Monday, June 30, 1947

Brownsville Herald

Location: Brownsville, Texas

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Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - June 30, 1947, Brownsville, Texas Fires Tear Gas FRENCH POUGE BARE REVOLUTION ARY PLOT Serving The Rio Grande Valley For Over 50 Year* VALLEY EDITION 55TH YEAR — NO. 310 BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS. MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1947 PRICE 5c 8 PAGES CHUNG PUNS TOTAL WAR Chief Deputr Sheriff William Roster fires tear fas into the window of the Mina, III. jail in an effort to subdue a 63-year-old negro identified bv Roster as Silkie Scott, who refused to be moved to the countv jail at Rock Island. Later. Scott was fatally wounded when he selfed a tear gas gun and ran into the street. (A. P. Wirephoto*. China Mobilizes - , „. r , , . Troops For Allout Quake Hits Flood Area; Communist Drive New Crest Roars Down Labor Unrest Grips Industry LO engineers w was “far fr •f the Mis A brid i o\ un mer. earthquake I wa’ of nch Kce bu levees t the trer •econds. Fresh mace b forts to ©f East #ou*h a drees i homes a The r fell .05 i the dros NANKING, June 30—(ZP) Chianp Kai-Shek and IF June    30— P    After climbing to its highest peak here    leaders of his Kuomintang t:.e    Mississippi    dropped slightly today but U. S. Army    Party agreed todav on com- rned    that the battle for three critical levees in the area     p ] efe mobilization of the with .nether crest pouring down from the mouth     manpo wer    and re- ____ night brought the threat of breaks to    sources to battle Chinese -soaked barriers    holding back the river from thousands of acres    Communists in China's civil war,    an informed    source said. The decision was reached, the source said, at a five-hour closed—hut carefully guarded—meeting of the government party’s political council and its central executive standing committee. One government leader said the action    “means simply    we are taking off our gloves and really fighting the Communists hereaftei with no holds barred.” Chiang appeared before the high farmland on the : the engineers ss ere reported da mag iors which lasted at* Illmois id no cd by nit five appeals for volunteers werr the engineers in their ef-ssve dikes north and south . St. Louis and IOO miles I Chester, IU., while hun-rre evacuated from theil New Rise Teared leet, th Aas probably a temporal ©ne Harry F. Wahlgren predicte the Mississippi would climb to 39 todav—.36 of a foot over a previoi high In 1944 The all-time recor Is 41 3 in 1644 At least 1.000 persona were home less in St. Louis and St. Lou county with the Red Cross settin up four temporary shelters to hous the victims. Quake Shakes Flood Area The earthquake added No h< report paper board; Europe Hunts Way Out Of Difficulty On Economic Front • PARIS June 30— <AV-'The for-! ign ministers of France. Britain \ md Russia met late today rn a critical third session which max jjoiicy-m^mg bodies as large-ieclde whether Europe can organ-1.scale Nationalist reinforcement 1 ze economic cooperation trans-in Manchuria entered still-smok- rnding political and ideological ^ Szepmkai. battered by a 17-^    day siege of now-retreating Com- iiferrence*.    munist troops. The three convened at 4.10 p.m. However, a Mukden dispatch 9 IO a m. CST).    from Associated Press Corres- Informed sources said there was pondent John Roderick reported no agreement between Soviet For- government recapture of Szeping-the ten - | e ipn Minister V. M Molotov on one kai—a rail city between Mukden mon although I L ide and Britain’s Ernest Kevin and and Changchun—said the Com-connectkm with|France's George Bidault on the munists still appeared to retain vv damage was other concerning the Marshall aid- the oflensive in Southern Manchu-nts flooded news-; Europp p x an    ria with a new thrust reported de- police swurh- These informants predicted a 'Eloping from Jehol province to Downtown build- lowdown, saving the French and the north. Tile Kuomintang decision to turn Minister Reveals ‘Blae Plan’ After Three Arrested PARIS, June 30 —TZF)— Interior Minister Edouard Depreux announced today the discovery of a “very widespread” plot by an organization known as the Black Maquis to overthrow’ the French Republic and set up a military dictatorship. Depreux said . General Guillaudot, inspector general of the French gendarmerie; Maj. Jean Loustau-neau-Lacau, a righting resistance leader who before the war acknowledged that he was a member of the, anti-Republican Cagoulards <Hood-WAHINGTON. June 30— (JPS — ed Ones*, and other officers and Congressional    fiscal    experts    went    civilians had been arrested, into a    huddle today    over    ways    of    I A usually reliable semi-official financing federal agencies as the fis- £ °urce said earlier that four French cal year neared an    end with    only    P enp rals and several    civilians had one of 12 regular appropriation    bills    keen implicated, cleared by both the    senate and the    Depreux told a    new s conference house. '     at whole unit*    of    the French Only two of the departments Army mi &h*have been involved. Congress Rushes Action On Funds; Fiscal Year Ends will have cash with which to oper- First Details ate past midnight unless some-     said    flrst    derails    of    the    clan ging is done quickly. The two me organization of former Beginning of the 10-day vacation of some 400.000 soft coal miners finds industrial coal supplies dwindling, causing production cutbacks, and a general unrest in labor, with 41,500 shipbuilders striking on the Last Coast (I), steel production curtailed in the Pittsburgh area (2), and oth<# steel renters announcing shutdowns, causing cuts in auto production in the Detroit area (3). Vacation of miners follows a walkout a week early by more than 250.000. mostly in the Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio area <4), in protest against the Taft- are the Treasury and Postoffice    'mg resistance leaders, mo- Srp.r«^,nr“ hL app™on    , £7^ “7 ^7 wi.V «    **-    .    . i *    hts became known to    French    do- ‘I 7777^77777 ,lce ,or " 5 “»<• *» ^ from lohZ row is on President Truman desk, 'informers Both* senate and house have    Through undercover investigation passed a stopgap measure allowing    I Depreux continued, police uncover- unfinanced agencies to incur ex- rd numerous details ilenses in anticipation of    theirj H e .vamd the Black    Maquis    had pending appropriations But    there    drawn up a complete    “blue plan” is a question whether they can ac- for first filling Frenchmen wPh tually meet their payrolls. *    wear of a ’Communist putsch” and Appropriations Discussed j hen stepping in to set up a “pro-I A senate resolution permittin isional directorate” of military C ithern to make actual expenditure; j Jers. patterned along totalitarian Zk "th,’ Conciliation    SmuZUtntoZthT.'tHU * «»" Hon* Appropriations hues. The Maquis were' French on the Pacific Coast    (71;    and    30(1 bus    drivers set a    Committee, fcome members of that    underground fighters during the walkout for Monday    on    the    Santa Fe Trailwa.vs    committee, are reluctant to accept    I war. lines through the San Franciseo-San    Dlego-tolo-     11 b€cauw 11 P ermlts expenditures    | Depreux held a long conference Hartley Act. thus precipitating the national fuel shortage. Trainmen have been laid off on coal runs at Birmingham, Ala. (5); midnight Monday is set for a walkout of West Coast shipbuilders (6), as well as in the Gulf area; telephone workers rado area (8). hospitals * err? the British planned to restate their ike well (J. S. Gives Mines Prices Hit High Peak Back To Owners; On OPA Anniversary New Strike Looms at the rate contemplated in the bis morning with Premier Paul | resident’s budget estimates, which Ramadier concerning the purport - the committee hopes to reduce.    conspiracy. Tlie ll snagged appropriation French press agency dispatches bills are the main business before from Rennes, in Brittany, nam a d congress as it goes into the last de Vulpian, 47. editor of the scheduled month of its session. weekly france Vicante and Pre- But as the lawmakers turned into ' sldfnf of a veteran s organization. the home stretch. Republican lead- IS ‘ imon 8 those arrested, together ers in the driver’s seat for the first th Marcs Jacquot. a wine mer- time in 15 years voiced pride in!*'?