Friday, March 15, 1974

Abilene Reporter News

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 15, 1974, Abilene, Texas gftlene "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT Byron 93RD YEAR, NO. 271 PHONE 873-4271 AB1LENK, TKXAS, 79604, FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 15, PACKS INM'OUR SECTIONS Associated 1'rest (If) Few Know, But Many Watch for Heidi RBC IS HEIDI? Ily JIM KLAHN Assucialer! Press Writer SEATTLE fAP) Few know little Heidi, but seldom a day goes by 'thai hundreds of shop- pers, working people and schoolchildren don't watch for her face in the crowd. The 4-year-old daughter of Mr. 'and Mrs. Hoy Peterson lias been missing since Feb. 21 and police say they are sure she was abduclcd. "I used to tell her, every night when 1 lucked her in, -Re- member Heidi, whatever hap- pens, mommy and daddy 'al- ways love said tliu mother of the little girl with it winning smile. The" caring and concern arc not the Petersons' alone. Thou- sands of volunteer housewives, students, boy scouts, merchants and laborers have mobilized in the search.-Heidi has become almost a family member in many households. An initial and massive search turned up no sign of her. Un- daunted, hundreds of house- wives began covering the cily with posters bearing the picture and description of the girl. Nearly leaflets have been distributed and the search is spreading to other towns and cities of the Northwest and the nation. "There's probably been more response on this case Itian any other I've been on in 16 said police Detective Hill Baughman, one of two officers assigned fiilllime to Heidi's case. In schools, children take a lesson In be careful of stran- gers and offer a prayer For Heidi. Police, merchants and shoppers spent an afternoon downtown hunting without re- sults alter a man said he thought lie -had seen the girl with an older woman. At the Peterson home, over- looking Hie boats 1'iivlage Ray and 'with the Cascade. Mountains in Hie background, the waiting is hard. The bald- ing Peterson, carpenler by Irade and Swedish by descent, holds his wife's hand. She is 'X and wonders if it isn't harder because she he-came a mother relatively late. They tell themselves their daughter is safe. Peterson says bluntly, 'These are hopes, but KIMS, 2A I Exec's Whereabouts Remain a Mystery HUKNOS AIKICS, Arseiilina I API The of American oil executive Victor SaiiHielson remained a mys- tery today despite payment four (lays ago of a record SI4.2 million ransom to Marxist guerrillas for his release. II .was not known, if the Pen- ]i I c 's Army (Elil'i were still holding His refinery manager from Cleveland. Ohio, or if he had been released and secret- ly flown abroad. Officials of Ksso Argentina, Samuclsoivs employer and a subsidiary of Exxon, would say only that they would make no' immediate statement when Samuelson was released. They implied the -announcement would come from Kxxon's New York headquarters. Police sources said they hail no information that he hail been freed. There was also no information from Sumuelson's wife, who was sent to the United States in mid-January SEAUCII FOli lUUCillTUH GOKS ON for Mr. and Pelcrson of Seattle the alternative is certainly very grim." Heidi was apparently taken a couple of weeks alter the well publicized kidnaping of Patricia Hearst, and Mrs. Pe-lcrson compared her sftnnlion In that of the Hearst family. "Al least they know she's being held. We don't. They have a terrible fear In live with, but we don'l even have Ihal. If I knew" .someone had her Ihal would lie fantastic Airs. Peterson last saw her daughicr the afternoon of Feb. 21 as Heidi and brother Carl, played in front of the mod- est family home. Mrs. Peterson left for a short trip to the gro- cery store. Within 15 minutes her hus- band stepped outside the house In check on hip children and found Carl sitting on his tricycle, alone and with a long face. "Heidi said the boy. Seasonal Advice Offered on Twisters As the tornado season begins again, Staff Writer Joe Dacy II gives the. weather experts' views on what makes the whirling winds tick and what the oublic con <Jo to ovoid injury from deadly twisters. Page IB. Amusements 8C Business Mirror 2A Bridge 6A Classified 1-8D Comics 'C Edilcrids 4A Horoscope 'C Hospilal Polienls 9A Obiluories 3A Spcrls '-''C To Your Good Health IOC Travel JC TV Lop 8C TV Sccut Women's News 2 SB Jacobsen Pleads Innocent to Lying n.s. WEATHER DEPARTMENT Of COMMERCE National Weather service Map, Pg. ABILENE AND VICINITY Wmilr radius) cloudy oltcrnoon ond lonioM. Cooler lonigM. Cltor lo perl- Iv cloudv and mild Solurdoy. Soulhwlv v'jnds 1C lo M mph becoming norlhcrly ol 10 lo ;o mph toriflhl. Hilh (his outvnoon in Ihe low 70s. Low loniflM in 115 mirf 401. Hiph Salurdoy in Ihc iCs. High and lovj for U hour! ending 9 11 and 51. High and IDVJ some dale lusl yetir: 61 Ily DONALD AI. ItOTHBKIlG Associated Wriler WASHINGTON (API A Texas lawyer pleaded innit- cent today lo a charge he lied In a Watergate grand jury about dairy industry money. Jake Jacoksen, 51. o[ Aus- lin, was indicted on Feb. 24 on a charge of lying when he told (he grand jury he lei SlO.nuO from a dairy indnslry group remain in a bank safe deposit box for 212 year.1; without touching it. U.S. nislrict Court Judge George L. Ifarl Jr. gave Ja- cobsen 30 days lo lile motions in the. case and said he plans lo Iry the mailer after the conclusion of a Texas trial in- volving Jacobsen. Jacob.scn is it n d e r indict- ment on stale charges stem- ming from an unrelated mat- ter. The Texas trial is sched- uled to oncfl in Hay. Meanwhile, U .S. District Court Judge John .1. Sirica an- nounced through a spokesman thai he would not rule .loday on the disposition of Ihe .sealed report 'and a satchel of evi- dence received from the grand jury that invesligaled the Wat- ergate cover-up. Sources have said that the report concerns President Nix- on's role in Watergate and that the grand jury had asked Sirica lo forward it to the House impeachment inquiry. John J. Wilson, attorney for former presidential aides llaldcman and John D. Ehr- lichman, has said the grand jury lacked Ihe authority lo issue such a report and he asked Sirica to instruct the panel either lo indict or do nothing. The While House has issued no rccomincndalion on the report. Ilaldeman. Khrlichman and five other former administra- tion and campaign 'aides were indicted March.) on charges that-they Inert to block the investigation of the Watergate break-in. T h e other defendants are former Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell, former While House 'special counsel Charles C. Col- son, former Assislanl Ally, (ien. Robcrl C. Alarrtian, for- mer While House aide Gordon C. Slrachan and Kenneth W. Parkinson, former counsel for Presidenl Nixon's re-eleclion finance committee. All have pleaded innocent lo all charges against them. Jacobsen, a former aide lo the late President Lyndon B. Johnson, was charged with making a false statement lo a jmy Jan. 25, If convicted, Jacobsen cimld face a maximum penalty or five Leaking Liquid Said Radioactive DICIILANU, Wash. (AP) About gallons Of highly radioaclive liquid waste have leaked into the soil around a storage tank on the Atomic Energy Commission's Hanford reservation near here, a spokesman for Atlantic Hich- ficld llanford Co. says. The latest leak was discov- ered by automatic detection equipment installed after x m a s s i v e radioactive waste leak lasl year, said .1.11. War- ren, director of program coor- dination for Ihe firm. with Ihe couple's Ihree chil- dren. AloiiK wilh Ihe ransom, Kxx- on agreed lo Hie guerrillas' demand for an advertisement in 42 local and provincial newspapers saying Ihe ransom returned "super-earnings (ib- lained in Argentina through exploitation of workers." Only three n e s p a p e r s prime d the advertisement, however, fearing government retaliation for disseminating rebel propaganda. The leftist K] Miindn printed Hie ail Shower Trough Veers to South Forecasters at (lie National Weather Serivce said Kriday that an upper-level low pressure trough decided to slay south of the 'Abilene area as moved eastward Thursday, withdraw- ing ils promise of rain. "Thai area of showers stayed south of us.1' forecaster Frank Cannon said, "so now it looks as though there's nothing in "TUliKK IS A front to the mirth of us." Cannon continued, lie said a high pressure system in Canada would probably push the front into this area, resulting m cooler temperatures bul no rain. "The will proba- bly be a little more like nor- he added, referring to the unseasonably high temperatures which have