Saturday, January 29, 1916

City Times

Location: Galveston, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of City Times on Saturday, January 29, 1916

City Times (Newspaper) - January 29, 1916, Galveston, Texas V OL. 19. NO. 38 GALVESTON, TEXAS', SATURDAY, JANUARY 29. 1916 PRICE: FIVE CENTS FRESH DRUBS all fhe Time at KEEEN'S, 26-H. ^. ...... Medicines, Toilet Articles. 6te., nd to have your presodptiomi filled. We make a specialty of deltyeiinff quick phone ordecs. Phone 428. D. Scott Keene is the propnetor of the followingr famoiu remedies: KEENE'S RHEUMATISM CURE. KEENE'S DYSPEPSiA CURE. HEENE'8 LITTLE QIANT PILL*. KEENE'S KNOX A COLD TABLBT8. KEENE'S CORN CURE. KEENE'S LI6HTNINQ TOOTHACHE DROPS. KBINB'S DEAD SHOT. KEENB'S HEADACHE RELIEF. KBENE�e KIDNEY AND BLADDER CURE. KEEflS'8 BLOOD AND TOMIC REM. EDY. KBBNE'8 NERVE AND BLOOD TREATMENT. KEENE'S THREE TIMES MIXTURB. . AD the above remedies are guanuBteed to do the woric or money . refunded, Keene\s Drug Store. 36th and Ave. H gy^BaewB-a�BB�BBB- io9 HAKKST 8TKSBT Succeeding: 'Tbe RoBentterg; Bank, {Unincorporated) b ni>� open for businau and solidts your account. 4 |Mr esDt intorsst on Sayings Dapositai. Compoundad October �sd Apri' orricERS. f. F. AI,VBY. PrMMmt. m. B. QHBBSnOBOTJOH. Ylo* FIM. ol q. SWBBXi OmUu DIKEOTOR-St J. r.Ai��r. j.j.DkTto. B. lU Oheesboraask. I. A. Stein. CO. Sweet. rredL��a,Jr, J, OirroU Aiv*7. Drink Slue Label Coffee Sold ty all Grocers SAVE THE COUPONS THE CATERER E- � laylor STEWARD HARMONY CLUV-PHONS 482. (Formerly with Kahn's Confectionery.) WEDDINGS, PARTIES AND BANQUETS SERVED LUNCHES A SPECIALTY �k�ldeBce. 1228 M'/g. Phone 3088 Galottton, Ttjtma WILL SANFORD Expcii't Cleaner And Presser TELCFHONC 5SIS 16 and Ave. K. Galveston, Texas w>saa�MM�aftw�ww-wisrT�>>iastneti JOSEPH CUNEY Attorney at General Law Bosioess, Divorce Suits. Notary Pobttc OtBoe, 1928 MMhtnio StTMt QsWaston, TexM Mr. George Jones has purchased a corner lot in the West End addition. Mr. Jones has two lots for sale in Lincoln Park addition to Texas City. He will sell these lots cheap. Address 1527 Avenue M14.-Adv. Two south rooms, nicely furnished, hot and cold bath. Apply to Mrs. An nle Butler,. 2717 Avenue I.-Adv. Prof. W. N. Cummings is up on duty after a serious llln�ss. , WORK. YES-I wIU do your carpentry, roofing, etc., to your satisfaction. Phone 3829. J. A. Roy, 1822 Avenue K, in rear.-Adv. Mrs. Minnie Hart of 1415 Avenue K received word of the serious Illness of a relative at Mineola, Texas. CHEAP SALE-One lot in Lincoln addition to Texas City......Address A. G. Jones, care 1925 Mechanic street, Galveston, Texas.-Adv. The Cotton Jammers' Park and pavilion is in readiness for all kinds of winter entertainments, etc. Address Mr. A. Montgomery, 1121- Mechanic street.-Adv. Mrs. Ellen Palti of Houston was here last wfeek. Mr. B. A. Grlgsby is pTomoler of the Federal Hand Laundry,^ 2711 Market street Phone 5887. If you have under consideration the building of a new home or repairing the old one, phone G. S. McCoy, 4484. My special attention is also given to repair work. Call at 2614 Winnie atreet.-Adv. FOR MAN and wife, no children, two Kood.*rooms for rent at lOlo'^ Avenue K. Apply there.-Adv. READ The City Times. It is spicy and elevating all the time, and will help your mind. Let your neighbors see It Twenty cenu per month, three months for 60c; t2.00 per year. .Messrs. liobfrr AWf.n and Sara .Miclcey are up after an iilnoa.^ of somr weeks. GOOD C/flCK'K.VS, all sizes, for en joyable natiuK. for siale cheap. ISuG .Vvenue S., Phone 4046.-Adv. GCfDTr-Stf1*PKftB-every Sat^rdfty night at the residence of Mrs. Jae. Sanders, 103.5 Thirteenth street.