Thursday, September 2, 1915

Belton Journal

Location: Belton, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Belton Journal on Thursday, September 2, 1915

Belton Journal (Newspaper) - September 2, 1915, Belton, Texas THE JOURNAL To Thine Own Self Be True and It Must As the Night the Thou Canst Not Then Be False To Any Volume SEPTEMBER Number ACORDIAL WELCOME EXTENDED BELL COUNTY TEACHERS AND WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR 191516 BATTLE OF BALLOTS WILL SOON BE ON IN EARNEST NOMINATIONS ARE COMING IN FROM ALL PARTS OF TERRITORY COVERED BY THE BELTON SEND II YOUR NOMINATIONDO IT TODAY The Automobile Contest of The Belton Journal hi which are giving nearly in prizes to the ladies of Belton and surrounding territory is beginning to take bringing in nomi nations and coupons from ferent parts of the contest ter and we would be glad to have those who have been nominated to call on the con test manager and get aU the necessary information needed to make a successful and have him explain the meth qds and give you a receipt book which is free and ready So the Be a Live Energy and enthusiasm are contagious andthe contestants that they themselves are doing theirdevel best to win are the who will receive the bulk of the support from those who haveno personal interestin v any of but are willing to help those who show they areN trying to help them v v S Quite a number of people asked the question ho is going to run They waiting to see the contest nts get busy So they can de im they want togive we are to get and experiences and the pleas ure and thrills incident tcra day out after votes are ter than a circus and its bene fits are practical and It turns the mind away from the routineof every day ex periences gives a broader scope of things of gen eral And above all things and of the greatest the fact that the valuable array of prizes which will be presented to those who will be mean of producing still more thrills and become the source of everlasting On the last page of this is sue will be found a list of ladies who have been nominat ed up to this after the votes with a that willmakn that might them fadelike snow fiefore the v Right If you have not been nohii Siated dont let another day pass send hi your nominationat 2 for you may be overlook the opportunity of a life Make a beginning and will have every cause1 for congratulations when the con 4rviest We dontwant i you to wait one single Just say you will Gall on contest manager or write him and get a receipt book and i start after f ift take nerve to t one of these costly prizes in this It only requires mingled with ener and an average amount of The contest is good medicine for those who It is a never end ing kaleidiscope of new scenes Eflwin Elliott Sunday night at the Chris tian churcM Edwin Elliott was ordained to the ministry by Edwin and the elders of the The sermon of Boynton was an earnest His the young minister was full of commenda tion for past work and proven faithfulness Following Elliott thank ing the mejnpers of the con gregation for their sres ponse to all ajidiMrSj Boyijton Z Ireland encouragementand to the parents who have lenthim their boys for Boy Scout and other He made an earn est plea that the boys of the city be remembered in all gen eral work and also special work on their Elliott leaves today for Fort where he will enter as a student in The Bell County teachers neet in this city Monday mbrn ng in their annual he sessions of the institute ontinues through Friday after Teachers of the independ nt and rural schools of the ounty will be The program is an interest ng one and many topics of dis ussion will be of as practical to mothers and Sunday chool teachers as to the teach rs of our public s especially true of the ses ion of to and TOO to The session of to will be devoted to devo oiial exercises and an address n some health or eneral interest The sessions of to will be devoted to the iscussion and practical work fthe pf an interest n musiCj particularly singingin le schools and to the discuss on of problemswhich face eacheus in iate and high school hese three departments meet i sections in the discussion of leir The primary work will be irected by Miss JfccGili of Kil SCHOOL NOTICE Thompsons School will reopen For par ticulars apply to PATTI 25pd and have returned from a pleasant visit their sons Wells Terrell and Julien Wells of Miss Joe George has returned from where she spent the past several weeks pleasantly as guest of MrsRobert LIGHT HEADED What would you think of a person who would plant some seed in the ground and then go out and dig the seed up every day to see if it had sprouted x We that you would think that he was light in the head and ought to have a v 1 guardian Yet thats about the way some people who start a bank They put the money in the but the balance grows because it is checked out as fast as de In order get ahead and secure enough funds to make a profitable