Tuesday, November 5, 1974

Abilene Reporter News

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - November 5, 1974, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 94TH YEAR, NO. 140 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79004, TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Price 15 Cents Associated Presi <JP) Christ Birthplace Parking Lot Poison j 1 BET IlLEHEM, to Christians, but we five weeks from coast 'Jordan 'The mayor of 'Bethlehem is. .going to the United .States, -next weekend seeking million' to, get rid of a 'parking lot a ''few- yards from lie traditional feel neglected ,by the Christian said the Arab mayor. "Now we are appealing to men of good will to help us create a 'dignified setting for money. His first stop will be Bethlehem, Pa., Nov. 11. Four days later he is scheduled to present a Bible to President Name Father of holy treasures. For Mayor Elias .Freij wants of a poor city with municipal gov- Tex. (AP) tice of the Peace V. L. West Halloween night. irick-or-trealing on the night .replace the jumble of means, -these are goals has a budget of today charged Ronald confirmed that charges had O'Bryan told police after his of the boy's death. and taxis in Manger a year and O'Bryan, 30, in the been filed and said O'Bvyau son returned from trick-or- pasadena detective Capt R gai-dens and is a hilltop of income. poisoning of his was being held in jail- in 'lieu treating with his Eliza- E wouu not say Later he hopes to raise people, most of flows into the son. 'of bond. bcth, 5, and three other young- where O'Bryan was arrested million lo build an including one owned boy died .Thursday night His son, Timothy M. sters, he ate some candy just nor what evidence police had ground parking garage raise money, Freij mayor, but little of ealing cyanide hvcandy O'Bryan died late Thursday -before going to bed. him To do so Rhodes- convert rundown old the Bethlehem is taken in at Halloween. night after ealing cyanide in a Immediately after ealing the ieopardize :lhfc around the square and in. 1972. "It now has 36 Fi'eij said, "Christmas arrested O'Bryan, an. package of powdered candy. candy, he began vomiting rise against O'Brvan 800-year-old Church of the congressmen, use our name who lives in neighbor- O'Bryan said. Tlic youth died tjme wc cannol tivity into museums and mayors, governors, aren't a registered Deer Park, late Monday Poison was also 'found in a short lime later in a Pasa- comment as to -inv other' leaders, on its'. so we can't charge and charged him -with four other similiar candy con- dena hospital. r is a and Freij plans to tamers collected by .other O'Bryan had accompanied Sf made bv any of the clerk in the office of Jus- triek-or-treating youngsters his son and other children Scd due lo the Ic- By ELLIE RUCKER Ex-UT Quarterback In Austin Insurance Q. What became of James Street, (he quarterback, wio never los( a game in high school or college and led the University of Texas to a national championship a few years back? A. You're not watching television. He appeared during the UT-Arkansas game, reminiscing about the 'G9 season. He lives In Austin now, sells insurance. He has a six-monlh-old baby boy named Ryan Re- agan Street, who is "gorgeous" according lo a totally unbiased source Mrs. Street. Street has taken up tennis and plays a lol of golf. His last year of eligibil- ily at UT was '69-'70 and that was liis last year at UT. He did not graduate. Q. I desperately need a babysitter! I have (hrce boys, 7, 3 and 2 years old; the (wo-year-old Is hydroeephallc. He cannot walk and is not potty-trained. We don't know If he'll ever be able to do things normal children do. We have so many doctor and" hospi- tal bills it will be Impossible us (ft survive on just my husband's salary. We do not ask for charity, only for a chance for me to get out and find a job (o help pay all these bills. We need a babysitter who will not charge loo ranch and (most Impor- tant) one who bas lots of patience and understanding. We've tried several sit- lers; they all say Hey won't care for two-year-olds who aren't potty-trained. From reading your newspaper I know that you have helped a lot of people. 1 sincerely hope you'll be able lo help us. A. Normally we don't act as a sitter service bul your case is different. Looking for a competent, intelligent, understand- ing, patient person who will babysit not for Ihe money but simply because she loves children is like looking for a mira- cle. We didn't find a sitter. But we found something even belter. The Mental Health, Mental Retardation Day Care Cen- 1er. Director Robert Heil is 90 per cent sure the center can help your two-year-old, which should greatly simplify your chances of finding a babysitter for the other two boys. The center will do more lhan babysit. It will teach your son self-help skills such as feeding and dressing himself and toilet- Lraimng. First you'll be taken Ihrough the center lo see if it's the type facility you're looking for. Since Ihe day care center operates on a sliding-fee scale, you'll be