Saturday, May 23, 1885

Abilene Taylor County News

Location: Abilene, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Abilene Taylor County News on Saturday, May 23, 1885

Abilene Taylor County News (Newspaper) - May 23, 1885, Abilene, Texas SUBSCRfPT/OHI rates: One copy three nionth««. 'jO cents. (.>iie coi»y ofie year, t^l.'H). - ADVERTISING RATES. Regular ailvertisementH, 50 cents per inch i>prmonili, column iiteatìiirenK-jit. Transient advertiiH-Muents, per inch per month. advertiiwinefitP, .«1 per inr-h. Local biipinriiii notice.*.-- 10 cents jkt Ihie the Unit week, and 5 ¿eats perline for each'additjoBai wf»ek. Professional cards, on lirst page, per vpiar. WIIEIlEyiRE THE WICKED Bl KIED. '•Tell mo, frray-headed sixton." I said. Wh'-rv in iliÎêii. l'i arc wickivi folks lal<{ ? " wari'lmH thi- old irravcy&rd t.lronfh, ' Half pa^í and pape adveri ¡?onients } I hav.-wan'i..'r«.Ti th<-ol-l írravcyard« wiU ha ve «peoiai tcrnis ;;;iven on ajiplica- Aii.Jpmdi.-.i ti^ci.naihs .)Mai¡<i n. w; _ }5nt o!i a iiioijfíníeni. ohflisk, }allar. orbtone, 1 rcad ol no i vTi tbut im n liad liouc. The oM Hoxto^etoD'l hy a ^avp m-wly madc, vVith tiii chiiiitu hia haml »nií his iiand oii hi6 I kni'W h\ tliM^Iisirn of'liii flcwilinnt i've That hisKi'a:«íwaíi íiiítmciiiig his ¡ips to n-ply. M*fofeHH ioti a 1 / a rds. J . M , IrUBLL. M . D . JSO . IKK>H , M . I; . UODÜIA^ Â: ISBIvLL, PHYSICIANS^& SURGEONS. Üííiceín I>arof Carter's ABILKNK - - - cattle Trails. The followiug resoulutionB were adopted at Dallas on the IGili iust., bj iha Texas Live Stock Association : 1. Tlio oulj safe and practicable Prom Reeves Coanf j. Toyali, Texas, May lo, ] SSv"). Editors News:—If you will give ine si small ppace iu the col-amnS of your valuable paper. I will they all seem to be friends to the Eangers. Toyah has a population | i^f about 8iX), atid has two schools, | The Wool Trade. Fr»m till' Boston AdN'ertiser • MaiiiifMctiirers have been se-ouea private 8«^hool and the otjier , ..¡jriu^^ hir-cr ordens for ^oolea the public school. They have a ; .^¡i ^^^^^ . . - good HchoolbtiildiiiK. ,, Mai.v ¿f the endeavor to irivt-you an inklinir ot , <.],nr<li hoime and I'or , n i . » i" ^ I UNCU .18 a (luiKU noiu^i .nm un ii,..s!cr\mills have stjirtod un this ourfaraway ^\eMc^n home, and,! purposes. There furthermore, to reniimd the Nkw.s' vvcek, n'lid moie will follow. Wool trail for southern cattle to be driv- euoutof Texaa is the old Fort 'j""'"""'^'''-«re tl,r..<. dry goo,!»»,,.! .« ¡,,,,„¡„,.,,,>„,.„,.„¡1 rc- (irifti,! and fort Dodge trail, cross-!, , i stores. Iwo salo,.as. one r,-st;n,nu,t. „nh,. sl,rew,!est toBtUc Teas & Pacific nUlwat! ' if' T.' T , '"^l»...! l«» hot,-!... Tla-.ii.,,.,,. „, near Baird, thence-by wav,of aL f""'""'" ""'T '''l"" i ""t bo cx.x-ll. d. even by bca.Ui ' , , TV . , . , rate us, and time inav keep us bany and Doan, crossing: lied river ., , , , away Irom Abilene—" i ct. near the latter and thence on i X M \ /x , 1 „ , hearts will be sad and drear. Mintil i I . .. j, the present trail to Caldwell, , , ^ . , ' 11 izi 1 X- 1 ^ , we are weh'omod hack to A\;»iider : i ' ati(i. orde rs. hn\"c been ■Italy. Wehaveaii artc.