Monday, October 28, 1974

Abilene Reporter News

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1974, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 94TH YEAR, NO. 132 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 28, PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Price 15 Cents Associated PI-CM By ELLIE RUCKER Dallas TV Celebrity Said Happily Married Q. The quesiion about Murpney Martin prompted Ibis one. What's the "Judy Jordan Where is she from, is she married, how old Is she? When I lived in Arlington I saw her at a party and such a celebrity! Very lively. A. Lively is right and she talks a mile a minute. But start looking for another lady love cuz Judy's happily married to David Greene, who she says is a super-person. They married .Ian. 1973, two days be- fore her debut as anchonvoman on KDFW news. "It's a happy accident I'm in this field. I started out to be a school teacher, my mother. taught school so I automatically found myself in says Judy. "I went to the University of Texas anil studied speech, art, interior decorating, but I didn't lake a course one professor recommended I take, called Radio and TV Personality. I thought I'd never use it. Now I wish I'd taken she laughed. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the middle of five children (all happen to be in Dallas her family moved to McAllen when she was G. Afler UT, she taught kindergarten for several years in McAllcn. When she moved to Dallas she decided to go into something different, applied for several jobs including a "gofer" job at KDFW. "When I got Hie job, a modeling job at Nieman's opened up the same day but I chose this and I'm so glad I did." Slie's 33, has a step-son named Slnaii, a ISO Ib. old English sheepdog and is llic first, woman in Texas doing "prime time news." Shortly after she began the news, ratings indicated viewers were ac- cepting a female newscaster. Six months later she was moved to the 0 and 10 news. <l. In my yard Is a stalk of cotton called yellow cotton and it's (he first I've seen. In fact it's the first I've ever heard, of. The seed came to me from GalvcslOK and I wonder if I am (he first person to grow yellow cotton In Taylor County. Where docs it come from? I'm sending you some of the lint. A. County Extension Agent II.C. Stanley thinks you arc the first.'Dr. Kama! El-Cik, vice-president for research of Lockelt Seed Co. in Vernon who is originally from Alexandria, Egypt I'm a U.S. citi- zen and a pure Texan tells us golden brown cotton occurs naturally in our U.S. cotton. "If you look closely in a field you might find a' plant in a million with this characteristic." It's rare because cotton growers want white. The yellow is of inferior quality; when found, it is .eliminated in the breed- ing process. He says green fiber is found in Russia, grey in Burma and he's even heard re- ports of red. The colors occur naturally and are usually inferior in quality. Q. In our block there's a camper and a large track parked in the street nnd a camper parked in the driveway. Besides appearance, they could he hazardous to traffic. What can be done lo have them removed? A. You have two kinds of bears here. The truck (assuming it's a commercial vehicle over one ton capacity) comes un- der traffic so contact the police depart- ment The camper or any recreational ve- hicle is controlled by a zoning provision enforced by building inspeclion. Stop by City Hall, talk to Warren Swafford about the camper. Neither can be parked in the streets or alleys but according to Asst. City Attor- ney Harvey Cargill a property owner has the right lo park a camper in his drive- way Q. I bought some Miracle Maid Cookware 25 years ago and I'd sure like to find out where I can get In contact with the company to get a new- top for my pressure cooker. Somebody told me they saw a station wagon driving around town with Miracle Maid on the side of it. Where Is their local office? A It must be in the station wagon or somebody's closet because it's not regis- tered with the Better Business Bureau and we can't find outlets in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin or Fort Worth. Some times these eookware companies merge with others and change names but we haven't found anything lo indicate this happened. Maybe a little aluminum foil will do the job? Address questions to Action Line, Box 30, Abilene, Texas Names will not be used but questions must be signed and addresses given. Please in- duife telephone numbers If possible. Lightning Zaps 2 City Areas As 1.04 Falls For the Fun of It University of. Wisconsin-Stout educator Kenneth Heintz, 40, makes a trick-or-treat stop on his Hal- loween rounds: Ileintz contends adults can relieve the tensions of modern living by donning masks and cos- tumes for Halloween. (AP Wirephoto) Trick-or-Treat Good Adult Therapy? By JOE DACY II Reporter-News Staff Writer An official inches of rain early. Monday morning edged Abilene's total for the year to 23.17 almost eight inches above the normal of 21.22 inches through Monday. Generous amounts of rain fell throughout the city bill the electrically-charged .s I o r m, which began shortly after mid- night exacted a price for its water. Lightning struck West Texas Utilities Co. power knocking out electrical service to two areas of west Abilene. A WTU spokesman said power was cut from a.m. to a.m. in an area