch ship th.v. is r eople legal!v to eontre.1 it as other property it i- due to candor to aay that, in such au event I could not accept Iho nomination if tendered to me. Triisiir.^ lhal :b - an.-iver aball lie deemed suflifiemlv cspluit. ' ui; vrv respectfully, your friend. S. A. DOUOLAS. To ,1. li. Posr, Dubiique, l.wii. the ffoaen tunes were played on :n lar order. Travelers, wiib ali then ie-ue :. admiration or lovers of tke ma. v. taught a lesson by ihislxvik, si. i ,,-lis puhlioanon man? a w ritoi m.  te kf.jp fhp siovt -! b.a aiUcr- -�� l>.indj of truth, bv ihe exaggei,n. ,� isareaeiu of I'.areu Munchausen creased, and ubei: ti,,.-, ..... r . re-.il :--,-� ,' ..'. las' get on U.ard li.e I r. n- h si.ip. : I... -u bleu change to an ample diet pp^im-. - - ,-ki- -s and sonietim.* death. The capisi a Kieu.-ii trading Teescl siuled lhal. on is� .n. i\b..-u h* landcl at Europa Islan 1 v be Souiberu end of tbe iloxArubiijiie ebanti.'. : , '�;n:i some turtle, he found upwanis.o:' a huu bed negmes lying ou the beach,without any protection acaiusi the sun, wind or ram. Thev uere guarded bv some armed Arabs, and wei.- wsiunj :.- a v.o ael t" lake them to Kcuu; u. Tb.. r p-- -. sioiis ftsv, ihe I were nearly exhausted ; and., .' >.y -u. a.i . l.-ut e.1 rill all'. the vessel whose cargo they we-- i'i:e:..:,,d :. i, ui r.gu- lornisboulri be retarded ui b'-r arru. a!-.1 Ilur :.: Island, it is case ... eonceiv.. \t': :\: b ;� (i.ii- 'be . uld J.'-/- .�� . � grid. re;ea * b'- - cv t U:-' i'aei'. ii oulii not ieav, -rv kind of :.r uvbl and -�y \ a. .1! n V! >:..v .osia. . Vork .put ies f farir Stales. IVre oxyfltrxtnc, used aa s, uaiul, is not |s.i soojus, as" we understand it, t&refore it U not hurtful to-tJag a^rtufii Hfe white lead. Butthen, almost all line ores oonesjn arasnic, and unless this is lUftrrT - enaksnw the eeryd foy ]�int, it itbe pjSiJ^m we manpfrl&M Iva white, lead. SrsrLOWEM. Vrofesaor Maury bays that an abundant growth of Sunflowers was a perfect preventive of t)ie fever and ague at tbe National Observatory. While other localities, unpro tec ted by the sunBowers, wore visited by ihe malaria, tbe Observatory enjoyed iniiuunity from disease. He thinks that tbe sunflower, iu its rank growth, absotbs tbe malaria and pun ties tlie atmosphere. 1   � 1 - � � - . It dull wmather altects you, uiairi Tho People's Party ol Delaware a ill onalwace baarted gii 1, an3 make samsbine b.i with tiie Kapabliaaaa, and Will not send dele-1 Baeheloia will find this suj^r.-r gates to tbe I'nion Conrenrion at Baltimore. I billiards or burgundy. l.KW .K' o! I- UKH l.u.'k lie /'"'''' . ii pllbi -.Ir-l- M-swsis Us i ;ihoe.t r � i 1 > t a:.! ,s .l \\ -sierii Cenliai Nu�i \.-k. ih-'js cmntv, 621* t.. 751 eents j>er day . T be n.osi of Northern Farmers do not hire by the month iu winter. On..n.tagn county, 47).j cents ]>er day .ni.i b.\ard Che ninng eounay, 50 toC2li pin ! a 1 istei r..!�;�, $o per month and board. Michigan, SO cents per Jay .m.l i�i�: . Wisconsin, $140 per year and i� ar.i Indiana, (200 a-veer and itoard. Ohio, 50 ceilts p,.r day and board. Pennsylvania, $S ;>er month, m muter. .:..! board, $150 to f 140 ali the year round. Orl> get$t.?5 per week for bouaemsik. Massarhusi'tta,. iiH.-ii"i . 7j is Minx jst dax- and board. It ap^h.ars, als... fr-ii' sbiieuieiiia -.rade bv i: Massachusetts Mh.s'iiiskers, now on a " slnk.j " for hirh.T wages, that then average savings a..-onlv $-.30 per week ! 1 'l li ate i*:'.ers l{ c .leS bax e t"*on �. j i.b- ' at Tucson ." - 1 o: r � ..;i,. a provi U.-.s-x. All evwm, iscxeted. K. Owe ihe l.e-'Stlature ' elecbs! fiox ernor . oicnal Cover.mi.>iu. In- same lb.it il;.1 .'