<:.iii well iun in-,uoie ¡rvel v oChttc." which flows .e-allans of sulphur^ niiuuk', and for cu Í)1!S. ('.\RI1Í.\(;T(I.\ 4 FIELI) Offi^cc ovtr Cameron's Bank. AKILENK. : : : Who¡^ io judjSi wlii n tkeàoul takus ita ni>rht ? Wii.) is le 'twixt the wrotii:ìiiiii ilio ri;;hf? Whii'h <•>}' U.Í mnnals dare U) say That nur tioitfhbor was wirked who died to-^a^• ? TKXA.S.-j ■■ ■ " ~ ^ In oar journny tfiroii^h 'if'', ihe furtliBr^\vt'eif>e«d, Tht" l)riiyr w- li'Mii that ht;iiiamty'b jKift In (Jiiarity 'ji R].)iril tliat liroinjils us w>tii>d, Hathir Virtue than ^■i<■<■ Lu tim lives of our kind. TEXAS. D. C. CHALMERS, ATTOK\ 1: r -AT- I. A \% — and- LAND ACENT. {fIffiCr. .V ■■''■) Abilene, : : : Texas. ilirs. II I!RII\V\, D:ENT!STS, nSE NiTRODS OXITJE OAs. Tl,fM'f,>ro, good wr rvord on theso , Tíiu i'Vil nioiidí). let it dip « uh ihi'ir hunoij. I !iavt labond a^ h' XIod ihis many a year, Bui I lu'sor hsM' buric-l a i'a«í mail here. —Ti«-Truth ■■^.'(fkcr. Ï.IVK STOC M m i.l.KTIX. for all cattle destined for the , x r i . . i ^ ^ its }»eantiiul streets and set' xSortheast- the il:ñcrciicc ol'(>|)Í!iioii, and buyers, rative powers it cannot be '^"r-^ of ¡inoíiuT íosín- .market, pa.s.'.ed i.yany of the mineral ^va-,, coii.scrwiiiw us to prices. NN'itii tlu bcHt l\'\:is < lipf; (pioteíi 2. For all Southern cattle ;:oin. «"f | tcis in the wor d, to the North and Northwest, ^^ ! Ail the Kan;icrH like Ablicnc. i recommend that they adhere to' ^ of the connnu.d the Dod^e trail, on the north side ^ ' ^ ; who likes it eKcc.M!in,:iy well, so , ^^^^^^ .elections of best ofKcd river at Davistothe North^^" Wile s ctnie literature, as | , n r, 1 • XI X, ! soinethin'jot thilt naaire im.s m- ...1,v.l o -md his djc'iris when iorkoflJed. river, thence up tljo• » x» 7 r 1 wen auatv<,. .luu iii.s (u c .hjn «imi •fluencedthc inhocent , North fork as tlie trail now runs, leaviny: the North fork near Comanche 8i)rin,i,''N ; thence to Elk | creek, thcuco alonj:: the old Dod^re trail to a point west of Fort Suf)- that all wild western countries . tit)W with nothing,' but milk and honey, and clear, ripiilini: stica'ns. Such w;ii< their iniux-eiit beliof Pcrcfntajíí* oí I>ur- iiijî tile Pa.^1 Wiiiiter. ply; thence west to the east end of the drift fence north of tlie Canadian, to tlio north side of said when orders can e C;ii>t. Cillcs- j ^^ pie to ])n!l up stak( .s aini ino\ i' ; west across the p'eat plains, i iu ir wh(-u he sinu's. of"TÍic 1 let't behiiiil me,"' He and ¡ill ttie balmier' oi'thc forci' io:\\;ird to the tiiiu> \vh,'ii tl;cy shall hear the \s ('Iconic coin II!.: ml "a":'oi:t lace ; to Aliilciie rnaich 1 " X. 1!. A. , . iinuicc'îiî hcart.s leaped v.ith joy Icnce and as near to it as practica-1 , ... V, ,, , , , . ,, .... ., 'at the tulin^s. lor they uilly bc- , ble to the lime pits on the north ,. . x The executive co.nmitteè of the | p,,^ . ^^^ ^^ heved that hey were sooh to .ee National Cattle and Horse Crow-1 direction to Coldwater. and np;^'^'^ crs' Association of the Cnited i ^^ B^flaU, Spriu.