Saturday, February 11, 1928

Corpus Christi Times

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Corpus Christi Times on Saturday, February 11, 1928

Corpus Christi Times (Newspaper) - February 11, 1928, Corpus Christi, Texas CORPUS TIMES FEBRUARY SfflPS AND SHIP pigs lwtoj I market 1 jMftMIUh It IN RUNS UP BIG LEAD IN FIRST 10 CLEARED DUK TO DEFAET DUJ2 TO Consul Point April jfofut March 4 vfv 3i L MARKET REPORTS YORK COTTON cottoa market Initial poiats their prev tlaali March soJjtJ at 37 up 2 2 July up uii 2 and December up v KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK 400 sJt and 350 CHICAGO COTTON International News Cotton from to KOinirt hiKljer March un 4 May July uj Octobfr up up CHICAGO LIVESTOCK S lower top bulk hcavyvrtlght fc 835 mo bulk duun weiVht x heavies llKhfs limits nackI n t i n i CHICAGO PRODUCE Receipts extra standard 44 32c 120 firsts ius stock the r 20 4c fi ifl Uve ioaltry springs 22c diHkn JotiMoo ftocojpfK 32 frjulc 212 UnpnientK rouiid while russets i Bliss j Cajuxmwi slipped him lefi hook on jowJ he sat iowjiL but tlie bell rang tjiat probably tear oa tlie juijj wrusa lijrsua pn tup AUUV Jiau ins tp finish his of your wix you should uiaa in the next round Imt lie tip him a As Bass lie iuid the Of i lift yoor luat fcti partita foresixht to purchase a pair of roller fjmtj maybe fee wJJJ like you xoj skates aud fire of the next six roi he wont really usind a year or J went to Tony almost by you your way in 10 seel other beiag j championj Phi Classman finally pervailed on his tutry lo shoot that rijdbt of liis to Butch Men n miiy lac to ttk aecoWing to a l II wasnt so tnauy years that j the begixEniixg with the in cJrcuriation Ten nert ijito tfte f Riconofa mad 4nd State irttf Tyson1 Easts leading of Brand New UNITED FIRE STONE AND GOODYEAR TIRESat Herman Quit UoottSJACkiag in j from tat poiut Bass was because he realized that i very much in He moved on Im way to the away from Totiy s leads to step in on i eirainpiojuship under the the rebound with teh right 5 he just roulfint give as the 3icll ended the Can i his hest efforts to the profession ofjzoueri was bent double and wiavhwc Ms from Bass landed seven Saturday Herman is a rinj j hard rights to take the eleventh u blind but hi purple j after blowing the he was all tennis tournament at the Heights iolw is shout tnejover for the final three r which starts of Cunzoneri and thus j Uay The contenders Francis e fcoad Of a rhiic But onjy a eehm knockdown could Manuel Alpnao of fe bien Tony nkv wt Benny the Duke by that Cup fame has the jiot blood of Italy in you knock this Tony j hiy in an exbootblack as readily ay you tiy over the he with thf I freight NEW SUt fmenl tnat Jle t agaJnsr Tex Rickards at 1 boxing monopoly was voiced Sat VV J vhuiftuiou KntunJay hn ran Aixon lor sperial har Suutluv utO From Tutrr dborfih coiniaod hinuHJf tt ft flyliu SntufdayK program fn wfts a a Hit Xytioiml o on from the oJoiitvJ artiv v auty d for hh on will rrr gh up ati akland of the New Series Fontiac Six our stock of Good exceptional USED CARS 92i Poniiae Coach soort rubber runs and Iwfcw like OaklaixJ Sec this omr o22etX rTJ nvr Beunv Rain Sat Ty Bass contender j not stan one of Rfckards flrsj w u j hardlv5 binding the to five 3 heavywejflht beyond the j 0iUy in tho hwiw didni bout Tom Henney here on Marcn think so BHSH and he closed Those contracts for future services such i rush that hf all caukt are declared the Cauzonerl at the lHttvr just latent to ef ti paint