from S. 1st to S. .7th and Leggell lo Tye; and from a.m. lo a.m. from N. Ambler to the Pride Refinery and West Lake Road to the Anson High- way. ABILENE WATER Supt. Bill Weems said Monday morning that Lake Kirby "can still lake a rain or so like lliis" before it goes over its spillway, but it is the highest 'low the spiljway. Lake Abilene continues to run 15 inches over; Lake Fort Phantom Hill, nine inches over, lie said. City officials have been' watching Kirby's water level for some time after the Sep- tember flooding since it over- runs, into Lytle Creek in tire low-lying Carver Addition jjl 'the city. The National Weather Serv- ice issued a flood warning for Lytle Creek, which was in ef- fect until noon, but forecasters added Hie conditions are ex- pected lo return to normal VJy- noon. The WenUter Service report- ed by teletype that Lytle was running bankful and was ov- erflowing near S. 77th. The flood warning was issued at 9 a.m. Monday. Weems said it was "impossl; hie to tell" if Kirby would add 10 Cedar and Lytle creeks by overflowing Monday. Hubbard Gains 4-lnch Runoff By JAMES A. CARLSON Associated Press Writer MENOMONIE, Wis. Want to send some of yo'.ir tensions and frustrations rock- eting off on a Halloween witch's broomstick? Kenneth Hcintz, a Universi- ty of, Wisconsin educator, has a simple suggestion. Put on a Halloween mask and costume. Join the kids in their trick-or- trcal rounds. 'Forget your troubles. Have fun. Hcintz, 40, enters the ranks Bogus Bill Bust Is Biggest Ever LOS ANGELES (AP) Se- cret Service agents have con- fiscated more than million worth of bogus but realistic bills in what they called the largest seizure of counter- feit money in U.S. history. T'oiir men were arrested Sunday and booked For .investi- gation of.manufacturing an.J possession of counterfeit mon- ey, said Robert E. Fowls, apo- dal agent in charge of the Los Angeles office of the Secret Service.. .Powis described Hie hills as being "definitely passable. It Paint Rock Boy Fair After Judge Orders Transfusion PAINT HOCK (RNS) A 12-year-old Paint Rock youtl; is in fair condition in a Dallas Hospital after receiving blood transfusions, which were origi- nally objected to by 'his par- ents who are members of Je- hovah's Witnesses. Aubrey (Butch) Russell Con- nor was wounded in the right arm on Oct. 9 in Paint Rock during a hunting trip with his father, brother and two friends. THE FAMILY, belonging to the Jehovah's Witness denomi- nation, refused transfusions For the hoy due to scriptural and medical reasons. The youth received transfu- sions after a court order by 51st District Judge Earl Smith of San Angelo. The court or- der ,was requested by hospi- tal officials and Dr. II, Gleu Henderson. Glen Walton, of Ihe Welfare Kept., .was appointed the boy's guardian. THE FAMILY later gave permission for the transfu- sions and upon filing an ap- peal got the court order lifted. San Angelo attorney Marvin Hanz represented the family. The child remains under care in Ihe East Town Osleo- pedic Hospital in Dallas where lie was transferred by private plane. the intent was for a rather wide-scale d i s t r i b u- tion." He said the largest counterfeit seizure prior to this was a million haul in Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1973. He said agents acting on a lip stopped a van in suburban Lakewood and found mil- lion worth of: counterfeit bills inside. The driver of the van, Leonard 0. Salmon, 33, of Lakewood, was arrested at the scene, Powis said. A second man, Kenneth Clarence Wall, 48, of'Iiuena Park, was arrested a short lime" later. Powis identified him as the owner of Gns Printing Co., of Hawaiian Gar- dens. Powis identified the two oth- ers in custody as Robert James Spralte, 33, of Wliittier and Sam Jackson Anders, 35, of Compton. Agents oblained two search warrants after the arrests and searched the offices of Gus Printing and a private resi- dence in CeiTitos, Powis said. An additional in false and a number of printing .plates were found at Gus Printing, he added. Powis said an offset press and charred remnants of counterfeit anil bills were found at the Cerrilos residence. of clowns, goblins and 1970. Kirby is now 10 inches Runoff in canvassing the rain that fell early Mon-. hood with his children each Halloween. "I have my paper sack, morning added four inches to Hiibbard Creek Lake, said Victor Jaeeeli. manager my goodies and have a DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE of West Central Texas says Heinlz. It's Naltanil Weithir Servict IWwiher Map, Pg. Water District. kind of escapist fun that AND. VICINITY (lO-mjIc ,jjc sajrf thg (ra people need, says the CTouiJy lo parity cloudy lo- ill( oai" L11C- CAM a vrmii JJUL day. Moslly cloudy fonlght and Tuesday (he lake afr Hist 1CSS Mian of fashion and textiles at a cricmca o( rUird I ,J afternoons! cool lonfght. winds feet irOlll UlC university's Stout c n m p u "A few more rains like Such an escape route has no tension producing low lonrght tn low Ms. Probublirly of rafn 30 per conl lomglit, 49 per cert f we'll be at the Jacg-gli said. aspects, he and Tow Tor 24 floors ending 9 a.m.: 69 nnd lake now contains Adulls can join the fun and low same dale Josl year: 73 and acre feet of water and "just going out like the other kids and becoming just loridy: sunset lonigfili J-52. Sunrise 82 per cent full, he said. er