-s, a.ul '' " I States furnisheH the following live northwesterlv direc-I I th<'ir imauHiatioiiS they couhl From iiiiniieU €Oiiiity. Kui.ii"!-^. May I'IplTi m:.-; Nkws:- 'i"!i nkinu {K-r IkM'S. tli:it a iti-M..- i'-oni (tin DENTISTS, Association of the Cnited i («.uiwaler to Ibiflalo Springs, and j """ T floinMnn.Hht'c cH^ ..nid USE MTROUS OXIDE GAS. j States furnisheH the following live ! , northwesterlv direc-I Cint.r.^tto ^o^T• ina.v rc; over Whec!.r-. drn^ston., on : sto<-k bulletin for the week ending ,,,, gouth ^ 7", , .vill trespass ,n ■,,:ur c \i,rrh secoiidst.. Ainu-nc. l.'xns. Iccrh ^r.,,. qti, 1 ssT- i.. • , : See the dusk v w;tnior and lus dark- " ' ii;i.<l Willi c-.irH. AriiJicial i.-cih inade • ! ( arri::o ou the ( imiiiaroi). near' .• , • 11.. : cnou'h t o ui \ < alr.v o-;!i: K ord.r, and a lit KHunuit.-.-ti. ' ^ Twcnty-^^ix vice-presidents ^fi ' , eycil cbiii.hei iloaiin-h ¡nuivIv dun n ^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^ - ' ...... the KT-ites niid torriton»-«; rnooTt ' ■. 1 x/ • i- " | the placid Stream, shaded by tlie '' nf-lXTISTIiV. 4 icriitoiies report, lu th.e o})imon oi your com-' ' ., , , , AVc ha\c a t. >1 ¡'-riiuc-m tPFj^^ Mh M . ithe i»er-ceuta<-o of losses •iinon<r' i . -i : overhal^pnff bi.Mi^ihs '(»r tnc tr<-cs ' T ■ TAVI 7 are the only ^^uls ^ ^ tion ^eie uhi,h is , 01:,; , • cattle and hoi-Hcs during the pa.'^^: „ver which Southern cattle can !)e timt grow iilon^ .r.s jual •_'! to 'J.-i ceiit.x, ]\asi. indicate t^iat produ-c^.is i>f choii e clips iia\e fourni the way to disjieiise with the t'omuiis-sion int rchaiit. Th-.-ctiuildciiiM" in tht i^iiture of u ool is .show II iiy the nundu-r of the wool houses iu ; lo^ field. The a'i\aiicc ()ii coii.-Moncd will ha\o to close apio Tc'va-s values <ì:ì tiic difTcrcnî Lr:";¡'i( s. or the '^towers uil! ^'iVc the coi,)!iiÌNSÌ(»n aie i'a îair f'chl \vi;ii the d<'ai< r-. ii. '¡'fxas tli( i"e a si ruii'.^ demand 'C ■,i.ur C(¡1 .imn.N ; !i: 1 ass- (>r Oh 1 . I! .icconii!. wholly tor fon;; 1 - i staple line inediiini piadc.s, w!ii- h .a iM.i... Uli! ciiU Olli \( i\ !naii\ of tht^ pi i t ! N w ;ioîs troni the wîio^o stock. Dr. T. L. TAYLOR. ( orf},-/;.:'! ' - H')/-',/.«! 11'/:/•/• A,/'/.sv.) Teeth Extracted Without Pain, WITHOUT DANCER! GEO. H. HIGGINS, M.¥ {Rr..i ¡r A,.,' ih Vine Sfrrrf.) — rv— D18EA8BS OF TBE CHEST, THROAT A!.'D SKIN. M . A SP< 10.VTS. K K . LKt; KTT. ST^OOXTS k JXGKTW Affornt yx-at-L<nr^ ( Mlice ( ;i (\iL.St. winter as follows : Arizona, l-L' of 1 per cent, Arkansas, no unusual losses. Cana<la. if to o per cent. driven without /iTcat dairu'cr to . tluuu and to the cattle located on tlie line of tlie drive, and we be- I lie\ e that if tne dfive is confined j, Oh our May Jicre wotdd occasiou;ill.