Sunday, September 17, 1961

Brownwood Bulletin

Location: Brownwood, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Brownwood Bulletin on Sunday, September 17, 1961

Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 17, 1961, Brownwood, Texas moilu NEW DRESS WtATHtft tORKAST Clearw tv eletfoV afid wafmef thrduejh Sunday i Maximum temperature here Saturday Sunset Sunday sunrise Monday B rownwood Bulletin NICE WEEKEND Established to MAV1NS t thousands of pounds of household furniture work portable and other materials art pmiring In from all over the nation to Salvation Army and Red Cross collection points in Both agencies are members of the Brown County Community more are needed as are emergency contributions to aid thr 18Disaster Mobile Canteens feed the thousands made home less by Hurricane materials and supplies being gathered by the Sal Army and Ked Cross from points in Dal Fort Houston and San and then being Chipped where the need is greatest to subdistribution points In Corpus Vic Galveston and Port From these the 43 stricken cities along the Texas coast are being provid ed urgent appeal for contri butions has been sent to the 30 Corps and 231 Service Units of the Salvation Army and the vari ous Red Cross chapters through out Other appeals are being nationwide as the agencies continue 24hour oper ation to aid the thousands of victims of Owners and operators of trucks have been urged to con tact their local Salvation Army and Red Cross headquarters to effect local Another appeal has gone out to the oper ators of large vans and trucks to bring the donations to the four major distribution points and then on the subdistribution Many operators are re to the plea but hun dreds more are Contributions to the Texas area have corns as far as Wis and Kansas as of Wed tt to at this time to estimate how long or how much help will be needed for the Carla It is very probable that emergency oper ations will continue for at least two more One contribution of small equipped with fuel have been sent to Texas by Speaker of has collected almost pounds of and other necessities and have arranged for ship ment to the area while the em ployees of Volk Department Stores are bringing contribu tions to their place of employ Nancy Rips Swath Over Island J IBDWJN WHITE Raging Typhoon Nancy plowed a path of death and destruction across heavily popu central Japan Sunday and north up the Japan the worst in the Pacific this Jeff at least 114 57 missing and Casualties were expected as the storm eWrt ed the western shores of the northern island of Japm bore the full fury gt Winds of 109 felt the EXTENSIVE DAMAGE Fringe winds which lashed Kyu Ihu in Hie south and Hokkaido in the north caused extensive Property damage was Intimated in th e mtuions of The government up disaster relief headquar ters to center of the stwro wjiere vdnfa were clocked at 40 Central Meteorological Agency said Nancy was J0 miles northeast of Wakkanai northern Sp at 3 njoving nwttinertljeast or jjprtjieast toward toe Soviet South Sakhalin at 45 miles an Jt siiU ited winds pf W 56 fringe windj rt W ftp storm s western SEE mfflMttt 1961 VOLUME 61 389 A tiny mutt with one black eye and delusionsofbeing tumbled onto field ready play in the Brownwood Killeen football But referee Macduf Simpson of Arlington ruled tHe canine a wee mite under Lion size and carted him off the with to first reach TheLions won anyway Staff UAW Sets Date On Strike Talk mjm jijjjt Russia Set Off Nuclear Big Four Ask Rusk To See WASHINGTON AP The Western Big Four foreign min isters Saturday authorized Secre tary of State Dean Rusk to as certain if there exists a reason able basis for negotiation with the Soviet Union on the Berlin Busk to meet with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko at next weeks opening of the General Assembly session in New York to conduct his sound ingout CAN DO Speaking in a 200word commu nique at the windup of a three day strategy the Western policyshapers agreed that a peaceful solution to the problem of Germany and Berlin can be achieved if both sides East and are prepared to undertake discussions which take account of the rights and interests of all Rusk and the other foreign af fairs Britains Lord Frances Maurice Couve de Mur ville and West Germanys Hein rich von agreed also on countermeasures to be taken agatost further possible Red pres sures on Communistencircled West RED BARRIERS Christians Pray For World Peace Industrial DETROIT AP The United Auto Workers executive board Sat urday night set next Wednesday as a target date for ending the strike which has tied up General Motors production for the past UAW President Walter Reuther announced executive board voted to convene the UAWs GM Conference at Wednes In the Rejither the international union and the UAWs GM department will con tinue in close cooperation with the General local union leadership to resolve all legitimate problems ait the local union While negotiations on national nonecohomic contin President Walter Keuther caljed a meeting ofthe key local leaders and also sum moned members of his 24man In ternational Executive Board to an LOCALS A union spokesman said the key locals to be represented at the meeting are from 18 18 Fisher Body and six BuickOlds mobilePontiac assembly plants where local bargaining has been especially Shop committee chairmen and local some 72 in will the meeting the spokesman will enable UAW leaders to compare notes on com settlements andthose still Some UAW local leaders report edly have been dragging their heels on making settlements while waiting to see what happens at other bargaining lc n spelled