Saturday, December 18, 1920

Texas Oil Ledger

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Texas Oil Ledger on Saturday, December 18, 1920

Texas Oil Ledger (Newspaper) - December 18, 1920, Fort Worth, Texas T b 1 ft PAGES TODAY AN IND P ND NT N W PAP PUBLISHED Every Saturday 2 Per Year FORT DECEMBER 1920 lOc Per Copy 44 WELLS COMPLETED DURING WEEK NORTHWEST POOL Mexia Newest Oil Town in Texas BIG WELLS Wildcats in Wood and Hopkins New Producers Average Almost One Hundred Barrels of Crude Oil Daily FIVE OF COMPLETIONS ARE ON TAYLOR LEASE Old Burkburnett Field Gets Seven New Averag ing 100 Barrels Each Special to the Texas Oil the story goes two men were sitting a train fast near scene of the latest and usual boom that follows discovery of oil in wildcat with the these aforesaid gentlemen were what is usually called oil men whlcji term might mean anybody from the head of a company down to a these men were arguing rather loudly ne to the proper way to pronounce Ill tell said Mexia spells I Interrupted the but the correct Spanish pronunciation for Mexia Is Just nt this moment the negro porter stuck his head in at the filled his lungs full of air and yelled Mohare next stop change cans for Teague While the negro porter somewhat accentuated the yet he came near hitting the general which Mexia is located in limestone County about 100 miles south of Fort Worth and may be reached over the Houston Texas Central on ovor the Trinity Brazos via the intorurban and Is ideally located for an oil field and so good1 are conditions regarding transportation and other facilities that of the operators Ill tell tills cant be Who ever heard of an oil boom right in a good town that could be cosily reached by I toll you this is too good to be it is a wildcat has been tamed about three miles from a progressive town of people before the boom and now oil has taken possession of the Oil men from everywhere may be seen on Mexlas busy streets examining maps and discussing the HumphroyMexia Rogers 1 For the oil world has been waiting for a wild cat to break loose they have not waited in The Mexia boom has COMPLETED DURING THE WEEK IN BRECKENRIDGE Counties Are Now at Interesting GOOD PRODUCERS RATHER THAN BIG With Good Possibilities JIJSHERS FEATURE EASTLAND FIELD Staff Last Week Is Featured L Near the Ranger Depot HILL GUSHER MAKES BARRELS DAILY L Development in North Extension Is Being Planned Special to Texas Oil Wichita teen now producing wolls with a total productUn of approximately bar rels daily reported during tho past week from the northwest extension Jflclct In this county Tho two largest of tho numbor brought in were of the Bass Petroleum Company at the 6 Durfoo Mineral and the Peerless OH Company at the 2 Both of theao wells were reported as good for at least 200 barrels Of the fifteen five were brought In on the Taylor The Kansas aTid Oulf Company brougrht in n well with an estimated production of 125 barrels at the C Scfcmisseur R and the JJvingston Oil Corporation brought in a well of tho same capacity at the 13 The and Oulf Company also broueht in nnothor woll with an esti mated production of GO barrels at tho 16 with an estimated production of 115 barrels each wore brought In by the McMann OH Company at tho 3 State Lands ami Southern Producers Company at the 1 Tay Tho 2 lands of the Mc Manu Oil Company was reported good for 90 Noble Gts 75 At the 1 tho Noble Company brought In a 75barrcl Producing wells with an esmated pro from tho Great Tikos Petroleum Com pany at 4 Taylor the Moody Pe Company nt 3 Taylor tlit Drilling1 Syndicate 1 state lands Sioux Oil Has Com pany at 4 The Texas United Oil Company of Dallas brought in a well of 35 barrels at tho 2 Romnor and another of 25 at 2 Waggoner was brought in by Pat ton et Reports from the same field wore to the effect that six dry boles were brought They wore The South western Oil Gas 1 Oklahoma Crude Oil Production Receives b Severe Jolt in Jaw TKAXS 15UILDS PIPE LINE TO MEXIA WELL GUSHERS EXPECTED Special to the Texas OU phVoyMexia Itfit is still flowing by heads und on Thursday morning had over barrels of oil in The Texas Pipe Line Company started last Tuesday to lay a pipe line from the well to a loading rack which is being built about one mile south of this AH soon us this can be completed the woll will be t brought A big campaign is looked for tthnrtly after the first of tho The Hvmphray 1 Company alroudy out six drilling contracts all of which will be started Present indications load all to believe that tho coming week will HOC a gushor completed in this Prairie Oil Gas Corn Orders Its Pipe pany Line to Curtail Runs 30 Per Cent in That Continued on Paere 4 