Sunday, June 15, 1947

Brownsville Herald

Location: Brownsville, Texas

Page: 19

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Text Content of Page 19 of Brownsville Herald on Sunday, June 15, 1947

Brownsville Herald, The (Newspaper) - June 15, 1947, Brownsville, Texas 13. Acrfajfe for Rule FOR SALE 883 iicrc.s cm I.OB Frewnos Ilaod, foui one-half miles of MrowmviUf, known us the MiU Property." In- tereM-od pHrttas apply in writing to Gordon, Inc., in Liquidation, c-o Kclleher. Hurley dr. Kohlrneyer, 1220 Canal Build. IDK, New Orleans. Louisiana. 46. Financial and I.oun.i________ PAWNBROKERS LOANS On Anything Of Value 2123 14TH ST. IMcAIlen To Install 1 New Street Lights McALLEN, June 14 Construc- tion of u new lighting system for McAllon'fl business district is alat- 1.v.o. Ifil Fort, .fu-own I'hor.t Used Autos for Sule (or UooM nilix-i And Muit l.'lflO oo. Mr. 164ft N. W. fH. City. COIIPC good work. A haiuntu ul U Km! of 1'nlin FOR SALE 1941 60 Series Olds- mobile Convertible Coupe, 194.1. 98 Series Olds- mobile 4 door Sedan with Hydrorrmtic and Radio, Both Cai'fl Priced to Sell. 1UO GRANDE INC. 008 NW Phono 1880 __ _ Y U T j't lux door f.lko nnv.-. Mdtnr mid hodT Jn I -A condition. throughout. MiiKt nn.-t Id utiprecUtr. J'rlrrd K' imli Mfl KW 1-rvefl Mtrftfl. __ iciS riymonth. CJnod condition. tDfll-K ____j'fJO, iJsi'cl Truokfl for Sale FOR SALE -Ford V-fl HCl7. Four iu-w tlrcn. Trlro CUM w.n nftcr p m. Rt 1210 14th St Mucnu Vida. U40 Korrt cynvcr- tlblt In tht Vftllay. Cnn bt lit M4, Bt. ChurlM to p. in, MM Kri'i AT'IC mu v im noftdrnnnf PI it, 'J-dooi rid 4-doom mid coiwrrtlnlrn; HM7 CKdtlUc.t. fl2 f.odann. findnnrts, nnd convortlDlrr, HtO JfKNHY. 1404 HrondwHV. flan Antnnlo, C-flnon. More thim 30 of tho nation's oils nrp sultnblf for Jrt pro- Brownsville Motor Co. Chrysler Plymouth Diamond T Trucks AIIMY THUCK, Ford, '43 model, fl cy- linder, Ion. PorfocL llroii, ixll IxKlv. idoul for IwullriK cotton. rinJro ut WJiUmnn'H Army Htoro, <iao mh Ml. _____ 51. Trailers jTor ft., fileopn two, ____......... priced. Shamrock Trailer Court, Bonn, Chicn, Houd. BCHULT hotisu trnllor. 20 ft. Butane. braked. Very rcnflonftblo. Oootl roiullLUrii. C.'iirl's Courts, San Uonlto niirhway. J. Estop. 49. Used for Sale 40, UscTtl" Auto.H for Sale SPECIAL FOR TODAY 1046 BUICK SUPER 4 DOOR SEDAN 1946 CHEVROLET Aero Sedan, Black, White Wall Rims, Radio and Scat Covers. 1946 CHEVROLET Aoro Sedan. Tu-Tone. Radio, Driving Litfhts. Complete. 1946 CHEVROLET Aero Sodan, Blue. Fully Equipped. 1946 CHEVROLET Convertible. Maroon. 1946 PLYMOUTH CUih Coupe, Very Nice. 1946 PLYMOUTH Convertible. Radio, Heater, Spotlights, Plastic Seat Covers. 1946 BUICK Ronclmastcr Sedanette. Black Fully Equipped. 1946 PONTIAC "8" Sedan Coupe. Fully Equipped. Maroon. 1946 PONTIAC "8" Sedan Coupe. Fully Equipped. Grey. 1946 PONTIAC "6" Sedan Coupe. Blue. 1946 PONTfAC "6" Sedan Coupe. Dark Grey. 1946 PONTIAC "0" Sedan Coupe. Tu-Tone. 1946 G.M.C. Pick-Up, 4 Speed Transmission. Hurricanes, just like straw hats, come officially Into season. Em- ployes at the U. S. Weather Bureau station at Brownsville arc prepar- ing for the 1047 season which be- gins Monday and ends Nov. 1, Chances are, there won't be. any hurricanes in this area this season, but just in tho event there should bo. the Weather Bureau here will set up a warning system. Included will be special teletype connections with all stations along the coast to Miami, Fla. There will also be special telephones in- stalled, ready for use in warning various Valley points of the approach of a storm Just in case. Jjucl Starm In 19M The Valley has not experienced a bad hurricane since September, 1033. -That was the year when the "eye" or center of the storm pas- sod near this city. Brownsville caught in its full force, which resulted in much loss of property. The last touch of a hurricane in this nroa was on Aug. 25, 1045, when many in the Valley boarded windows and mado other preparations in tho event the 125 m. p. h, velocity storm should strike horo. Only the edge of tho hurricane touched the Valley, bringing high winds and rain. The storm formed In the southwest Gulf of Mexico, moved straight