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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - July 28, 1974, Abilene, Texas ®he Abilene Jknorter 'WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS 94TH YEAR, NO. 41 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 28. 1974— ONE HUNDRED PAGES IN NINE SECTIONS Tic State Sales Tai loc DAILY 25c SUNDAYImpeachment Proposal on Way to House Floor By DONALD M. ROTHBERG Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Judiciary Committee recommended Saturday night the removal of Richard M. Nixon as 37th President for having “prevented, obstructed and impeded administration of justice” in the Watergate coverup. Their faces grim, several streaked with tears, committee members voted 27 to ll to approve a nine-part article accusing the Republican President of violating his “constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed....” Action still must be taken oil other impeachment articles, but the issue already is on its way to the House of Representatives. Nixon, through a spokesman at the Western White House, said he would be vindicated bv the full House. “He is confident because he knows he has committed no impeachable offense,” a White House statement said. Vice Ives idem Gerald R. Ford agreed, saying that “on the facts” the House will vote down impeachment. A > ■A \A- Off to 'Seventh Heaven?' Fred Stella ol Midland surveys his “runway" as he    off from Arrow Ford about 7:30 a.m.    Saturday, and,    after prepares to go aloft in a lighter than air eratt. a    a few stops, ended his balloon trip about two hours    later “Seventh Heaven ' balloon. Stella a former Abilenean    in a held near Wylie. Story Page 14A.    (Stall Photo by    John who runs an automobile dealership in Midland, took    Best! 4 Convicts Now Carrasco Hostages B\ JIM BARLOW    nine civilians, authorities said.    lur said the status of prisoners    clear. Associated Press Writer    They    are held in a revolt    Steven Robert son, Henry -U    Earlier Saturday, two of ih° HUNTSVILLE,Tex. (Apt -    initiated by Fred Gomez Car-    Kseamilloa, Ftorencio Vera    civilian    hostages made    fresh Four of the seven convicts    rasco, 34, an underworld nar-    and Martin Cuiroz has been    appeals    to authorities to    come barricaded in a prison library    cuties boss and three-time los-    changed    to hostage.    to their aid. since Wednesday are now con-    er serving a life sentence for    Carrasco    and    six    other    pus-    Carrasco    said he couldn't s;dcrod hostages of the other    assault to murder, and by Ig-    oners stayed behind Wednes*    give officials “too much    more three, a prison official said    nacio Cuevas, 42, a convicted    day when Carrasco brandished    time.” Saturday.    murderer,    and Rudy Donim-    a pistol, shot *a guard and took    He told a newsman over the That made a total of 15 per-    27*    convicted    of    attempt-    over the library.    telephone: “The hour is grow- sons considered hostage, in-    ®d murder.    t'ntil    Saturday, the status of *n8 nenr-    sa^ the hoccluding a priest, a guard and    Prison spokesman Hon Tay-    four of the prisoners was un-    tages “are starting to break down. The hostages are star*- One of 3 Holding Hostages victs on Saturday, have of- *    rn * rn a rn %    la    rn    Ivied the inmates their free- Convicted in Winters Murder mands have varied and the Bv SUSIE STOLER    inson, Dominguez had not    currently reside.    authorities* offers have been Rrporter-Ncws Staff Writer    talked    on the phone much to    Mthough    prison officials are    rejected. Three of the convicts fine of the three convicts    either newsmen or prison oiii-    not sure of any    outside rela-    reportedly have weapons, continuing to control the life    t,als'    tionship between Dominguez    Carrasco    pulled a gun in the .nd death situation of 13 lins-    However, Saturday morning    ‘<nd convict leader Ired Coin-    prison library just after mid- t ices in the Texas De Dan-    hun Taylor, prison informa-    « Carrasco, speculation    has    day Wednesday, shot a guard nient of Corrections in Hunts-    tlon director, described Dom-    centered around the tact    thai    in the toot and took 12 hos- v.Ile is serving time stemming    inguez as "a little uptight and    both men once lived in    San    ta#es — most of them middle- front a 1972 murder conviction    a little bn nervous” following    Antonio at the same    time    aged teachers and librarians in Ballinger    a Ph<>n<‘ conversation.    