Monday, November 8, 1920

Texas Oil Gazette

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Texas Oil Gazette on Monday, November 8, 1920

Texas Oil Gazette (Newspaper) - November 8, 1920, Fort Worth, Texas READERS IN EVERY CLIME OIL NEWS FROM EVERY tt Oildoms Greatest Newspaper ABSORBED LOUISIANA OIL NEWS 1030 Aft INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED WEEKLY IN THE INTEREST OF THE OIL INDUSTRY FOR YOUR PROTECTION ADVERTISEMENTS IN TEXAS OIL GAZETTE MUST PASS CENSORSHIP 2 35 FORT 1920 PER YEAR inc S VERY flCTIVE MANY KlttOHTKI NEAR XIXE MILKS AVHST WICHITA SAID SANI IOVXD AT FE13T IX OM FIKLD THAT HAS KSTI ATK OF 50 Development Is Needed in Commissioner Says Special to the Gazette WICHITA Developments around the Tilllenm well on the Mattie Parker ranch lands nine miles wont of the city and the possibility of a deeper pay in the field are the features oC the last week in the oil activity of the Wichita Additional sales are reported in the vicinity of tho TllH rnm well which two weeks ago open ed up a now shallow field at 1300 The woll still continues to pro duce at rate of 250 barrels the production being as large at the pad of tho second week as the natural flow when tho well was first brought i During tho last week Walter IX mayor of this city has purchas ed two leasesone fifty and ono twen ty tho vicinity of the woll for a consideration of The leases are in addition to those chased by the Cllno Oil company ten days Clinc is president of the Cllno The latter com pany has derricks up on their leases and are preparing to spud In the first of the 2 well of the Tillicinn Oil association is now drill ing urouncl 400 It is the first woll to start drilling1 in that section wince the discovery well was complet Tho Bill Tibwo Oilcompany has also spudded in on their test in block 19 ofthat Dpepcr Sand nt KMA A puHslbic deeper pay in the field Is now attracting tho atten tion of local 6lK operators interested Jn that The 6 well of the M Allen company on the west side of the 450 acre lease of tho company is now testing out a sand sirnd at 1301 Drilled two feet in the sand the well has balled con siderable oil with tho production es timated at HO No effort has mado to shut off tho water which coming from the above the pay The company officials arc now satisfied from tho test that 1ms been made that the sand will produce oil in commercial The wafer will bo shut off and the wand drilled In It is believed by operators that the well will show a larger The company has three wels in thissection of their lease which are either dry or aro showing only a small production at the regular 1750 foot pay sand depth of the Kecently tho 2 well oC the company obtained a sand around 1800 Tho well was pumped for several days in an at tempt to exhaust Iho water which broke Although tho well showed considerable oil the water was never shut off and tho well was This welt wan the second to sUirt drilling In the field following tho bringing in of tho discovery Tt is saM that tho well which was dril led with rotary tools cost Parker Test Two completions aro reported from the proven section of tho field during tho last In block the Block 41 Oil Companyhave brought In u 125 barrel from tho us ual paydepth of that section of tho In block 25 the Sibloy Taylor interests have completed their 6 Hunger a 200 barrel Tho proven areas of the field aro being rapidly developed with only a few more to be Interest the field now centers in the extension and semi wildcat tests that aro being drilled but which as yet have not shown oil In commercial Tho 1 of Bossonet and Cezcaux on tho Parker ranch seven miles southeast of tho producing area of tho field has failed to shut off tho water trouble and it Is reported that the test will bo abandoned and an lest Derricks are up for other wells offsetting tho discov ery lease although none havo yot spudded This section attracted considerable attention three weeks ago when the well flowed for a short The salt water broke in later and all efforts to shut it off havo fail the Waggoner field of the Burk burnctt dintr let several small produc ers aro Jn block C 818 the R and 6 of Wood und Cranfllt aro 25 barrel In olock 88 tlio 1 Klsca of tho Manhattan Texas Oil company and tho 4 of tho O Ifihonm Oil and Heftntng company ar ou barrel Deep Test South of Special to the to head of tho firm of Marr and independent producers of New York and his company will drill at least two and possibly four dftop tests about 26 miles south east of the towns of Eddy Tho wells will be carried to a depth of 00 feet unless oil or gaa in paying quantities is found at a lesser Special to the O Mexico this year will produce ap proximately throe times as much oil as was produced last year according to the report of for mer trade