north on the 95th parallel, veered east to Brownsville, swung west northwest past Corpus Ohrlsti, and swept inland to take lives and destroy property at Port Lavaca. Most hurricanes don't like tho Valley area HO well, They prefer Florida to Texas, as was indicated in the only storm reported in the Qulf last Summer. It travelled over Western Cuba ad then headed for tho coast of Florida, but it was almost dissipated by the time it reached the mainland. The storms start in an area just north of tho equator known as "Tho Doldrums." Winds l.horo are very light and move In tho flame direction, from tho surface of the earth up to a height of to feet. Like Water In Sink During an extremely hot day when there is very little or no movement of the extremely light air, thunderstorms build up, and hot air, in ascending into the storms, starts revolving coutor clockwise, whirling Just like water poured down a sink. Since there is no movement of air outside the whirling current to speak of, the storm is not torn up 1942 DE SOTO "5lh Avenue" 4 Door Sedan 1941 CHRYSLER 4 Door Sedan 1942 CHEVROLET 2 Door Sedan 194] CHEVHOLET 2 Door Sedan 1939 CHEVROLET 2 Dr. Sedan. New Motor 795 J939 CHEVROLET 2 Door Sodan 695, 1936 FORD Pick-up 445 1937 DODCE 295 EASTERLING VAN. TYNE SALES CO, 10] E. Harrison Phone 1560 ERASE MOTOR COMPANY E. Highway .13th St. '47 Ford Super do luxo, Tudor '47 Chevrolet Stylemastor, 4 door '42 Ford Coupe.', Radio '42 Chevrolet, Radio lieator Donna '41 Studobalu-r "President" Club Coupe, Radio Overdrive '47 -1 door Chevrolet. "FleelniaHter" '46 Chrysler "New Radio Heat- er, Hydraulic IransmisHioi: Overdrive '40 Chevrolet "Stylomaster" 4 door Ml Plymouth tudor, with radio '41 Hudson 4 door Overdrive........................ Texas Also 20 Models from 34's to 39's ERASE MOTOR CO IMP A NY- All Cars Carry 30 Day.s Warranty E. Highway IMth St. Donna Texas Hours Phono 10 WHITE PRINTS Longer lasting and more legible than tho old-fswh- ioncd print. U. S. Supply Stores 1021 E. Wash. Ph. "983 and the rising currents gain in how fast it travels, and velocity of velocity. winds in the hurricane, it can be During the hurricane season tt pl.edicted what the dis- speoial care is taken in recording' air pressure, temperature distribu- turbnnoc will do. tion, winds and clouds, and direction Hurricanes, when they reach and changes in winds aloft up to land, begin to dissipate because of feet, Such recordings are friction encountered in moving over made all over the United solid surface. Central America, the northern part Oren E., Edrington, manager of of South America, and the islands the U. S. Weather Bureau station of the Caribbean Sea. here, said that storms arc not First indications of a storm are considered full blown hurricanes shown by a change in direction of until their velocity is 75 m, p. h, winds aloft. By keeping check on Up to that time, they're tropical the wind direction of the storm, disturbances.____________________ CIO's Hawaiian Fruit Tempts AFL; 3-Way Labor War In Making She 3RrcmwsuUle Sunday, June 15, 1047. Pago __19 Donna Pair Faces Rent Charge Frank R. Creedon, Office of the Housing Expediter, through the U. S, Government, has filed suit in the U.8. District; Court here aualnst Hollcy, Box 022, Don- i na, in connection with alleged over- charger on rental property. The government official alleges that the Holleys overcharged Mrs. E. Bray per month on property alleged to be located on North Eighth St. In Donna, described ns Lots BVj, 0 and 7, Block 2fl. Tin- rental sot by tho Control office 1s monthly, while It is alleged :hat the Holleys have been charg- ing Mrs. Bray for the last even months. Damages in the amount of is asked by the government, triple .lie amount overcharged Mrs, Bray, j The petition also asks that Bray be return the overcharged j during the period set forth, i ClO'a Harry J. Bridges BY HARRY J. LAMBETH umts. APL mem- HONOLULU, (NEA) Behind le not. najf that of the the rolling surf and sandy beach- es that greet hundreds of Hawaii- bound tourists, a first-class, three- conior labor war is in tho mak- ing, To the eyes of a visitor, the Islands may be the "Paradise of the but to