®" 1 °* Montigny. and the rector their record and confidence that V e a at Lam baile, in Brittany, identified only as Rault. •mailer home The hardes was being ca teau Island c £* Loui the low lands trial areas o Other bari the engineer! dele! end d Ear St Lo barrier south the ____ .    ^    _    ...    ..    .    .    ..    ,    they will overcome the many hurd-    . CHICAGO. June 30—..Pi—On this first anniversary of the end ,    *     til ,     on    thp    rOHd    to    Dlannpd    ad .    Confirm*    Arrest* of federal price controls, pork on the dinner table costs 78 per cent * nl , rn » mpnf r Illv    ‘    ,    Depreux    confirmed    the    arrest    of more than it did a year ago, beef and veal 62 per cent more.    |     J    Many    Laws    En    ted nrnrv sill* fnr Furnnean ernnomir     the government’s    full power on recovers' after weekend disclosure Ci I™ 1 ".™ b fn sen    WASHINGTON June 30 -UP— more than il did a year ago> beef and veal 62 per cent more *    Uwf^Enacted    I    fJ 1    fhree of these Persona and on rn the Chou- £ '£*    130.000.000 rounds of rifle ammunt- The government lowered the Amor- de^one'd^’ri^^tr^de^nd'govfrtXnt‘flg^show^WWto the In the nearl >' sl , x months “ has De"'vu'lplanMs''brought yhSe‘VheTkeVot°e?t h s dPcidf ,hP " noun ' of , " lflnda ' >id men.' 0 Ch “" 8 Ka " ShPk S « 0V * rn - ST coaf mine" .X und^ ^"^ri" “    ^    *° PPing    **“ "*** ° f "** 1#,# * 2 ° enacted “wTof '^-reaching tm' !lmern C “at.hg d ff,* *“* nearby indus-     3    IT, 5    Tde    roust    be    approved    restored the pits to tne prix att     T ^ e mar ^ et and re tail supplies are higher in many lines, but farm P° rt ar borne and abroad; it has Guillaudot in the affair the ne Cliv. 111. whether such aid could be obtained by t h P multi-party state council, owners alter 13 months ct federal supp i ies of livestock are lower than,    ~    ~     cut    a pattern for sharp reductions ter .said under the proposal advanced by but informed quarters expected no operation.    „ _____ ....J,    iv    ©    «    in    government    spending    and    it    has    He    'said    Guillaudot    was    question- *med critical bx the East Caron-,ees south o! i the Degognn 1 and minis- Secretarv of State Marshall. from minority party The contract dispute which a > ear a 8o and cold storage stocks Two Ships Collide House Group Acts To Let Cis Cash members"  '    prGmpt*d ‘federal secure of itll many food* »« lower. Such LAKE SUCCESS. June 3H —eP—    Tile mobilization order, it was    mines May 22. 1946 still was    unset-    commodities as steel,    oil.    and A reliable informant said the So-    learned, will include provisions to    tied. however, and another    strike    lumber, still lag far behind    delict delegation had declined to     try ^ rev ive national spirit of    at. conclusion of the current    10-day    mand requirements, submit an estimate to the United chiang’s fighting men by educat- vacation July 8 is a definite pros- With 1926 prices as a base aver-Nations military staff committee them on why they must de- ped.    age of IOO. the Associated Press In Fnahrmnd Waters today on ! be size of the proposed feat the communists.    With    the    government    stepping    wholesale prices index Friday was S    global p( ,:ce f°rce.    Q ne    of    tbe    first    steps toward to- aside as operator, it will be up to 175.64. A year ago the figure was I . _ fTA Ii I *J BOSTON June ? - V —Iht    It was understood that the taJ mobilization, sources said, will the owners themselves to make 122.28. This represents an increase I PJI VP || ll TI (Iv |1|||W * MO    tor.    Ar r    t;anspor*    “S'.    Al-    rmteri^Sta^es. Britain and France    ^ the mcr g er 0 f the Kuomingtang    terms with the miners. If    they    of 43.6 per cent in the    year.    The bans    •    iron    and    ’he    Danish    bad offered individua. estimates     Wlth thc affiliated Sanminchuyi    don’t succeed-by July 8, the    miners    highest was reached in    March at WA q m7SJ rTnv Tnt ?n 22S^t2^f N^tuctct 1 ”^ VOO0S0 Z J*000«0 mem ^ ganlSu^hJdef “b^ChK “ ra^^m-cmmcnt ^gi^rbaclt th. '^compilation bv the Federal A House Armed Services Subcom- On the basis of appropriation ^ age. Pollee learned near: and the trar    •;«*««-    m.'-Td     a ' a «-    “*»    .       _    ................ ......... ;?    *    m *^”tr 4a/ K »he J? 8 expected to support one of p reg jJ cn t Scheduled of U workers“ ^    ^    calculation available, this index bonds to cash them immediately, from President Truman's 1948 bud- ITlenr and that General Guillaudot to    seas,    me    estimates    or    a    Big    Five    ma-    .     iA « n    was 155.8 on a 1935-39 base axer- The legislation will come before get of $37.5000.000.000 will come Was ^sent at all of them, the or im xirv on the question    Jq    (Jn    Kent LeUrb I lr ll    II atM l    age of IOO. Throughout the war th* full committee tomorrow' and closer to the $4,500,000,000 cut re- m “ listrr declared. Tile generals and admirals on    ,---- V Oll*17 I KIA HUITT     up    to    a year ago the index bs approval is expected in time to commended by the senate. House- . } SR1 . d so ” ie of th * P*™>ns ..........-_____   _    had advanced 33.3 points. In the permit house action early next approved reductions to date on ll ll? .    °     f    to    enrol! in Gen. he let rielecation in attend- idpnt Truman would act on rent    a    .    1    ensuing year it went up 22.5 points, week. Republican leaders have tag- annual bills approximate $2,800.- r f p r !^, ( ,J V : ! e * l r l nc pr ^-’ 5 hr Sox,et delegation in attend    .    .    _    w a . a . 1    .      .    .    .... .... . .. .    000.000 compared with budget esti Rnl,: ,RF>P '. p ut had been refused given President Truman many of rd at once, but was not taken into the things he asked for even while custody until he allegedly acx-turning a deaf ear to some of his nowledged that he knew about the other requeste.    Black Maquis organization and had But it still has several major some relations with nearly every "must” bills on the calendar.    person implicated. Probably no other congress in Also arrested last night, Depreux recent history has come to the end said. was Mme de Waleff, a widow’ of a fiscal year with as few dep- in whose Paris apartment a large alimental appropriations bills out quantity of gold was found. He of the way.    said she had been 'given provisio- jp) —    Fund    Reductions    Sought     naI liberty because of her advanc- in the same condition it Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows mittee today approved legislation to action to date, the house Repu- *J“ meetings of the purported found them 13 months ago-empt.v (hat for May. the most recent P Prmit holders of GI terminal leave bhcan drive to slash * conspirators were held in her apart- All costs of living items includ- Red the bill for passage. High Winds ForeseenBig r,ve power mii.tsry com-    f ant J    mu nu. i _ _...    ...    . nutter met here this morning with Inc \J? HOUSe ,j a Toa ®>    » With Warm Weather he So. .et delegation In attend- W"il Truman would art on rent    a    .1 t    ^     f    r    _ rn    ante The Russians had walked out control legislation ana send Uon- I JI I _ A/>Pir|Of1fC J'V       •    '■          »»-*-    idmittance . CV .    _ . r , r . ' , V* tr . of the last military staff commit-     a 2.500-word message on the 111 Ullin /ittlUtllllo ed ln the index avera « ed 169 per .. Thor< * « rc approximately 9.000.000 mates.    >     Hp    d    fh    or , flni2atinr , " tV c viva hr** Riireaii meeting here June 20 in dis- subject.    cent above last June, with major bonds outstanding, with a face Aside from the money bills the published a clandestine neu-«n :• -\rL anc wVndv issued agreement over a question of pro- Congressional circles predicted     iniured in traffic ac- ifccms 1 “J® ,ood 288 " nt h }* ] )z va ^ estimated at $1 800.000.000 record on other legislation hinging Le Roseau* ■ Hcnetwork> CodSs redure and a majority-supported that Mr. Truman will sign the bill r ™    ,     thp    i OWPr    Rio Grande er - clothing 17.3. and household The treasury has opposed the Ie- on the fiscal vee—•    *    t.     t * c ? p .* es * , ruling of U. S. Gen. Joseph T. Mc- which extends federal controls ciaenw in 1    .    J    furnishings 16.3.    gislation on the ground it would somewhat better , Namev committee chairman.    eight months with permissive 15 '.Annie opp nf Mr-' Specifically, meats in general add to inflationary pressures.    .    ..    ^ hrouvh to-    *pfkk    - *** cent rent hikes ' The P resent r 8 l!!i taken to Grandview are 522 per cent more ' fish 161 > The legislation is not mandatory. H n rn    J?