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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - November 18, 1974, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT S4TH YEAH, NO. 153 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 18, 1974 PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Price 15'Cents' Aswciattd Prea By ELLIE RUCKER No Money Budgeted For Covered Walkways Q. After hearing Dr. Brinson talk on what (ley are doing to improve (he schools, it came lo mind bow badly College Heights needs covered walk- ways for the children and teachers who have to come otrt hi the rain, getting soaking wet, io come to'the cafeteria for lunch. It's awful. Some children don't have1 coats and sure, can't afford raincoats. Is any money budgeted for Ibis? A. Says Supl. of Schools Harold Brtn- sonr money, is specifically budgeted for covered walkways at College hcAvever, this matter will be looked at very seriously as we do remodeling and work at College Heights. I don'L know at this point whether money will be; available for that.. We: have air conditioning and some remodeling at the school." He explained a certain amount of money was projected for remodeling and air con- ditioning but "recent bids we've been getting have kind of lorn up our projec- tions." Q'. I notice in the slock market re- ports the terms par valne and book What do these (wo terms mean? A. Book value is what-you would proba- bly call liquidating value, explains stock- broker Gerald Galbrailh. Meaning, it you broke up. a business, sold all. the desks, files, equipment and so forth, that should be Ms book value. Par value, in the case or bonds, means Ihc amount that will be paid off upon the bond's maturity.'Normally il.'s For instance a bond 'selling in the market for might mature in 1982 for In the case of common shares, par means a dollar amount assigned to tlie share liy charier. Par val- _ ue has little significance as far as-markct value of common slock is concerned. At one time par represented the Value of the original investment behind each share but that's 'no-'longer the case .in most in- stances, Galbrailh says, Q. Please find out how I can contact Mr. Fred HollUlay of the "Girl In my Life" tclevison show. A. Jumping lo the .conclusion you have someone specific in mind you'd like 'to honor, send a detailed letter about her and' about how you plan to gel her lo Holly- wood without arousing her suspicion: In- cliido lira snapshots of the person and two of yourself. You'll hear from the show only if your enlry is selected. Address is: Girl in my Life, 10067 lliversidc Dr.; North Hollywood, Calif. 91602, Attention: Itescarchcrs. fl.-nve been trying <o find out when the Civil Service exam for postal clerk will'be given. And the post office just Iclls me lo watch Ihe paper and listen lo the radio. I've listened lo the radio and watched the 'paper for one and a half years, have yet (o hear anything about Ihc exam. What gives? A. -Well, you missed it. The lest was given in Stamford last winter. We suppose you want the Stamford exam since you live Ihcrc and probably want to work 1here. Notices were run in the lieporlcr- Ncws in Ihe Stamford paper, placet! on Ihe bulletin board at the Stamford post office and Ihe radio and lelevision stations were notified, according to an Abilc-ne postal official. And just a few months ago a lest was given in Abilene with the same coverage. If you're eagerly searching for work maybe you should look elsewtere since once the lest is given a register is estab- lished of those who took it and employes are drawn from Ihe register. In a email office the list could last for several years. Usually a couple weeks' notice is given; you might periodically check the bulletin board of the local post office. Address questions lo Aclion Line, Box 30, Abilene, Texas 7W04. Names will nol be used but questions niusl be signed and addresses given. Please In- clude lelephoie numbers It possible. Student Totals Declining Here Effects of the declining birth rale are becoming evi- dent in Abilene public schools, with the first six weeks' enrollment at the lowest level in 10 years. Story, Pg. IB. Amusements 68 Bridge 4B Business Minor 78 Cloisilied 5-9C Comics XC Editorials 4 A Horoscope 1 OC Hospilol Palienls 6A Obituaries 2A Sporls 1-3C To Your Good Health I OC TV Log AB TV Scoot 6B Women's News 33 TOKYO (AP) President Ford arrived in Japan today for llie briefest of airport .wel- comes, .then took a'helicopter lo downlmvn Tokyo.for an overnight rest in a heavily guarded palace. After a 15-hour flight from Washinglbn .across the'Inter- national Dale Line, the first American President to visit Japan'scheduled a 17-hour res- pite to rest up before calling on Emperor Hirohito" Tuesday and opening talks with Prime Minister