Sunday, June 23, 1974

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Abilene, Texas "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES W E SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT 94TH YEAR, NO. 6 PHONE ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 23, 1974 -SEVfcNTY-SIX PAGES IN SIX SECTIONSJ SUNDAY -He Sl.te Sale. New Minter Park to Feature Large Waterfall A large walerfiill will be the center ot inlerest in the Vera Hall Minter Park, downtown, the AKlene Kwanis Faunda- tion announced'Salurday. At the same time, the Foun- dation announced the 'estimat- ed cost of the park at and invited contributions from the public to finance it. THE PARK will be built cji the site of the Queen Theater which is now being demo- lished. It is at the comer of N. Kiwanis Foundation Invites Donations tor Goal 2nd and Cypress Sis The waterfall Mill be 34 feet long and will cascade from a height of 16 feet down a wall on the east side of .the park, said Ed Wishoamper, presi- dent of the Abilene Kiwanis Foundation which is develop- ing the project. The founda- tion is affiliated with the Abi- lene Kiwanis Club, ;tbe park sponsor. Wishcamper saui the exist- ing east and north ;walls of the theater will be left standing for use in Uie part The wall's will be attractively finished witt lath and plaster. A lOSMJTTEK headed by Mrs. Frances (Maurice) Brooks designed the park plan and compiled the cost esti- mate. Other members are Bob Jim Tittle and Bill Beaird. All are members1 of a nine-member Kiwanis Founda- tion- Task' Force responsible for the park. The task force, which includes all six. mem- bers of the Kiwanis Founda- tion Board, approved the plan. will generate' 900 gallons of water a minute, falling inlo a collecting pool. The water will recirculalc. Underwater lighls will illumi- nate Ihe waterfall. "The park plan, including (he spectacular said Wishcamper, ex- ceeds any hopes we had when we initiated this project.. ll'e said we wanted a park with a fountain, planters, walkways, benches, trees and plantings. When the professionals sal down at their drawing board with this idea, they crealed a concept of beauty we did not know was possible." Full grown live oak trees will be transplanted lo Ihe park, outlining it' along bulb Cypress and N. 2nd Sis. Two identical raised brick pliintcrs will bring symmetry to the park and provide space for flowers. Each planter will lie square, and'sirnxmiuled by benches. Walkways will be ot washed aggregate. I'UVI'lNliS will cover all the park site not used for walkways and the waterfall collecting pool. Tlie K i w a n i s Foundation hunched a fund drive in mid- May and through last Wednes- day's weekly luncheon contri- butions totaled Wishcamper said: "Except for a few individual contributions, this money has been given in respose to See I'ARK, Pg: Col. I No U.S. Arms Going To Egypt-K issinger Two Los Angeles police officers, Joe Apodaca and Ray beach near Los Angeles. The beach detail uniforms con- Jeff Pntchard, wear new beach uniforms complete sist of blue shorts, white T shirts and sneakers (AP Wire- ________with sidearms patrol a bikeway at Playa.del phoio) r Trip Home Was Tale of 2 Cabbie Witnesses Second One; Charges Victim RICHMOND, Va. (AP) It cost Thomas Gordon ?421 lo gel home Friday night: He was mugged twice. Tile sec- ond time the cab driver watched and then took him home and charged him Gordon, 60, a pastry cook at St. Mary's Hospilal, said his problems began at about p.m. when he couldn't get a cab to slop for him at a down- town bus terminal. "This guy came up to me and told me he could gel a he said. "I followed him and he and another guy who jumped from an alley took from my front pocket. "I begged them to leave me my glasses and my wallet, so (hey threw1; them down in the he said. Gordon said he had {14 staffed into a se- cret compartment in the wal- let. After reporting the mugging to police, he went back to the bos terminal and finally Woman Takes No Chances With Shell Under Cushion EASTLAND (RNS) A bomb disposal squad from Ft. Hood was summoned to East- land Saturday afternoon when what appeared to be a 60 mm morter shell was fonnd. under the cushion of a living room couch in Ihe apartment of Mrs. Barbara Blackmon. Mrs. Blackmon said she found the object Saturday morning while straightening up the apartment she had just moved into. She then immedi- ately notified Police Chief v Johnnie Morm, who called Ft. Hood to send a bouib crew to Eastlaad. Morren said at first he thought the shell could have been <me of many souvenirs of the Vietnam War Ihnt some ex-GI had probably left at the apartment. Mrs. Blackmon said she carefully laid the object on a waitress and left it alone at Morren's instructions until l.l. I.arry Sawyer and Sp. Barry Kipsch of the 47th Ordnance Itelachmcnt at Ft. Hood ar- rived by helicopter. The ordnance experts identi- fied the shell as a training round. They described it as. harmless, bat said that Chief Morren and Mrs. Blackmon had acted properly since it is sometimes difficult lo distin- guish a live shell from a train- ing round. l.t. Sawyer said that a lot of dangerous ammunition has been brought back to the slates since the end of the Vietnam war, resulting in sev- eral accidental deaths from improper handling. Abott a training rounds similar to the one found Satur- day in Eastland have turned up in the area recently, l.t. Walters said, adding that Ihej- may have come from Ft. Wof- lers at Mineral Wefls. down a cab. But he said another man jumped an the cab too and asked to be taken to an ad- dress a few blocks away. "I ranted to go home so bad I told the driver to go ahead and take the other man and then take me home." Bot when the cab reached the other man's destination he and two men who were wait- Ing there pulled Gordon from the cab and beat him. taking his wallet and the He said the cab driver Just watched. Gorton reported the second mugging to police at 12tJO a.m. and climbed back hito the cab. The cab driver took him home and charged him S6.K for the ride. Gordon went inside for money, gave the driver and loW him to keep the change. "t jnst had a bad Gorton said. By BARRY SCHWE11) Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) _ Sec- retary of State Henry A. Kis- singer has assured Israel .thiit the United Stales does not contemplate selling arms to Kgypt or Syria, U.S. and Js- raeli officials said Saturday. The assurances were given lo Israeli ambassador Simcha Dinitz in a one-hour meeting Friday at the State Depart- ment with Kissinger. Meanwhile, Israeli defense minister Shimon Peres planned an arrival here Mon- day lo work out a mnltibil- lion-dollar, long-term program for U.S. military ant! ecbnom- to Israel-lie will see Kissinger before the secre- tary leaves with President Nixon on his Moscow summit trip Tuesday. Peres will also confer with Defense Secretary James R. Schlesinger, according to' an announcement Saturday from the Israeli embassy. Kissinger and Dinitz agreed last week in Jerusalem that (hey would meet here arms question before the se- cretary went off for the sum- mit talks. Israel has been concerned ebout U.S. intentions in light of the accelerated friendship between Washington and Ihe two Arab states thai invaded Israel last October. Relations with the United States, broken off by Cairo Md Damascus in 1967, have been restored. Nixon is asking Congress for million in economic aid for Egypt in (he fiscal year beginning July I and is seeking an additional JtOO million conlingengency fund that U.S. officials say could be used for rehabilita- tion in SjTia. Israel has depended heavily in the last decade on U.S. military and economic aid. Virtually isolated even by for- mer Western Israel depended on a massive supply of Phantom jcls and other American gear to defend itself last October. Some U.S. officials say pri- vately lhat liie Jewish stale was running out of ammuni- tion and would have suc- cumbed without tte American airlift. While touring Ihe Middle East earlier Ihis month. Nixon promised Egyptian President Anwar Sadat LID American nu- clear read or for development of atomic energy for peaceful uses. He Iheit made a similar pledge to Israel, bul several members of Congress ex- pressed alarm. An Ggypliau technical team was here this week to draw up a contract to be signed by June 30 for the nuclear assis- tance. Couple Awakes From Nap, Finds Companion Dead 'An Abilene couple awoke from a trap which turned into a nightmare Saturday, when they discovered the body of a companion dead on Highway 84, approximately 75 miles west of Abilene. Mr. arid Mrs. Chalrie Marsh of Abilene told investigators lhal they found Itielianl Glcjin Barker, 18, of 1J42 N. 6tli dead on the highway, apparently struck by a vehicle, after tlie threesome had pulled over to sleep in a pickup track. Barker was pronounced dead at a.m. Saturday by Justice of the Peace Rowland Dunwody after the couple had driven with Ihe body lo the Tye Truck Stop and phor.ed officials. OFFICIAL RULrXC on (he cause of death is jxmding an autopsy ordersd by Dunwody. Until the autopsy report is completed, there'is no way of Inside Today Stamford Art Show Upcoming The Stamford Art Founda- tion will hold its first show and sale July 1-4 in conjunction with the an- nual Texas Cowboy Re- union. Pp. IB, 11D. Abilene's construction is proceeding at a moderate pace thus far in 1974, but a late upsurge could moke this o big year. Pg. Uncle Som is Lois Dunlop, a true believer in the American system. Pg. 4B. Ernti Grinfer 31 Country Calendar...... 