charged an amount you can afford to pay. Christian Service Center has mailed you a list of babysit lers, some Ihat are very reasonable, and we've sent you additional suggestions thai may prove helpful. Q. Just how many cars can one family legally park on the street? A neighbor owns seven and a one-car garage home. We are smothered with cars- Can they use parking spaces In front of my home constantly? A. The Assistant City Attorney says they can as long as they're parking on public streets and not ori your private property. And as long as they're not junkers or abandoned vehicles and are not causing a traffic ha7ard, your neighbor can own 60 cars if he so desires. Q I bonght some staiikss dinner- ware, service for 12, and somehow I've misplaced a fork. I bougkt toe set on ftimottn deal at Safeway. K's called -Versailles stahiless. Is there any wiy to replate it? A. District Office lias mailed you an order -blank and price list from Versailles Or drop by the Bar- raw St. store where Manager Preston Gowens has order blanks for items oii all past promotions. Address Action Line, Box 30, Abilene, Texas Names will not be used but questions must he signed awl addresses given. Please In- clude telephone numbers if possible. said. "The Pasadena Police De- partment would like lo praise the conscienlious cooperation o[ the citizens of Ihe neighbor- hood where Ihe investigation was conducted and the many offers of assistance from citi- zens. "We must not comment fur- Ihcr for fear of jeopardizing Ihe case." he said. and the dis- trict attorney felt there is suf- ficient evidence for a charge lo be filed. We are still wrap- ping up some loose ends of'the Rhodes said.. Police had combed the area where the children and O'Bryan said they received the candy, questioning every resident since the dealh, Relaxing Before Business Mr. and Mrs. Gus Steiner, 450 Graham SL, relax for a moment before gelling clown to the serious business of marking .their General Election ballots Tuesday morning. The couple avoided the rush by voting soon after the polls opened at 7 Central Fire Station. (Staff photo by Don Blakley) Red Sugar Buy Sends Price Up Related story, Pg. I6C NEW" YORK (AP) The Soviet Union's purchase ol Ions of raw sugar has sent world sugar futures soar- ing from the 48.97 cenls a pound price in the March de- livery to a record cenls. The Russians.' purchase Monday from the Phillipines came on Ihe first day of a new 2-cent-a-day limit, on Ihe in- crease per pound in the price of sugar. Some 'Steady' Voting Reported Comments on early morning voter turnout from election of- ficials throughout the-county in Tuesday's General Election range from "real steady" to "nothing lo brag about." Mrs. Bertie Little, an elec- tion worker for Box 61 at the Tuscola City Hall, had 61 vot- ers between T.n.m. and a.m. and called the response "real good for this early in Ihe morning." Tlie box has 695 registered voters. Election Judge E.W. Thom- as supervising voters in Abi- lene for Box 48 at the YMCA was less enthusiastic with only 62 voters of registered recording ballols by a.m. Thomas speculated that there would only be about 500 valors cast if the current trend holds. TJIOMAS ADDED, however, that he pretty good rush" from working peo- ple at the noon hour and in the late afternoon. Dave Wagner, election judge for Box 19 at Ihe Wylie Baptist Church, counted 42 voters of .727 registered by Tuesday. A veleran election judge called the 100 voter turnout by a.m. at Box 11, ACG fire station "a pretty good indica- tion'for this early in the day." Ted Pills, an election offi- cial for 20 years, added, how- ever, that he doubted there would he a real heavy turnout since it was an off year elec- tion. GERALD I.AWLER, elec- tion official for Box 7 at the Health Unit at 2241 S..19lh, said his election workers lelt (he early Tuesday morning turnout was the iiglilest they have seen in some time. Dallon Moore, supervising voting for Box 6 at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church, predict- ed a 50 per cent voter turnout with 119 voles cast by 9 a.m. out of registered voters in the precinct. A Bank Run In 6th Grade? A bank run by o bunch of sixth graders? That's not o mistake, it's. a serious busi- ness at Johnston Elemen- tary School. See story and photographs, Pg. IB, Amusements' 9G BrrtJge '8A Business Mirror 6A Classified 4-9C Comics ..28 Editorials 4A Horoscope IOC Hosoitol Patients 2A. Obituaries 3A Sports 1-3C To Your Good Health IOC TV Log 9C TV Scout 9C Women's News 3B WEATHER US. DEPARTMENT OP COMMERCE National Weather Service IVrtfflhcr Map. Pg. U) ABII-ENE AND VICINITY (TO-milr radius) Fair lodoy and lanlghl be- coming porlly cloudy on Wednesday. A Nitre warmer loday Ihrough Wednesday. Lighl, southerly winds incrcasFng to in lo IS mNi Wednesday. High this oller- noon In Ihe mid 60s, Low lonTght In. the Iwer -IDs. High Wednesday in the upper Hfgh and low for 21 hours ending 9 -a.m.: 55 and 40. loday: 4-59; suniel nrise Israeli Troops Kidnap s Chief 'BEIRUT (AP) Israeli troops landed with helicopters today in the south Lebanon town of Majdal Zoun, blew up the home of its headman; then kidnaped the man and his eld- est son, witnesses reported. The helicopters overflew the town shortly before sunrise, then the force of about 150 troops walked into the town from several directions, the witnesses-said. Majdal Zoun is a small lown surrounded vyith tobacco fields and olive groves six miles from Ihe Israeli border. The Israelis headed straight to the house of Mukhtar Aref Suleiman and arrested him along with two of his sons, then ordered the rest of .the family to the witnesses said. 