Saturday, December 4, 1920

Texas Oil Ledger

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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Texas Oil Ledger (Newspaper) - December 4, 1920, Fort Worth, Texas I t PAGES TODAY AN INDEPENDENTNCWSPAP PUBLISHED Every Saturday 2 Per Year PORT DECEMBER 1920 lOc Per Copy 42 GULFS WELL ON SIT Y ROAD FEATURES WEEK Production of Barrels Obtained From Well in Abandoned District BRECKENRIDGE FIELD GETS MANY GOOD WELLS Activity Increases in With McClusky 3 Mak ing Barrels fCointmuod on Page OPERATORS OF TEXHOMA FIELD GIVEN WARNING Eastland Fields h h Have Quiet Week Tests Near Sand to Teins Oil dullness that marked Tranksglving week was supplanted last week by a period of Intensified activity during whleh a largo number of completions In the north end extoneon of EllnsvIUe antl South of major one completion of a well on tho Moore survey of tho Oulf on the Necessity eight miles southeast of tho No well In many weeks has attracted as jnuch attention as has this producer bodause it Us located In what was wellnight abandoned ns dustor or semiduster The which camo In early in the nt latest report is still making Its average of to which level It decreased from the Pay was struck at the usual depth in this territory and none of the incidents con nected with Its drilling differ largely from those which characterise wells In the townHltc and adjacent The well lias brought back hope to many leaseholders and others interested In a financial way In that Immediate territory and it is certain that many of tho wells heretofore given up as next to useless will bo repeatedly to determine their worth as Rock Island a Big The Rock Island well also Is listed among the big producers brought In during tho Tlite well is estl mated as being in the to which production it increased around GOO barrels after being a heavy jolt of Much oil fiS found when well drilled in but a need for more gas pressure necessi tated it is Tho numberOf offsets to this producer has caused it to come within the cal cium glare of Ton thousand barrels of storage hns been erected for this well and supplemental stock tanks arc bolnff rushed to Block drilled in late In the is reported to be doing approximately 11 barrels an The well of Sor on 8 and which fame in on Is making arounu 500 Tho Cosden Companys well on the Alters two miles north of the at a depth of Is reported to bo making around 700 bar Making Tho Hardln just north of the school house block in tho Ward addi shot on Tuesday and respond ed with a flow of The Rex 1 of the Rex off setting tho school house block jo the camb in last Saturday and on Tuesday was drilled into the It Is now making about thirty barrels an Block which for a time made around barrels after It in early in the Is now making some Development Is Just Getting Back Normal Again Special o Tcxni OH in this field has In the main been quiet for the past week but sev eral Important wells arc to a depth where they promise to cause some excitement within a very short Development In this section is just Retting back to normal after a slack during tho summer and it is expected that from now on during the winter months will witness n great Increase In drilling The operation that Is now receiving the majority of the attention of the oil fraternlcy is the Plateau Oil Com panys Thorp near the little town of across the county line in Stephen This well is a direct offset to the TomlinHon well that came in for a small production and then under the effects of a jolt of nltroglycerln started off at a clip and then grad ually dcclnod until it Is now only rated as a TCObarrcl well and is said to be showing some salt The Thorp well will bo shot in hopes that it will aso be greatly The in crease of tho Tomllnson after tho shot has caused some operators to be of the belief that the majority tho wells In that vicinity would be greatly increased f Whether the rest of tho well in that vicinity are to be shot will d pond to a great extent on the bohavj of the This well has lost in the hole and efforts have been for the past several days to get tooo Tte well Is now cleaned out and the tools wll bo dr Well Caving The well of the OkchKanger 2 on the Caudle la about one mile northwest of this cl was to have been shot Wednesday bu tho hole la said to be caving badly and the well was not It is intended to explode 400 quarts In this which is an unusually heavy shot for this The well found tho Caddo lime from and had