commissioner of who denied statements made by irre sponsible parties that Mexico was gel ling low in Its oil His report points out that not only has there been a great development In Tehuatitipas but that there will soon be considerable development work started in lower California where there arc many indications of oil but little operations at tho present There la no discrimination against Americans In these the trade commissioner I found no discrimination against Americans In the grantingof he New tracts bo developed and that takes money and Mexico realizes that Americans are ready and willing to put large sums into the develop ment of now LEEM HELL ESI CUPLETIO F HANGER F EL LOXK STAH AS GKTS 100 I5AK HKLS FHOM THACT IX Special to the Tho boat completion of the week in the Hanger field waa the well of tho Lone Star Gas company on the Goodo tract in the southern part of the field near This well is making 400 bur rels after a It is one oC the best wella completed time in thla In tho northern part of Eastland county and likewise near Leeray Smith and Burns have completed their 1 Uoodo Tor 300 j This wollwas shot and flowed for a short time by heads making 250 The well afterward settled to steady production and flowed 300 barrels The total depth is J51 Another completion in the northern portion of Eastland county in the gnneral direction of the Lone Stars Goodc is tho lllgglnbotham Drilling 3 Higghiholhum whkh is rated us a 200barrel woll after A charge of 300 quarts was used from to There were scvcrnl minor comple tions In the RniiKer district last Chief among these was the Smith and Hess well on the Davis tract which had an initial production of 100 barrels and was shot and the flow retarded to CO barrels The charge was 300 quarts from JMjSC to feet The total depth of the well is Other completions in cluded Hoover and Mastermans 1 Baggctt for 75 barrels at feet and Indiulioma Kcflnlng companys 3 which is 50 barrels at The Sin clair aleo brouKht In a gnnscr of fall proportions on the Kurnost The sand was encountered at Producers and Refiners Announce Dividend Special to tho Tho ular quarterly dividend chocks 1 34 per cent or 17 12 cents share on tho preferred and 1 13 per cent or 12 12 eonts per share on the common stock are now being mailed from tho Denver offices of Producers and Uofiners corporation to Its The total dividend dis bursement by the corporation this quarter amounts to of which sums To tilt holders of preferred and to common Tho companys August net Income before with the record for tho same month a year showed an Increase of 76 and a reduction In expenses of This was an increase In net income of more than 106 per Tho not income for the past three months shows a gratifying Increaso for each month 48 nnd From present September earnings should equal the August Tho not earnings of the company are now at tho ruleof more than Pays Another Divitfen nouncement luis been made hero by the Corsicuna Oil ttoflnlng company that tho dividend of five per cent has been made payable on No vember Thla la the companys sec ond the first one being puld lust The Corslcana Deep Well company announces thai it has contracted with the Hardy Sltton Drilling company for its S This will be a deep tefll with cable of per N HOMER POOL SIMMS COM AX V JKTS HAU 11KLS FROM SHALLOW SAM IX SAMK EXTENDS THE BULL BOYflU AMHKANDA imiXfJS IX 000IIAR LOCA TIONS Special to ihu nouncement mndu Thursday of the completion by the Standard oil company of a barrel gusher in Homer at a depth of This won is known as tho Gulf Palmer 21 and offsets the Other completions of importance In tho Clalhornu parish art1 tho wells of the Simnis Oil corpration from the shallow Hand good for barrels Initial This well la feet The Standard also brought in another Its 22 good for 150 barrels at Tho Homer Oil corporations 9 CUUKJ in at feel with 375 The Hull Bayou field was extended last week by the completion of the AmeranUa Petroleum companys 1 as a 600 barrel woll at Other locations are being made near tho which was a The Texas company completed UK 28 Weinple in the Bull Bayou field aa n 20barrd well at Jjlttlo change is noted in Louisianas oil production for jho The Cad do field Is holding up well as are the Hornetand IJull Completions in tho Ked Ulvcr par part of tho Bull Ltayou In clude tho LJull Bayou Oil companys Armlstead a CObarrcl well at feel Moroflold et Hollings worth barrels and some wilt water nt feet and tho Sinclair companys Polly 75 barrels at Eastern Capitalists To Purchase Issue of Louisiana Stephens It Is possible that eastern capital will purchase tho remaining shares of Jouliiluna according to Gay lord secretary of the cor L Many wlreH have been exchanged buck and forth during the punt weak and Tuesday Fred hurried oast where it is pos sible