'The raiders quickly wired Ihe structure and planted ex- plosive charges in 'various places I hen blejv it up, they said. The Israelis took Sulei- man, his i5year-old son All and son Mustafa away to a helicopter. Mustafa was crying, and the troops sent him back to the village moments before Sulei- man, his 15-year-old son AM copter, they said. In Tel Aviv, an Israeli com- munique said the father and son were for questioning. "Bolh were known to have cooperated with it said. The town's inhabitants took refuge inside their stone homes during the, 90-minulc mid, coming out only after they heard the sound of the Coal Strike Said Being Forced By ROBERT A. DOBKIN AP Labor Writer A nalinwide coal mine shutdown appeared all but certain after union i o -otiators walked out .of contract talks early today and accused management of forcing a strike. '.'Witk wtat they've handed us tonight, they've declared a strike in the coal said President Arnold Miller of the United Mine' Workers' as he left a no- tifying the mine owners' wait- ing in a nearby room. "There's not 3. sufficient amount of time left for nilifi- and the membership would not ratify what tliey gave Miller declared. Guy Farmer, chief negotia- tor for the -Biluniinous Coal Operators Association, later called Miller's statement "in- ar.d said he couldn't "conceive how anyone could say what we gave them was a provocation for a strike." The UMW's.currcnl.conlract covering' members in 25 stales expires at a.m. Nov. 12 and coal miners have a tradition of "no contract, no work." The unions says it would take about 10 days for a contract to be ratified by the membership, which produces two-thirds o( Ihe nation's coal. A walkout probably would begin Saturday morning at Ihe end of this week's final pro- duclion shift. The miners would be unlikely to return lo work '.he following Monday, the final day of (he contract. The negotiations, which re- sumed I.Ionday night after a 24 hour impasse, collapsed ag.iin several hours after management presented what Farmer said was a substantial offer wrapping up all issues. A short strike is unlikely lo cause serious disruptions but z wnikoul lasling more than two weeks could have "a very serious impact" on the naifon's sagging economy, Al- bert Rees, director of the Pres- ident's Council on Wage and Price Stability, said Monday. Wilh coal stockpiles already low, industry spokesmen say steel mills arid 'coal-burning electric power plants would be hard hit by a strike. The Tennessee Valley Au- thority, tne nation's largest producer of electricity, says its reserves have dwin- dled to aljoul a 40-day supply and already has asked cus- lomers lo cut back use of elec- Iricity 'JO par cent. Steel com- panies liave a Uvo-to-four week .wpply of coal on hand. Stef] produclion would begin Id fallor afier the first iveek of a coai stiike, and layoffs would begin-to ripple, through llio induslry and eventually spread !n other industries such automobiles and conslruc- lion, which depend on steel. The YOii administration has prepared strike contingency plans Ihai 'call for diverting coal supplies from some elec- tric utilities to .other .indus- tries, an embargo on coal ex- ports r.nd voluntary power cutbacks. The President could invoke Ihe Tafl-Ilsrlley Act and order an 30-day "coollng-off period" if a strike comes. Israeli helicopters fade away inside-Israel. The Israelis said they en- countered no resistance and suffered no casualties. It was Ihe third Israeli attack on Lebanese territory in five days but the first time in months that an infiltration squad was reported lo have brought back Lebanese prison- ers. Warming lo Follow Early Morning 40 Cold, moislure-saturated air foiceu the mercury to 40 de- grees at 7 a.m. Tcusday morn- ing, but a slow warming trend is expeclcd under clear, Klec- tion Day skies. Whereas the temperature rose lo only 55. degrees Mon- day, it should creep up inlo the mid-BOs Tuesday and into the upper 60s Wednesday, forecasters at the Nalional Weather Service said Tuesday morning. THK MORNING AIR may have seemed a litlle colder be- cause of the high, relative hu- midity, remained at 100 per cent from II p.m. Monday at 5 a.m. Tuesday, dropping only 3 per cent after that. The normal southerly flow of air, interrupted by a pass- ing cold front, is apparently returning lo Ihe.region with southerly winds expected to increase lo 10 to 15 wph Wednesday. A freeze warning issued Monday was prompted by the high humidity, forecasters said.