® The R^^truc- ® r * ta ” y * Agen ^ Southe rn France. e to fresh    FLEMING TO SPEAK     ron trol law exnires tonight     Allen - were t ? keI ? t0 7    chicken 10.3. dairy products 16. Tt mnroiv oii«„c h n iH DM     tlon    finance    Corporation and the and D1 - 1on ln the east. "We intend to pusn our invest!- i-er Parti is expo xnorrcw souther rm coni on the fiscal year-end deadline is it were seized in such wide! para ted sections as Lamb th *4 99 irgx f sheriff Boonton Fleming will ad- Both R< , pub ij Cans and Demo- H ^P 1,al 8t mick-auto collision egRS 21 - 6< fruits and vp g eta bles 12.8. bonds to cash them without waiting Co,n,nodlty Credit Comoration for a.- or• members of the Kiwanls crats on c ap jtol Hill expect the snowing a    -     nor th    of    beverages    50.6,    fats and oils 58.6. f or tbp five-vear redemption period a , no er year from midnight to- c< Club at Harlingen a’ noon tomor- p>j- rs , dent    accept the bill a1- onr an    o - a    •'     aMd su?ar and swee ts 31.6 higher.! nHcrinaiiv    uught are on the Presidents desk on “Responsibilities of Citi- though it does not conform to his Edenburg. zens in Law’ Enforcement.” recommenda lions. DC t    t    r% .    Lii prvouL “Take PEDRO us mom tied quite ex-ind extremely Fishermen Start Home After Island Rescue Diner of the truck involved was Pedro Cano of Edinburg, according i to Hidalgo County Highway Patrolman Walter J. Lysinger. The truck struck a palm tree after it collided with the auto, he said. Mr and Mrs Gee were reported to be getting along "as well as could be expected’’ early today. Moreno Segura was taken to and sugar and sweets 31.6 higher, originally provided.    .     e    t The maturity date on tho bonds ? a 50 la a “"extending rent is five years after the day of dis- i^.7 , U ,     n< ’ x ’ Mar ' 1 and per ' charge of the person 'receiving mKUng 15 P er _e p nt rent boosts bv them. They bear two and one- half per cent interest.    CONGRESS. Page Two.) Man, 27, Jailed In Attack Probe Should the legislation become law. holders of the bonds could start cashing them at approximately 16.000 banks starting Sept. 2 The committee decided to allow’ that much time to set up the ittle Cf?!*** the ur ul- office I to British Decrease Imports For Year <See FRENCH. Page Two.) Stock Market NEW YORK. June 30 —/^—Individual stacks edged forward today although many market leaders continued to display retreating tendencies Principal bullish restrain still was blamed on cloudy labor situations, particularly the soft coal impasse, threatening output in heavy industry. A little bidding here and there was based on more optimism Clay Hall ambulance answered • According th reports heard by of- ''™'" ha '. e * h( ‘ op ‘‘°" of tak1 '’* LONDON. June 30-<T>- The regarding business and lessening of e .summons to the scene of the |fleers, the man Is said to have    " r    .    ,t ct    chancellor    of    the    exchequer    Hugh    apprehension    regarding    a    tai!    re- ive as anc ?•. course. be ac A 27-year-old man Is being held Valley "Baptist” Hospital in Harlin- in Cameron county jail here in con- ^    _    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^ SAN DIEGO. Calif, June 30- J>—Five weary and sun.blackened « en parly    , h cra7or    ' I^^"-old" girls^llreed^to 0 have 1 machinery for redemption. and re- California fishermen, blown 1.000 miles off their course, were enroute porte 1!;„™ n mf! b> a tractor at    wednesday.    !     New    a PPbcants    for    terminal pa\ back to civilization today after six weeks of near starvation on a ’i®    ,! !; desolate Pacific island of fthe Mexican coast. cimier ' Normlndie^ from nm-    Saturday    by    the    tuna     (he road al thc .. Y “ at Russell- at about 3 p.m.. but ran when she,interest from the date of their dis- ain would cut imports of tobacco, slated as a cautionary argument ooinr riinnerfnn uianri a f ie u•#»»•*> rant Wiiiian m ui    town    stepping    into    the    path of the struck him with a cup. One and 4    gasoline and newsprint during the Dealings dwindled after a fair.y n no i , I     Ca P^    WUham    Noble,    Charles    _    ^     oi    the    dnver    of the one-half hours later, he is report- Tine