that tho deal will be Chhmm usHcrtod that the sale will hinffe entirely unon the willingness of them investors to pay the market of per ahure regardless of tho afzo of tho Wo feol dead certain that tho re maining issutH will bo dlnpnaed of within tho next two or three at the and wo can see no rea son why tho big investor should se cure shares for less than tho man who cannot afford more than 10 or 20 We assured a square deal for everyone and everyone will get Chlzum Hinted that tho agents throughout tho country had been in formed of this possible sale nnd uwd them to hurry in every possible reser Tho on tho Peeks tract start ed drilling ten duya after the 1on tho ThlH well is now drilling at eet and the Owen It is an Interesting race between crews and both expect to finish wells before the tho Test South Electra Has Good Showing Attracts Attention Special to the showing made by tho 2 well of tho Arcadia Oil company on the Moul ton eight miles south of Elec Is tho principal dovelopmont dur ing Iho last in this The well is showing an initial production around 75 barrels from a sand struck at 700 a new depth for that sec Other wollH are producing in that section from both deeper and shallower but based on In itial production the 700 foot sand will Hhow tUo production of the States Well Shot With Good Results Special to the j Oil corporations GJlbroalh well miles north of shot with liUO tH of broke OUSQ Thursday morning at from to feet and la making about 600 Throemiles northw at of the some Fisher woll IB mak ing bettor than 400 Two miles northwest of tho Day Oil com panys well Is good for 200 barrels after a at feet and is still Deep Test Victoria Has to the One of the most Interesting and unusual wild rat wells in southwest Texas is that drilled by the Guadulupo Valley Oil company in Victoria To begin with the wells unmo is the 1 Santa Then it Is clown to 765 feet with nothing but IL few feet of surface casing In the j means open hole for per haps The well has never had a fishing job of any kind since it was The drilll la now In a formation ff blue mid in which it has been drilling for COO There was some utte feeing of ills eourngement among officials of the company an well us residents of Vic toria county as great hopes were eld for the The well is down so far without any showing of consequence tratthe venture was almost given It was pointed by geologist of Texas Uni that while many wells at depths of from to feet are not profitable tuieh depths nro com mon enough In various Gjjlf coast fields and that it is extremely prob able that similar formations will be picked up nl the Victoria NILDCIT TEST HH F COIMTED DEPTH mm tu IT imm PfiOfES FIELD norms WITIIIWAWX i riiKKN AS LEASES ARE SDAR AXI OWNKRS VOXS xo IX CJIAS JltiHX Kpecbil to tho 4 Oil Gust company ia drill ing their 1 in section 27 Onachita at a depth of feet at the present nnd will drill their first wildcat which located farthest south from tho BUS field of any other to a depth of at least So far no gas or oil has been on countered In this but notwith standing this owners nnd drillers have hoppH of bringing forth oil In this well when they reach et are engaged a wetting 4 11 Inch casing at feet in their Rhymes 1 located nn tho Harrison Rhymos six miles south of on the Alon roeWInnsboro model in sec tion Ouachlta ThlH well in located in a section of the parish far removed from tho Monroo and where no drilling has over tnlcen place and Is natu rally commandinginterest among The Transcontinental Oil Ga eompany hun struck the gas rock their Wymond 1 In section Jl at and will now to sot ti inch casing at that after completing the job of The KUH ruck In this well was struck liOO feet lower than In tho well of Ut West Virginia Oil Gaa which was drilled in section I Rome months and which came in a cubic feet ct arc shut down on their llhiclcland in section Ouachlta pail a depth of This well located just beyond the corporate limits of the town of West 7t Is reprted that they plan tt drill this test to a depth of in tho event oil in not found in paying quantities before reaching that Wichita Production Shows Barrel Gain for the Week Special to tho WICHITA Production Cor tho Wichita district shows an Incrcauo of barrels during tho last The Increase is not duo to the bringing In of new wells as very few have been com pleted during tho Weather conditions aro mare favorable and probably accounts for the Tho dally average aro as follows v Barrels Bnrkburnelt Kluctra Tcxhoma Old Burkburnett Iowa Park Young County 050 Petrolfa 100 Holllduy 200 Rig Loaded for Well Of HomerEldorado general manager of tho HomerEldorado Oil an nounced thin week that Kinney and tho contractors who will drill the companys well in 17U31 Union had loaded a rig at from It will bo shipped to and