a small the well was then sunk to tho Ranger pay reaching1 a depth of about This is considered an Important well and IE it is a good pro ducer will bring producing territory al most to the city limits of on the A show of oil and gas Tols fade the Icing Continued on page 5 New High Record For Production In Okmulgee More Than Producing Wells in Field Are Feeding 18 Pipe Lines October Pro duction Special to Tcxai Oil Wichita ing was issued by Mike deputy supervisor of tho oil and gas of the State Railroad Com to operations in tho Toxhoma field that the rules of tho commission must be followed by McNamara cited rules 12 and 13 of the 12 providing that anchorage bo laid and a control provided at tho head of the casing bo fora a gas well can be and rule 13 provides that In a proven gas field or a well defined gas field ade preparations shall be made for the conservation of the gas before drill ing in any McNamara also warned that the rule of the commission forbidding the of a gas well before there a market for the product will He said gas wells can not bo brought in and then sJiut off untilthere is a market found for the statement eaid also the proper care in drilling and the conservation of the product Is every evidence that theTex Koma field will produce a large amount of gras for several The oil and of the commission Is willing In every way with the to the end that the greatest of gas is obtained and con MoKamar cited the gas well of the ODell Gas Company as one that had been brought In according to the commission and that they had had nowater trouble at alb and had no difficulty In shutting off the gaa when well camo v Gasoline Plant to Start t L v Lj The Texas Casinghead Gasoline Com pany reports that they expect to have jfchelr plant in operation within a short as all the machinery has been received hf Ranger and that within a should be able to take Socciol to the Tcxai Oil a new hlffh record mark for oil produc the Otemulgoo fejd in the month of produced bar rels of crude oil dally according to a detailed statement of pipe line runs from this The statement shows that 18 separ ate pipe lino companies are now run ning oil from the Okmulgee field and that there were more than produc ing wells In tho field In the month of Tho average dally production of Ok mulffeo for tho month wes bar rejs the state showsThis is barrels more per day than was pro duced in the month of which was the greatest producing month In the history of thw Okmuigcc flejd previous to That tho production of the Okmuigee field Is flhowinpr further increases In the month of November is Indicated by the weekly bulletin of Ameri can Petroleum Institute for November which reports tho northern Ok mulgoo County fields barrels daily during the week ending November This Is an Increase of barrels dally over the production of tho same section in the week end Ing November and an Increase of barrels dally over the week end Ing October as reported by the American Petroleum Aldine Oil Corporation Gets Good One at Speclnl to the OH Ltdf Wichita Aldine Oil Corporations 1 Blrk In the Clara which struck the sand at feet last Is swabbing around 100 barrels a The well is beingrigged up to This well is a short distance north west of the Arkansas Texas Companys 1 whfoh was Brought in some time ago and which pumping about forty barrels per Thone wells are about half way be tween the Ramming andBowers pools and open up a small section of new The the Arkansas Texas Company was shut down around 800 feet because other tests in the neighborhood had failed to pick up oil paying This 3 will now be completed as soon as SCENES If SJEWEST OIL TOWN BUSINESS ANI AT Left Top View of Main street In Hie now busy town of 100 miles soulli of Fort which In now Ixpurieneiui n real oil Below of Mexius preparing to tniw of In oil uho Hocking to the little ht Tlie cause of H A view of ho Oil Companys Itogera Roliiff over the Mexia Wildcat Still an Depending on Thickness of Oil San v Well Supply Business Expands Getting of Supplies Is Hard est Propositions of Stores Resumption of Intensive Drilling by Spring Is Special to Oil oil well Hupply houses of thie city report a nteady and consistent businessin spite of tho dullneMs In other Books of of the companion show only a small falling off from tho banner month of Ono supply house located in this city lias never fallen below a half million dollars monthly sales since tho Aprlirg of One month last year its business ran bettor than Out