.islurba- .�� > xv pto'uaM trade iv-.tl. Kl i'as--. ...id pre.-iit tl ef speeie. Most ; the >p-cie us..-d Oc\eriiiueii: aii.l O , ei ian.l Mai1 i:eret"t'ore bs-n drnxvn f.-i-n, Cbih r. ii: An: -.. -....- CCU'-i t. a Sol!., the first Monday ona! government'.' eelion xxitb Nexx--s. txvo years ag. ef Texas, \x:ll j -  A: ii-xna under :h_t .n A; �ftha't Men nuurl de ro'oablv Ixe the P'rovi-Ixi-es Jl.Me tl.e 'i[x,^rlat:..:. i by tbe L. S. Company, has lahtia. -Mr 'MUi'srivt Soi.i Tios -Mr. Jno. Mont- I g.imerv. of Kingston. Canada, has received let- | b-rs patci.t for hi.; anti-coinbustive solution. I Tb,- Whig says n.<tl.ing t t t.-. hasty t. W.r.-. tie disparagement -f aur .�;--In y.u'.r apparel be ir�.iest. aceon.uKxia'.e f.a'.ure rati, r t:.' i miration. | A^viv.e y uirsel! tniy xx :� : ipu.ab.ty, jf you esteem yur re| i.t�t s-b.-r to go alone than il bad c -:..p. l-.-t ys-.r c nversatioe he a :b .,: � :'. v. for ;t :s t;1L. -i^ij >f a i r a n i i: 'u.-ud-.i.Ie sp;r.f : and il iJis** -i-.-s.-,..-: :. c'-vern. ! - :.-' b.15- a::,! ft..'..:.-: . r': xxe sc.! i-arue'l lu.-n: :-�': � ' ::, r � eb)ei ts amo: j[:''' -i. on ' ue be! e\.-d. SoeaK no: -f d lef'uib.�:�.-- : :. r a: �h- tai.lt- � ta.r G r.ielau ' d.eatb . r womiis , and if 'tt.er* � ! L-bange. if v.-u nti, theiiisco �:-.� I'.e rot forwhid, but fior.d... i ;�� ' '.be hrsi lo salute; her an a:..-.. : i pensive when it is timeto i'i:.'.i" b' the fashion i youi . ; i are civ- and i.rderlv,e|th reap-c: I plae.-. (1. rat th.tiie: whenfon kn' * be. welcome g nc4 ' *"" " 'T n�,.* *TLuk;;r:-: U��rd . t -i/aa.t ii . *~ i- ihe � uu, i-vl rtins Ai. J il ED-t� .: �'. ... ; '.-� . - '. ! : i !,_*# .. �;.�rr a,. ; t > aua) '�r utu m- i . '"t XL-i Tj.i vt iuu '!;-� ' . :i i r'-as'saxbU fatr^ja^.' \\ i . . �   i; i l>"',-��, '"� '"' t a'. *;tri iuia .> 1  ix' �  :i Kla-i  J . \ t k \ % i> \ n#ri-:i . ..' : s . 'At* 1 k r , a.- hi'! i xt is-ttajn1 ' J 111 S'l HAH |> tfOl M V VKV .t; V* . r..- .  Huuaj d; ^ .-� ,;...:ij( th i .'.> iwi�i L . . rs tli ' '.J-* -� Ait , � u . : .....1 Ai.i 'Li'ill - - ! i \ > ikk . * \ . \ �  ^ librae.', pro;��r and put :: its . .varni ...irs^lf. elUer bateve: cartser vou . i 'iiivselves an elevated aim .ice an unalterable eourlesv.- Jo. Coeo debues the exact height a v lady's ambiliv.u to l^x ixxo little ixau. It is no wonder that the nmd is *iU-:isu mournful ; :t has swept the held for a hundred centuries. There is no loea grandeur ins. VOU stlV. _ Kejirebend not tbe iajxerfecta-a that beh'tigs to parents)mselers, and si'jvriors. Speak ii-t in an unlnyawn tongue in rvnipany but in your oh n langujgc, snd that i- ' -j quality do, and not aslie vulgar. | Sublime ruattera trei serious! v Think before you sw*k t pron-aiT i |xcr!ectly, nor bring ojvour xv-i is � . \ hut orderly and distinjy. Mt'.'ss :�� a wb- s- :s bi � �> bis r..-;;bb"r'� 2. The e:-v.. ixecause "tli--^ 1. Tlie r a fexx dx.lla; bang iuu:. J ai H tl: sakl Oei^- aH'-'U ......i*ial i.-i- >k Hi* l.ldltt,. mg � .11 8 Cl-K IN U�>:ONslf-1L.cuu- eoiliilv, Wiscoiin. has :.^.-:n 1 a : a;s corpti.. in tbe case .if Sherman !'�-.;!. ..on tbe cu�l.�ly el the Vif' SuUsaulL.Titles, �i nuvrta.uw th !"'., b-xxevet, ba.s .porting great | fused obedience b. tb Jialx a- corpus, and v I - i x-l '��al Al.u.tii xt , r ,a . - .. jx U.xt ..:. ...ii! JU .-'�'-1 ti*- j ijf,., ,i, s ..... xi �' utt frame t,tUw. -�is*.*, it�n�r it taj and �v - '.ban in iwrfurnung great deeds \x, i If x' ' I . I- . � J �l it^elx.d ^ ...w � M ante ri.^.�. .  , k iMnnr * .  �x -�l s| i' , , , � not give up b.*.th. abort aiile universal \!

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