from there hauled to the Tho drillers have contracted to a depth of unless oil or gun found In paying quantities at a lessor Two tests will bo mado at and OBrien BIG KXTKNS10X TO JTKIJ IMl CATKO 1JY IAYS 700 1KU Spoclnl to the Inxetle Zacamixtle in which the first oil wellH wan brought in a short lime now considered praiIically proven by the bringing in of the K Aftulla Petroleum company 1 well on lot at the of buirels a This comple tion dofinitily proves the tin Xaeuinixtle a few months could havo been purchaiicd almost for a are now at from tn a The sanu development will true In othei parts of the it In believed Judging from well and the Huaiiteca eoninanys com which wan tho discovery of ho this dlmrlct will bo good as the old Lou and the upper Amatlan It molmbly jxtonda au fur Houfh ay Auil and if thli is true it will he one of thu producing dlstrietn in A wellknown newspaper corres speaking of this Hays Tho new territory will probably furnish ns givat a production of oil aa have the oil and will InereaKe the total daily production of The effect of the completion of these wells is felt in the United States as operators in that country stand ready to turn to Mexico and in do ing1 that at u great The a small concern organized In 11 accordingto the Tampion Tri just paid a dividend amount ing to TOO per cent on the original The company was or ganUed with shares of par only 20 per cent of the capital stock wan paid Into the Tho company did lUtle ex cept to aniulro iicwnw upon which operating companies drilled wells on a commission Tho revenuo from Hiiuh lias au thorised the payment of the 700 per cent Richardson Oil Corporation Organized Here Announcement was made here thlH of tho formation of tho Kicharnson oil a Texas granted a charter on this Incorporators art Ilogcra and he coiporatlon 1ms a capital of rlkH of the corporation con sist of producing wells and extensive valuable Tho company Is now drilling four ono in IJreck etwldiiu and throo In tho CorHlcana Richardson was formerly operating In Louisiana but has moved all hitj tools and equipment to f lllebardBou IK a lumber having a number of yards In this aeclloii of Ho will bo remembered as tho or gan too r of a nyndicato which pull buck 120 per cent In dividends one year after It was organised and of another Hyticllcfitu which paid back 160 per cent within 8 To Make Oil Test at Shallow Depth In North Louisiana Special to tho tions aro being mado thin weok to drill out tho plug In the Lowery woll located 12 miles north of Delhi on the large rUulmrduon being located In Hcctlon KiglitIneh casing waH set in thlH well tho first of the past week and whon drilling was KUH pcndocl they hurt reached depth of feet and wero in chalk 1ruHont plans aro to maku a tost for oil tit foot in tlilw woll and if no oil IH found at that depth In pay ing luantiliuH It will Ito drilled deep er and deep aa Thla toat in located on tho noted Ma con Hldgu and drillera aro of tho opinion that tho will bring forth the next oil fluid for OeologlHtH contend that thuMacon Hidgo territory Hew In tho path of tlio chain of qll fields start ing In running through North woat MlHsiaalppl and Northeast Loululanu and Joining tho Sablno Uplift in tho vicinity of Boyco or Hot Houth wcBt of Production In Ste County Still Coin Wee est Simms Sells Big Order Crude At Above Market Special to the irinsar tion involving nearly IM just bein by the Simnis IVtroloum enmpany with the Htuml artl CHI eonipany of hulfana and oth er The Siinins company has to deliver to the barrels of Homer crude at a cash price of a barrel which Is no the posted prhe of Hom er Deliveries arc to be made Standards cars J t is t Iso lea rued ha t he SI MI euuipany has contracted to sell 000 barrels of lloniri1 crude to othe id Texas at the eliveries to be made in Novembe and Jiecember of this FIELD MS 1 IHKiVSSKS COMPANYS tON lly to Ihc JSlnro MnumiiuiMiuMtt by many papers tlui Ihc Cltiirial oil company Ultf Springs been In the hands of a rireUov nothing more ban boon Tluiv has IKMU no change in tho nianajjonuiit of Iho wells thin place to tho Therehas not ioon a moments Ulup in the work and woll is proceed ing of OK boon no charge of In no rhnrgn oC want of Tho company ia rieli and has many hundred dollars worth of ma chinery iiitd equipment of all kinds and foiiutlesH dollars worth of and to outside observers o no ugh money to tinihh the wells now under progress and the promise wells great they evidently will be finished according to Clenarl Oil company is not the only one oporaUnK at I The Homer company reported down about feet in he Uulnii well und has airMe funds on hand to com pleto its The Colorado com pany IIIIH nn otl well ready to shoot and hopes are Hint it will make a Rood Thu rmlorwrlters well lit re portoil to he making