occuired throughout, the winter. years in prison and a fine. The Jacobsen indidmenl was returned by a grand jury investigating whether political contributions from Ihe dairy industry influenced an admin- istration decision in March 1971 lo raise price supports. Meanwhile. lawyer repre- senting Hose Mary Woods, Nixon's secretary, asked Ihe Senate Watergate committee to withdraw a subpoena sock- ing her testimony under oath. Attorney Charles S. Khyne saitl Miss Woods had been questioned by commitlee law- yers without taking an oath and then had completed an af- fidavit attesting to the truth- fulness of her answers. He said additional ing "would harass Miss Woods without useful purpose." Kill Committee Chairman Sam .1. Ervin Jr., D-N. C., rejected Ihe rcmiesl. saying, "The committee was unani- mous in ils vote lo subpoena Miss and it is neces- sary for Ihe coinmitlee to ob- tain her full Icslimony under oalh and in executive ses- sion." Professional Eye Care Titles Defined By EM .IE RUCKEH Please explain (he difference be- tween an oplician, oculist, ophthalmolo- gist and an optometrist. A. An optician fits and adjusts eye glasses according to prescriptions written by ophthalmologists or optometrists. An ophthalmologist is a licensed MD who specializes in the medical and surgical care of the eyes and may prescribe dings or other treatment as well as lenses. An optometrist examines eyes, makes Ic.sls to determine defects in vision and wlien needed, prescribes eye glasses, con- lad lens, corrective eye exorcises or other Irealmenl Ihal docs not require drugs or surgery. Oculisl, we're told, is not used much any- more .but Ihe dictionary repoils an oculist is an ophthalmologist. What pprcenlnge of Abilcnians arc Mexican-Americans? would you ask the manager of KRBC radio if he thinks Ihe percentage is large enough and if U is possible lo have a Spanish speaking program on [lie radio'.' A, In Abilene the percentage is 9.9. KIIBC Radio Manager Bill Kox says he'd, sine give it consideration if he had a qualified Spanish speaking announcer, lie doesn't have one, hasn't found one and none has ever applied for a job. My qualified, he means an announ- cer wilh a third class radio operator's li- cense as rcfiiiirod by the FCC. How can I obtain a copyright for a Ming? A. U'rilc Hie Register of Copyrights. Li- brary of Congress. Washington. D.C.. 2II5JO for an application form, specifying it's for a song. You innsl reproduce the song by publi- cation, printing or other means. When you've completed Ihc application form, mail it and two copies of Ihe song plus lo the Register of Copyrights. 0. How about selfliug a big family argument? My inolhcr-in-liiw says Char- lie Rich Is in his ofK my husband swears he's in his early IDs. Who's right? Where can we write him for an autographed picture? Is he married wilh any children? What was Charlie's profit Ihe best seller, "Behind Closed A. Charlie Rich does have a head full of while hair bul he's only 41. Write him at 801 IGlh Soulli, Nashville, Tonn. lie mar- ried his childhood sweetheart from Fonvsi twice, and the government closed it indefinitely for "at- tempting In distribute subver- sive material." No action was taken against the other two papers. Hill' guerrillas seized Samu- elson S while he was eat- ing lunch al tlie refinery he headed al Campana, (if) miles north u[ Buenos Aires. In- I'oniH'd sources said a suitcase the SI4 2-iiiillinn ransom in SKlO-bills was deliv- ered Monday at a secret reu- dey.vnus. Airliner Crash Kills 37 in Iran TEHRAN. Iran (AP) A Danish airliner carrying Wfi persons bursl into flames while taking oft from Tehran airport today, killing 37 per- sons and injuring-12. the Iiani- an government IIL-US agency said. II said 17 were unharmed and were taken in lintels. Earlier, the slate- radio re- ported persons were res- cued fiom tho piano and "ihe rpst of the passengers were killed." In addition, airport officials said the plain1 was carrying HI passengers ajid a crcu of four, and the number of dead was not officially announced. A spokesman for Sterling Airways in Copenhagen said the plane was carrying Scan- dinavian. French and West lourisls, lie said (he plane was on charter to Denmark's Tjatre- lioi'S Ui'jsei1 Agency, awl was on a refuelling slop before flying on to Copenhagen from Xrw Delhi. Prime Minister Amir Abass went to the scene ol the crash and later said thai while IVtc Caravclle was still taxiing. 