Wednesday, September 27, 1961

Brownwood Bulletin

Location: Brownwood, Texas

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Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 27, 1961, Brownwood, Texas % I ioroTi.Iii! Service r.u. j>u/c noon ')f I lf. p f I **     /    C    ut'rj. ) Britain Urges Reds To With Wes ON HONEYMOON—Cathy Crosby, daughter of bandleader Bob Crosby, and Houston oilman Eddie Gilbert are on a honeymoon trip to New Orleans, Miami and Puerto Rico following their wedding in Houston, Tex. Congress Closes Session WASHINGTON (AP'-The first congressional session of the Kennedy administration wound up in an angry whirlwind early today with the Senate having to accept a big money bill which the House bounced to it on a take it or leave it basis. The House passed the $1,125,-927,341 supplemental appropriation and then quickly dosed up shop at 4:20 a.m. With the House in adjournment and no chance for compromise, the Senate was forced to go along with the hill providing money for a wide variety of federal agencies. The slightest Senate amendment would have killed the measure and forced President Kennedy to call a special session to get the needed hinds. Senators minced no words in expressing anger at the House adjournment prior to final Senate action. "We have taken a shellacking and I think it’* outrageous,” protested Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana Senate Republican Leader Everett M. IMrksen of Illinois challenged his colleague-^ to “show' how deep is your conviction.” “Let’s find out whether Uniform Store Hours Adopted The Commercial Committee of the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce has established uniform shopping hours from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Shopping hours in Brownwood were adopted for the entire year except for special promotions and the holiday season. Committee members designated Dec. 21-22 as Christmas late-evening shopping days with closing hour of 8 p.m. It suggested 5 p.m. as the closing hour for Dec. 23. The established shopping hours concern mainly the downtown retail outlets and in general exclude grocery stores and drug stores. Home Tells U. N. Of Nuclear Talks UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP)—Britain called urgently today for East-West negotiations to settle the Berlin crisis, disarmament and other disputes, but urged both sides to renounce the idea of seeking victory in the talks. In a broad policy speech before the U.K. General Assembly, British Foreign Secretary Lord Home, assailed - ===== ———.....-.....- - r;-    ,    the    Soviet    concept    of    co- BULLETIN existence as “a sterile pol- WASHINGTON (AP >    —    The Army today withdrew disciplinary’ action it had taken against two officers in connection with the filming of a Jack Paar television show at the Berlin barrier. It said i©-investigation showed the two had done nothing wrong made frequc >repared text. ’e to an bono mal of Fast-W inge* in tg a ref-’ahle deal” as •st talks and a New Cable Service Installed By SSTC Seven miles of new telephone cable are being put Into service the in Brownwood as part of a $155,- AS CIA HEAD JFK Names McCone kl a House of Representatives can affront the Senate,” Dtrksen roared. But after additional angry complaints, the Senate passed the measure on a voice vote ami quit at 5:1$ a rn. The season which ended in the flare of temper* had nm up appropriations totaling about $92.5 billion, a peacetime record. In its home stretch session of about 19 hours, the heavily Democratic Congress also: Voted $3,914,500,000 far foreign aid for the year which started July I. The final figure was a victory far President Bv WHITNEY SHOEMAKER hi* choice to replace the retiring York City was summarized NEWPORT. R I. <AP> —- Pre si-, Dulles at a specially-called meet- communique issued here, dent Kennedy today named John ag with new smen at the Na'a1 Navy officers and Rhode Inland A- McCone,    former    chairman    of    War College in Newport He Is    dignitaries headed by Gov. John    qualified the Atomic    Energy    Communion.    spending a week’s vacation ait the*    Not ne welcomed the Kennedy* at    Kennedy, who originally asked for lo succeed Allen Dulles as head resort.    Quonset Naval Air Station A tire $4,775,500,000 Although Kennedy of the Central Intelligence Agency    Dulles also accompanied the blew out on the Air Force prop was denied the advance Treasury President to an auditorium where    plane that brought them here as    financing he sought, he won a the announcement was made to    it taxied after landing but the    five-year authorization for his eco- say that he would step out after    President was unperturbed    nom ic development loan program OCK) telephone expansion and improvement program now underway. A. J Lacy. Division Manager for the Southwestern States Telephone Company, said that the expansion work also includes the installation of four additional long distance switchboard positions, an “information” desk, and IOO lines of dial twitching equipment. “These projects will provide The underground cable to be added includes over a mile of 1515 pair cable being placed rn conduit from the downtown telephone building south under Brown Street to Austin Avenue, east under Austin to Coggin Avenue. then south under Coggin to Second Street, OTHER PROJECTS Other underground cable proj- J eels involve placing a 1515 pair I in November. Kennedy introduced McCone as ft Ftiahlished by T. R. HAVINS Re* Lew** of Brady has guaranteed the City of Brownwood he can rid the downtown area of bird*—including the familiar pigeon*—through 1961 if an agreement can be