ILU dully while a nmnUr of others are iiearlnrv pay depth uiui many more drilling or nuilvlnjc The proHcnt showing of our wetln have no precedent In in Texas or In any older field HO H has been predicted by ex perienced oil men that ihlH would cvontiKiHy be the nml perhapH tho best oil field In Texas and indica tions are cortninly pointing that way Cunningham is ono of tho prin cipal dealers nt Ulg SprlngH and Know whereof ho Ifls is familiar to Ford Petroleum To Pay Dividend of Nine Per Cent The Ford Petroleum a TjOiilHiamt huu Just declared a dividend of 9 per payable 2 per cent cash 2 per cent and 5 per cent stock ac cording to an announcement by the TexiiH Trust company of Kurt fiscal agents for tho corporation In Tex Thu Ford corporation Is officered by Much men an presi who Is lieutenant governor of Mississippi vlcoproHl oil operator of prvshlent Louisi ana Savings Hank Trust of and other prominent oil men and Tho corporation has five wollH mak ing settled production in tho Cuddo flold of H mineral leases on rtver acres of oil Including ucrus in Afox Ico In tho Ktato of In which thu famous Tamplco fields are I Syndicate Sells Makes Three for Ono truslou ot Iho Virgin syn a Hlpo Springs report ed this wook that tho nyndlonto had been sold out at a figure that puld throo for on tho Hulas has Just organUod a sec ond the League Crude Oil syndicate and plans to drill flvo shal low wells at onue on a proven louse of ten acres in tho Hogom BLOCK II TOXVNSITK YIKLOS TO a AH Ki COiTfS TIEID iTT KK Special tn Stephens county product ion went anain this topping Uhilo mi romplrtliiim unusual Missewere reported a num ber of excellent wells were hroiiKht In a H I hose brought the average from the 000 hanvl mark wheru it soared last lilork I I In the north part of tho townxilo letl all other producing areas so far new wells were production from one Iho tJuuranteeil Symlieao woll which mafic 100 liaiTclM an hour when firxl Jn Inn which to barrels daily when drilled deeper Into the This welt IM ket Looks Antilher cnmplelinii witlilii the lownsite MM a of nicolionrldL Loaf Oil companys well on block which came in with a production of iif0 barrolM alier a Tho total depth uC this well is The SyndlcateM Iho block In iho lownnito looks KOOI with a steady flow of rOU with the drill only foot in the What to ono of tho best produeorn in tho tnwnsito llmltH is the well of Burn Hides and associates on block 1 which Is flowing WOO barrels after chaiKe was 00 quarts and Placed from around to Ktlll another townsUu producer is Master and I well on IdocU This well was making 100 huwls at a total depth of toet and Ihti bit had penelraletl thu pay 50 no of best prnduiorM of the week outside tintownsite area was the 11 well of Mamon on the tluffey which Is making 7UU I tar re IM at 1 I ft A not her uuod well bnniKht in last week In thii outer territory anon ml llreeUonrdio was the Munltor oil it lias 5 Thin is mak barrels at a total diplh of Tho of the lime was encountered at feet and the IUesent production came after tlio bit was some 1feet The Sliamntcli Oil eo ni pa ny completed t heir No well on the Veale ami it nltainoit a flush production of 100 after agitation from a total depth or un No Cnrlnllnuiit completions thin last wetk In county not Indicate that a eurtallment program been decided On the other tho hriiitflnK in of a pro a 001 barrel well and others rated BOO barrels daily or bet tor within tho limits pro KUKUH an increaso In drilliiifI which on Hiirfact has not met with tho of either lo cal plpo lino or tho State llullroad which caiiKcd a representative of thai latins body to KO to west Texas nnd StopluMH county for tho purpose of Jiist what tho nct ual conditions UH they Tcjan Company Will Drill in Deep Field North of Sipc Springs Special to tlie SriMJ flchl manager of tho Tojoii Oil com pany is having material hauled out for a derrick and ramp on thlu com punyH holdtngH on thu Culwell acre age norChwoat of Hlpw Tho companys gonoral oTficoH are In Colo rado HprliiKfl and they have exteiiHivo holdings In tho Slpo Sprlngu field which thoy Intend KaHtnmn Carlton huvo closed a contract to drill cm thu Ucdwino acreage onehalf mllu west of thy IMuldH Several testH for low alt are to bo mado north nnd east of Btpo Mary Price Oldest Producing Well in State of Oklahoma Npetlal to tho IV hapti tho beHt known oil well It Iho atutu of Oklahoma Ig Iho fihes Mary Kixteea Htiinmora huvo Uurnod hor with Idii tcrlnff Tho snowa and of Itl winters huvo utormed at Itut uho right on producing oil al grout Tho Mary Prlctt woll Is In ton anil 1U yuura tui producing 15 barrela a day It la foot deep and producing from tuo BartlctHvillo It is owned by the Huivey Crudo OH puny of Kunaae I I L t

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