Five Thousand Oil Field Workers Leave For Xmas Holidays Special to the Texna OH oil opciutors and workers In thia field who have been here from one to two years and some of them over since the field wns discovered are leaving this week to visit thlr old homes In the east and in the far It Is esti mated that operators and workers In Eastland and Stephens counties will spend Christmas in their old homes in other All outgoingtrains are Oil Scout Predicts Big Increase in Ranger District Production for December special to TrxM Oil Gar head scout for Uio Gulf Produc tion predicts that oil produc tion In tho Ranger district for tho month of December will1 showman In crease and that it will continue to In crease the first of the Ho gives as his reason the fact that there are a numbor of wells now being drilled Which will bo completed first of year and that a largo number of completions will bo on the pump by that South Bend Well Makes 700 Barrels Special to Texas Oil Wichita most important development 1n tho South Bend district of Young County tho past week was the announcement that the ChapmanClark 1 well on the Graham lease had come In with an initial flow of about 700 barrels in 2t This Is the largest pro ducer that has been brought In since tho Pauhandlefi well on the The well has boon watched with considerable Interest as the operators were anxious to see in what direction tho oil was This well extends tho producing area about a quarter of a mile to tho south The well to tho north of the Panhandle being drilled by Colcord and Colcord is reported on tho sand and ready to come in any day as te tho Roxana Petroleum Companys test on the Oklahoma Operators Buy Texas Acreage Mark Hodgson and composing tho firm of Hodgson Prlb of Oklahoma have been on a scouting trip through the oil fields n of Texas during tho past Hodgson formerly was an operator in tho Mid Continent with offices in These men have been buying acreage in Erath and Archer f They returned to Oklahoma City tho latter part of tho homa crude oil production and also that of received a severe jab in the jaw during the past when the Prairie Oil Company ordered the Prairie Pipe Line Company to curtail runs for its account 30 As the Prairie is buying approximately barrels out of this close to barrels will have to be run to storage each day by oil unless production declines The order of the Prairie Oil Gas Company became effec7 tive Tuesday and was anticipated by the more reaching as nojr only has the Prairie had toyrake a lot of oil that other pipe line companies have been unable to but fnflependent who have tfeen shut ting down plants an down ha to take their usual and this also diverted to the largest f To Curtail Action of tho Prairie was more to force operators to curtail drilling oper ations than anything So great has production due to tinued drilling throughout the area whero the Prairies linos gathor In the oMt that the big concern lijui bnen forced to store between and 000 barrels and it does not desire to store the at a price of per on tho othnr hniul It realizes fully Ifhat to jcut markct would m general shut clown and lower production to such an extent that next whbnfthe largest doinand in the history ot prevails for petroleum It cbuld not bo built up again tu a point sufficient to satisfy JCorth Toxas fected by the Prairies Special to tho Texas OU week saw a revival of tho early gusher days in Breckenrldge as ach day re corded the completion of at least one Tho largest completion is that oC the Galvcz 5 located northeast of the Wichita Rutrgcr Fort Worth Railroad This well came in natural and Is now making close to Next In size was the Oeschlcr 2 located about u mile northwest of this This well drilled itself in from the top of the sand and to now making barrels with every indication that it will bo greatly in creased us soon Hie hole can bo cleaned North Tho bringing In of tbe Hill well 3 ot the MidKansas In the ex treme northern part of Stephens County is probably tho most important devel opment In that section within tho past Operators fcuy it moans as much If not than the bringing in of the Allen woll of the Invincible OH of Ivan a few weeks At the latest reports inn Hill was making more than barrels of high grade oil It is producing from tho regular horizon for that district und tho till is coming from the gray lime the iioft formation that is ac counting for the big production In the Ilrockonridgo townsito and surrounding H Is the largest well so far completed in this An Important feature of the Hill well is the extension that it affords to tho west of the present large producing It is approximately two miles tcrs in Wood and Hopkins