briefly.    employed by the prison sys- Rudolfo Dominguez V \\h    In    addition to the Ballinger    Officials    also cannot confirm    tem. found fruit!V of murder* With    conviction, Dominguez is sen-    cr deny whether Dominguez    Carrasco    later released two malice'’in tho shooting death    J    sentence    for    at-    took active pal t »n the plan    of the hostages — the wound- <>f lames DeBerrv on Au" 12    tempted murder in San Antu-    lor the rebellion    or if lie    was    ed guard and *a male teacher IQT* in Winters and sen-    mo w here his wife and mother    ‘ caught up” in tile action.    who suffered a heart attack. tclued to KH years in the -  ~--- The Rev Joseph O’Brien, a state penitentiary.    Inciflfi    ToflflV    Roman Cathobc priest who DeBerry, superintendent of     3_    *r ^ ac’t a* a gobetween, a Winters grain mill, was la-    —    .    .    entered the library on rhurs- tallv wounded in the chest and    A    day and has not returned. Au- stomach bv shots from a 22    Al    XjUIUG lUf INCvVCv/f77Cf5    thonties have said they con- caliber revolver atter two men    ,    hlmu    u h<faf- but a re- had (ailed him over to a car    „ 4<inm#k    Amusements......1-2B    porter who talked to the ^apio the mill parking lot and    fAlVE1W    -    kmtm HMmk  JA    lives and the inmates on Sit- onened fire    11    Berry $ World ..    4A    uraav said they claimed the Opened Iirt.    Bi* Country Calendar    3B    nriPvt uhn i<c lim nricnn The second man in the car    ~    Books................. 3B    ' a0 ,s ,11e Pnsot was no-billed by the grand    J    Bridie    . 2B chaplain — was remaining iii jury    I ^    \    \    Business News ..    20A    Hie prison of his own free will. „ U i,nz»re rz.vi    if4 **    t    Classified .....7-UC    About    60 convicts were in ,    '    f    .h    n    JLI    Crossword Futile    .    .. 6A    library    when the trouble L w '    -Ct    /    Mitofioi*.......JA    started. All but six besides Beriy shooting, bas bt en pin-    %    M    Form News ........21A ramcrn l^ft pointed by Huntsville officials    Horoscope ----...    12A    On.    if    ll as being responsible for firing    Hospital Patients    9A    e    of ^ h ii ^ ’ } the shot that injured hostage    #    Jumble Pui*ie........ UA    Robinson, 3a, told newsmen bv Ronald Robinson in the shout-    M.*«.    IMO*    elephone    Saturday that    lie der Friday    Obituorics    BA    had called two state represent- • I could have killed von if I Even if you're not a new-    ••    ••    ••    *f?    alives to enlist their aid ut I could haw hti.cd J I ti l    .    today Newcom-    JI,Her Chon,.    IB    pressuring Gov. Dolph BrmiOS wanted to,’ prison officials    corner Today . (Newcom Saltine *ha Setae    IB    ami nrisnn av<tem nffiHala Iii quoted Dominguez as having    er Guide will appeal to Sport,    1-6,    UC    Xfaff told Robinson following the    you. Section F.    Texas .. .    3B    obtain the hostages ideas.. Shinline annuent Iv triggered    Thi* Week    West T«*«    31    ,!o sald Bnscoe telePhoned shooting, appar    gg    a nude munU hn« nn un Today in History ..... 3B    the hostages on Thursday. by a wrong move by the hos- A Clyde couplet has on irn-    To Yeur Good Heolth 11A    Woodman, another tage.    usual    work car. o lyjz    tv Tab .....1-161 Frior to the shooting of Rob-    Rolls-Royce. Pg. 15A.    Women's News.....1-12D    See CARRASCO, Pg. ILA, Col I The formal roll call in the hushed committee room came just moments after the 38 member's had. by a similarly wide margin, adopted an a rn e n d rn e n t refining the charges against Nixon. All 21 Democrats were joined by 6 Republicans in af firming the article. Eleven Republicans opposed it. Thus, for only the second time in the Republic’s 198 years, a committee of Congress recommended removal of the nation's highest officer. The outcome was announced by Chairman Peter W. Rodino Jr., IVX J., al precisely 7:05 p.m. PDT His words were swift and formal: “Pursuant to the resolution. Article One of that See ARTH LE, Pg. It A. Col. I 'No Joy' in Impeachment Vote, Sponsor of Article Says