legislation requires payment VPar beginning tomorrow to con- activ * opening. Fractional minus square mile coral atoll. Ii OO miles E Warren. Gilbert B. Stet he. Rob- ,a ^*’    ™    Velured    rd to nave appeared at the home of of accrued interest to the date of serve JhrinUne dollar supply    held    a shade the majority th^ Melicar mainland    ^    Sf    ^    th p % cc idenToc^rr Mahout 6 a. toe other girls, about two miles redemption on any bonds cashed | T £Sit“l£kon A near midday. .7**] “ iainifina    I,    ,     r u    m A front uherl of the tractor away. and was met by her father, before the five year maturity date. House of Commons, he would ask Occasional resistance was r ret word from rescuers to the Veteran fishermen said the boat m A iron    1    .    .    .    ,        I    ti..    ....---------  .    .    •    -    .    .    .    .    .... .. «    --- Coast Guard and Navy here mdi- probably was rated the men were in “fair con- co” storm, the Thf> f -ThiJni"     f ’J j ahor; ’’ r    Gone at sea. and described trop- (Congress Plane Dll© The two girls were being question- treasury, testified the addition ot exchange.    Harvester. Boeing and Spen shore hill ‘nun. Af    ° n hr 5ral Copperton as a very bad    8    T    J cd today in lhe district attorney s more than a billion dollars' in Dalton said a severe shortage of Backward most of the time were sho e. but none of the crew was spot, anytime^    Jo Land Here Today office    -cash to money now in circulation dollars was developing “in almost Chrysler. General Motors, Sears I have put mv nu J. •    M.    J.    Gorby,    president    of    the    .    .     n1anp    hPqrinff    a con ---bound    tn    result    in    further im a *l P a rts of the world."    Roebuck, Republic Steel, Public their plans Tp * Navy requested the “Nor- California Marine Curing and A     w    « Uh:    "In particular.” he added, "our    Service    of    N. J . American Water _ owti line of credit under the Anglo-    Works,    Phelps Dodge. Amen in COTTON    PRICES    American loan agreement is being*    Smelting.    Westinghouse. Air Re- NEW    YORK.    June 30 —</F>—Noon drawn upon much more rapidlv    duction.    J.    C. Penney, Phillip Mc m \ front wheel of the tractor away, and was met oy ner lamer, oerore ine live vrar maturity elate. House of Commons, he would ask Occasional resistance was shown mermen said the boa* Aas sported to have passed over who turned him over to officers. I The subcommittee voted approval parliament for authority to put an by U S. Steel, Bethlehem Good-caught in a chubas- ^ j 0 ^er section of his body. I Deputies Ezequie! Cavazos, Waiter of the bill after Edward F Bartelt. import duty on motion pictures, if year, N. Y. Central. Standard Od ie equivalent of a c.v-    Keller and Pat Smith investigated, fiscal assistant secretarv of the necessary, to economize in foreign tNJ•. Anaconda. International A special plane, bearing a con- t cram.    That of mandie ”. a San Diego vessel, to Packing Company, Terminal Is- gressional committee, is scheduled if wil; succeed. taFcr fishermen to the Galapa- land, expressed amazement at the to arrive in Brownsville nom King n warm lately but ?°* Islands, about 1,800 miles fur- position of the wreck. He said the Ranch today. The men are en- Drowned Man Buried, ttard P ressur « on puces.' Still Unidentified (Detailed Heather Report On Page Two) tiler south, and said it was send-    “Thistle’s”    normal cruising range    route to Mexico City where they J R jq HONDO. June 30—The body cotton prices were five cents a bale    than    we expected. It is our clear    lls. Southern Pacific and Southern mg a craft from Panama to pick    was about    700 miles and that she    will investigate the status of the 0 f a man. not positively Identified, i lower to 90 cents higher than the    duty    to take further steps to close    Railway. up the victims    must have    blowm “the rest of the    foot and mouth disease program in Vho drowned near here. was buried previous close. July 37.52, Oct.    the    gap between our necessary    Bonds were narrow and cotton "Thistles ' crew members wax out of control."    ,the Southern Republic.    m San Benito yesterday-    3280. and Dec. 31.81.    ,imports and our exports."    futures    uneven. I The