\- ííií a<' the eonntcnances of tiie boys ast liey 8tro\'e to picture in their minds ol Liaiii/a-( i| o i 111 I i;e ( ■ )ii ill \ . ai¡d1he\ prop«'-" to dri \ ( the sale of wl.isk\ out of this pa; I of the eonnir\. at ciar loeal uniks. While biidit sniih^s -ateiul (^aliforiiia, no unusual losses. 'i^'ve that it tne dfive is confined ^^^^ chuu^c between Vbilenc i Idaho, L' l-L' |»er cent. to these trails it will funikhn safe < . , > . ^^... ,, m. | hless in their ir«il>i« w(»rk Illinois, no unustial looses. I outlet to- Southern cattle, ; anc itc'dand t ,ud do^ s .uth tndk 1 ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ Indiana, no unusual losses ;pos-1,,,x, ..i..,,,/'u ' ' ' , . , . biit little dan'^er to cattle alou siblv 1-4 ot 1 ])er cent- ' , ^ Iowa. 1--of I per t ent. , tIk-s.'trnds. The rndian territory, ."> to (i per I -i- ^our committee further rc- ceui. <-omniend that a comnuttee 01 Kansas. L'])er i'ent. i three be 'appointed bv the cluiir- MoaiaiuK;Uo ri per cent. ' ^^ M nnnsnnllossf's. N. about M'of 1 j,,.!-ct-ut. ^^^ >i('W Mexico. hI.out l-L'of 1 i>er neccr sary 10 enable cattle to cross bound. I Time inoN i d ( AiilLKNi:. TKXAS. S. P. HAliDAVICKE. ATTORNEYATLAW {'Iffit'- m tin. coin-'-iiiui-it "AlUl.I'.NK. — — TKX.V.s. .A T. I'.n'ioN K K }r.\i;i-,MiK ií.\íns{K)K vxrros. AUor/ici/s-trf-Lair, ABII.T-.NK, :: :: TF.XAS'. [O/fiiir i^'-i' ir-)•:.),".* ]],i tì:. ) CUAS, 1. Ays, ATTORNEY-AT-L AW [ffñtf ■■■•rr Cr ' Pine Sfrcri, : N(d)rn?ka. west.tí) I ¡,( r cei.t-New \Ork. no iiniisua! los.'ics. Nt^w lái^hind. no uniisjial losi^es; possibly 1-1 of I per cent. ' trails dan;;er, and the ex-P<"ises of Iniihl.njj^ said bridions be paid b\ the diíferent a.«5sociations ^ in the state in proportion to t he Old New Mexico. ii(» nnu,sual numberfrif cattle rej)reseaited. , iosse.>j. ' I ()r(\<r(>n.!io unnsuano.sscs. Pcnnsyl\ ania, no unusual losses. Texas. 4 to .") pei- < enr. \'ir,L'"iiiia. no unusual losses. ; ^^Cst "\'ii^inia. !-_' of 1 [»er cent. W'isi'oiisin. no unusual losses. W\omiu^^ territory, Irom 1 to o jiercent. ' Washiii^don territ(>ry, no unu-, sual losses. > r>. Catiie driven on these trails loiiot be allowed to <riaze m(;re than two aiid. one-half miles on cacii side of tjiie trail. ,",nd w e eventuali.^ broli-ht up at To\ah, with its ••lo\ elC' .-rartnimliii^s. 'I'ln n.Hud not until Then, ihd \ve fully T'calize th.'it ali the ,L;ra..d .scojies so ^r^ph-icai'y poj:ra;v ed in the tlinic iifi", el was a'l ):( ;i,)n and e\.