counties are now reaching it claimed to be fourteen karat possibilities in their various tests for At tho present time there are ovor fifteen drilling wolls inMhe two counties and ground thirty now locations nuulo indicating that a thorough tctit will be given this KOC tion of Texas within the next thirty The structure is one of tho largest in the country as it covers nearly 160 square miles which is as largo as tho whole of Stephens in the operations extend from about five miles north of Sulphur Springs through Wlnnsboro and on Into the Caddo and Iino Inland fields of Drill ing is carried on In the Eocene forma tion on what is known as the Sablne and all are endeavoring to find tho Woodbine sand which the geologists claim will bo located around Many beliovo that tho sand will bo i ho snmc as found In tho Humph reyMoxla test many miles to tho south as tho formation on the surface and In the tests now drilling is iden tically with that at Thwio be lief H arc substantiated by such eminent and oil operators as Henry 1 Judge Julius Koha and many othnr nationally known figures of the oil industry all of whom are of the opinion that this wet Ion will eventually be one of the greatest oil fields in Toxas when it is fully j Heavy At tlio present time much of the attention Is being directed on tho op erations of the Whinsboro Petroleum Companys locatrd on tho Attn way ranch about miles northwest of This tewt has had cx coptionally good showings for tho COO feet and slush pit continually eovurcd with rainbow Tbe test is now drilling In a liard gns rock at feet and tho drillers beliovo that this will prove to bo tho cap rock to a Rood pay So wtfong has been tho pressure that nt feet it blew over fool of heavy mud out of tho UK One of tlu1 big tVaturos of the tests in that district is tho discovery of of Iho largest toul Holds in tho Unit til As will ho noted in he log of tho a foot vein of hiiid coal wiw found at less than i hundred fort and another largo voin tit u little more than 201 This has slur tod a IMHMH imcl now many companies arc plan ning to develop these groat toal Tho largo roul mining companies of lYnnsylvjinia and West Virginia mv already entering ho thu oil pun its itistoiid of taking just oil and rights oti the land uru also hiking the ntal rights and many intoml o dovclnp hoth the nil and coal In this tho Winns Imrn IVIrnleum Company Is taking tho lend and will start two shafts alter first of tho of tho operators Is one tinbiggest factors in croutlng con in the field by the oirfrutcrnlty F North Texas Companys Well Near Leeray First Reported V WELL ACTUALLY FLOWED 70 BARRELS THEN QUIT Virginia Companys Watson Well Increases Its Nat ural Flow 0olntlnucd on Pago Denison Claims Cox Gas tu the Texas Oil Led The first aP al liiuler tlio tox KJii Unv Ittod by the has been eonsldrratlon by the Kailroad Co sinn in I ho the North IH TonipMny uKuhirtl tht city of Den wljith a iviluction In Kan It was contfiulnd liy Salt Creek Field Line Capacity Now Barrels fr shaving refused lount of as been ipe line Continued on 4 at tin hearing Unit tho KnilniHil Commission Is without Juris diction In tlio premises on the grounds n i rvisors Now Texas Fields In iilo not af are Continued on Wat er Shortage in Eastern Salesmen of Sinclair Opl Refinery Company in Annual Meeting at Houston Loving County Causes Trouble mlns which fell In other sections of the Pecos Valley but which refuse to strike aaatorn MovingCounty have tho Final Oil Company to Ino to Install a gasoline ongino standard rlpr which they are to erect on section block C26 im piediately after tho first of tho new i m Although tho past summer and fall to botne dampcflt sea past fifteen years In the the earthen tanks Verectei by the on the drlll Site have failed to Till and duo the fact that the location Is about miles from a railroad nnd that the In tho neerihborhood Is unfit for the gasoline engine is to be Tho Final Dome Company hns pushed its rat riff In tho TranePecos country to a depth of 400 feet and IH making rapid This well Is about mlloH HouthwcHt of tho famoiiH Grant well which Ifl providing fuel oil for ftevoral HRH from a hole only fifty feet and In bolloved to be on the same1 general U AVhlto of tho Toyah Bell Oil Company lo here to bo present when work Is reaumed on the 2 well In Tjovlnpr following the of a standard Tho drillingwas stopped ut foot whon a pood showing of gas was Inability of tho star rig then on tho holo to handle tho casing in case oil was struck as expected was given OB the reason for tho to TcruB Oil days of salesmon of tho Sin clair Oil Refining Company closed In Houston Twentytwo nnlcsimm from Texas and New Mexico wore In Thn