Monday, October 7, 1974

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - October 7, 1974, Abilene, Texas OR WITH OFFENSEJO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 84TH 112 .PHONE 673-4271, ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Price 15 Cents Associated Presi By, ELLIE RUCKER Lawyer May Help, Despite No Money Q. Less than a month.ago a girl negllgenlly ran into twi> cars. Iter la- ther pit her out of the situation with a line. She was. pot .made for .damages injury Incurred by one of her passengers. Her insur- ance company wouldn't pay for (he damage; il had expired previous to the accident.- Where can I go or who may I talk <o in order (o get something done about Ihls mailer? 1 cannot afford an attor- ney or I would go dlrtcdy there. A. Conlact an; attorney anyway. 'He won't charge for listening.- Lawyers often -take cases like this on a contingency basis where the ice is a percentage of whatever and lose Ihe suit or can't collccl, there's, 110'charge for his Services. If the girl is impoverished and can'lpay for damages there's still a chance her license revoked. "From Hie rest of your letter we feel that might lie a satis- factory solution since you definitely waul to'see that "something is done." Q. Tin trying (o complete my chil- dren's baby books and for a complete record I need the popular entertain- ers, popular songs and popular dances for 1961 and A. By all means those baby books must be complete. But to keep Action Line out of a fist fight, you'll have to be the one to decide which entertainer, which song, etc. since three different sources' turned- up three different -lists: For 1360, the Twist was Ihe big dance or The Pony or'-The Mashed Potato. Elvis had "Are You Lonesome and "Stuck on You." The Evcrly. Brothers tame out with "Kathy's and Johnny Ilorlcn did "Sink the Bismarck." 19C9 Had no dance eraie comparable to The Twist so you're on your own there. The Record or the Year was "Mrsi Robin- son" by Simon and Garfiinkcl. Tlje Bea- tles were still aroiind witli "Get Fifth Dimension had "Aquarius'1, and Credence :Clearwaler released "Proud Festival was-the.happening of the year. helps. Q.'.Why do we not have a tralile light at (lie intersection of N. ISth and Jllckory? I've just seen a wreck at Ihe busy Intersection and it wasn't first. -Il's In the vicinity of ilendrkk S Memorial Hospital and there are nu- me'rous professional buildings In this area producing heavy traffic... A. -A traffic liglil is scheduled. Oily Traffic .Engineer .Buck Baldridge had al- ready looke'd at the intersection before we called, determined, as you did, that the situation warrants a signal-. Expect one in to 2 months. (J. I fell in love with the theme song they played in the movie, "Summer of 42." Do you have any idea the name of It or If there's, a record store Ibat basil1.' A. The name is simply "Thome from Summer of '42." You won't find Ihe single because it's no longer on the charts but we've sent you Ihe name of a record shop thats attempting to order the album. Address questions lo Action Line. Box Abilene, Texas 89SS4. Names will not be nsed but questions must be signed and addresses given. Please Include telephone numbers If possi- ble. Top Court Faces Big Issues Nice for Awhile 'Twelve-year-old -'Michael -.Hernandez, son ,o'f 'Mr. and Mrs.- Elson jHeruandez, lakes advantage shine to fish' in a .'creek al Will Hair Park before, a cold front brought in overcast skies and drizzle. (Staff Photo by'John Best) Minibikes Give Youths Lift' Minibikes- ore'giving a lift group -of'Abilene youths with more than the normal of growjng-up problems' -The innovative YMCA program is explain-, eel on NEWS INDEX Amusements 7B Bridge 7A Business Mirror. -7A Classified 4-8C Comics .63 Editorials........'. 4 A Horoscope 7B 'Hospital Patients 3A. Obituaries .58 Sports 1-3C To Your. Goad 2A .TV Log 78 ,TV Seoul-..............-. 78 Women's News........... 3B Making It Balance By W. DALE, NELSON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Supreme Court held a brief ceremonial session today to mark its return from summer recess to a docket whose more than cases raise issues ranging from the death penal- ly to presidential impound- ment of funds. Chief Justice Warren E. Burger presided at the five- minule ceremony, which was followed by the admission of 14 lawyers to practice before the court, the only .business of the day. Burger had his right ring finger in a cast, the only visi- ble sign of injuries he received .in a bicycle accident lasl month. The court plans lo spent! Ihe rest of the week in closed con- ferences considering a record 992 requests for action. Last, year the total was 976. The court will announce decisions on some .of these matters on its first decision day, Oct. 15. Most of them are appeals, which the court decide whclher to hear. They are among 'about petitions for hearing that were filed during Ihe summer recess. The court already had more than such requests pend- ing at the end of its last term. The court already has agreed'to hear 89 cases begin- ning ncxl week. Among the cases it js ex- pected to schedule for argu- ment later