--t( d alone in 1 he iie;'-hia'aoi ofihe winter. \h 1 how cresifallcn the\- w cj-e iiiion ?!fe'i' an i'. a! in ;he 1;¡im1 o!' ••milk and heiie'.Tiie i'eco> ri'-'cr. so IK,ted for its ••t ad c-.Mvboy.s" aial • swift, niudiiy \s ate:-s.. as ( i.e iK^autifal, ( h-ai, .runnii strcuia a .,d I ¡lis. to;;ri lid' V it li t lie «•on:i deiK r i!i;ii theic is iiiiK II room for sjiecuiat ion in woe! niay .sirei.nlh io the inaikei hiti r in the season. Oi.c point is eertain and clear lU cl( ( tion rt'^ard t'O wool raisin^^ in Texas, May Ciod and it is, that witlieut lui advance in piitu of fine wo<ds before nevi >nr -id. "hcif wilt liC n-a money exp^n best eiti/.ens. ded li> continue the proceise^ of (>ur nierch.-ints itre ii( i.e.: ;ì -ood ''ndin- to a fmc standard, and business, ami rVoni tiie ^leat nam- the wool -ro'.ver w M <¡n:t ;:!owin^ i:!,¡'d u ifh 00Ì ;ind produ<'e wooi only as ai» i.< ill It) mutton raisin;:', evioi it ¡1 ¡1;.-. to '•>{' doiie the exponise (if ciíífi'e^-up the l.iivp r Jloek.s ii;:o .- uiaiM " one.-. IM ic-iiLT !ò cents as d\'xn.s m'cr-rcali/('i f»n ;.:'M>d wotd.s, it i^ Ò cents belos.' any indiicement to ■jrade tor wo(.I. esp.M'i:iil\ as jiiad in^ lor wand is ¡ai L-els iIoikí at the t xpeiisc of the ( ai'ea'^s. lier of !i( a'. ^ ;hroii^;h to , .'o' unir- s !i kl tile (/(e L i o >'. e [S wool passin k. ts. iî 'noi of our c'Oîîit^ shoa M be ha . (h;r Olid ]■'( Mou ta -ai, i .m î ion. composed of soaie of ! ! e lus; íMcn ot' OUI- tov.'îi. is a i)ei î au' iii (i ture. The boiiMtifai uinner tJie;. . ;hcy had .Ircainetf of mtÍii;.;. a;.(i ; liad pieturcd to tií- aiseives many Sfocio Ii« luto siiee|/^''M>Pyhonrstobepa.M:¡alon-iis Illl.siiie».^. cool banks, shaded by the ovec- ____! hau^^in;; bou-hs'of huue old tie»>s. i TMrn ti,.'\.iun^ c-dunty Nfw.i, j But ahis ! tljc liu^'c (dd trees are Ifyoii want t(/-^et into the shee]) nothing more rh.ui the dau-ei-^^talk business, buy you a i>iet'e of halfrobln-d of its limbs l^v tht _____;.iTouii<l, fence it in with a i^ood pjuo- continued droutiis, so com- The award of prizes at the In- 'fence, cultivate a „,011 t(» this part of the country ;o ali.", a shc'Ti. tinu aU'O, ''Vill h',':.. i'C re.aeliiÍK I' (1 ii; vour concsjioiidcii ; ai.(l man; e n ( Í u u 1 otliers who wrre foi tunat. n tl:a ne-nuaaoie îoJ'C i>resent oeea^ Mi'i, If the above dm s not iind wa\'Into (Mir v.a.ste basket. ill hear oui no' airai: . I I.s ou The Juter Màie «rill. Aüalía iäM' .^heej». II. .A. p(iirri-f!, Attorney-at-Law, Aril.KN'r:. tcr-state drill iu New Orleans (,n ; tenth of the land and stack up all phe hoi.c\ they have la.piii .l/o7c/ir, 7\j'((s. the Idth inst.. WHS as follows: The ' nt the srt^rt s. lu;: thev Icivt Houston Liirht Guards,; .Afo- ii«od Uiiich {¡Hi^.a 10 find any. Ten c, ids per bilcKiflcs.Ld: your.self to live on .¡.¡art .l^-I.s us al: ti.e nnlk \vi want, drd: Louisville Le;.;ion 4th. ^ the ranch. Then and hml some The noted Indian warrior aa-' The medal and tTrst pri/'e were ^'»usincss a- Ml danuscl have U i;!i>r;ieti, , 1-, tlie i»:.!!-!.'! ( uurr.^ of , I , X p X I,, tlie havin;? commenced at the hut t he hunei \ and lai 'f':l^ lor and ;ul)ni:eniu ,-.Kii.tic-. íi.okh u m v apt. i.i lu*. i . xi t i . , , . , i • .infantry contest the Mobile Kdles end. hiiy them cheaph, i<.rms .d the du-sx.