Saturday, January 6, 1844

Civilian And Galveston City Gazette

Location: Galveston, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Civilian And Galveston City Gazette on Saturday, January 6, 1844

Civilian And Galveston City Gazette (Newspaper) - January 6, 1844, Galveston, Texas f u 'Ml'.i ', GALVESffiHS;SATURDAY, J: I10�/h:il Altletlcrs rfnbnainns* of tlic/lice.trm&i be posl pvid or Will hoiba ipkrm b'nl ortlir'MlfeTSdp. BiftS iol" 9tpm..ti�.iit ami W^P^M*- *T annnnncc-inU. of c�ii.lidul<!sr.,r ofiico, �/P�fl*'<�ororf �i)d purged ns ntl. Marring an,! ol^iimr^'f �< "1"re llllin t!li'oc I"'6- 111 gained on1 proUumum as to rpqu/ii�mitfnMrArittnfk of 2,4J0,000 bales to UaHp,*W,u prfWr |ujWPWijD, EyBRy WEBN�su<iif, asJd-s*itUr da y . /6f secrecy from the act of JUsMtesipn relative 10 the sumption of Europe tat^r#^ -\j�erannum najuhtewiiliui *if BoirtJw u\<Vr tl(e time 1, A.*,, p,hJi,j/d "/"J" � '* 3la,ed 1 "l onlyhe <*�n voted ogainei ^ .f t|){j ^ l&Smi*** 1 . the payment of the irn�ney,a�<�ce4-by Geiu: Thompson for ihe benefit of ilia $a� .Feptisonots, too payment of claims due for iiaymfervice, and tnward&lhe payment of ihe jlaim of M/Dawaon for the veaseis -Uvo of which he wasvtp I pel milled lo tatea back ut iho original pi ices. JS'CC tlie whole matter has been made public, there spms id he less diaposiiun to aitiibuie the measure t/ho President than to ihe Coogiess which adopted WEDNESLK*  JAN-UAKY 3716447 /CONGRESS. | , fOur account/" 'he proceedings of this body do ! , , , oi"rt*ch-rW^bT .he 23d ult, on which day tl,,v ' Tko Telegraph publics a loiter purport..* .o be :^rt�ea.�*r�getb. Wo copy b,l..w tbe heads Jfj^om Washington ci.y. in/Wcb the w..ieer represent* iojjtim,*)"1 taiit treasures int'oduced. '^jllg^e^le recently .passed a resolution requesting ^|B, jP reside nit o lecn'.l his "despnti-h misseifger, C, H that a lejior't has beeh/slartcd there that "'fexaa shrinks fiom all coniiec/ou with the United Staies,*' at)d rcijuests [lie editiV of the 'Telegraph to let his K(^� reil#- T" '^oudhnig oul'n^'/atTtftAl1. tl,(7 n,� equally found fault >tMeut Bi-mialice." Mr. Lewis offered to ameficl hiilast reaelution by adding "if not inconipatiablo fyi.tfitbo public interest," but the House rejected the fPr limpndmeat. ;> ... The Presi'diMit, ns u matter of course, declined a ompiiance with eii^er of these iequests;but what .'further action will be taken upon them in the houses it) which they oi iginated retnaius to be seen., The' announcement of their adoption surprised us Dot a little, and the reasons which have actuated the mem-jbers who passed them aie beyond our comprehension. Whatever the correspondence of ihe President with other naiious may beytii can have no effect or obligation upon the nation, until it has lead 10 a treaty or treaties of some kind, and they are ratified by the Sen-nle. The (Constitution indicates the manner and the proper lime in which all such information as concerns .Congress, or lequires its action, is to be laid before This ill-timed eargeiness, if not met in a proper Bpiiit>might end in destroying iu a single diay. measures which have been maluiing for more than a ye�r, and in soiious injury to the nation, but theie-jeotion in the House of Representatives of the amend-meiit "if not incompntiuhle whh the public i.itcresi," shows the lengths which ihosu who have adopted these measures are willing ir go in order to gruify a curiosity made criminal by the disregard of the public woifare with which ll is indulged. Among the many important bills now before Congress, aro the following:- question, us more favm a 1 plf." The promptness replies most to a man aic/ in favor of annexation." It is presumed that lli^' bail will now go on. We like this system of negociatiug through the public ptinls. jfl.Ro^�w^I'"i<-% @.5 ' ' :' .i�u Atchfiliil'a; '^i super- '"fa has been ri�e presumed fact that Utete lias be&t\ tupf *vTgg|��^�*� much"CJotfrtiprbducWtl, plaiMert would MhH to'#6 to, ^."