By JIM ADAMS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (A P) -Democrats and Republicans who voted to recommend Pre-s dent Nixon's impeachment Saturday night called it a grave and sobering decision but Nixon’s backers on the House Judiciary Committee predicted better odds in the full House. “When you get right down to easting that vote you realize what a grave and serious thing it is," said Rep. Paul S. Sarbanes, D-Md., chief sponsor of the Watergate cover-up impeachment article approved 27 to ll. Texas Democrat Barbara Jordan, who voted with Sar-banes, said, “There were tears among the men and women of the committee behind the doors and off the cameras after the vote was announced.” Sarbanes said after weeks of weighing the evidence on Watergate. abuse of power and “how the public trust has been violated,” he had no choice but to carry the impeachment article. “But there is no joy in it." he said. One of Nixon's chief backers. Rep. Delbert L. Latta. R-Ohio, sa d chances are good the lull House will not approve impeachment articles from the Judiciary Committee. “If you want my candid opinion. I never thought they (Nixon and his aides) had a chance in this committee.” Latta said. Hen. Charles W. Sandman Jr.. R-N.J. one of the President's most ardent defenders in the committee, said there is no way to know what will happen between now* and Aug. 22 when the House is tentatively scheduled to vote on impeachment. “As badly as a lot of people dislike Nixon, there are a lot of people w ho don't want their President moved out of office.” Sandman ‘nod. “And no one knows how that is going to develop." Sarbanes would not attempt to predict the outcome in the See VOTE, Pg. UA, I ol .» Mansfield Ready To Discuss Trial Bv CARL P. LEIBSDOKF Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (Apl Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said Saturday he will meet Monday with Minority Leader Hugh Scott to launch formal Senate preparations for an imneachment trial of President Nixon. “The line of demarcation has been reached,” Mansfield said as the House Judiciary Committee voted approval of an article of impeachment charging Nixon with joining in the Watergate cover-up. Earlier in the day, the Montana Democrat had told reporters, “lf the House committee votes affirmatively, I think we ll have reached the watershed where FII have to go to Scott and we ll have to get down to brass tacks." Mansfield said that up to Saturday, “we've been doing a lot of work individually, bul we haven t been coordinating our efforts.” Formal Senate decisions en impeachment trial procedures. Mansfield said, won't come until the House actually votes for articles of impeachment and sends them to the Senate for trial. The day after a House \otr he said, the Senate will hold an executive, or closed, session “and we'll put to the Senate our recommendations. “The Senate is the sole mas ter of its procedures,” Mansfield said, with a majority vote determining rules, timing and other things, including ihe role of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, who will preside Mansfield said, however, films no doubt (hat any Senate verdict will be binding. “The Senate will be the final court," he said. "There will be no appeal iii any way from the Senate's verdict." Preparations for a Senate trial have been under way. in secret, for some time. In addition to individual senators, the two party policy committees and top Senate oft leers have been drawing recommendations. Close inspection Second classman Steve Maguire    inspects Ivy Barton, one of 15 women    wh    are members of the Class of ‘78 at the    Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point.    \ Y    ,    the lirst U.S. service academy to accept women. They oificiallv get sworn into    the    Merchant Marines on Acceptance Day,    Aug. 31. Story, Pg. BA. (AP Wirephoto! ;

  • Barbara Jordan
  • Charles W. Sandman Jr.
  • Delbert L. Latta
  • Dolph Brmios
  • Gerald R. Ford
  • Hon Tay
  • Hugh Scott
  • Ivy Barton
  • Jim Barlow
  • Martin Cuiroz
  • Mike Mansfield
  • Paul S. Sarbanes
  • Peter W. Rodino Jr.
  • Richard M. Nixon
  • Ronald Robinson
  • Rudolfo Dominguez
  • Rudy Donim
  • Steve Maguire
  • Steven Robert
  • Susie Stoler
  • Warren E. Burger

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Issue Date: July 28, 1974