motor Ai Io4sr Ford And Several late Closed Williamson Cadillac Company CORPUS TEXAS DAY SCHOOL or NIGHT SCHOOL I LAST NITES RESULTS Muru rby by un t at Natlfflia wny with tlio These Tires Traded In on KOW THAN lUJV ANO BUV Trade Us Your Old Tires Phone 3 VULCANIZING to made tlie lit liinior nvn IriK a bottioOf tiUv i NEW ovr Jwtfhenveifcht Al Witiklti rhilin1ijhiH won Tims dil tho Xevv Yorkcommission national hosing asso the latter Hafss as its New York decJuml for The a also I finished with Jiniiny SliiUery in his rodent light heavy j ttflif tipilit with Torujny JuViv Tonv j is legitimate feaihon Kid rtn LKAKX THE COTTON froni KxporieactNl Cotton c a Second Floor Furnmii WHALKY a s Ponl dorf Khooi shd both and sin is tinson of Miss Fords HKhvrrtm of JTI Was Sho she botn living with Bdari jofjy n Ocuiiy JJalJinion outpoitifvi Jiijiany Now York AT titrnmn out linnwus of Hans tornuir lionvy Buffi rtf Italy AT Ath drew Avith hlew liis mvn Friday Me uji likv u tdhacco pouch for six rounds afrer Tony him for a muni or in the third round while iho 1lJlla wjisdoins his buck aiuj wins NO coujpolttly rook tho HAVRV from hint thai lie quiii it i m IF YOU WOULD jjEarn Morei Evening Classes conducted ys and Only six hours a week under our methods of PERSONAL COACHING will soon pare you for SETTER POSITION and SETTER call or from PIlOllC lltiS 3 Roofless Plates AT J dsion ove Javelinas Defeat Teeth as V u How your better nia tier much you choree cf toic FISHING 1C DRIVE fefe Ashing on the Gulf Coast drive to Padre where fishing is at its best iafl This is the place where the are and for I A RE1L OUTMG 1ND a drive along the beaches on of Historic Padre 20 StO to 20 OUR exTREMELY PRICES Teeth as low set of tijeth eitneir Gold Crowns PcriieSam Crcxvfis Ooid inlays iip Synthetic porcet3n Cement FUlipas With the oxeepdou of the tweUth JL was all Bass from the tenth round Tony slowing down to a saunter under Bass heavy rights to Bv this tiitu1 Benjamin had cliscovtv ed that Tony uo longer could hurt him and so he stood and slugged it out more than un even break on the He had Oanzmien visi bly abashed iu each of the last three rpuas brut a late starr is often a vain kayoed Babe Hutu Jf At that plight taken Tony in another or but siuce they pay off here at the etui of the fifteenth I raUly dont can be odae about Bass rally merely served to maek a fine tigbt ont of what liad been a like a dinner and took the first rounds with a ser ies of stiurfug lefts and rights toTo Jiyy durable Bass also scored yfUJV a tiatfy right cross start of c tMrct fni tHree rights to Qj e hiTU practically no anil while debatiBg their ef j TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS BRING RESULTS Joe New outpointed fi Johnny Dbii V defeat of weeic age s of the defeated th s from well first lie 17 WHY pay for Battery you have the same work done for 7 ly Kxpert Battery in tlte equipped battery statioit iu South Texas 2 Through Service We Corpus Ghristi Batterv Compan Proprietor Battery Station and and Speedometer 826 Chaparral Street TeKh ex No tion and ie fcr painless extrac whco other is COntraCtftd Oici ts vatuabtfti JAy sUow yoy ftsij value foe ft dstttfit NOT A wrth steHliztfd and jjsrs not PAISVLESS Vnoisis SRSE HOIHS S o 6 Sundafcv 5 te T3 UADY Mayo Our CORPUS TEXAS Ma y Jwjatfephj i that f S JftSIl rff iFAIRBAKKSMORSE Hotae LiM Platit PADRE 181 CAUSEWAY to Ul Baked ifectncally at tlie laBfe lor Clyde R Simpson SC2W POWER UGHT COURTEOUS SERVICE ALWAYS I I I I I I I I I I I I