ghoul walking around. lie-hind the mask we can change our personality because we are not identified by the RAINED son looking at "Dressing in a costume 1.50 hiding behind a mask allows Airport 1.13 you lo play in a manner [or Year .90 may otherwise be socially for Year 1.40 he Heechwood 1 .63 Ileintz says his N. LaSalle CITY 1.50 merriment is contagious Buffalo Gap lid PLAINS .70 some people, bill some S. Crockett '.90 think he's "just some kind Piedmont MUM .77 Sewer Plant .59 I leintz planned to have Treatment Plant 1.65 of liis students join 2nd 1.22 masquerading crowd this 2.00 loween. However, only AFIi HOCK 2.00 mal s'ipport has been Abilene 1.00 pressed -for his ideas by Westmoreland 1.33 dents and other faculty Phantom Hill Kirby .70 "Many of them seem to E. Hwy. 80 .67 loo uptight; they just Butternut .80 learned how to relax and 1 .25 he L20 Outer Space Has Junk 'Population Explosion' Sirica Calls Hunt to Stand By HARRY F. ROSENTHAI, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) De- spite defense objections, U.S. Dislrict Judge.John J. Sirica summoned'Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt Jr., to the witness stand in the Watergate cover-up trial today, nei- ther prosecution or 'defense wiling to vouch lhat he'will tell the truth. Hunt, who headed the Wa- tergate burglary was the second wilness called in the trial of H.R. Ilaldeman, John D. Ehrlichman, -John N. Mitchell, Robert C. Mardian and Kenneth W. Parkinson, all fonner White House or cam- paign aides lo ex-President Richard M. Nixon. .All are charged with conspiring to ob- struct justice in Ihe Watergate investigation. As Ihe Watergate cover-up trial entered the fifth week de- fense lawyers strenuously ob- jected to using the court wit- ness procedure to obtain whal they contend will be unreliable testimony. Haldeman's lawyer, John J. Wilson, was especially vehe- ment about instructions to the jury on Ihe procedure of call- ing court witnesses. "I. have'never read such a startling charge in my Wilson said. "It's deceptive. It's not honest." Plato Cache ris; one of Mitchell's lawyers, called the procedure an "improper influ- ence on the'jury.. I therefore resist it and resist it vigorous- ly." Richard Hen-Vcnislc, an as- sistant prosecutor who Hunt claims tried to gel him lo commit perjury, said j there are numerous instances before the grand jury when Hunt lied and that the court witness de- vice would permit leading questions lo bring out Hunt's motivations to testify falsely. David G. Hrcss, represent- ing Mardian, said whal Ihe prosecution 'was proposing was to "say they have a wit- ness who will make out their case but that witness is a liar." And chief prosecutor James F. Neal said that the govern- ment's theory in the case is "that the defendants conspired to pay money lo Mr. Hunt to keep him from telling whal he knows." He said it was necessary lo probe exaclly whal it was that Hunt knew. Al that point Sirica said he would allow Hunt to testify as a courl wilness. B.V HOWARD BENEDICT Associaled Press Writer 'WASHINGTON (A P) There's a population explosion of sorts in oulcr space. iNot Ihe baby boom variety, bill in Ihe steadily increasing number of manmade objects orbiting the-earth, more Mian at latest count. "It's starting to look like a junkyard out said an official of Ihe North American Defense Command which keeps track of .satellites and debris circling the globe. According to the adage, "What goes up must come down." And the sluff is com- ing down at the rate of one piece a day. Almost all of it burns up from atmospheric friction, and Ihe odds against anyone being hit are calculat- ed at more than one billion lo one. But NOR AD estimates that by year -2000 there will be objects in space, and more fragments are expected to survive rc-cnlry and thus impact on earth bccnusc of sturdier materials and im proved designs. So the odds of getting heancd will become greater unless preventive steps are taken. Most of the orbiling materi- al is useless debris from two sources: satellites and rocket cases that break apart, and expendable items such as nose shrouds, nuls and bolts, cable tethers, spent engines and pressure bottles that are dis- carded when a payload enters orbit. NORAD analysts foresee new launch designs lhat would keep most of Ihe expendable items attached to the final rocket stage. Braking rockets in Ihis stage then would be fired on ground command, and the entire junk pile would plunge from orbit over a re- mote ocean area. Satellite and rocket breakups could be re- duced through safety engi- neering. NORAD's Space Defense Center at Colorado Springs, Colo., keeps tabs on all orbit- ing objpects through a world- wide network of radars and optical sensors, some of which can photograph an item the size of n basketball miles away. Abilene's Pet Parade Long Abilene city officials say the city's pet problem is as big as the numbers given. More than animals are picked up each year of the more than pels in Abilene. See story, Pg. IB. I NEWS INDEX Amusements fjc Business Mirror........... 5A Bridqe............. Classified..............5-9C Ccmks...............'. 4C Editorials Horoscope................ 8A HasDilal Palienls..........7B Obituaries............... 7A Spoils................ 1-3C To Your Good Health IOC TV Loo................ IOC TV Scout...............IOC Women's Newt; ri..... SB