31 Cknsrfxd 7.14C Horatcwc Peticnti JumMt Punk HA Setting IB inn 4( TVu In West 46 Hhlarr 16A To Good Health UA TV Trt Wswcn's RICHARD BARKER found on higiway Idling how long Barker was dead before the couple discov- ered him on the highway, Capl. Otis Wiley of the-Taylor County Sheriff's office said. Barker and the couple were returning to Abiicnc from an evening at a Lubbock club Friday night the Marshes told officers. The Taylor County. Sheriff's office, Texas Rangers, Depart- ment of Public Safely officials anil Snydcr aulhorities were collaborating on Ihe investiga- tion Saturday. "We haven't found the exact location of (lie Wil- ey said. He added that investi- gators are looking for a-vehi-.- cle, although "we don't know if it's a truck or car." FUXER.U, FOR Barker will be at 3 p.m. Monday nt North's Memorial Chapel, 2-12 Orange. The Rev. Tom Xipp, DEATH. 1'3' WJ.KH-S Htw. 1-12D SetDEATlf, Pg. 6.V. Ethiopian Group Frees American Nurse ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia Eritrean Drovince. ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) of a guerril- la independence movement re- leased a pregnant American missionary' nurse nnharmed Saturday after holding her for 27 (lays in Ihe wilderness. Deborah Dortrfwch, 2J, of Freehold, N..f., said, "I'm all right. T feel tine" after'Dik- ing alone into Massawa, a Red Sea port 459 miles north of neve. She is, six months preg- nant. Mrs. Dortzbach telephoned her missionary husbard. Karl, and was (hen flown to an emo- tional reunion with him at As- mara, the capital of northern Eritrean province. Karl's father, the Rev. El- mer Dortzbach, mid at his home in a suburb ot Denver, Colo., that what the couple did next would depend on Debo- rah's physical comfitioii. "They may leave for a week in Europe or come home for a week or so of he said. But he added that he understood 'Mrs. Dortzbach had been well cared for by her capiors. The nurse said her faith kept her going during the four weeks she was held by the Kritrean Liberatim! F r o The prwp gave to reason for her release. Three Americans and two Canadians kidnaped on an oil exploration misMon in Eritrea three months ago are still held. Mrs. Dortzbach was taken hostage May 2? at the mis- sionary hospital at Ghinda, 25 miles from Asmara, where she and her husband worked. A Dtrtch nurse, Anna Sticfc- werda, 54, was killed. Mrs. Dorlzbach is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. William W. Mull of Freehold. The Rev. Mr. Mull, said of his his daughter's release: "It's joit tremendous, it's wonderful." The pastor of Ihe Freehold Bible Fellowship Church said a State Department official, Brace Reynolds, told him and his wife on Friday negotia- tions were improving and their daughter might be re- leased Ihis weekend. "We'd heard a lot of rumors and the last letter we received from Kar! wasn't optimistic. But Mr. Reynolds told us to believe he said. "And boy do we believe him now." The minister added: "Deb- bie decided it was God's will lhat she go there and she was in His hands and thankfully He lias broughl her back safe- ly." The Rev. Mr. Mull, Ihe fa- ther of nine, incMing two sets of twins, said "Debbie picked Ifie wrong weekend to gel kidnaped we had a tri- ple graduation that week." The guerrillas have been fighting for the independence of Eritrea tor 10 years but recently stepped up their acti- vities. They at- tacked vehicles on the road between Asmara and Massa- wa after widespread mutinies in Ihe Elhiopian military. Mrs. bortzbsch said she had been irealed well. There were different versions of her re- lease but one account said she had been left on the outskirts of Massawa after a four-day camel ride. Another said she walked under surveillance for two. or three days lo the city. There wns no report of con- ditions attached to her release but reliable sources said the guerillas had originally asked ransom but scaled it tlov.n 10 fio.COO. The sources sail! the money request was eventually abandoned and medical supplies were de- manded instead to counter See NURSE, Pj, 6A, I