Houston Sales office has under Jurihdiullon a part of New Mexico and a part of Salesmen in territory mot last Monday and Tuesday at Now Tho mooting was In charge of tjoobrldfro salos nmnnrcor of the com special tatlvo from thn head minkfttlnff office at attended tlio TO Special to the Oil for a passport tq Vencxeula has filed with the clerk of the Federal dte trlft court hero by con suHliiff of the Standard Oil Company who leaved shortly for that country In tho intcrostw of his com Special to Texas Oil Lc lovclopmont of tho oil flnlds of Texas has onuscd the llallroad CofnmisHlon to appoint four additional deputy super thus brinftln tho total number to Tho four now deputies appointotl us announced by Jtidie ehiof of the oil and gas divi sion aro Fred Knlsloy of Howard Fltzputrlck of llainllton of Iarks and Arnold of Fort All of thoso mon have had ample experience in Iho oil fields ofTexas and other states and come highly rocoriuncndod to tho With the appointment of these addi tional deputy tho commis sion hufl dlvUled tho state Into sovon s and tho various dep to the different In District Corslcana will be headquarters and Hoover will have charge of tho fI6ld In that terri District bo In charge of Huffh of now tlcputlqs with hendniwtcrs at Hous Hamilton will charge of the oil fields at West Goose Hardln County and other flolcls In that District 3 Is at Han Antonloswlth Wortham In was no ohango made in this Wortham having boon deputy super visor for southwest Texas for some District A Is at with Deputy Supervisor Graves In charge of tho District 5 is at and four deputies have boon assigned for the which also Includes Stephens the de puties being Woods and with liftadqimrtura at aild Doputlos Fred Khlsley nnd Morris at 13 reckon rid District fi IH at Wichita with Doputlos oplln and Mlko MoNamara with at Wiohltu Fltxpatrkk with honclquiirters at Burkbiynntt und with at District 7 Is ut Kau Angclo with Deputy John Hofcr In s havo tho exclusive control ovor public porntiig in their corporate hulls atjtl tlvit no siibscMinent enact r tho fan deprive that ovoiit this contention should ho by Iho courts thn proposed utllitlos bill would be null and Tlio commission took tho matter advisement and will shortly un whethor or not it ms JurUi diflion lit tho In the meun tho opinion of the attorney gen depart may bo Iho North Toxas Ins Company has boon and Is charging a rate of 67Vj routs for gas plus a monthly rcadl chargo of 125 cents for each usor of tho amount of uas The rate Is usod in 1 allas but not tlui sur Denlsou contended that they woro to have tho samo rato as Dallas and passed an nrdlnancto repealing the old olio allowing tho lincont appeal by tho North Toxas las Company tho Railroad Commission sus poniJoti ordor and tho gus com pany Aontlnuns to iolloct tho 25 oontoHt is ovor tho retention if the 2fi ctMits ami the city has raised tho Importjiiit qiirstlon yot In attendance on the hoarlng ayor Uoninon city attorney TTits sociato mtl Kobort oily com ers 1lamp city attor ney of Sherman manager and altor Kortli Toxns Ons Company on anil respectively attorney for Lono Star Van John at tornly for Dallas Cms and engineer for City of o Tcxai Oil New roimtdont with tho installation of uKHtlon pumping cMpaiily by tho Mldwnst Kifinlng Com pany in tho Salt which will Its pipo line rapacity up to luirrols plant are liolng pro ralrd by accord to rilatomonts injulihorn to iniitiisi It Is that tin1 liti gation bitwcon Uif utJVtriimont and in dividuals is aluiiil to DiMlaiation of dividond of two per tont on tho common and 1Or cent on UKpreferred of tho Midwest Oil Company is takrn to ineun that a dlvldond will ho dcclurtMl on tho Salt Crock irodueors AHsoolutlon stock with in a short Tho latter company owns a majority Interest in tho com mon and pidVrml of tho Mld wost Oil Tho Huston and Wyoming wliloh is also conHolkd jy tho Mldwcfit Oil Comjuiny Is expected lo declare a dividend which will ho payable about January Sprclnl to Tex an Oil Lc nicnt in tills field continues to KO for ward n ntondy no nonnatlonal wolts havo Iwcn found chirlnpr tho past weeks but several pood wolls havo boon Quito a sensation crcAtod In this and other sections of oil flelda by the report that tho well of the North Texas Company on tho Frank Good about a mlln south of1 tlo town of flowing at tho rate of barrels a It was reported Unit tho well actually made 250 barrels In thirty minutes which would ffivu It a production of 500 bar rels an houv or barrels a With this production It would havo rivaled the Oulf Stoker rollablo oil scouts report that the flow of thu woll has been enormously oxapr jvoratod anil that in reality It only made n flow