of the large number of supply houses nmintnindd by this company in prac tically all oil fields in the United the Ranger store lias had far the larg esfr volume of business this Tho main trouble experienced by tho supply men during the last few months has been KGttlryv in supplies and this situation Is greatly improved they Orders placed last fall and winter have been filled and are Factories are catching up with backorders and nro sending finished products out in a steady General supply men are optimis tic and profess to foresee a resump tion of intensive drilling operations all over tho field by early spring or as soon as tho threatening financial clouds are valuable data has boon gathered from the many operations carried on In this county to constitute a definite guide to profit and loss In operation and tho experience of the past will enable operators to avoid costly mistakes and secure tho maximum of production at tho mini mum Nothing Definite Can Be Learned Until the Well Is Drilled in and Given a Thorough Test Various Es timates as to Its Production Run From to II I II Young and Archer Next Gusher Field I CONTRACTS FOR WELL Depot recently organized with capital of has lot contract for a well In block 89v Breckenrldgo according to Sorrells of thte city The contract calls for actual drilling to start on or before The well will be on the west bank of Gonzalos creek and la about feet from the Gonuales Sorrells and associates have charge of management of the syndi THK OIL EXCHANGE AND IIOAKO OF TRADE TO RESUME DAILY CALLS manager of tho Oil nnd Hoard of announces that trading will be resumed De cember In their new quarters on tho ground floor of tho Sie bold hotel Three calls will bo hold at 3 and Tho genera opinion among oil brokers Is that the stock busi ness demands regular dally calls and that the better class of atooks will be in great demand by January i By Staff Correspondent the new oil boom is lo cated in Limestone about 100 miles south of Fort The town was estab lished in IS 72 and was named after General Mexia who was a general in the Mexican Army for a number of The growth of the town has been slow up to this time and at the start of the boom the popular tion was estimated at but within the last two weeks this has been greatly increased by the influx of fortuneseekers and oil The town is situated on two railroads and is capable of tak ing care of many thousand So great has been the boom that at present there is under contemplation a new hotel which will in all probability be erected during the winter All the private homes and many of the city buildings have been thrown open to the public and every effort is being made by the citizens to make one feel at The boom has all been the result of the striking of an oil sand in the test of the Humph reyMexia Oil located on the Rogers farm about three miles southwest of this Stiirtocl Tho HutnphrqyMexla tost was start ed early in tho month of but has been delayed on account of many mechanical Many times the stem of the rotary rig with whleh tho test wan first started wan broken then the poor grade of cnnlng which was at first used gave tho great The company then decided to replace tho rotiiry with tho standard toolfl which was done Immediately and that tlmo no great trouble haw been All of this caused great delay to the test and added greatly to the cost of operation tho company of ficials say that tho well has cpHt ap proximately Much higher estimates havo boon rumored through out oil nnd ban boon ths cause of many operators claiming that the well would not pay out and thus giv ing the field a blach Prill era of tho tost claim that since tho formatlonH arc now a well Continued on page 6 These Counties Are Well Lo cated in the Trend o Oil Development and Oil Men Are Looking to Them In Oil These two countloH nro IiulcKl rally Incntcd with reference to tho present troml of oil development In the North Tcxns lining situated directly between tho oil pools of Wichita County on HIP north and Stephens County on the Mio oE production from both these pools Is apparently destined to converge In the not distant tho oyos of tho oil Industry heron bout H nro focused on particu lar area and arc following development work Southern Young County in the South Bond and Ellasvillo district especially In getting an Intensive development campaign at tho McChwlty welts and others In this area having proven this section for big Tho northwest and southwest ern part of Archer