-Adv. THE GLAZIER-Bd. Nelson will put in those lights to give ihi home and other places comfort againBt rain, wind and cold. .'Vddress 1305 Twenty-fourth (rear).-Air. .Mr. W. F. \Vt!iif;<-;d for ihe fir^i lime sin'^e he wiis huri Ilet'ember l.j sal up laai hliiiKl.ij- ru hnme, 141.'. .\vp ii'ue .\. ii will be reme.nibered Ihut he �.witi nin down l^y a .�'iThti car on Sevtnu-'iitn nnd .Avenue H December 15. A HOME LOOKS GOOD when you have the H. L. Nelson Furniture Co. fix it up with their fnmiture. Gome la_tlia_fttora,and see what bargains they mal^e. "310"T:wigfily:nrth street Phone 5672. See ad elJewherein this Mrs. I. T. Wyily of i]07 Mechanic is, still sick in bed. Visit the Aleander drug store for your nice soft drinks, etc. Good service.-Adv. Get your cold and cough cures at file East End Pharmacy, 613 Thtr' sUBflt, Phone 108. Messrs, Ed Brown and Chas. Law-ton of the Cotton Jammers No. 2, and Oleander Lodge No. 1621, G. N. O. O. P., gave Mr. Jim Williams two nice feather pillows recently, same being highly appreciated, as Mr. Wiiliarns is sick and down in bed at-1913 Avenue H, Tear. He is an old membrr of both organiisations. Mr. John H. Carr, propri.etor of the Cozy TailoE_Shop, has his new head-suartera now at 2603 Postotflce street, one door west of Twenty-tiftlv street. Cleaning and pressing neatly done. Phone 5042.--Adv,- _......__________ Mr. E. W. Wiggins, a U. B. P. of Galveston Good Hope Lodge No. 7, rendered assistance to Mr. Dodsou of a Houston U. B. F. lodge Ikst Sunday in finding relatives of a deceased brother. The Oleander drug store placed in stock this week a large and elegant iine of toilet articles and Mr. Walter L. Divis, manager, and his assistants have placed the �!tock on display tor sale to the trade.-Adv. Take all of your Oleander drug store prescript!.ons to Iveene's drug store. Twenty-sixth and Avenue H. ..Dr. Keene has bought the above drug store stock.-Adv. Rev. W. H. Logan, superintendent of the Houston district of the M. E. church, preached a forceful sermon Sunday morning at St. Paul churcli, an appreciative congregation being Rresent. His text was from Daniel, 12th chapter and 3rd verse, "And they that be wise shall shine as tlie brisht-ness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever." Rev. Logan illustrated Daniel paying the penalty of being faithful to God, and said, in part: . "My Christian friends, it always pays to be ones self. The foes within and without are what one wants victory over. Goodness in itself Is not sufficient. Those at the front must strike iu time." He pointed to how Emperor William wanted men tor the Germany army-^^soldiers that are not afraid to strike for the endurance of the fatherland. "Such a spirit is a good example, and is what Christ wants of us-to not be afraid. I believe in display of an interest for all good service and we should assert ourselves. There Is a reward for the worker for those who receive benefits from the hands of the worker. The brightness of the firmament has place on this side as well as On the other. We are delighted to see our folks on tlie night side. Friends, the noblest honors are-reserved for the soul win-ners and those who do good for PRICES REMAIN THE SAME FOR THIS WEEK ONLY While the grocery inarket has been steadily aclviinciiig-, yet Ave are selling- to yoij at the same low iH'ices we had last week. By ordering yonr week's groceries from our regular price list, you will save money. Specials For Today and Monday, January. 