reached this fall. He uses a “secret formula” in a spray that “literally drive* the birds away.” City Manager John Clary reported Tuesday to Brownwood City Council on his recent interview with Lewis concerning Brownwood * downtown bird situs ti tm. Clary said Lewis’ price was $2,500 annually for three years, which would amount to $7,500 for the full treatment. Included would be the entire downtown area, which would mean treating each building. City and county officials in Hamilton. Brady and San Saba praised Lewis’ method in dealing with birds, Clary said. The city council asked Clary to contact local merchants hi see if they want to participate in financing such a program for bird control. ♦    •    A Housing Authority of the City of Brownwood this year w ill make its largest payment in lieu of taxes since the first low-rent units were opened in Brownwood in September 1942. according to Herschel Newby, executive director, in a report to the city council Tuesday morning. Total for 1950-61 will be $6,-285.70 for all taxing bodies. This brings the total since 1942 to $49,165.93 for the city and school district, $8,289.88 for the water district and $3,812.88 for the county. Grand total is $61,-268.G9. “This has been the best fiscal year since the authority has , been in operation,” Newby said. ! He said 20 new units will be added soon at Sunset Terrace and (bee LY LUG KLEN up Page it eight year* as director of the nation’s supersecret intelligence gathering agency. The President and Mrs Kennedy arrived here Tuesday far a week of relaxation. McCone a Republican was said to be in line far one of the hottest spots in the government but ©ne or two hitches had yet to be straightemed out. VY HITE BOI SE Kennedy conferred with McCone at the White House several weeks ago. The CIA post may have beep discussed at the time but the an- j non need purpose was the Soviet Unions decision fa resume nuclear tests. White House press secretary Pierre Salinger declined to talk rf 28 r “This is a vacation’’ Salinger —the tangent ever voted.    Brown toki newsmen—and promptly an-J Geared a $3,906,880,960- public the 37. Bounced a hundred bill signings works appropriation for flood con- cable a number of appointments and trd, rivers ami harbors, reel a ma- 5,000 rn, presidential statements.    |    tion    and    atomic    energy    projects    to corm iditional facilities needed care of Brownwood'* con-. growth.” Lacy explained, rill result in improved ser- THKFE CREWS e construction crews and ihie splicing crews, a total non have been brought to wood to place in service 679 feet of new telephone Lacy estimate* about r hour* will be required lete the cabl Agreement Looms In Auto Session By DWIGHT PITKIN , could bring on a strike al. the na-DETROIT (AP) — Ford Motor tion’s second largest automaker. Co. and the United Auto Worker* In negotiation* that appeared to Union were believed dose to be without tension, both sides were I cable from the telephone building to Anderson and Brown, then a 909-pair cable from that point north under Brown to Mayes Street, then east on Mayes to Pecan Street. The underground projects are 95 per cent complete, Lacy j stated. I To provide cable for facilities ! to Woodland Height* from the I terminal of the new 1515-pair underground cable at Coggin and Second Street*, the company is putting up: ONE—600-pair cable in alley between First and Second Streets extending from the underground program, j terminal at Coggin to Poindexter —a distance of nearly 5,000 feet. TWO—400-pair cable in alley between First and Second Streets from Poindexter to Magnolia, then on Magnolia to Fourth Street. THREE — 200-pa lr cable from Magnolia and Fourth to Wood Avenue, then down Wood to the alley between Fourth and Third. FOUR—IOO - pair cable from Wood iii alley between Fourth and Third to Avenue Z. FIVE—50-pair cable from Wood to Elm, then down Elm to alley in the signing ceremonies. GM SETTLEMENT The GM settlement set the pat- j beyond Terrace Street tern for the current Ford nego- of the McCone CIA report* but in- agreement today on a new three- under secrecy wraps—pledged to nations ami also for Chrysler, next cheated Kennedy was on the verge year labor contract. of making a significant announce-, Company and union spokesmen fa 00 **    indicated    Tuesday    night    they    were    downtown    Detroit    hotel. UAW President Walter P talk only in generalities about the on the list progress of the bargaining in a SIX—50-pa lr cable down Wood from alley between Fourth and Third to alley between Third and Second extending down that alley to Avenue Z. SEVEN—50-pair cable In alley between Glenwood Drive and Oakdale Drive. FIGHT — 50-pair cable down Phillips Drive from Fourth Street to Indian Creek Road. In addition, a 200-pair cable will be placed in service on Pe- (See CABLE on Page 2) Rising Star Passes Hat tip**    SBW*    ^    lf hor Family Residents of Rising Star responded promptly to a military family injured there in a freak accident Monday afternoon Rising Star residents “passed the hat” for the stricken family and turned over the collection to Sgt. Gustavo Santiago at Medical Arts Hospital Tuesday afternoon. The collection contained a load of stiver, $1 and $6 bills. Sergeant Santiago said today he would probably Bever know all of his benefactor* in Rising Star but did learn the 1 names of two of the residents responsible for the aid—Mrs. Blanche Callaway and Mrs. Conova Weaver, both of Rising Star. He explained he didn’t know of any better way of expressing his thanks to that city than by reporting it to the newspaper. Five members of Santiago'! family continued to improve to* (See FAMILY on Page Si