Monday, September 7, 1925

Brownwood Bulletin

Location: Brownwood, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Brownwood Bulletin on Monday, September 7, 1925

Brownwood Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 7, 1925, Brownwood, Texas EIGHT PAGES TODAY Associated Press Lea sed Wire in Our Own connects 278 UUT1A iwni LOWER TEXAS COAST SWEPT BY STORM SLAIN SMI MMELt FBMB m POLICE SAX ASGELO POLICE CHIEF IX FOREABM MTR A STREET H Vl BEEN ILL FOU TWO YEAIIS FOLLOM IXtt BREAK DOMX IX HEALTH Premier Rene Viviani died at VN Pears of Joe tfcu Mexican that some of his enemies I Death occurred in the Malmaison were after coupled with sanitarium VKiane had street brawl engaged in by two been Mexican women and a leading The end iume peace caused the Irving Street battle Sunday authorities believed Mon I on The forncr period of extreme collapsed premier a tTune ajid was paid at das Possibility of the suicide of i liuiett out with work of burns Tafolias surrounding bar ricaded in his house of vernment when the t 11 inrian in and as and a coffee pot full w ainistcr the most tremen aminumtion in the house where Frcnch history since shooting took place was held toj p v luUon into effect the WSE afolla marked fear of enemies and when he hi Ul Qf j meditation between Uie disinterest ed and even invited the Police Chief criticism of his own people by with The condition of Willis the French troops polteeS shot through the rightj miles from the fnmtier in order fOTearmMonflay morning was cont0 avoid incidents that misbt in sidered The two Snlcfcrs Monday etplained that trallan ultimatmn was theV were calledto a cold drink ami i on West Conchp to settle his povftrumcKt w n trouble arising between ialorv attitude in the prt of bert her husband and a straugi Mexican Maria Gonzales For Ulore than a year he who had appeared there shortly lhe war and tlien before Assault charges were UIj ed to take a less active against Dietrich as the result j vicePresident in order to pi ExPremier Dead Conference for Reduction in Armament Urgedby Painleue former premi MOKRISOX ASSAILS WHO HAVE rXUERTAktX TO DESTROY 7 labor in Ameri ca has never had a more organization than now nor it members greater caflse of died early morning in Frank of the AnuriOiiii iVdirnu add convocation of an International conference for reduction of arma ments when the council ot the League of Nations deems that a satisfactory condition has been es tablished from the point of view of was recommended today by Premier Palnleve of France at the opening of the meeting of the league He insisted that no project for cooperation in the maintenance of pence would be effective unless based on the League of j It is generally conceded that Senator Canadas bi lingual will be elected the assemblys permanent This North American touch to the proceedings was heightened by the presence of Woodrow Wilson at the opcaiug She al tary been the object of sym the Gene i roaoy nau neen uie uujtci n of La1 pathetic tributes to herself and address lrej Wilson in the G BOTH SCHOOLS BEGIN TIJATIOX the tide of the lien those InUcl ami reduction in to Ions Assails The labor lcaiir the open shop as ii reality his alleged striking his wir tiPhis alleged striking uriaivi 10 Mrs Dietrich put in a call for help in which all Ioln ran being gone j were rcpresemeu aiu and prcbably fifteen minutes when expremiers were Daniel it was officers arrived at the scene of the Ho retsred iron be llljs offici Sevoral hundred college students are in Brbwnwood today for tl opening ofIHinJel Baker How ard Payne colleges Tuesday morn ing at eight oclock in the Main imildinss of each of the colleger Neither will Stan classes until Thursday The 192526 college term of the two collars will Hturt properly Thursday morning when hi will lie for the first term first He di Preceding their Tafolla j l3naml as ire ran out of the restaurant at the corner and he and Maria Gonzales llie meanume numi ran down Irving toward the house lhe Slates Mar where Tafolla was found dead ual as head ol the I lench to con als of th two His says Journal De i can today contemplate the League of Nations and receive lajse of millions of Woman Feminist participation in the tea gues activities is emphasized the presence of the duchess of i holl as a member of the British League but which has IT TO2 OCLOCK THIS AFTKK OOX WORK THAX HAD Repoalins iu large measure th address he delivered befon the MidTexas Teachers AsHOciatto in session here one year T editor of the Texas School at made a strong plea before the association this morning In behalf of better and more money for hull RffilE LEADS OFFICERS TO TRAIL schools in keeping with the urgent demands of these progressive The speaker declared that after all that had been aid and it is a matter that is up to honestly cloni pared for the Labor Day lion here of the Stu Uespite he riitliliss paign ivtr iiiuiiBiiratod by our one1 Of millions of mies immediately I world war to weaken md ilestroy partiripatlon in tne iea and he ilie trade union the activities is emphasized if the SaIllMd forces of of Texaa hegin to study the s iluir a wriohsukl in his address spoke J rcvorsimi lcngthilv of the vnlted MQ o he said there is a great democracy which stood at the cradle of th an enemy of uinor the i a oi murder o ins up snsiaiuiuh terrorious MONT Sept j Stclidly to thnet torrential rain of the law that has closed about him I f here the pa3t 24 hours than H inches falling be year old son of a NVw Vork p m Sunday nlght and Monday The read o kidnaping