the de posit should be left alone to like the seed in the THE First State Bank TEXAS A GUARANTY FUND BANK ROGRAM FOR TEACHERSINSTITUTE lany Features of General In terest on Program Sunday School Teachers intermediate department rill be directed by different aders each day and agrlcul ureal work in the schools holds n important part on the pro Tarn Subjects for the high school epartment are Relation of chool Athletics to Discipline Community Cooperation De t TKeTsession ofFriday morn ing from to 1 be devoted to the follow ng subjects 1 The Bell County 2 Boys Agricultural and Ave Stock 3 Girls Canning Other subjects of general nterest will also be presented or The session of to to each lay except Friday will be de roted to professional morning of Fri day from to already been The aftff nopn from to oclctk mil be devoted to the businjss ncident to the closingj of Belton hearty ome the teachers of the county and wishes for thai a most pleasant and prof able Attended Sixtieth WeddJgAn Frazier wi Pres ent Monday at the cebration of the sixtieth annivfSary of the marriage of hi the celebration bein held on the Frazier ranch Mor There were rela tives inciting brothers Frazier an thenfami lies sons and grand children and gregrand chil of these finold Homes of present lie from Brownsvillto New A splendid and bar becue was enjoP Many of at the pleasant of Monday were guests Fraz iers parents elebrated their sixtieth wediS COUNTY EXPERIMENT ASSOCIATION MEETING The Bell County Experiment Association held its regular monthly meeting at the station Saturday Cater maole a fine re port of the overlaid idtheState Cater eatest College to a Farmers Congresi says he regards profit from the t spiration his They are both anurous to get ready to enter A and have pledged hard study to that Selection of se discussed and the ing in another Co issue were hearti The question a it is profitable to or not was discui seemed to be opinion on this si holding for and otl the if cfrn had to be topped by h the Jie rela tive value for daay deed of ferterita fe terita was a above sudan as tine in college emselves to corn was teslappear n of this ip tke corn There Iffer nee of some igainst EXAMINATIONS FOR TEACHERS Will Be Held Friday and Saturday of This grass was decli green feed that The grass should as it begins to head need of for a corn that about three the present native cussed 4and seve best just Texas pature rlic than dis rec ommendSd the for the cross wit corn secure The agreement oJPtlb tegt irig of seed corn forjjepy far mer in iroJejUn an other column was5 and a ed to every farm terested to of corn at the fember and will of the Association all other of the Hamer Gaudali The regular fall examina tions for teachers certificates will be held Friday and Saturday of this Subjects required specially for permanent and permanent primary certificates will be giv en Subjects for first and seconc grade certificates be given Friday and THE GRAND JURY COMPLETES WORK TO TEST SEED CORN FOR ALL FARMERS OF COUNTY FREE Work Will Be Done at Station Conducted By Short and A ltest of dorn will be made free for all farmers oi the county have fifty to one hundred ears at the Ex periment Station sec ond Saturday in JThe reading of the test will bo at the regular month ly meeting of the Bell County Experiment Association to be tield September This meet ing will be public and allwho are interested are to be The tests will be directed by Manager Short of the sta tionand County Demonstration Agent Tom Youngblood and will be absolutely freev to all Larmers availing themselves of he The necessity of knowing the terminating power of an ear ofseedf as well outwardly very ear of will be Family and Jackson enjojyed a pleasant reunion last having with them their Hamer who built the three Homer Jackson of Vallejjproad in thisHouston Arthur Jackson of precinct and the roads in the New Oklahoma Little Eiver division f of the Jackson of Colorado Temple district and is now just also little TT Misses and completing work in the Hollanc road district has been awardec a contract in Gauda lupe In the work on the roads in this the contracts have been held direct or sub by Hamer the contracts have been carried out with less fric tion and more general satisfac tion possibly any other contract work which been done in the Hamer has begun the shipping of part of his outfit to Galidalupe and will go in a few days to lopkafter the starting of the work Sunday School Teachers Invited To Attend The Sunday school teachers of the city are invited to at tend the Teachers Institute to be held in this city during next The work of the sessions from 9 to a and to of each day will as interestingand of as practical benefit to the Sunday school teachers as teach ers of the purely literary Every Sunday school teacher should attend the institute and get this practical Shallow piMidway Shr and Louis Deav er were visitors in the reprelting the Midway