31st btuers. Government comes from Qoa' and men of state' must govern with Justice, for protection of all citizens without hate, discrimination, etc., as to color-and section of country. Until we learn to be great followers we are not great leaders.. May God bless you," he said, after wlilcli Rev. fjogan led in prayer. Rev. W. J. King read Scripture lesson from Ist Cor., 13th chaiJter. The choir sang Bplendidiy during the services. Rev. Logan preached at night at Wesley Tiiber-nacle. He hold quarterly conferences at both churciies during hie visit. Revs. O. B. Goddard of tlie First Methodist Episcopal church, J. B, Edwards of Reedy chapel, A. M. E. church, and J. O. Williams of Wesley Tabernacle spoke Interestingly before the men's meeting last Sunday afternoon at Wesley Tabernacle church. The Reedy chapel, A. M. E. church, 2015 Broadway, will conduct a special song service during services tomorrow night. The choir lias been preparing for sQine.time special niusjc, for this occasion, when some of Reedy's talent will do the honors and you will enjoy the music. Rev. J. E, Edwards, the pastor, extends all a welcome. Members and friends of Holy Rosary cliurqh are, making preparations for their "ivnnuai fair which will he held at Holy Rosary church hall. Thirtieth and Avenue N, February 2!) and March 1, 2 and 3, 1916. Rev. A. Barbour will leave I'^eb-ruary 2 tor Waco, Texas, thence to Washington, D. C, and New York City. Rev. Robt.. liridge was going East last week to visit the sick and pray for tliera. GRANULATED SUGAR. 6 lbs. "A" Sugar................. 25c 25 lbs. "A" Sugar...............$1.00 25 lbs. best Granulated Sugar.. .$1.45 17 lbs. Granulated Sugar........$1.00 2 lbs. Crystal Domino............ Z5c 6 lbs. Crystal Domino........... 55c 3% lbs. Granulated Sugar........ 25c 7 lbs. Granulated Sugar......... 50o HAMS AND BACON GOING HIGHER But We Are Selling at Our Same Special Prices. The Sweet and Juicy Kind at Prices You Can Afford. Swift's Premium Haras, lb....... 21c Houston Hams, lb..,...........17'/ac 2 Iba. Pork Sausage, in oil...... 30c J?igs_Feet._per--lb-------------------.... 8c TO CURE CHILDREN'S COLDS. Keep child dry, clothe cpmfortable, avoid exposure and give Dr. Bell's PIne-Tar-Honey. It is pleasant, soothing, antiseptic, raises phlegm and reduces iufiammalioh. The first dose gives relief, continupd treatment with proper care will avoid serious illness or a long cold. Don't delay treatment. Don't let your child suffer. Get a bottle today. Insist on Dr. Bell's Pine-�Tar-Honey. 25c at Druggists.-^Adv, GALVESTON LABORERS WORKING This has been a week among our cotton Jamming sons of toil. Over fifty gmigs or the No. 2 Cotton Jam-raers ar:: working for the steamship firm of Win. Parr & Co. loading the big ships Dramatist and Mechanician with cotton and grain cargoes for Liverpool, l)Oth of whirh will reach a value of about two million and a half dollars. Every bale of cotton tliat goes into both ships will be screwed, there being a tot &-StOftE- STOCK BOUCHT. Keene's drug store, Twent.v sixlli Avenue H, lias purchased the Oleander drug stiiri- stock from Dr. Ketiner rmd all rcfiil of proscrii-tioiis '�,1!! be filled at Keerii's, 'I'v.c nty-sixth �.xnr) A^t��IlU^ H, I'iioiie ii?. and 2fi2 -Adv. Armour's Star Bacon, lb........26I/2o Armour's Star Ham, lb......... 20c Armour's Picnic Hams, lb,......IS'/ac Swift's Premium Bacon, it......271/20 Red Cross Bacon, lb........... 23c Salt Pork, lb................... 15o LARO IS GOING HIGHER. 5 lbs. Swift's "Sliver Leaf" Pure Lard........................ 70c 10 ii)B. Swift's "Sliver Leaf" Pure Lard......................,..$1.36 50 lbs. Compound Lard..........$5.15 10 lbs. Compound Lard...........$1.00 5 lbs. Compound Lard......____ 60c 2% lbs. Compound Lard......... 26o 5-lb. can Compound Lard----60c 10-lb. can Compound Lard.......$1.16 8 lbs. Leaf Lard................$1.00 Armour's Simon Pure Lard, 10-lb. . can............................