of about 70 and then Tho head of one of tho biff com prrhioH operating In tbls flold stated Hint lie vlnltcd tbe that It was not that ho tapped the tanks and could find no trace of oil but did find a stifU that someone had stuck In one of the tanks and It djd havo of oil on H IH expected that this when It is cleaned have a Kood production Hlnno It Ls the offset to tho well of the Humble Oil Ro flnliiK Company and HlRfflnhothnm Itrotbers on tlio that rame In with n production of about barrels nnrt up fairly well but tho do not expect to be Virginias Well l Tbo South west Im Oil Jt Develop ment Company 2 on the Krauk iood leiise norln of about nino miles has benn nbot with SOD quarts of nllro and Is flowing about 1100 barrols from tho faddo Tho Virginia Oil Companys well on IH still most sanguine a 1 Continued on S Du Priest Resigns i Position With State Webb County Still Holding Interest Two Tests Are Ready to Be Completed f to worn well ii hurst to Term Oil Led arc Sun terest In County Mils wook IH slill keen with two reportotl as ready to UiuiHunl oxoltomont was shown over fact us down below hole Is now believed to be on tlio with cnorinous niiantitles of Kan neeordiim to reports roceived Tbe well of tho Hlo Crando Oil las only 11 few miles wosl is also reported aw ready to briny Jnnl MH soon as aecfssaiy IIIKcan be There IH al present much speculation In the leases In Webb County und a number of tbe local loaso men nru them looking after tlio Malm Keen Woolf Refinery on Ship Channel South of Houston in Operation Extension to Cooper Field in Invincible Oil Gets Gusher Special Texai Oil Deo In vincible OH completed on Wednesday gushor on tholr 380ncro leooo in the Pine Island to TOUR Oil ox ritormmt prevails hnru ovor the bring ing InjhyJrniTtaonMydn of KHIIHJIH City of si woll Uhrco miles Houlhwest uf tho Cooprrf Hhallow which Is 1wo mtloH wost of Mhls HarrlnonHydo worn drlllmg In a tonlnrh start Ing a loop and struck the Ioopnr sand Ot Thoy Immediately ordered shootor to Shoot tlio woll ami will put on the pump as soon as material ThjH proves the Coopor fhild to no one of the largest shallow flolds yot opened and the oil Is of very lilrfh Tho pjpo lino has boon from tho Cooper fluid to Morcury and tho first car of oil was run this Thero is Aonsidorablo drilling going on at this and a big campaign Is planned to start immediately aftor tho i to Texas Oil Oil Companys roflnory at nine nillos bolovv TfouHton on tbe Hlilp has been completed now ln plant ln Hjild to popromlt an veHtment of and lias a daily capacity of GM of criulo Ilie plant IH manufacturing pale nnd teil lubricating KHH and fuol eotiMtal drawn most ly from flooHO Taft Drives Over Ranger OU Field Oil Du head of tax dlvi nion of tlu ComptrullerH luiH IIH and on next Monday will as chlof deputy In office of the Hhoriff of Travis Du PrlOHt linn been connected wit It the conipt rollers department for tlio He vii nil yenm and IIUH beun In Hmrjre of tho oil tax He IH quite familiar with the financial end of tho oil having audited tho quarterly reports of the oil companies oponitliiK in Texan anil ject I o a KTOMH receipts 1 the new comp troller IH iscliecluleil to tnke charge of the leparlmnnt on January ami It Is not HUoly a new head will lie for oil lax illvLslon until the new culioii KOCH Into MHJAN COUNTY TIOST STAKTKI Special to TCXBH Oil Oklahoma The Oklahoiiui Drilling Company of I2d JudKU DiekiMMon Ls to Htart drilling by 15 in tho Houthwwl of Tools have buiat pill on Curb Oil Market to Pass toTiXUiOil Han William Howard former pnnldont of tlio tliiltod Statoit saw a portion of tho North Central Thursday for the first whon ho spoko lioro on Our 1laoo Ainontf tlio Iroiodhitf thn fipoakinH1 ho was tnUoii for a dilvo Into tho iiMirby Ho oxiJiowud mirprUui jit tlio wonderful dovilopmoiit that boon matlf wUh 1 in and a half to tho Texas OU New IHIH ln1ii lirokiui for theimw Market hiiiltlhiK on Trinity exteiullnvr thmUKh to Tlu buildinw1 will lie a thrnoHtory Htruetuie of Hlrnplf eliiHKlc with extorior nf Kray brick and A mtiin will be provided from Trinity jylviiuj direct ti the laiKtt board AuxllUary on tiaiiiiM will bii on UreiMiwhli Tinmain Imard room will apprnxl mntely and Til fuel At citlnr end will be stuppod wltli IITiO telephones from tsuch of wblih tbe inlhv hoard be plainly Thus New York will Umn pUtureHtiue curb market KMS middle of next brokers will forsake tho open air of Broad Street to conduct tholr trading npnrutloiiH 111 oil ami other stocks Ibore tiftor under a No moro will wlw fiivrftuH and funny actions of iruUtrs thrill Iluor will onti of its whon tint About the 4

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