six year old Mary ings were by the local weattt nilv frnn near her home Friday er The rain was accop ftHrntioii Ipanitd by a 42 miles Only c he taken to Cedarsmau amonut of cotton remains in trove and arraigned on LL charge of but this is seriously dam n rderinv Uaymou negro Strecl sections of hMfX r automobile Brownsville are under a footer n id inlidaipinj the Thumore of water and storm sewere Pea Weather is offlce here announced Oat choolsituation as it deserves to he studied and put their work into it the time would come when Texus would take the rank with oilier pro gressive states such as North Caro lina and perhaps a few others in building irreat educations sys operate freelv for good of hu fur employes salo o stoiK iniployes were 11 i parts of a subtle pliin of The World Court H emphasized thai tin permnj inlit court ot iiileriiationa jus priiicipio nt wiiich appar employers to sicm of labor tinpresui assorti trtL iitv i the girl and tor a terrorious sauit and intent to kill John san din a who pursued the kidnaper in another automo bile in an attempt to rescue tlie Nael was removed from the Mont polite heaiUiuiiriers to the I tfittl hurricane of mild proportions hai evidently formed somewhere on the mouth ot he Rio itt center striking the mainland some where south of the mouth of tht Autos Late Sunday afternoon the coast Hair Police aortneast o was a matter of routine and not prompt ed bv any threats of a The youths vacant stare and cool composure remained unchanged as h big hunch of the students had already in Brown wood ami it i expected that by Uie latter part of WnCrt i T ter dynamite was used to dislodge Two Were It is alleged to officers that the two had been Tafolla Jired on officers when asked to i this week every student who is to lisures bv tinInitd IHiates Tnal showiil tin i operators all tii nieil intreusul wage U nands on of their He de approved by Irtsidelit j 1e had spent quite awhile veir it iHinsr His pleasure ne in ciiv of Los Angeles a schcKilbond issue of j was In the course of his thit speaker declared was He showed no u of emotion a when the hamlrnffed closely guarded durins the h two The motivfoTthe kidnaping was persons abandoned and returned to BrownsviUc and their homes in other parts of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of automobiles are report ed marooned on dirt roads between here and ttftfwast andhundreds are scattered along state highway 12 for a distance of 75 Two men were reported a thirty passenger motor bus collided With an automobile several miles out of Brownsville in a blind ing downpour late Sunday The telephone system hare Is virtualy More than twelve Inches of rsln has fallen here since Saturday imo to about the riphi attend either of the two will he ready to start to work blltu r j deleuation which came here to con in on the eventful occa ISt I llil n m um sion of the Washington at oclock Tuesday mornim The formal opening of will be held u t to Registration will be held for two days at both the starting dared the operators have millioi of ions of small wludi to dispo priis and that tluy j ready Coolidge has Us existence l ted from the and then in reeard marked that UnCulled for Kovei lakeii part in all tinleague si K tcU htiinanitarian niimer mis Americans bad yiveii ihe leu m Ihit at the proper time the proper person in tiiis regard would UllVf HJ1 but why the girl was kill ed w not Part of the con fusion is withheld by the authorij confessed that he also killed Ravmond a driver to get an High Seas rtiffcrcit from hi and then Wallace Reed of thei Unit uid wounded another chauf a Jtatt3 CoMt Guard Station at feir vho chase after the ludPadre oil Point re iping At tirst it was thought ted hisll sea3 before a liata mgro had abducted the that at tiroes went to sixty drinning and with si tinge miles an he stood over the being felt Here to body in a clump of for the ol a Cole SiGll UL Lllf when his role was more to pomual of Thursday morning in lion nnf while remarkable in many wilh prograin y not R0 his talents wishing to ques on Findings at an been announced while pre were made to bury manlikp tjnaiities were Tstolla Jncy v nullified to a consuler Charging the grand by the extreme nature panelled morning at the open vjews on sociai religion ing of Fifty FirstDistrict for Tom him Green Judge Sutton liis were agreid jeferred to the Sunday morning men had assumed grav battle but said he lacked informaj er responRjbilities than be few actjuited themselves with more j honor in the performance of ln mendous and none bad equal SAV SAIIA HIKS SAN Joseph a risi dent hero for died 1 cupaiity in dilficult He predicted that siirh points of ion att iin in tin history of tinUnited States had already afforded lliiromnn pes i iiiiisls a lesson upon which they Oiilil not midltate too If hud readied MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY tlon that would whether or not the matter was a gubject for Postmasters in Annual Session Houston Today postmasters openad their annual here today with about i lib The guest of honor was Cosmc HI director general of mails led him in political faithfulness vet ihev knew too that he would find a place in history only as a mover of men by tbe charm of He lacked the great quality of o e executive Committee and IS District one from each congressional district of Texas met 9 with President Roy Nfcuols of Houston in the TbW discussed routine business of thfe f Varnon son of Bonner Harrison of the Latch community vis found dead in a cotton seed house death