County and prnc 1willy nil of Young County is hclnvr thoroughly tested out by tho big corn pan I Tho countrywide financial stringency hns existed for some tlrno hns hnd Itfl effect on oil field operations In but It Is encouraging to those Interested to note that there is no ap pnront curtnllmont of work in this particular field in North aff tho spotlight Is now playing on tho Young nnd Archer country between tho nreckenrldgo pool now making about barrels of oil per day and tho Burkburnott wonder It Is confidently predicted by knowing oil mon that tho development now iri prograwi in this wcctJon will Uscovor tho Mother pool or connecting link between tho two flolds mentioned which today rank with the groat oil fields of tho world In North Breckenridge Gets Gasser Increases Confidence Spec to Tevas Oil Ing to tho confidence of drlllors in tho new norther end nxtnnnlnn of tho Brerkcnrldgc a gussor camo In on Tuesday on tho Blank Brothers olovon miles northeast of tho tlosplto tho fact that n good number of blpr worn tapped 1n that part of tho operators felt Bomo fenr as to tlio pormanonco of tho sup Tho shortage of gas for fuel pur poses was so critical in several m Htancos in wells Isolated from tho big that and In a few wood was used to fire tho bollors of drilling householders and In nro assured of nn abund ant gas supply for the The Texofl which furnishes the major part of tho gaa usod for homoH and Industries through tho local gas company announces that all gas necessary will bo on tap during tho cold period of the winter and that pres sure will as great as Big Increase in Production Seen In Ranger Fi New Completions of Prairie Company Adds Greatly to Production of of nitro foot SprrlM to the Texas Oil n Ihc immediate Ranger show n couple of thousand barrels increase tliiH week on three completions of the Iralrtc Oil Gas The Waio north of Ranger seven miles and near tho Kasl lumlKtppheiw county lino which was drilled into thn pay time ago is flmvinvr around barrels Tho vuuo Jn for GOO barrels and has svnulimlly increased with shoot Imr or There IK lot of territory between this well and Caddo in Ste phens county which will lie The Voalo of the sumo company In Houthern Stephens County is also u producer after a shot placed from to and flowing 300 bar Tho also in fctephonn in a now completion by tho Prairie It was shot Into production with 210 quarts jyccrin at from to and is making 100 Thorp lloldn Tho White Oil Corporation shot their Thorp H waH an off not to I ho Texas CompanyH the myntery well north of Tho depth of tho Thorp Si approximately tho wtnie as the TomlinHon TlocaiiKo of tho moor behavior of tho Tomltnsnii well which Jumped from 100 to barrels there is much interest in the Thorp Tlio erstwhile gusher is down to fioo barrels and is re ported to bo making salt The woll of the HI las Company which came In uesilny is making 800 barrels according o by ofDdati The well n 1 on that tract and IH near I IH also a making 50 The Hohertss of tho Texan Pacific Coal Oil In tho shallow district north of Htrawn in and IH making 200 barrels a It In oife of tho best shallow wells in tho The Texas Coal Oil Com pany making a number of locatlonn on north of and will luivo at least throe wells spudded In that territory In a few Citizens December 7 Is Set by Com pany for Inspection by Pub lic One of Six of Its Kind in United At that kind IH In to Totm Oil Oil Bolt Power who 1ms just put Into operation their power plant throo miles cast of will be host to tho citizens of tho oil fields of Kastland and Stephana TUOH Pefomlior from 12 to II according to an announcement by Gen eral Manager thlH tlrno tho pooplo In tho oil will be glvou an opportunity to tho big plant of thin company said to ono of six of its tho United States 1C not In the After the Inspection trip Is over tho company will serve luncheon to guests In the dining hall of the Texaw Construction Company that will scat About 2BO people from tlio oil fields aro expected to Do heou and nroekonrldtfo will bo on the lltit of those as will tho members of all oil operating companion In laiid ami Htophonn stated that tho affair was to bo strictly snig tnul none of tho fair sex wore Invited for this Already the Oil Unit Power plant Is tho mocca for poo plo from all over the two counties who come to Inspect tho moiiHtar Trite plant waa finisheds on Friday a few wcckB ago and tho noxt day Juice for commercial ami domestic uso in this city was being supplied