are. the appeals of seven men condemned to die for murder and rape in North Carolina. The court ruled more than two years ago that the death penalty as then.' carried out was 'unconstitutional. The North Carolina Supreme Court, that this invalidated only that portion of the stale's dealh penally law that' made the penally op- tional with Ihe jury. The state's courts have continued to mete out death sentences by treating'the law'as manda- tory. Lawyers for the NAACP Le- gal .Defense Kund, which is appealing on behalf of Ihe <le- fendanls, most of whom are black, have contended that North Carolina courts arc un- constitutionally evading the Supreme Court ruling. They also argue that capital punish- ment is unconstitutional under any kind of law because it is cruel and unusual punishment. Presidential impoundments, struck down by lower federal courts in a number of. cases, will.coma before Ihe Supreme CouVl' for the first lime connection with a New York City, dispute- The city chal- lenged former ['resident liich- arrt M. Nixon's action in -with- holding billion appropriated by Congress for water pollu- tion control. Consulate Activity Spurs Speculation By IKE FLORES Associated Press Writer SANTO DOMINGO, Domini- can Republic (AP) A flurry of police activity at the Vene- zuelan consulate, where leftist terrorists have been holed up an American diplomat and six other hostages for 10 days, spurred speculation to- day that the siege may be Hearing an'end. Dominican authorities moved dozens of newsmen, photographers and television camera crews almost out of sight of Ihe two-story consu- late Sunday. Police and a special army unit cleared a two-block area around the building, and three vehicles drove onto the consu- late grounds through an adja- cent churchyard. But there was no'sign of activity from.inside, cither by the half-dozen terrorists of the hostages. The hostages include Barbara" 47, 'head of Ihe U.S. Information Serv- ice in Santo Domingo. Dominican police earlier called for the unconditional surrender of the leftist rebels, who claim allegiance to the Clearing Skies Expected Tuesday Although drizzle and cool' temperatures are expected to last through Monday nighl, forecasters at the National Weather Service said .Monday that clearing skies and warm- er temperatures are due Tues-. day. Weatherman Darrell Craw- ford said the front, which has caused the chilly morning lows and the probabilly of light rain, would move south- ward. Clearing usually takes place once a front' has. -moved through the area, he said. Only, a--trace of' rain was --recorded'at Airport: The morning low was 52 degrees, he said. Jim. 12 Movement. It had been reported that the government of President Joaquin Balagucr had agreed to lei the terrorists leave the Dominican Republic, bill the govennnenl had de- nied Ihis. The hostages, also including two Venezuelan consular offi- cials, a Spanish priest, two Dominican secretaries and a messenger, received food ra- tions as usual and were re- ported in good condition. On Sept. 27., after Miss- Hutchison was seized and tak- en lo the Venezuelan mission, the terrorist leader, Rad- hiimes Mendez Vargas, called newspapers and radio stations to announce the takeover. He demanded 51 million, 37 politi- cal prisoners and safe conduct out o[ the country for all. Last Thursday lie dropped the icash demands and made an' undisclosed cutback in the number of prisoners h'e want- ed freed. Ten of the 37 prisoners on the list said they wanted noth- ing lo do with Mendcz and would not leave their cells to go with him. Mendez, 32, is a self-styled Jlaoisl who once Venezuelan airliner to Cuba. Married and father of two daughters, Mendez served four years of a 20-year sentence and was released seven months ago. The Jan. 12 Movement' was founded by a prisoner wtio heads Ihe list of convicts Mcn- dez wants freed. The move- ment is said by diplomatic and security officers to num- ber no more than 25 to 30 members. Chile Buying U. S. Fighters By WILLIAM F. NICHOLSON Associated Press Writer SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) Chile is buying supersonic jet fighters and close air support attack planes from the United States 'for possible. .defense against Peru, sources say. The purchases are part of a multimillion dollar arms-deal between Washington and Chile's ruling junta, according to diplomatic and other sources. The deal was confirmed by a high source in the Chilean air .force, who also said they were for defense against at- tack from Peru. But officials of both Chile and Peru said they want-to maintain peace- ful relations. Marxists in the Peruvian military are not friendly to- ward the junta in Santiago, which, o v c r t h r c w Marxist President Salvador Allende and took power 13 months ago. The sources said Chile is buying IS F5E Freedom fight- ers, the latest model of a fighter designed for the air forces of developing countries by Nortlirup Aviation Co. of Hawthorne, Calif. The total cost is about million. Chilean air force pilots are flying training models in the United Stales while awaiting delivery, expected in about two years. Sources also say the junta is purchasing 36 A37I3 close air support attack planes. These are built by Cessna and were by American pilots in Vietnam. Each plane .costs about Although Chile's first A37Bs are not expected until March, Chile already has a (raining model in use at its air force academy. In Washington, a Defense Department spokesman said only that any such deal is an- nounced by "the country mak- ing the not by Washington. WEATHER U-5. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE No No no I Weather Service [Wealher Map, Pg. 3-A) ABILENE AND VTCIMITY (10 mile radius) Cloudy orxi coaler a chunce of llghl rain and drliiie today, Considerable cloudiness and cooler to- night. Clearing find warmer Tuesday. Northerly 7 lo 12 becoming easterly 5 lo IS mph Tuesday. High lodoy in mid fflt, Lav; tonfatit near SO. HiOh Tuesday In mid 70s. prababllily of rafn 30 per conl today. High and low far 74 hours ending p.m.: 80 or.d 52. Hich and low same dote last year: 84 and 60. sunset tonlghl: Sunrise lamorrow: Ford Meet With French Set Dec. U PARIS (AP) -French Pre- sident Valcry d'Estaing will meet for IJie first lime with President Ford on Martinique in December, Ihe Elysee Palace announced today. The summit, on Ihe F.Vench island in the Caribbean will be Dec. 14-16, beginning a week after 'Giscard is to be host to Soviet Communist party lead- er Leonid I. Brezhnev in Par- is. IL will be the first meeting of fYench and American chiefs of stale since the late President Georges Pompidou and former President Diehard II. Nixon went to Iceland in May 1973, No important differences mar.relations between France and Ihe United Stales, al- two countries have been taking a diffe.-cnl ap- proach to the energy crisis. France has held back from joining ihc 12-nation group of energy consumers sponsored by Secretary of Slate Henry A. For Elderly on Fixed Income No Inflation Corners to Cut Mr. and Mrs. Carl Roach work at on how people .on fixed incomes can cope with balancing the checkbook in their home inflation, Roach said, "There aren't aliy corners at 143'0 S. 12th. Asked for suggestions to (Staff Photo by Don Blakley) By GARY BALDRIDGE Reporter-News Slaff Writer An elderly couple living on a fixed in- come has "no corners to cut" in trying to cope with inflation- Such is the experience of Mr.'and Mrs. Carl Uoach of 1430 S. 12Ui. "Every week we go to Ine grocery store .Ihe prices are Mrs. .Koach said. She noted tlial a year ago a five- pound bag of sugar cost 85 cents and now it's over Roach is stricken with Parkinson's dis- ease, and Mrs. Roach has high blood pres- sure. THEIR MEDICINE bill ranges from 530 to 560 per month. About three years ago the coaple sold a 1D69 Rambler when Roach learned of his affliction. Now they walk to the store, and if they need to go very far they catch a bus. One week they pay the house insurance, another week they pay for Ihe litlte bit of life and health insurance they can afford. Without food stamps ttie Roaches say they couldn't afford Ihose trips lo the gro- cery store. They would have to seek help from their three children, who live in oth- er parts of the country. Living With lnflation-2 Roach receives per month from Social Security, and his wife gets ?70. Despite Ihc difficulties, the Roaches are thankful Cor what they do have, for "what health we've got." AND THE HARD limes they [ace now are not as bad as some in the past. Mrs. Roach, who was not covered by insurance at the lime, was hospitalized for four years In the late '4te and early 'fOs wilh cancer. Doctors had given up on her; thoy told her husband all they could do was pray. More than two decades later, the Roach- es are looking forward to their 50th wed- ding anniversary on Nov. 10. "So the Lord's really been good lo she said. "I've always heard that the Lord will only put as much of a burden on you as you can bear." Asked for advice they would give lo olhcr elderly couples approaching retire- ment and a fixed income, they said there were tew ways to cut corners. Mrs. Hoach said all one can do is "just live within the budget." Her husband add- ed a warning: "If you don't have a nest egg you're in bad shape." THEY HAVKN'T been able Lo keep any savings for long. Just recently they were faced wilh a plumbing bill. "But if you dwell on Iliings like that it would drive you Mrs. Hoach said. Thai's why they go to Ihe Senior Cilizens Recreation Center in Rose Park. "We gel food for our body and our she said with a laugh. The center offers noon meals for senior citizens, as well as all-day recreational activities. She makes her quilts while talking wilh Ihe other women, and her 71-year-old hus- band, a retired handyman who worked for the Windsor Hotel, stays busy with var- ious handicrafts. He has made pillow lops and hot-plate holders. Roach wants to keep bis arms active as therapy for his illness, lie continues to be in good spirits, despite a doctor's report that he will gel progressively worse and will not be able lo feed himself two years from now. But he doesn't complain. He's thankful for what he still has, especially his wife of nearly SO years. "You he said, "we're still sweet-