-y sonsand daa.u J . K. eoCKKKLr. II . b- reeeived the second prize, the ^'vethem a -ood dippin- before ters of (uir sisit r K.public form a A TiM.LTr. chi.-uasaw (iuards the third, and P»ttin- them on your hind, feed sub-tdutc lor them, .-uch Cockroll itTillett LouísvíHc Lc-íou the the fourth, shelter them, protect them, keenly b it di.sapiM,.ntinent. as The individual drdl for the best tlfse e pur dan.pen upon (Oir to the buttdier markets at a p»od <-oniid< a; t in the se» 10 ,s poi ti<i\(•< The p;¡sf w ,iiîr r ai.d |u 1 sent .■<'>: iuu' h;)s (b'inons. 1,lied i,,( la î f;,!' ihnt aliaba is liie lia( st sht i [> fooiL in the V, oi M. (hii: ' he silt , -ri.-. \CIA in 1 he ¡('West (iii .s po.-- - ; I»'.-, and the !!;t\ oi' of the th'sh is !i:,er jj,,, tnaiithal pi odace.i 1,3- .t;,y other k:io\/n i'ood. And v.hiieou thi.s ^ ibiect wjl', reiüark tiiai lauiion !:S tiie che'rl pe-' I' lelit to t le i , I i - h els, li,It I,,e • iO.vKincr d'■t .^ ¡nd .-( ( an to U't th(> ad can ..'f t!o Attili recent ifie^iin;:' of the 'A rmy (d' tin.' INdoaiac" in the cjty (d" iîaltiinotc, (ieii. <i;-ant was re-(•ieeîed colunia ndcr-in-chief. The ie.i.siiic.'^s mcetini; V, as Irelri at ¡■'old's ;4rand opeiM house. A plea-sani 'aeoh lit of the occusion 'Vas : he ■ leoüir e. tt nded to tijB 1!. Ii. laa' can^s^or\eteian.N' in trici t'oliov. iau' w o! d.s t)f ^la.\'or i,atrohr ; ••We i;;;d a fa'!'. N'j nue ii;:ht. HTid ::o-.\ we wai ¡ f.d'. '.i;uare'^ pra<T. 1 an: ! • i ; ; • ■ : tpi'c- <".i ( "ien<-ral t i r;,ur." /i -- - ; -1 a a ; S( . ¡a ;a : y <d t hcTreas ,11 . 1 .la I iiild ;ol ' o''aie.-s the pu'tih-cation of ilo names oj'.a il applifants ■ Ol' tedi la. Ol se» 'l'h e i» le a i« H Afto»*nrys-af-i.atr. OflM-e up ^tair.N \Vri.sren Huildin-, ' drilled man, which had ten entries. ùifStnct ■ ' W//7c«c7Vr<7.v by Corporal Geor-e i»noe. and you wdl make a most the dime iuo,e:s. We are " Torrey -"of t>H' Houston Li-dit «'omfortabìe livin^^, it you do not appoii ted. r.r.di n.i^at ^a.N THOMAS JAMES riNNIE, . ^ ^ :nuikea tbrt.ii^in ^^eej.. AT^rOiiKV-AT-LAW. ! Notary Pnblir and Convcyancvr. - i>.. + i>_____ /■•..ri,.*™ x"!........ s|„-r-iis tilth,' Kert Won.'! tiaz»»): Fort Sinitli. Ark.. Mav Itk—Sam ¡(ivv jiiiees V, iacil tile lam.e!' is j fol Cid ÎO aecejd. Te'-h.;] I '¡e M .(i (.;,(■. 1 ; VfCi lr¡ \ e the pí'O-p', a ' h.o., e to ( who (icsired to-.. . o;i,( i.d>.aiid to warn the adíaa s i i al io ¡1 a;;;;:a-t Ihcm ÄllOuld ,)it\ lie ( iii.sidere'i anwortin.— pric^ - of'iNc liid dia .swt-l aruttoii inil,t.^li>H.\ru--<. vd. Nte.v aboi.t .1.1 tini? can or lieard arnoI¡u^ t us is '•. eiej u.-s î'; lo Alci« ' e. _ lod oi'd ^Aiuieüf i There is .:o i>l.iCi' .so bea.atiiui ano so revered as ,\b;!eue. Mr. li'iitor. ai'ow ( f ni\ t \\ ej (■ i.'Ot so mai !i at xa^iaui e in» 1» ' ' 1 M- a Im ■ I < d^ : d 1' ■ '' ' a n d i h e ! a ' e i, : w o i e > i . ' ) i, t ;a! hoi o w. „..,, . , . . , tJie iJaton Jîou^-e (^aâets the sec- ' dl practice m district eoiirî.