exclusively by thin plant und it has boon carrying the load ovor slnco without Some electricity IB now being do Hvorcd to outside and for oil well but not In tho capacity that It will finally bo 700BARREL WELL IS COMPLETED IN YOUNG COUNTY r Hpcrlnlto thoTeim Oil Wichita Oklahoma Gas Potroloum Companys 1 In Young was drilled about a foot deeper Into tho sand last week and the production in crnnHed about 200 barrels per Tho wellhas boon making GOO bar rels from tho Rand ami 1s making 700 barrels since being drilled Several moro wells In thlfl district aro noarlng the sand and ore being watched with great Interest by oil men In this moot of whom beliovo a wood field will be opened up In this part of Young LITTLE CHANGE IN PRODUCTION OF COASTAL FIELDS f Estimated That Total for the State Will Not Vary Barrels MANY WELLS READY TO BE COMPLETED Big Increase Looked for in Next Weeks Production Intensive Stage Reached Tixiia Oil weekly of coastal fieUln as wnU as tlio no ivmnrkuhlo in production of oil HIH it luilhtMttiriilly estimated today that total protftiLtlait of the state would not vary barrels from last weeks The total production of the rstinialed Unlay to bo uround burrols Tho pro duction uppk of tinMuvon principal fields hi this srtUon of tho was estimated to bo about Thin IH a low thousand barrels less than tout This weekly produc tion report total lias been on the de cllrtfi for several but IntUoa tlonn are that tho production will materially ris during this week us u number of Important wells at Hluu Uldive uro expected to romo as well other completions In West Co lumbia and Hull In tho Saratoga drlltug activities were unumml this three were an fol lows The Hmcllny Hoolm pumping 50 barrels of oil and bjirrds of water tho Weldon Oil Com panys Hooks 14 pumping 75 bar and the Hun Companys Santa pumping IB Ton other wells hulouging to various com panies are In process of arcctlng derricks and putting up Hard sand and rock arc wilil to be tbe two elements found In process of Hull In the Hull only the Hlg glns Oil Fuel Company and tho Gulf Production Company have reported These arc The Oulf Companys Thomas Keo worked over and completed November 24 nt a drptli of IH now flowing barrola of pipe lino 20 per cent and the 1IlggmH Com panys Canter 8 which put on beam November anil pumped for a few hours until tho bolt cnmo The well then begun to flow around tho tubing at tho rate of iltO barrels of pipelino UO per cent at a depth of The total production for this tleltl thin week IH Tho Humble Oil A Refining Com panys I completed last week with an Initial flow of of pipe lino IH holding up at Tho company is rlg glivtf up 2 on tho same Its 3 Cluedry is resetting pJiiK lit Tho depth now is Several wells are Jn tho northern part of tho field the Oulf and Texas companies are testing 10 at feet with u showing for heavy oil and considerable gas 12 MorrlsPhilllpH is drilling below West of the Uulf Is deepening 2 Scarborough at Tho Republic Production Company Is testing 42 Dolboar at foot Continued on e 5 Michigan Capitalist on Visit to Properties t of Louisiana Stephens Tjouls Ann IH spending u few days In Fort Worth and tho olf fields ns tho guest of Gnylord secretary of LoulslaimSlophomi OH Uomlngor Is a heavy In LouisianaStephens as well us father inlaw of He spont two days Inspecting the holdings of tho cor poration and oxpoots to In Texas until tlio completion qf Us two which are now practically on tho It has tho policy of tho offlaora of this corporation to Invite stock holders to Texas to see tho progress bo Ing rnado around This corporation now has three wells drill ono producing and two contracted for that should bo In within tho next thirty Two of tho wells drilling are practically on the sand and pected In within tho next two The Peeks Is drilling at tho Owen 1 has completed its casing job and la still drilling at Tho Owen 2 IH drilling at 900 foot and making wonderful drill ing Stephana Is practically through with their financing and of flclalfl of the company stated their be lief that tho stock would bo removed from the market before the wells wore They expect at lenwt barrels production from the two wolla now ncarlng the Wichita District Gives Production ol Fields Special to Texas Oil Wichita production In this district for the past week averaged a llttlo more than barrels divided us follows Burkburnett Iowa Park and KornpMungerAllon 200 400 Young around I

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