probably re sulting from THE WEATHER West Texas Tonight partly probably showers In southeast Tues and partly cloudy tc local cooler to in andTues cooler to Gives Up Hope For Rescue of Seaplane Crew SAN 7 ypjAn announcement that he had virtually given no hope that the crew of the lost PN9 No flagplane of the San to flight would be found was made here today by Captain Stanford commander of the night Wo have virtually given up hope of rescuing tbe Captain Moses We now have eleven destroyers fueling at Honolulu for the purpose at Honolulu for the purpose of the where the PNH 1 came We have done iill thai could be PIKES VKMi HJMB COLORADO Sept Press Charles Myers of Colorado won tbe annual Pikes Peak hill climb driving his automobile over the course of 12 A200 to the summit of the mountain in 17 48 54 es LJUU V r oakness LiUlo health officer of Cameron viry Htllbope tor The proper kind f cliango in this maltor tho next wo is tho laws that would place Texas on hinher piano thiin tin jitate now Hdeclared tint the finaneial budget nf hid been reduceJ at the expcns of the Hihool childrrn of ami y were the real sufferers by budget Thirty Million Thspeaker naid it would take i million dollars per yoar to fi nance the schools of TVxns and that the city of Chicago is spend ing more than Texas for tho city He said Texan schools is now getting about 15 million ol Jtirs annually and they needed million dollars more to ionie up to anything like the schools or school system of How to Get HIP I The speaker then went into tail as to how the money could In1 He said the old complaint or excusethat Texas was not had long since been Tx uii is just as able as North Carolina or New The natural Godmade wealth of Texas is Thii Godmade the as it is culled should be nuiile to con tiibnte to thi support of schools In There is no use to so to Austin and try to get a raise of the state ad valorem flio ml valorem tax should In fact ly repealed because it is a reinof Many states have re pealed the law that makes its col lection possible nnd the time will in the opinion of the when Texas will repeal thn shit ad valorem The speaker said there should be i severance tax on Tiltc lumber itnri perhaps u few other things that if a small severance tax were placed on theso things it would be un easy matter for Texas to have enough money to run the schools as long as they should le and ample funds to maintain It a severance tux of only five per cant had been plac ed on the oil produced by Top at tho oil siflco that famous original Luciui well began to Texas would have collected from Spindle Top the sum of two hundred and twenty million Texas has no sev erance tax on but Louis ana bus and schools of Louisi ana are in flourishing on1 Iroakness cuuaty neaiui V to which he had and a party of nshernien said fishing on the I put two bullets into Saturday Fired Deliberately The body was lying The rain moved inland good showers to heavy downpours being reported at Karnes were crossed on herl Mission Donna bVeaxi riiie were bullet holes in New La her head and Noel said led the out of the car at corpus Chrlsti and htened tolitter P she1 storm warn Jasleft standing he ing fur the Oalveston section was mil liied many issuoa by the weather bureau hen is If at a Then tllis The depression area into the un present is over the lowej Rio if c ramie Valley and was expected to Noe Scaped June from thouiove and cause strong Fssex svlum for the insane winds along the aT h had been icainfall of a ekKelf vard but had loft by request of the falling Monday university The confession came after of quest by Early his Anne nil Ktlempt io Then David ed with him in him to hardware merchant father of ihe got down on his knees and begged the carrying from two to two and a half inche feii along the border from Laredo to Corpus Christ early The rainfall was reported good north ward from boy lo tell the Drnmmled Noel said Mary was He ot tered to return her lor Hi spurned a Officers hunted tit the sum in When they re Noel had changed his mind But later ho confessed and took ihe police to the spot where Mary was He said ho determined last Tues day lo kidnap a girl for H noted the residence of Joseph vice president of the New York Trust On I luirs his own car on a lone called for a Pierce to an address ir Noel shot UK San William Mitchell stormy petrel the army air whose mosl recent statement ia causing no lit hubbub in army and navy cir today was ordered by Kelly Field officials to remain at Port This order was issued because of u storm and heavy rain which struck Sun Antonio and vi cinity just before chauffeur in the back of the heai nnd killed He drove a mile then crammed the body Into a cul vert The next using Tierces car he grabbed the Daly girl from her playmates In front of the Bower homo and drove Overtaken In an automobile chase of ten milet by John the Bower chauf feur he shot and wounded Sandin Later he telephoned Bower and asked whether she was Inter ested In a girl with a pink dress whom he ottered to return for He hung up when Bow er XOOIHf SPEAKS ap peal to organized labor to disre gard political demagpjgues and sup port only measures directly rebound to the good of labor and the country at large was members of the Dallas unlonw by Attorney Geaeral Dan Moody inan address at the Labor Day picnic MUST REGISTER B05DS American holders ot Indus trial bonds are required to notify issuing concerns In Germany of tha securities and We proof of ownership on before December

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