district inae new road to be opened uioimecting the Bel tonTemp with the Bel tonShalL Ford fiom a point ne Midway to a point near neighbor say tais wil1 be one the finest roads in the countyhen improvements are Har Nigro is able to be out er a weeks Jackson Undergoes Oper Jackson underwent an operation for appendicitis Tues day morning at his He is reported as getting along John DRobinson has as guests her Haley and Haley of Mid Mrs Robinson with these guests and Corra were late week visitors in Miss Florence Whitley is guest of Miss Ruth Wright of and Tay lor a on of New Jadkson and her guests a few days with relatives Moffat and the weekend in They also visited in Brtlett and while endute to and Rogers Tulloch domiciled in the White on North Pearl street The grand jury for the Jun term of the district court com pleted its work the latter part of last The following is its final re port 1915 To the Honorable District Cour of the Twentyseventh Judic ial District your grand jury of the June beg to make th following report We have returned 46 indict ments forfejpny arid 31 misde We have ed all law violations brought to attention with the above re We have visited the jaiTanc in as good and sanitary condition as could be expectec for an institution of this na we wish recommend the installation of private of a public bath and quarters for boys as we doubt the wisdom of keeping them with other We also investigated the poor f arm sanie seems to be in good also of the opinion that the suspended sentence law operating against the best and safety of our We also believe that more care sholud be exercised in the selection of jurors much crime is going We wish also to express our gratitude to The district the district the coun ty attorney the sheriff and all the peace officers for the faith ful service that they rendered i meetj ong rof iEeports meetings and Arrangenienfg Hare made for the taking up again of the regular appointments for meetings at sqfiopl houses and churcfies iifoujiside commu nities and shutin t in the Let who possibly can be present and Jet a number of new workers present them selves for field The of work is grpwing aijd many lelpers are will open ter vdress makjug establish nent in Thompsons Willbe p Id custo pers SELECTION OF GOOD SEED CORN Tests Approved by Leading Farmers All Over the The following six tests of good seed com are accepted by the best corn growers all over the These rules tests are of interest to farmer in theticounty just at this time vrhehpractically all the corn is ripe and much of it being TEST corfa is best It is true to yield and less siisceptiblfe to TEST corn should be selected from the field and not the Ninetenths of the big ears in the crib were not grown under average condi tions as to space from other and under average conditions will not reproduce its TEST corn shoujcl je selected from the inside of he field and from stalks ingin a good Born grown under these conditions will be likely to reproduce it TEST corn should e the big Ears of corn selected for seed corn should be he biggest ears that are grown V n the field under average con When a big ear is round on a stalk where the corn las an average stand go that ear for it is likely ta L reproduce TEST corn should je gathered from a two ear T On this matter there is some difference of opinion V t is generally i accepted that ity his climate thestalk tends to should do TEST gatfierhig the Practiced by iver the field before anyottieE orn is gatheredand get that wanted for Others put a box or sack in the wagon attd i gather the seed corn at ame time as the V r Still another test recommend ed is that of testing the seed orn for fertihty afterit ieen selpcted from the field on ts general White and family are moving into their home Pearl fi V Mack McCprcle is suf ermg this week with an attack f malarial Inducements for Saturday and Monday Drug Ipflpt Stationery WS are going to sell Monday every artjclp in ourstore at a great to bring pu into our get our As space wont pep tion a fewfcp show that it is a just one We Mention the 75c Toilet 25c Peroxide 25c Tooth Pates lc 25c Talcum Bwder In other wordievery dollar article jji it 50c articles for Saturday and grade merchandise if We are doing this with you and make you one of injgntion every article we only men li well known articles and not to Illustrate i Cough Syrups 19c 39c i 73c Black Draught 73c iseball Goods at Half Caps at Half pijpre for 75c articles for 25c articles for visit to ountore will convince Now is the time to save money on your store Remember jthe Time and Place to Buy Your You cant affordto miss this great bargain sale and we extend to everybody cordial invitatioito come and visit our inspect our line and see the great record breaking on every thing you want in a drug SATURDA Y AND MONDA J AT THE Belton Drug Company Free Delivery Live Wire Main and Central j

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