Kakuei .Tanaka. To minlnuzt the chance of interference By radical leftists .opposed to the President's vis- it, neither, Ihe emperor nor Tanaka went to. Ihe airport, and the "arrilal ceremony there lasted .only il minutes. Busloads of carefully screened Japanese waved American and Japanese flags and applauded as Ford Icrt Air Force Olio and shook hands with' U.S. Ambassador James Hodgson, Takeshi Ya- sukawa, the Japanese ambas- sador to the United Stales, and Japanese protocol offi- cials. Howitzers fired a 21-gun sa- lute required by protocol, and the President waved to the crowd as he was escorted to a wailing helicopter for tiie 10-minute trip to the Wasak- saka Palace in downtown To- kyo. Built in 1906 as a home for Japan's croivn it was made into a stale guest -house six years ago. Leftist demonstrations against the visit have so far-been'largely noil-. violenl and on a 'much' smaller scale than ihe'riots'.llmt forced cancellation visit by I'rc- s'idchi Eisenhower in'1930.15ut the'government threw a mas-, sive .security sprcen around the visit, Tokyo police'on full alert'and another on 'Standby orders in other parts of the country. The threat of. demonstra- tions, and the uncertain politi- cal future of Prime Minister Taiiaka, who is accused of us- ing his official position to prof- it financially, caused some .questioning of the value of Ford's trip. But; at a sendoff ceremony on the White House lawn, the'President said he making his ''tirst trip overseas as President with full confidence that this timely un- dertaking is in the highest na- Nixon's Happy To Be Home SAN Calif. (AP) .Fanner President Richard. M. Nixon is happy to be home again after a thrte- w.eek hospitalizalion, staff aide Diane Sawyer says. But she describes the former president as pale-and very weak. "I haven't talked to anyone who has seen him this week- end, but I'm sure he's still spending most o[ the day in Miss Sawyer said Sun- day. "And I know ie's happy to be out of the hospital anil back among his own things." Nixon, 61; was released Thursday from' Long Beach memorial Hospital Medical Center, where he underwent surgery ;to prevent a blood clot in his left leg from mov- ing to his-lungs or heart. Doc- tors still'are watching blood tests to see if is'ixon is re: ,5'p'onding properly lo oral anti-. coagulation drugs being art-' ministered for. his phlebitis" c'giidilion., lional interest, of the United. "I am deeply conscious of the need lo continue Ihc quest for' Ford said, "i would rather travel thousands of miles for peace than take a single step toward war." Making a refueling stop- at Anchorage's Elmendorf Air Force Base, Ford sought lo balance his desire' for peace with his support for strong na- tional'defenses. To his largely military audience, he.said: "I want to reassure you to- day that my administration remains aware lhat 'the best insurance for peace is Ihe maintenance p f first-clasS military forces'ready for de- fense." Mrs. Ford, recuperat- ing From'cancer surgery, did nol accompany her husband. She (lew with him by helictip-, ler the White House to Andrews Air Force Base, where the couple em- braced warmly and kissed twice before several hundred well-wishers, of State Henry A. Kissinger, who was with Ford, told reporters aboard Air Force One that no decisions are expected to emerge from Ford's four days in Japan. He said the aim is to expand on current good relations and de- termine how the United States and Japan can "work together on a global basis." Turning to .Ford's first meeting with Soviet leader Leonid I Brezhnev, near Vladi- vostok next weekend, Kissin- ger 'said 'the two. men. "be- tween .them have.the capacity lo annihilate hunianity 'and confronting'each other .in a.crisis, so it is important that Uiey understand each olh-" er.r; lie added. leart- ersTalso "haye'the'opportunity.' to prevent crises', and to prbr m'ole.peace." Hair-Raising Visit Stiong vnnd up the hair of President Gerald Fold as he valks toward v, ailing Marine One shortly aftei fie landed al the Tptyo International poit Monday (AP Wnephoto) Mills' Oil Stand By HELEN ANDERSON Capitol Correspondent WASHINGTON Congress- man Omar Burleson, the high- est-ranking Texan on Ihe House Ways and Means Com- mittee, said he does nat'under- sland Committee Chairman Wilbur Mills' new stand fa- voring discontinuance of the oil deplelion allowance. Burleson said he would make every effort to prevent the discontinuance, especially for Die independent operator. "THE INDEPENDENT op- erator brings in 80 per cent of the new oil finds in this coun- try. He should nol be deprived of his incentive. He uses high- risk capital and that is hard enough to find as it Burle- son said. "How anyone could think'this'is morally wrong is something I-'cannot under- stand. "This