business and union men, has become another economic battleground. Uutil two weeks ago the Ter- ritory's "Big the five maj- or concerns that control Hawaii's and the CIO's Inter- national Longshorean's and Ware- housemen's Union had a near monopoly on the labor fight, They slugged it out through a 70-day sugar strike and a 111-day strike of tuna fishermen. At the moment they're in the midst of negotiations for a renewal con- tract to cover ILWU pineapple workers. If the pineapple strike comes, it is expected in late June, when the peak of 'the harvest sea- son is reached. While the with its estimat- ed members has held the top spot in the labor crisis, the AFL contented itself with or- BUSINESS DIRECTORY ORCHARD CARE Discing Bordering Dusting As You Want It Done MAX DREASHER Phone 6012-F-3 AUTO REPAIRING All makca of cars and truoki expertly repaired at prlccB you can afford to pay, FRIEDMANN MOTOR CO, Corner 10th and Levee Phono 105 PERF-0-RAIN Lo-Prossuro Irrigation Pipe Rain Where Desired And When Necessary A, L, NEWMAN W. CELLUM 1310 Lincoln Phone 537-M Propane Gas Tanks Water Softeners Stewart Warner Radioi Butane Water Heaters HARDIN GAS APPLIANCE CO. Phone 978 Brownsville HELP U SELF LAUNDRY Wet Wsishinps and Dry Washings Done 2901 E, 14th Phone 9564 Covaccvich Bicycle Shop bicycles and supplier Also repair work. Front of Land phono 1C70 Birthday Parties and Wedding PHOTOGRAPHS Made in Your Home or Church Call SUMMERS STUDIO Phono 815 405 E, 12th St, PARRA BROS. NO. 2 Grocery Meats Hardware Prce Delivery Phone 10D2 1121 E. Adams REAL CSTATIC-LOANS OommoicliU [InslclenlUl Ranches NO BROKKnAOE NO L. R, BAKHH D KHAliBK Reeaa-W1l-Mond Hotel Hartlniren. Tsxtn Phonft No 400 WASHING? Uao HUPFAKER'S SELF SERVIOIS LAUNDRY Soft Water, Courteous Assistance, Curb Service 314 East Phono 10D3 You'll Be Sold On Ua When Wo Solo Your SHOES For Quick and (Satisfactory Service, Bring Your Shoei to Centra] Shoe Shop Washington ATTENTION GROWERS AIRPLANE DUSTING SERVICE Insecticide Sulphur Fertilizer Herman Schrelbcr, Jr. Phone 1923-M or Willis Implement Co. Ph. 493 The Sam Huffhston Agency -Insure everything but the hereafter. BROWNSVILLE. TEXAS Anthony Bldg. Phono 1153 RUGS CLEANED And Repaired By an experienced Armenian artist who understands the cnro they require, and knows the proper way to handle them, Your fine Oriental rugs need attention. Have them cleaned and repaired by rug expert. 503 E. Levee Phone 1217-M 1048 KANDARIAN Rug Expert Brownsville Printing Commercial, Job printing, blue- printing. Neatly and promptly finished. THE PRINTORAFT SHOP 607 9th St. Phone 777 Brake Service Expert Brake Scrvlco on all makes of cars. Goodyear Service 10th As Levee Phone 900 EMERSON RADIOS PHONORADIOS RECORDERS BATTERY SETS Furniture Phone 674 1208 Adams AFL's Dave Heck ganisslng craftsmen and a few min- OIO's. Mainland AFL organizers sud- denly have awakened to Hawaii's labor market. Dave Beck of Se- attle, sixth vice president of tho AFL teamsters' union, has an- nounced plans to invade the Ha- waiian pineapple fields and try to take over the 7000 CIO pine- apple workers. Big Five-ILWU pineapple ne- gotiations were interrupted sud- denly this week when Jack W. Hall, an ex-merchant seaman and now ILWU regional director, an- nounced that the president of his pineapple affiliate, Robert Moo- kini, was being ousted. Mooklni, one of the few Ha- wailans to roach a top spot in the Island union picture, promptly said he was joining the AFL and would direct thuir campaign to organize pineapple workers. Jack Hall, in the CIO corner, put'in an emergency call for the ILWU international boss, Harry Bridges. Ho wants Bridges to rush here to help solve the crisis. Tho Big Five's Hawaii Employ- er Council, meanwhile, is patient- ly awaiting tho outcome of the inter-union tussle. They continue to blast the unions in radio and newspaper advertisements. Although now highly organized, unionism is still in its infancy in Hawaii. For years labor organi- zations were meaningless. The war brought thousands of main- landers to the Islands and a de- mand by Island laborers for a higher standard of living. When martial was ended, union organization went into high gear The CIO's ILWU jumped out in front by signing sugar workers; 7000 pineapple cannery and field laborers; 3000 lonshore- mon; and another 5000 to workmen in miscellaneous Indus- trios. With the chief industries con- trolled by the CIO, little was loft for the AFL. The OIO's most re- cent accomplishment was to in- vade Hawaiian politics with its Political Action Committee and put union men in the 45 member bicameral legislature. They man- aged to control half of the seats, in the Territorial House of Repre- sentatives and prevent the pas- sage of anti-labor legislation.