out in the commu It mentioned only the dangerous heightening of world tension brought about by the Red erection of barriers sealing off East from West Berlin and the Soviet resumption of atomic explosions in the emerging from a 4V4hour windup pronounced the threeday conference Behind the usual professions of agreement among th e Western strategists still lay some obvious differences over negotiating with the NEW YORK his he holds the In his he begs for refuge from That was the posture of man as churches in this land and abroad summoned him to his pray for Special services for that purpose were set Sunday in many com munities across the under sponsorship of local councils of Their petitions come amid ten sion in fighting in the and on the e ve of the United Nations General WRITE IN PRAYER With crisis on almost every with peace hanging in the it is most important that we unite in said the Kenneth of the National Council of Roman Catholic and Jewish as well as Protestant and Orthodox have ap pealed to believers everywhere to implore Gods Let us all together beg the Father of Light and of Grace to enlighten the Minds and move the wills of those who hold the chief responsibility for the life or death of the said Pope John And in the background of it all hovered the dread of nuclear wea pons that man has and which he is testing again in the skies and in the NEVER BEFORE Never before in human history has humanity so needed a new a return to its spiritual and moral said Rabbi Julius of New President of the Synagogue Council of Amer Jews are in the midst of their high holy and in temples and homes around the prayers of penitence and for cleansing from the evils of these days were being Garrison Halts Fighting UNITED AP United Nations announced Saturday night that Irish troops holding out at Jadotville in Katanga got a ceasefire and that Katangan soldiers mutined against their foreign Officers called this the Woodiest battle of the fight touched off CARLA INSURANCE FUSS Governor Hops Into AP Gow Daniel jumped into the controver sy between insurance panics and Hurricane Carla vic tims Saturday by claiming that hurricane force winds brought on the high water and tidal waves that did much of Carles property Daniel adjust ers and companies in a statement issued by his office that he would ask the State Board of Insurance to check on any reports of fine print exceptions being used to es cape or reduce hurri cane and windstorm Norris manager of the Texas Insurance Advisory As estimated property loss in Texas at up to Parker pointed out that some damage due to water is bas ically a flood situation and te not covered under the windstorm con Such coverage is available but the cost is extremely high for the obvious reason that only people who stand a good chance for loss from flood will buy such coverage and the spread of tbe risk is Parker The State Department of Insur ance says that standard wind storm insurance policies cover damage from wind driven rain which enters a house or building but do not cover damage from any type of rising such as that resulting from high tides and broken Both Parker and Thomas head of the State Board of said much of the estimated property damage would not be covered by insur ance because tt was caused by ris ing tidewaters instead of high In many of the stricken areas which I have visited during the past three I have been grieved to hear from those who had their homes blown away or destroyed that insurance adjusters in some cases are trying to re duce payments on account of the provision that windstorm and hur ricane insurance shall not apply to high water and tidal Daniel The body of the llth member of one family was recovered near She was Only survivor of the family was her who floated to safety on their homes The others Wednesday by to force Katanga back under the rule of the Congos central gov ernment in They said casualties were heavy on both Several Swedish pilots told re porters in Elisabethville they had refused to take further supplies to JadotviBe by helicopter late in the afternoon because the mis sion was too PILOTS REASONS The who were not iden claimed their helicopter en gine was not functioning properly and that it was too late to un dertake a mission before A Swedish officer overheard the pilots and ordered them not to make any further In Katanga po lice and soldiers moved aboul forces maintained possession of the post office in the center of the Unconfirmed reports said three soldiers in an armored car were overpowered and burned to death in an African section of the Negro soldiers under white offi cers and warpainted backwoods warriors under Chief Kasongo Niembo joined in a massive of fensive against Kamina that was reinforced by strafing and bomb ing raids of a jet fighter from Tshombes tiny air Amid the struggle politi cal repercussions arose to two I neighboring nations against the armed losions 2 In Ground Soviets Sky High WASHINGTON United States set off its second underground nuclear explosion in two days Satur day at the Atomic Energy Commissions test site in At the same the AEC announced that Russia had detonated its llth nuclear device since Like all pre vious tests in the current Soviet it was atmos China Seat Grows Warm Under Cover UNITED AP sources said Satur day night the United States has switched strategy and is working behind th e sc enes to bring t he question of seating Red China be fore the forthcoming General Assembly The sources said tha dele gation has sought to induce some friendly nation to ask the 99nation assembly to include Chinese representation on the agenda for the session opening