= . and -, ,. f , court of appoaî.s ut .Vnstin. Wiil also huy ond. the South ( aw-Iina ( adets ' and'^'eiilnndandliv^ituck on cennai-:- the third, and tlic Aiïburn Cadets Newtom a ñilMdooded Indian, wa.s - ■-------------- 'ihefbiirtîi. . convicted in the Mosholatubbe taking: up a lifi. ^paee w .th To;, ah L. SExA Bl-iOOX, I In the ériillery drill; tlie Indian- distivt, Choctaw nation, on Tue.s- and lieeves coiiuty. ¡íanyoíAb- ATTORNEY-AT-L.\W, ^apolis ii^^t artillery ^rried of the' day of last week, of ninrdcria- hi.s cili/.-ns slooihl visit Tu;.ah (Ire;;,lì: w,'; ioi.d.a date eiei^-ï!( a on the ;::-t ai ond.jy in Jnim » ; ■ :. Ti;po, !,t:.i c is atiaehtd l-t.» ¡t oic.ra i the 'e^ -'^ì-d lire to be ei'o.-.'M thea w.!! have a fniled Sat;« s ís( i .i'tor to cU cu Thé Re-¡.aoii. ar.s c;it-;í. i1 Tb»î Siate by a --------. nadl {liui.-àliiy luf^t llill, but tiie Mcnipiii.s. Tea«., Ui. — W.K. I)< mocia.s arc makin;? streBur>us Sil ei î M • . I i ' Ci! î o i: o ^ i i; 1 s ^ 1 ( >1 !> so i oh io f';,d a m.arh ct. —i'» ;t.a r Lui Killed in a l>ueL riet »nd «ih er courts of the State. J. T.BERRY d: CO^ —cenerai^ Laindaud Li ve-Stoc k Ajrenti^. Ai-o nrer.f- fnr T ...t Í'. I? fV T .¡nií-Ai.á i^i.-Tii'* x-. ;..r ■■ .. -a ,a » . . --------- ------- - --------------^ — ^ McLaan : . a f'roni.iü ut aî-.ornt,, exenio:.« vo c-arry the election first jirizo, t-îie Was|iin-tou arfd- wife and wa« sentenced to be shot they wdMiad us snu.dy çamp« d on f,.--^rk. .M,s.s.. uuñ S. I", ihis Urne, and t hi- pro6j>ectfi me - ' lery the second, tk^ Louisúina to death <ni the r>th of Jinie next Slie'ioM, t haacerv aad eircñ:-. cb rk (pnie flatierinir. It ns aot iaipos- li^Wilipractieein thr rounty, I)!.- field artltcry the tMrd and the. at Gains county court house.where Houst. yi;.iou^dit a ^bl^ fur us to have a Democratic Galvestoii light artillery the Mitchell Anderson niet a like fate where tin re is no lark onlust and ^t at <j o'clock SenaL-e la two or three year«.— fourth. on the Öth of the present month. \ ^ ^'''Shis morion-with .-lud Mexia Mqet, Thcie^rasno competition and. —^----- * ---, so tì,^-a.s Alulcne. and not j,.,. ,, IL. ^un. ^ ' --— the Rusol Zouaves t¿ok üie prize The attorncy-ireneral luiS de- so ma;iy bnck housoH. but wt n.oi H. ^^ . Teny murdi red T. A, Je- — - ter near L\ntJ»bnrg:, for the ziimvesand St. Mary's vol- cidcd that a man c^n hoid the of-eknersiset of ptx)pie unteers took the Íirí4 prize Vor the fices of alderman and schooi trus- bUn^-here ay j; Jia.s rM-r been our be^t ri*r;d company. ; tc€ ai the ^ame t.inie._. Va.,, l.xí^b Col. Tom Gampbcll oí" Marshall, weí^k. and w.ií, hiiß^elf lyachcd by Îortuiiê îo mter â«ywùerf and vrar. r>uii€-<i iai-r Ilonâ-ày moznin^ an infuriated œob.

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