____ Argentina Approves Bruce As Ambassador BUENOS AIRES, Juno 14 James C. Bruce, vice president of the National Dairy Products Cor- poration, has been designated as United States ambassador- to Ar- gentina to succeed the career dip- lomat George Messersmith, the Argentine Foreign Office said to- dny. Tho designation was accepted by Argentina, clearing the way for President Truman to propose Bruce's name to the U. S. senate. The procedure of asking Argen- tina's approval was in line wivn diplomatic protocol, but it wan un- usual for a country receiving a new ambassador to make the first an- nouncement of his selection. Messersmith, credited here with smoothing American relations with Argentina, will leavo. Buenos Aires Llune 20. The pro-government Ar- i gontinc press hns unanimously de- plored McsKer.smith's resignation. "Aero-geology" is the name ap- plied to the new combination of the world-wide hunt for oil. YOUNG'S REFRIGERATION SERVICE Tor a complete tine of Refrigerator Service Phone 1849 OF HARLINGICN rBBMANBNT OFFICE I? lit .Inokson 109X Announcing Ready To Serve Your Building Meeds IMMEDIATE DELIVERY On Standard Precision Built CEMENT BLOCKS Easy to Erect Economical Permanent Brownsville Cement Block Co. 7th and Juarn (Under New Management) Visit our Plant. See your blocks being manufactured. SORRY NO PHONE DDT Lisod for mosquito control will do Ions haiim to aquatic life if applied a dry rnlher than as an oil solution. The British call a windshield a It takes about 1000 cubic foci of gas per day to heat the average jafl-honted American home. AP Ncivsfeaturefl NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. r-If you want to keep your home "mos- quito-pi'ool'" this summer, don't overfeed the fish in your garden pond. at the New Jersey Agri- cultural Experiment Station say that hungry fish eat mosquito larvae, but fish full of packaged food allow larvae to grow, Tho entomologists have issued WIOHO 10 commandments for mos- quito control: 1. Eliminate all standing water. 2. Cover rainbarrels with mos- quito-proof screens. 3. Seal cesspools. 4. Drain clogged roof gutters and flat roofs. 15. Cut up or remove old tires. (j. Tilt wheelbarrows and pails so they can't hold water. 7, Oil sewer Inlets, cisterns and excavations weekly. Change water in troughs, fountains and bird baths twice weekly. 9. Kmpty or crush cans and other receptacles. 10. Be sure that screens tightly, that doors open out, and that '.screen mesh is 16 to the. inch, or finer. I Mosh .sixes of screens nro Im- portant. Some sizes onco popular, notably 12x12 and HxM mesh, have been proved ineffective. Com- mercial Standard CS138-47 of the National Bureau of Standards re- cognta only 10x10, 18x14 and 18x18 mesh, whether galvanized steel, commercial bronze and cop- per. Of these, 16x16 and 18-14 are equal in efficiency in most sec- tions. However, greatest protec- tion is given by, with .10 .strands per inch in each direc- tion. Thl.s is' recommended for aronK where there are many small And mosquito control mon sug- you consider the chimney, tl's a favorite, .skcctnr highway and uliould UP. gunrrifid with fine- acreeniiiR. Store, but the ONE giving the BIQGEST VALUES! the Valley's Largett Furniture NOW Is the Right Time To Buy Value and Save on High Quality Furniture at Bradford's 4 Piece SUITES With Pi MATTRESS SPRINGS AND TWO PILLOWS Three Styles to Choose From STUDIO COUCHES These Studio at reduced price are a definite asset to anyone who pays strict attention to the appearance of their home. 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