1 the airport's control lower told the crew that flames were coming t'rum Hie hydraulic system, lie said the pilo! was 01 de-red lo abaiidnn Ihc lake off. Automaker's Creed' Don't Fight Women or City Hall Ily lilCliNICK PHKSCOTT Reporter-News Corrcspomlenl CISCO (RNSl Not all short- ages and crises require drastic measures nor lengthy negnlia- lion.s. discovered Cisco Cily Commissioner Mrs. Louise Alli- son. Facet! with the task of replac- ing Hie city's garbage collecting vehicle, which was .serviceable solely by the use of billing wire, Mrs Allisnn contacted the Gra- ham Kurd Motor Co. of Cisco. Due lo allotments of inventory, Graham could not promise re- placement in less than nine .10 1'2 months. Unwilling lo trust the baling wire, Airs. Allison went further afield. Having noticed an article in a paper in which l.ce lacocca, president of Ihc Ford Motor planl in Arlington, staled Ihal "Kord .Motor Co. is going In give Ihe American public what it Mrs. Allison sent Ihe article, a description of the rily's prosonl vehicle, and their choice of a replacement, with Ihc request thai the company give this small segment of the American public what they want. Results were rapid. A person- al telephone call from D. K. Dtiano. manager of Ihe heavy truck and equipment plant in Louisville. Ky.. assured Mrs. Al- lison Ihal her request had been duly noted and that work was being expedited on the needed piece of equipment for April de- livery. A Idler from K. F. Smith, president 01 Ihe Ford planl in Dearborn. .Mich., was receiver] liy Mrs. Allison, confirming the order. Maybe Motor Co. ac- cedes to the belief thai you can't fight city hall- or at leas! a very, determined woman com- missioner Strike Said Over In San Francisco City, Ark. Karly in the marriage, she sang some too. bin four children later decided ui leave the singing to Charlie. She still writes songs, "Life's Little Ups and for example. Entertainers arc never very eager lo publicize how much money they make from record sales. Where ilid we RC! (he expression, "eating hihiihle A. It comes from the old custom of as- signing Ihe inferior parts of a jame carcass lo llie servants. Tliey were served in a pasty (Knglish lenn for meal pip or Address In Action UUP. Box 30, Abilene. Texas iflliOl Names will nut be iisrri but must hp signed nnrf addresses I'lrase Include Icl- pplinnP nnmhprs if jinssihlP. By Liai-' KRICKSOX Press Writer SAN' THANC1SCO I AIM Muses, streetcars and cahlp cars were expected lo c-airy commuters home once again today f o 11 o w i n g Icnlalive agreement to end a nine-dav strike by city em- ployes. "I'm happy lo announce a settlement nf Ihp cily em- ployes Mayur .liiSDph I.. Alioto announced early lo- day. The mayor, who has been acting as mediator in the dis- pute, sairi terms n( the agree- ment would not be released until after the union has a chance to approve Ihe pad ibis afternoon. Until then. Aliolo said, strik- ers will remain on their picket lines ai Municipal Hallway fa- cilities, city offices, two hospi- tals" and Ihe Bay Rapid Transil system. Limited pick- cling also was reported on the waterfront. it was not rx- peclPd to hall all by longshoremen. S o m e commulers bavp driven ponied rides or hitchhiked lo work since the city's buses, sired- cars and cable cars were shut There were estimates thf strike was costing Ihe cily million a day. Union officials were nol im- mediately available fur com- ment on the agreement, bill Aliolo said llir union negoHirt- ing team voted unanimously to accept the contract. The union a I r e a d y had pulled pickets away trom the Iransbay bus terminal where AC Transil delivers sonu1 daily commuters here from Oakland The bus com- pany said it would make regu- lar runs loday. Only one of nine members of tlie cily Board of Supervi- sors present did not vole lo approve the package. The full 11-man board will vole. Unlay. Word of tlir impending sd- llcinenl circulated after re- ported agreement by bolh sides on a million pay package up million from the city's orginal offer. Tlie union first demanded a million annual pay boost. A strike by cily schoolteach- ers continued, keeping most of the system's schoolchildren away from, class.