$1.55 Armour's Simon Pure Lard, 6-lh. can............I..........------ 8de Hard to Beat. 4-Ib. can Snowdrift Lard........ 55c 10-lb. can Snowdrift Lard........$1.20 SOAPS AND WASHING POWDERS. 7 bars Octagon SoHP.-.---------...... 25c 7 packages Armour's Washing Powder....................... 2Bc (The best Soap on the market tor washing purpose*.^ 0 -bars Ivory Soap..............25c MORE ABOUT CHIEF SAM. Mrs. Wm. H. Lewis of Galveston, wife of the late Prof. W. H. Lewis of the African Gold Coast Colony, who came from^ Boley, Okla., the largelst Negro town in the United States, -La Galveston in 1914 to cast their future with the' Chief Sam movement. Is on route to Galveston, Mrs. l^ewls having arrived in New York January 24 fiotn Liverpool on the steaniship Cymric after being in Gold Coast, Africa, since November, 1914, as she left Ciulveslou on the steamship Liberia for Gold Coast August 21, 1914. A statement is made that Chief Sam is eiiarged with manslaughter, according to Mrs. l.,ewls. Several of the crew of the ship Liberia died from seurvy, among them Mrs. Lewis' liusbunrt. Hon. .M. A. Sorreli, secretary of the AUIni Trading l-o., Ltd., was seen Tuesday in the company's office, 2601 Avenue C,,Galveston, and he spoke to The Times representative in a spirit of not giving much Importance to the charge against Chief Sam for manslaughter. Judge Sorreli was a Judge in Boley, Okla., before, taking an interest in tlie African colonization movement. Judge Sorreli semed to be very hopeful of the ninveraent going on, notwithstanding the .setbacks of the flrsl tha Soap .____ ^ 'ITIAVIS STREET. (Telephone Connection) LAW-Bonds, Deeds, Bills of Sale, llcieaueB, Deeds of Trust, CV it- tol Mf.rtKago3, CollectlonB of all Debts (new and old). Will.", ^>)ntractH, Articles of Co-purlnerHhip. Pennlls ntid Appll-(uitbins for Charters of c;orporntlauB, Guardlimsliips, Administration of E.statos, botli Clvl) and Criminal Cases In ail Courts, etc., given prorapt and satisfactory attohtlon. LAND-Property bought and sold at best prices; Titles exuuilned; Clouds oa Titlos roni.'jvod, property partttioin>d and divided anicng claimants or lielrs; I'rtiperty asBeKi;ed and Texas paid for rosldonts cr non-residents; Rents collected; suitable of-(IcoB or tenant houses secured; Ideal home-sltoa given Bpocial attention. LOANS - Your surplus mcney inveHted to pay. Hent loans made at tho most roaaoiiablc and lawful rules on all kinds or Hecnri-libs, personal or real. Money furuir.hed for ItuproveiiM nt.i to build fir remodel homcri ��'T other propi.rty, to pay luxcts or d''f.-iulted notes cr notes found tn be tO(i large to pay conveniently. Credit extetuled l'; persons enj?�Ked in buslnesfi. I'ubllr; Typewriting aLtl iiii,.nieBs Corro iiJiiiiib.nci,' done at reaaon-able ruie.'i. Iinsiiie:!x not ccni'ined to i.liilv( spondencf[ Invited. t'jii and Harris Counties. Coiro- MARRIAGE LICENSES were issued te .Mr, .\ilain lti(-hard and .Miss .Madeliie- i-'�"min*'ii,'y -2; .Mr. Clijirli" 'IViiiiV and :,!lss 7,1 nnle ! .\Toratit, .iaiiuai.v ;:l: .Mr: Os'-ar liavis and .Miss H"t(iia .Miiclu-ll, .laiiiiary 21; Mr. Jack llainiHon- att'l .Miss .lesse lUryaiit, January J'). TOUR BELOVED DEAD can well be furnished a nice monument to mark their grave. For prices, etc., address Wiley White, 1102 Avenue I, Galveston, Teras.-AdT. A POSITION for a gofMi coiorea ivornan as an insi.rance aolieitor. Jno, W. Williams, P. O. Box 250, Galveston, Texas.-Adv. '� A life of Norris Wright Cuney By His Daughter, Mrs. Maud Cuney Hare BMd abeut amari who was one of the great leaders of Negro Amt ' j Thin book Is now on sale and display at PURDY^S BOOK STORE 3217 Market Stramt PRICE f 1.00 0061

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