^S^j^lj something else, this has been lhe**oaking ofi'-JMiUt^l :P,'|'|9UBij ng else, ttiia uas noeti lhe%*ueifing healer, to lie Mjechped by fa �fa�rtl hap been taken for fact, and the^pla^^b^gS^I ted to prices which ate.but ihe ittitar�*^.,rjim' \Ve ask in the Bjiiift of eVeti-lianded 'juatTc^Jviiv ^i upon a fail Comparison'ofauppjy'ynd*demand,'blBttfir and more icnnoneiating prices are- noionly IwaiTauled, hut would be hui tho cu^iseqiuenco: pf.jwilu^^l jaiul effective causes and tint ^hosu, ol un inflated currency 'o'ra! spiritor'specuktfbtil-ittharlbiton tiierfMry.' " A gentleman, of hi Pit pOrsOrr, may be knrrwtl from the manner in Iwhichlwuefs hrs'lvendkOi chief' nauti' li.depcndeiu; and besicleS u cedes the necessity of aupjiortiiig a Government lout lendT^!. these littlo matters. Hereafter we shall have no moretof ihoie villainous secrets to kill people off with cuiiosiiy. Hoffioeislflr, uiiderlho sentence of dehih in this county forimurderi rec^v'odia pardon ou:N#w Year's Day, ftoMltiu* Pre�1 f^ongresi of 1831, fixing the value tficrcaf. .United Slates Eagle, old emission.......... 10 67 ; do do afnv do............ JO-60 English Guinea;....'.......,......i-.vwi1 6 04 Do Sovereign'...................A 82 Do Sevfcii SniUing piece............... 1691 French Double Louis (befoie 1786) 9 66 Do Louis' ' do ....... f..4 89: rmB-T-^sijuWi^ Louis (since 1799).. v'"i^w;� -^t^.^****** Do Lo�ia IK ^C^RDQVA 55 D9 DoubV3 Napoleop pr 40 fjanca.,.... 7.,40 Do, Napoleon or 20 francs.............. S 85 TJo Same as the new Louis Guinea...... 4' 65 Frankfort rtM vlie'maln liuhati......... 2 27] itkm them hem* pilie? -tflof aidaredthai they procoeJ*�il,^f�| . foil nwipg ThqNational Vindicator publishes the ,v statisffesof the counties of Austin a^id'WaB>nitogioii, takei/fiom the Asspssois returns: AUSTIN COUNTY. Wffite males under 17 years ol age, ., . do do finm 17 lo21 do do do 21 to 50, do do over 50 yearB, do females under 15 years of age, do do from 15 to 30, do do over.30 years, Total Whiles, Negroes under 10 years of age, do over 10 and under 60, d o over 50 yeui s, Total slaves Number of acies, of cotton In cultivation, do, do do corn in do do small grain. do do poi aloes, do do tobacco, n70 9^ '37"5 85 481 365 197 2063 404 798 23 1225 5856 8 706 297 26.5 25 Hambui gDuca^ M,altflPou,b|rt/Lqi�U ,, �, ,,, ' Mojitos ; fe'fedftWI v ��>c* Do siti&oj#tm05l reminds ine i ie^s^^'hi ;falil�foHy; vyatebhgifar *i Was a cone case on his raturu. -r litsve thesubject dfi h^g� Was^ii'oflrwJUJR oojd speechoti all appeiiaiiig.'iQ.^b* j 'Kd^arjainiH^JiW'.w _____________ _ _____________ lil'��minimum! i'epce walking akhorefi^rnmVip^i^rt', iJ?s WWih^.^i^li^wiejb*^^^ Ijeealcss mWijs ,waV,, bi>tMg|iai " " Recovering himself he, str�4|t' , '!$"*�',m*f>-. u{<jte d.r do0 '' �iuc& 1772 d't Pistole , / , Columbian Doubloons" ~ , IN THE ^8enate. Read a second lime and referred. f.irftj A bill In fix ihe currency in which fines aiu! ilures shall lie collected. 1  A bill to provide tho manner by which nrm-rfsiilunt married women may convey their propeity siiujicc in this counti J. , A bill lequiriuj tho Execuiivc and Heads of Departments to repair to the seat of government, j i Joint .Resolution providing for an amendment ol 'ihe Constitution, and for the establishment of a sep-eiale Supreme rjourt. � IN THi: HOUSE' Read a itcojid tunc and referred. An act supplementary to an act regulating foes of office, approved 18ih January IS42, A bill for the appotntmenL of patrols. An actio exiend to ernigranis whi may have ariiv-\ ed in this Republic 'between tho 1st January, 1842, ! mid 1st January b843, ihe bemfiis of the act granting Hands to emigrants.' 