charge that the Soviet Union is playing with nuclear fire” in try* ing to sot man against his neighbor, He accused the Soviet Union of I deception and double-dealing in j the collapsed nuc’ear fast ban talks. j “Let her cooperate In keeping i the peace.” he said “by strengthening the collective will of the j United Nations instead of trying to drive her coach, pulled by I three horses, through the whole | fabric of our collective efforts.” This was a reference to Premier Khrushchev’s “troika” plan to replace Secretary-General Dag Hammarsk.told with a three-man directorate Lord Home praised what be called the “stirring” dtoarma-men* proposals of President Kennedy and urged that they be used as a basis for renowned arms negotiations either by the 10-natton group of East-West countries or by aa enlarged group. My government stands really I to take part rn renewed muitilat-I era! negotiations on this basta.” he asserted, and would like ta see them in the most effective : forum that cen be devised,” The Bn ti sh leader also <1 tx* I ared his readiness to help arrange negotiations on the Berlin crisis, but he warned that the West must have guarantees to protect the right of screes to Went Berlin. BERLIN CRISIS N there is fa be a negotiation about the situation in Berlin and its people,” he said. settlement must include uninterrupted arces* to the city, and suitable guarantee* tfiat the free life which the people have chosen Witt be preserved." Ile toki die Soviet Union there are three ways to peaceful coexistence. One h settlement of dispute* by negotiation. One is absolute respect for treaties and international obligations freely signed And one is collective action to preserve the peace ti conciliation ie discarded ami die peace rn bretieo bv deliberate intent . ’ He added: Negotiators must not seek victory over each other but an honorable deal ” Home hacked Kennedy • appeal for a strong United Nations, heeded by a single secretary-genera*. ARMS CONTROL    filling in the details rather than The Preside® Darned awxher arRum K mw nw > or llemj ** Republican William C. Foster as head of the new Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Tuesday before flying to Newport from New York. Kennedy promised U S. support of efforts by Argentina to raise Autumn Norther Rips Into State Rou- thor said the discussions dealt with “general noneconomic contract matters.” This meant they talked about the section of a national contract covering working conditions for Ford's 120.000 hourly employes. Reuther took time out Croci tine By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A blustery early autumn north-living standards for “all the poo- er dropped temperatures sharply Ford talks Tuesday to sign Rumple” of that country. He said as it swept across the Texas Pan- ally a new contract with General the United States will consider handle Wednesday.    Motors Corp    Although dated applications for aid as rapidly as' By mid-morning the tempera-    Sept. 20, GM    said    the contract possible.    lure was 52 degrees at Dalhart, will expire Aug. 31, 1964. Wage Kennedy’s exchange of view* compare! to 82 degrees at Chil- provisions are retroactive to Sept. with Argentine President Arturo dress, in the lower southeast cor- 4 this year. Reuther ami GM Vice Frondizi at a conference in New* nor of the Panhandle.    President Louis G. Seaton joined U.N. Action Appears Certain For Germany By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER the United Nations take a hand Soviet policy speech Gromyko de-UN IT ED NATIONS, N Y. <AP> in earning out any plan they can livered to tile General Assembly —The possibility tiiat the United devise for the future of West Ber- Tuesday dealing at length with the Nations will play some role in el- Bn. Indications are that Soviet forts to settle the Berlin crisis ap- and Western leaders alike    are     1 r n 31 11 peared to be gaining headway to-i dunking along these lines:    1° their view the    speech t<*n- day.    DEAN    HUSK    j    tai nod nothing essentially new on If the United States and Russia Secretory of State Dean Rusk Berlin policy, but that had been in current diplomatic talks fail to and Soviet Foreign Minister An- expected, lf the Soviet gowning rec on a formula for starting drei A. Gromyko scheduled an- meat is willing to engage rn the negotiations, the w’ar-threatemng other meeting today on the East- wide negotiations demanded by dispute will likely become an is- West deadlock over how to get the United States, Britain and sue of prime concern for the Gen- negotiations started.    j France, the first indications of era! Assembly.    The central issue is what to ne- J change in its position almost cer- If negotiations can be agreed got late about.    J tairily would be made know n by on, both the Soviet Union and the On that issue Western diplomats Gromyko not in a speech but ut Aided powers may propose that, to uad ii tile encouragement in the has private talks with ilm>k. WILSON DIES Charles F. Wilson, right, former Secretary of Defense and former General Motors prej'dent. died in his sleep Sept. 26 at Wilson, La., apparently from a heart attack. Wilson shown here receiving the Medal of Freedom from former President Eisenhower retired in 1957. WEATHER FORECAST BROWNWOOD AREA: Fair and warm this afternoon. Partly cloudy and turning cooler tonight and southeast Thursday. Low tonight 58 northwest., up to 74 in southeast. Maximum temperature here Tuesday 93, overnight low 71. Sunset 6:27, sunrise 6:27. Brownwood Bulletin FOURTEEN PAGES TODAY BROWNWOOD, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMB! 1961 VOLUME 61 NO. 298 10c PER COPY COOLING OFF A '