Tuesday, January 3, 1961

El Heraldo De Brownsville

Location: Brownsville, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of El Heraldo De Brownsville on Tuesday, January 3, 1961

El Heraldo de Brownsville (Newspaper) - January 3, 1961, Brownsville, Texas PAGE BBOlYXSVILtg Jmur i irst In A Series Of Three Articles SO THE CHILDREN CAN LEARN1 business operations of Ira King right are in South America mainly in Portuguesespeaking Brazil and they include ranching farming and mining But the Cameroncounty born King Santa and Mrs Elaine King a native of Eaymondville wanted their children to learn English He established a home here in 1958 so the trio could go to school here Here left to right are John 13 Stephany 12 Mrs King and Kathryn six King commutes to South America points azilian Venture Has ocal Man 4On The Go KDITOKS NOTE UP Miami lurrau Manager Rlchani Hatch nt two ivcfks gathering J ormttlon on the Cuban rcfujsi lfm on the ernnunl li pending nilltloi Li tin first tif iwriM of dispatches reporting Infer lews with government officials civic leaders and Kemselvw By RICHARD W HATCH MIAMI UPI Picture any iban Joe Smith Jose Garcia e in this glittering cross wtis of the Caribbean with no no job and no English ords to find one and a Hh two children laRRing along earily after hours of question K by a khakisuited Imml jration officer Many of the Cuban Juses ard larias arriving here at the rate every week face Just this luation They sold their posses ons cheaply fo escape Premier Mel Castros policeruled Island hey bought a ticket or had friend here buy It for Ihe air hop over he Straits Florida Cuba allowed them fo ave with only 55 Jose Maria and their children ill find food a place to live and least the hope of n job some ay despite the fact Greater Mi mis population Is crammed with n estimated of their conn rymen For the Cuban rung along Flagler wrapped round the downtowns Southwcs of cheap apartments and ho 1s and northwest on First Stree ast Ihe big Post Office to the irport has guided their foot ieps BjED presenting major American in particular are develop He established his BrownsviD IJeraJd Stalf Writer companies ing the cattle industry They also home In 1958 Hr World War II he establishing packing Besides some oil holdings King re 1S no more popular drama oil game to serve with the 01However it is no new thing has interests in lead and s live in movies or television today Interamerican Affairs the tac oí the past i Saiv Possibilities vvitli Ms locale of inw frontier cheap iands GMttoting cowboys End wild Indians Texans to show up in Near ly ngo some Confpder mines in Guatemala It has been more Ulan a lialf century since the last of American desire frontiers were tamed but there airas in South America today just as unexplored America oí 100 years ago an I have had so many occupa America that I am more of le lhan anythin to own some of it TheiBrazilOne of llpEO now nas King said Bui Brazilis e lo invest nnd speculate residenls of Americancoming land The area where the future of Brazil was aided byextraction They continue to speakihave ranching and farm propertj n in an exploring expedition alter lcs unwilling to accept the yoke lions in South A war King saw virgin aiid oil0 tilc Norh after they had lost sometimes think I Araguaia River Brazil andiltlc civil Warfounded colonies in soldier of fortune menea hc of English these descemlcnts nsrcminds me greatly of the counl as to develop the country Portuguese but considcrjaround Victoria People have included the move of the tlicniselves pure Idea it Is very hot in Brazil al to the wilderness The Portuguese have nol In lCIlrlLltl lu tJIC 1 Ul Jt iltn c 1IVJI lie d for 51 an acre and hfl building of a city considtermarried with the Indian to the ian a ns age Jjiflians who wül hiH you with by architects as Uie most aivl arrow modem in the extent that Ihe Spaniard did in iUc fifcxicb or cven the Anglo in fronresidence by plane to Brownsvill tier United Stales The average I made four trips bai Portuguese however is of All authority on Ihis land mala1 If you know Spanish you will tains his homo in Brownsville able to speak Portuguese in a He is Ira L King of 535 Cailejmatier of SK weeks or so withswarthy complexion because o Retama who maintains a legal rcjust ordinarj1 ancestry and thus the sidence here for tile benefit ol his I said I took to the languageiBrazilian largely Is on the dark inmily although he has spent morejquickly and nlso bought There is little or no race an than half of his lile in South ol land on the Araguaia Uivitagonlsm there because Brazil has bu the temperature rango is from 6 to EX the year King commules from his Brazi ips and forth When the children ar through school we will llkel maintain permanent residence i ran nail o ms me in boutn ol land on the Araguaia Uivitagonlsm there because Brazil has ica as an oilman explorer andier which is just about In the hcartlio big neighbors to threaten or ini I developer iof Brazil I have both cattle andltimidate Its existence There arc Wanted To operations immigration difficulties or re 71 UVeiltS Jb OF The Burmese r ta Maria on the ope Araguaia River a r 11 stream that navigable In many H stwvay west of Brownsville His piirts by sman craft ríinü e Valley before there were falls an IffU He was also a ranchman 1 younger v WiMemess could the border here with Uke Solcltcr Of Fortuno King maintains a residence in think ol all mainly because he lo waste out in the his three children to go to ere was power lhatischeol lirre As his witc a former neared deliv RANGOON Burma UPD An election nnrt n border agree mcnt with Communist Chin ÍO ATONIC connect with AIRLINES vith Communist China Gen No Win went lo Pelpin n January nnd signed a treat of friendship nnd mutual non iggrcssion and also an agremien leading to final settlement of th border