1 A bill to eiiforee-the collection of costs in ihe Supreme Court. , An act to prescribe the mode of senlin^ tin- claims if ihe crediiois l]"the estatea of deceased persons in *eiialn case?. A bill for ihe relief of Bexar county. \ A bill authorising Cnnstables to act in their official [apaciiy throughout their resppctive cnumies. 1 A bill to ainendrthc atiachment lawsof tho Repub-  y � A bill requiting the Executive and Heads of Detriments io'rein aboHsh'thfl'tJi'lhilhai lC(XoriWi]d shut up ih ptiau'ns, attliere would, be no^furtber use; for tbom.":. / ' f-jiri-'� ^ ! �';!' - y popmaiea cuies, nos ui tuie yours � much ktie/ittttiijvWnd fo& to the establisbidefot oteni ny ueaaiifulceiiaeaaKies, no� oulynii ihejaldiworld'iiut I be.' new. Ul^ijiiiBtely, i�the,,matlier,pf giiMp yard*, us with many Pther ihuigfj, lh.�* evistipj; ^pula.itqn have been too much iii tho 1habit "l ~-'-s----J-"*f-'' aMtt^jinift^ Seople of Irepton,�Hd.* l ! Number of yai ds of cloth made in this county 5,743 13.432 ! on|y lo ,|ie preseiiT, (ir thl thfeprog WASHINGTON COUNTY, EfTdctive men Voters, Single ladies Man ied ladii �, Children under 10 years, Negroes, Number oi acres incotlon, number do in coin, of pxyi-ng alt'eiitioii, |tess orxi few years, G00 695 200 326 922 1328 7063 14,020 rigrissbaAptRsid � resolution to remove tbifeW COTTON SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Mr. Editor:-The opinion that improved prices for Cotton may leasonably be expected, if the present ciop ho not over 1.800,000 bales, appears to be thought by many to be lather dictated by feeling than authorized by facts, and that any material advance in existing prices musi aitse either from on overissue of currency or speculative operations. The price of every article must be regulated by the great law of supply and demand; as the formei is in excess it declines; as the advances; and if the prospect of Cotton be tried by this rule, a rigorous examination of the comparative production and consumplion, will not only wai rant the expections of better prices, but create wonder tha\ prices should have ever-declined as low as they have been.' The followingtable embraces a period of 8 years from 1834 to 1842 inclusive, and is confined to United States Cotton alone. Years. Consumption Production Average price 1st Jan. 16 15 15.J 9 Hi H 8 . From the foregoing Table it will be seen, that the average production for 8 years, has been 1,587,000. bales, and the average consump(totftl,542,000 bales. cei taudy such a near equality in the supply and de-r mand would not warrant, even witb every allowance for tbe excess of currency for a portion that tHttSf the great decline in the prices in 8 ye�rS from 16 doiKa, to 8, audio 1842 to the still lower price pf 6. U wijj, be observed that aftei every excessive otop the eftp-su nipt ion has invarjat)ly cisoeeded. ,pted�cuon,.iu 1ft the years of l^:i^^d ^If^m^^^g^ '43 baa opt ^mmmmm^f� tber�oa<H sapuor, vBim be i^etmMmtlmW^^iW^ ^* *J�r<}peftu dates ^..... pait *e reoe�Ted, ibat fact* �!re*4y de- t deep, perhapfl; the first cprpsp irilert^d Wss sticcieW^ ed by another, und up tp-lft;cr 18* afnP*U tbefopew fWeti dog my tiff MlatMttfto 4fa , J&W �J�. WOml smaller coffins iff childreq. Wben ibU.irave was AW crammed as full as it could be, bo that ife topfnVsi M9*h m^fmfmm coffin Was within tw� 'feet, of tHo surface, itfat w4s banked up, aud<that piece dfgrauud watt�Phaid �J�1,lpr^ pf ^a.meetbgs. ^jfcWffH** falls tu. iibjuur^iittiitiitaoi hp^Uo/djJi^.haue^AfcslMI. the fiaJtf SfM^M/m' �5*! "j come. 1 don't ^ jua|. as t^i^AJHj Willing to 1�at my | ra^�diJw2W) baJ , furwjKpV poiHwdaiw,'.*?^ appledhsiid t�M if:i|e4>N !m enarpy. baJ/tW.a#t to wsflh fpr Mra. Hpw^ Mfc4**4,*ff\ used to burn cofitoi under ibe tf$9*^ ' "�' ' ' hgY.:

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