New Zeland is expected to make the the informants For several years the United States successfully opposed such requests by India and the Soviet STRATEGY The 1 nformants gave t hie planation of the switch When ever the question was raised the United4 States evaded it by getting the assembly to postpone the debate to the fol lowing This it apparent ly lacks the votes to put through the usual pos tponement resolu So it will not introduce The United States still wants to keep the Chinese Nationalists in the assembly and the Chinese Communists The Soviet Union has not yet filed its expected request that the Chinese representation question be put on the agenda for fuM de SOVIET FLAW The United States afraid the Russians may be planning to switch fchdr own strategy and raise the question in the Credentials pheric Saturdays test was scribed as a lowjrield the same description given to tha test conducted Friday in A lowyield Wast is equivalent to tons of TNT or less The latest Soviet tha AEC at Novaya an island in the Arctic and was about a which is equivalent to a million tons of SOVIET PLANS Announcement of Saturdays two tests came shortly after Hubert predicted in an interview that the Soviet Union present teat wiH conclude Its series before the United Nations meets next Moscow wffl nounce its ready to accept a test the assistant Demo cratic Senate called thia a trap which United States must escape by offering its own proposal to the United Nations to halt a at a fixed was no Sat urday the AEC News of the t wo explostont came in single sentence ments by the NEVADA1SffiEE The test was announced first in this statement The AEC announced this afternoon a nuclear test of tow yield was co ducted underground today at the commissions Nevada test At the same the is sued this statement The AEC announced this afternoon the So viet Union today detonated Jn tha at Novaya another nuclear device with a yield of the order of a AEG said had oceiipred but the exact tsfew was not Soviet nuclear bavt been an almost daily stoof the Soviet Union broke year moratorium on urdays blast was the fourth big explosion in the current Ill Premier foils March To Gallows Turkey posed Premier Adnan sentenced to die for being a dic lived on borrowed time The majrch to the gal lows was delayed by his apparent I attempt at But former Foreign Minister Fatin Zorlu and exFinance Minis ter Hassan Polatkan were hanged before shortly after the na lions ruling junta upheld death i sentences for all Remodeling Approved the City of Brpwnwood will be be solidly behind directors of Hotel announced the first major program for the hotel since its origin 31N year Behoyatibn and reorganization includes new kitchen remodeling of coffee remodeling and mod ernization of first two floors including lobby and painting of outside installation of tv sets removal pf the Jn tel reaovatlon progiani i during tlie summer But of that total in The hotel must pay a way to keep Hotel Brownwood open i as a coramerecial If wa are to succeed and if it is to remain open we must have the support now end in the future of the entire Directors had hoped the summer stock sale would reach at least to close out the loan and start modernisation of the Even the Hotel BrownwoocJ is short oh its and the renovation Foremost in the renovation pro gram is remodelipg barren and rather cold Coffee Shop a poaM dining roejn with new drapes and with loan before tt is debt o r fti y vgars 0 Ciitf tf Olde a restaurant leaning heavily toward French Reorganizattosn of the kitchen staff is currently Chase Briefly the renovation program shapes up ONE Repainting outside trim and screens on first TWO of the two entrances into the Redecoration of the Renovation of the Cof fee Shop with new furniture and fixtures and establishment of a modern dining A mo dern coffee shop will be located adiacejit to the new dialog Tim jjlaing frown will seat ipprox 65 persons jrjyjij Renovation of the ho tels new elevators including car of m flret eluding new and I SEVEN Complete renovation of the Blue Room and other meet ing rooms on the second inj eluding carpets and Rej novation of upstairs bedrooms will j begin on a gradual basis after completion of this Seven floors of Hotel Brown wood have been wired for televij sion by Brownwood Television Cable and directors have purchased 50 sets on casters I which may be moved Into any pf j the rooms The tv sets were purchased in Thelma Eads Decorating Stu dios of Brownwood received the renovation Eads plans also include renovation of the reareatrauce hajyi the re ception Old furniture aud equipment Which will be replaced the reaovatioa program will for sale to current siring information op the ment may contact manager Jam es Furniture and equipment not disposed Of in this manner will probably be sold at an auction Scott Scott also said the ho tel is now ready to take tions for permanent hotel Interested persons may CLUB ORGANISATION The hotel board of directors has also authorized organization of a private social club with private difthig facilities Rfld small recrea tion area on the third Direc tor Wendell Mayes ts chairman of the club The old garage at rear of the hotel will be remwe4 for m open air shed to provide more parking Four billboards are current ly repainted highway ew traaoes Into tip city ajjd are considering addition of was charged with helping organize antiGreek riots in the country in 1955 and using his high office for personal was convicted of embezzlement and other vio The was too W WQ A spokesman added would go to the as he oollapsj4 Yaj tlooary trial by condemaiftg 15 to Tfte ivwrfa I of the La Former