question an issue dalin since before World War II The agreement brought relic o Burmese who worried aboil Red Chinas gradual encroach Ticnt along the northeast Iron icr There was a general improve ment in Burmas economy dur ng the year There was also wing toward a Burma first policy Almost all Imports fror breign countries were Burma OJT placed In the hands Burmese nationals for ÜGELES and DIEGO Your choice of Deluxe Aircoach or Luxury Firsf Class FLY THE 707 GOLDEN JET FROM EL Lv Harlingcn Ar San Antonio Lv Son Antonio Lv El Paso ftr Son Diego Ar Los Angeles lilll Clou IMS Doluxl AIK04MK 707 JET For coll TTA Enterprise 1613 or your travel AIRWAYS Citrus Prices Remain Steady WESLACO A grower sale Ruby Red grapefruit picking on a at a to was reported by the Texas Citru Mutual Monday The mutual said shippers wer offering mostly a Ion for bo While and Rubies on Ihe s a m ring Shippers were paing S3 for oranges 25s und lar Dclivercrlln cannery prices r Ihe a ton fo packing house elimination grape fnul 531 field run and pac ing house elimination for Jui oranges Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTKKTH n ptchRftnt alknllne nonAcid powder holdn fnlnf more flrmlr To CM nnrl tRlk in mor ruimfOTl Just a IHUp PAS on your No dummy BOOCP patty mato or Check vola ortor identuxA FAÍÍTHETÍÍ I druf Cuban Refugees Creating Problem For Miami Areas Kind Miami Anfel Thos Cubans to whom life has hipoked blackest hav found their vay to Sisler Miriam reverently referred to as he ansel of Mi imi The little nnn clad in the whitetrimmed blnck cowl of the Dominican Order presides over he Spanish center nf Gesn Ro man Calhollc Church a hloclt Miuth of the dovvntown Post 01 ice For more than a year her soft Spanish has soothed asmam as 100 homeless a day The slight robed woman has guided the hun gry to Camillns hill smelling of beef slew ladled out by three Brothers of the Good Shepherd She has guided the ill to the Catholic Medical Center the children to the two church nurseries that watch them while their pnrenls hunt Jobs and those who can afford the bus fare tc the night classes teaching Eng lish Before the Castro Cuban exo dus Miami held about Cu bans fairly wellestablished Then in 1960 another poured in on top of them The area already was short on jobs The gov ernment stepped in last month with a team of experts and SI million In an attempf to relieve tile situation The Cuban community here has reached he saturation warned Miami Mayor Roberl Kmgjflgn Tracy Voorhees President El senhowers designated factfinder agreed He found that the rest dent Cuban population had ab sorbed all It could as many as four families to a hundreds do not get enough to eat United Press International found only to Cuban net had been able to Ret ast year and about Cubans iirived with no place lo Before Chrlslnias thousands oí passed through he International Refugee Center o collect blankets and to for a family to have a holi day meal But the center oftldnls nnd Voorhees said they have not had time yel to determine lust how much extensive hardship ex ists fiet HMIrlay Meat However bad It is Voorhees added the Puerto RIcans In New York are a much greater problem than Miamis The Cubans have craitcd grave school problems The school board said it had admitted Latin American children most of them Cuban to Us already crowded public schools before Dec 2 Hundreds more gainer entrance to parochial schools Each child Is supposed to pay a state fee to attend public schools as a nonresident hu school authorities found some 200 didnt have 35 cents for a school lunch each day nor enough food at home to hrlns one Lunches were provided lor them and the fee waived Somehow each Cuban finds something each dny to youve moved furniture left dark streaks on the hardwood floors the streaks can fee re moved with s soapy cloth dippfd kerosene houeh II may not he and it plnce to stay a shared bed with Mentís cfiésp holeroom paid for by one of several char ladle organizations or maybe a bright little apartment that offers privacy If not roominess Although they are quick to ex tend charity to each other their pride makes them reluctant to ac cept it from outsiders Sister Miriam RICE HOUSTON Bakers Best for DANDRUFF Team up with Bakers Hair Tonic Clean dandruff and itchy scalp Bakers wilt do it or money 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Special V8 waiting fo you to tendrive You cant get that in any oijier car in Fords price class Not can you get the Classic Ford Look in any other car The SimghtLine design of the 61 Ford steps out in front and stays there But seeing is believing so pay us a visit See for yourself that the 1961 Ford is Beautifully proportioned to the Classic Ford Look iri veryflioud oliMj mida1r presented by he Inlsrnalional la LAUt Italdna Ihi 1961 Ford for lon lulhority n el clatilc tuauty HOWTHElt FORD TAXES CARE OF ITSELF Lubricates ItseH Youll normally go milci between chiuit lubrlcitioni Thtn Fotd Dealer abe job which about will get you Kt for jnoihcr miki Cleans Ilx Own OH Youll miks between otl Fordi FullFlow oil filter Guards OwnMuffler Fotd mufflcii ire double wripptd ana will ihree times 11 ang 11 ordinary ill Own New Truel Site rhemxlvcs automitrcally for the life of I he lining Protects Its Body AD vjial underbody ire ipccially proceiied to retiit rust and corroiion even to gjlvjinuini body pineli bcneith the doors Care of III Own Finish New Diamond Luitrc Fin LI h nercr ncecli WArriHly Each pare of 61 Fordi except tirei u dtiler warranted against dcfecit in mJlcrraJs or uwkminihip for U month or mi lei whichever comci Normal maintenance lervice and routine replacement of pint tuch it nlien spark plugi condfniers ignition pointi ire not covered tortatn It itrrkt avtri7i laW torfi 61 Ford now at your Ford Dealers TIPTON MOTORS ING I Oth A EAST ST CHARLES U 23MI