country-needs to-be- come independent. of foreign oil and to.eliminate Ihis allow- ance woujd have the opposite effect, It would be a step backward, in my Burleson continued. "I will try to see lhal the independent operator is ex- cluded if such a bill is passed in Burleson said. The District Congress- man saj'S he doe.'; not think there are enough votes in Ihe Congress to save the contro- versial allowance. He attrib- utes (bis lo the fact that so much publicity has been given to the excess, profits of big companies who deal in foreign oil and he also thinks the-liig city Congressmen will vole to please his conslilucnts. "THERE IS-MUCH emotion on this Burleson said. "Only about seven or eight slates have much oil and I Israelis Shell Refugee Camp By Tire Associaled Press Israeli gunboats shelled a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon during the night, and today the Israeli government announced an Arab terrorist had been killed a second cap- tured after they swam inlo Is- raeli waters with guns and ex- plosives on floats. LI. Gen. Mordechai Gur, Is- raeli chief of staff, announced on Ihe slate radio that Israeli forces would remain on alert until Syria agreed to renew the mandate for Ihe United Nations disengagement force on the Golan Heights. The mandate expires at the end of Ihe month. Gur.said Novem- ber would continue to be a nervous time for the Middle East. An fsraeli communique said the two g u e r r i I la s were briefed for Iheir mission at Ihe Bashidiye refugee camp, the target of Oie Israeli shelling. Hasludiye, 12 miles north of the Israeli border on 'the southern edge of Oie city of Tyre, has a population of Palestinians. The communique said Israe- li troops intercepted the guer- rillas on the coast Sunday morning, killed one in a gun battle and captured the other. There were no Israeli casual- ties, the communiquejpid. Both were of Al Fatah, the guerrilla organiza- tion headed by Yasir Arafat, the chief of the Palestine Lib- eration Organization, the com- munique said. It said part of their mission was "to plant explosives in market places and other crowded places." The Lebanese government said Israeli naval forces made two attacks during Ihe night on Ihe Bashidiye camp. The Israel} military command said Ihe target was terrorist de- parture base" south of Rashi- diye. City Warmed By Overnight Winds Warm southeasterly winds steadily increased between midnight and 8 a.m. Monday, actually causing an increase in the nightly temperatures. From a low of 44 degrees at 11 p.m. Sunday, the mercury rose to 50 by 4 a.m. Monday as Ihe moisture-laden winds reached 10 mph. The humid air mass remained virtually steady throughout the morn- ing, and the relative humidity reached 100 per cent at 6 a.m. THE INFUSION of warm moist air spells an end to the cold and-pvercasl skies which characterized the weekend. Although a chilly drizzle oc- curred inlcrmiltently through- out the gloomy weekend, no measurable rainfall was re- ported from the National Weather Service, office at Abi- lene Municipal Airport Mon- day. The influx 'of warm souther- ly air is expected to push the mercury away from the freez- ing mark and into the upper 60s and lower 70s on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. The low Tuesday morning is expected to be near ffl de- grees. Although il isn'l marked nn any calendar, Tuesday is the average dale of Ihe first oc- currence of Ihe 32-degrce reading, freezing, which has not yet been reached in Abi- lene Ihis season. Burleson don't think we have the vnlcs lo save it. The clcniinalimi of this al- lowance would be self defeat- ingin our quest to be self-suf- ficient in- our energy sup- plies. WEATHER U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Weather Service (Weather Map, Pg, 4A ABILENE AND VICINITY 110-mile rod- Fust Partly cloudy and a IHIIc warmei Top Court Won't Case on Jaycee Women discuminaticn by Con hluhon today through Tuesday. winds IB muhT High upper 60s, Low tonight 'Tuesday In Ihe lower 7fls. Ihe 50. High ending 9 ond i Sunrise loday: sunset 5-.1t. Sunrise tomorrow: School Bus, Truck Collide LONGVJEW, Tex: (AP) A school blis and a Iractor-lrail- cr rig collided just north of this East Texas city this morning. The bus overturned on impact but none of the 72 aboard were believed serious- ly injured although 31 were taken to a hospital. A spokesman for Longview's Good Shephard Hospital said' Ihe 31 pupils were given rou- lino checks and X-ray exami- nation. A Gregg County sher- iff's dispatcher said the bus overturned from the collision. II was enr roule to Judson-Jn- nior High School in Longview. A sheriff's spokesman .said first reports indicated two bus- es were, involved hut this later proved incorrect. The accident occurred at an intersection on U.S. 259 about two miles north of the cily. WASHINGTON The Supreme Court today refused to hear arguments that Junior Chamber of Corninerce'mem- bership should be .opened to women because the organiza- tion receives federal financial support. The court overlhe dissent of Justice .William 0. Douglas, declined to consider appeals of Jaycee chapters in "Rochester, N.Y., and Philadelphia. The two chapters have been ex- -pelled from, the national or- ganization for admitting wom- en: The. U.S. Circuit Court In Denver ordered their lawsuits upholding a .deci- 'siOn by U.S. District Judge .Luther Bohanon" of Tulsa, Okla., who said the constitu- tional issues raised were "lo- (ally lacking Tn seeking review by'Ihe Su- -preme Court, Hie ousted chap- ters said the federal govern- ment has violated constitution- al rights cf female applicants, for .Membership by "furnish- ing multimillion dollar grants in aid, contracts, financial as- sistance and tax benefits lo the Jaycee organization." They said that as of Decem- ber. 1D72, the organization depended upon Ihe federal government for nearly 40 per cent of its millipn budget. The money is in the form of grants and contracts for proj- ects, which Ihe Jaycces carry on in prison reform, job place- ment, drug abuse education, low-income housing and other fields. "This court ought to act to clarify once again for all fed- eral courts lhat sex discrimi- nation is prohibiled, as race and that ment in activilj which diietily 01 Indirectly .fosters, promotes cr in any way sigmfujanuj aids sex djsciimmation is un constitutional" foi :the chapters said. The United' States Jaycees limit membership m tJieir'-ap- proximately local: lers lo 'males- belween Kit of 18 and 36. Visit By Arushans Cancelled Greek Premier Wins in Landslide The delegation from: Aru- sha, Abilcne's sister city-iii Tanzania, has visit to .Abilene for the second lime and no date, has been set for a possible .visit, j Sam Waldrop, chairman', of Abiiene's sister city eoniiriit- lee, said mornuig.that (he cancelalion is voidable sit ualions in Tanza- nia. "H'K HAVE Wtldrop said, "lhat the defc- galion would like to visit at a later lime. We will continue our eoiinnunicalipns and-sup- port with Arusha, especially with the campaign .to..raise contributions for a laundry in Ihe city's'hospital." Waldrop added lhat Ihe committee wishes to thank all of Ine people who' have worked in putting Ihe delega- tion's visit together. By PHILIP DOPOUI.OS Associated Press Writer ATHENS, Greece (AP) Premier Conslanline Cara- manlis won a landslide victory in Greece's tirst free election in 10 years and. declared to- day, "democracy has returned to its With almost all votes count- ed, Caramanlls' New .Demo- cracy party look a .record 55.5 per cent of Ihe ballots in Sun- day's election'and was expect- ed lo lake 2H of the 360 seals in parliament, At a noonday reception for newsmen, Caramanlis said "certain problems are ex- Iremely crucial, among which the national one Ihe Cyprus tragedy prevails." But he said, "together wilh the solidarity of all the Greeks, irrespective or Uieir party preference, the difficul- ties "will be overcome and the problems solved." In Nicosia, Ihe Greek Cypri- leader, Glafeos derides, and the Turkish Cypriot lead- er, Raouf Denktash, both wel- comed Caramanlis' eleclipn victory. But Denklash reiterated his opposition to the return of Archbishnp II a k a r i o s, the elected president of Cyprus, lo Ihe troubled Mediterranean is- land.. Caramanlis said the triumph of democracy in Greece after years of dictatorship was a joyful event "for all those who love bur country and on whose support we are counting on for the future. "Without bloodshed, svittiout upheavals, and finally wilh the free expression of Ihe will of Ihc people, democracy has re- turned to birthplace." The Communist United Left parly expected to make signi- ficant gains in the election but made a poor showing with only 10 seals. Observers believe Ihe Pan- hcllenic Socialist Movement cut into the Communists' areas. The Socialists, led by Andreas Papandreou, came up wih 12 seals for their first ap- pea ranee on Ihc election scene. George Mavros' Center ti n i o n -N e w Forces party, which was expected to be close behind Caramanlis, got only 20.42 per cent of Ihe volis for 64 seals and became the lead- ing opposition in parliament. Mills Incident Helping Stripper BOSTON (AP) Annabel Ballistella has parlayed the Tidal Basin incident Inlo-a more lucrative career ;as a slripper._ the 38-year-old Argentinian, who' police pulled out of Ihe Tidal Basin in Washington af- ter she jumped out o( 'a car carrying liep. Wilbur Mills, at Boston's Pil- grim Theatre under.her stage name, Fanne Fox. She'll be making x week. And she'll be billed as ''The Washington Tidal Basin Bombshell."