Saturday, March 9, 1974

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - March 9, 1974, Abilene, Texas gttrilene "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT Bvron D3R15 YKAK NO. 2G5 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS. 79604, SATURDAY MAHCU St. 1P74 FOHTY PACES IN KOl'Il .SECTIONS Associated Press Lawrence Welk Arrives Amidst Hullabaloo li.V LIZ JIOOIIK- Ucporlcr-Ncws staff Wrilcr II was all there except the bubbles. The red carpel, Ihc televi- sion cameras, red-coated olfi- cials, Miss Champagne Music, a band playing a little swing music and approximately 200 anxious, expectant persons. They were nil gathered at Abilene Municipal Airport Fri- day (o meet tlic cause of this hullabaloo Lawrence Welk. NOT EVEN a late airplane, delayed a hall hour from its scheduled p.m. arrival time, could dampen the enthu- siasm ol fans and city officials there to welcome the band leader and his entire compa- ny. The group performed ill R p.m. Friday in Taylor Comity Coliseum. Key officials of (lie Abilene Chamber of Commerce lined up on either side of a red car- pel to greet Welk. Miss Cham- pagne Alcx- ia Mayfield chosen in a KRliC-sponsorcd contest, was ready lo assume her role as official Abilene hostess. But probably no otic there could he as happy or anxious as Mrs. Emelia "Cranny" Ol- son of Slamroril, inner of The Reporlcr-Ncws "M v c I Lawrence Welk Conlcd." The S7-ycar-oM iviiloiv and of seven insisted on one thing of her escort Ellic Mucker of The Reporter-News Action Line, prior lo meeting her idol. She didn't want In lie. holding on to her cane when she met Welk. SO E1.1.IK held on lo her as thp moment arrived the plane landed and the Abilene Christian College Stage Hand struck tip the Welk Show -Mel- ody. in walked each band im'in- ber, -dancers Hobby litirgess and Cissy King, singing and dancing star Arlhiit- Duncan, accordionist Mynm -Floren and then Welk himself. The officials and Miss' Champagne Music g reel e d him. and Mayor Pro Tern Sam Waldrop read the official proc- lamation d e c 1 a r i ng this Welk Day." And then it was Cranny Ol- son's turn lo meet the man whose picture she keeps on lier television set. She beamed as Welk pinned a purple or- chirj corsage oti, after which Hip hand leader hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank vim for- coming to see me." In1 said. "I never miss your Cranny told him. clasping his hands. THANK you so mut'li for remembering me all these years and for heing my fan." Welk said as the crowd pressed in and television cam- eras whirred. "Are yon com- ing lo I he "I bought my lickcl moinhs lirannv exclaimed. Cisco JC President, Dr. Willis, Resigns CISCO Lcland Willis, president of Cisco .Junior Col- lege for the pasl eight years, Friday submitted his resigna- tion lo the college's board of regents at the regular monthly meeting. Board President Lloyd Lon- don said the regents accepted (lie resignation with regrets. Willis who was given a new 1 li r c e -y e a r contract last month, told The Reporter-News Friday evening that he had resigned for, "just personal reasons. I really can't explain anything beyond Ihat. now1 I don'l have any definite be added. "I do plan to stay in Cisco tem- porarily." THE It 0 A li I) designated Carrol Kcoll, current dean of faculty and admissions as act- ing chief executive of the school. Scott is a veteran of 12 ycars-wilh the college. He is a AP t.EI.AND WILLIS no definite plans native of I.ubbock and holds degrees from Sam Houston State University. Willis graduated from Abi- Suit Is Settled In Man's Death ROY A. JOX'KS II lleporler-News Staff Writer A damage suit tiled against the City of Abilene by the family of one of two city employes killed in a sewer line accident last year was settled out of court Friday for The suil was one in which Mrs. Bessie Moore had sued on behalf of herself and four children due to the death of Jess II. Moore, 39, last Aug. 4. Moore and Jessie Lee Swaim, 59, both employes of the city's Water and .Sewer Department, were seeking lo unclog it large sewer line in an alley in liin 2fifJO block of Minlcr Ln. when they were overcome by some form of toxic scuer gas and killed, families for both men alleged in two damage suits totaling more than a .quarter-million dollars. A damage suit filed against Ihe City of Abilene by widow, Marie, slill is pending. A March 18 trial dale had been sel for both suits. The compromise selllcniciil in the Moore case was ap- proved by 101th Disl. Judge .1. Neil Daniel at the request of attorneys (or both sides. Attorney Frank Scarborough represented Mrs. Moore, who had asked for loss of her Imsband's income, pins in fuiiera) expenses. The couple's four children, Lisa Nell, M, Jess Hal, 3, Judy Fay, -t, and Jim West, 20 months, had sought another SIOO.OOO in damages. Attorney Bruce Kvans was appointed temporary guardian for Lisa Nell and Patricia Kl- liolt was appointed temporary guardian for Ihc other three iMoorc children. Attorney John (.'amp represented the City o[ Abilene. JUDOE 1) AM E I, .appor- tioned Ihc proceeds of the set- tlement as follows: lo Mrs. Moore, lo each of Ihe children, lo we, -held in Irust by Ilic court, and lo Scarborough. lie also noted that "this agreement is entered imo as a compromise settlement of a doubtful right" and ordered that the "agreement and judg- ment shall not constitule an admission of liability on Ihe part of Ihe defendant Plaintiffs in Ihe livo suits al- leged that Ihe City of Abilene was negligent in failing to sup- ply adequate gas detecting de- vices for their employes, in failing to supply self-contained gas mask appliances for Ihe men. in railing to supply blow- er devices lo clear onl Ihe air in the work area and pnmp See SUIT. I'g. SA. Col. S lenc in I1H3 and received a DA degree "from Daniel Baker College in Browmvood. His advanced de- grees arc from Howard Payne College. Willis held many coaching and teaching jobs in Texas public schools for 12 years be- fore going to CJC in 19111 as athletic director and basket- ball coach, lie assumed the office of dean of Ihc college in 1963. When President Grady Ilogue, who.had headed C.IO for 10 years, resigned in 19GG, Willis was appointed to the THE IJOAIUI of regents has adopted-a resolution of appre- ciation for the work-and lead- ership of Willis during his ten- ure. The college's enrollment increased more than 300 per cent and has had in excess of 1.000 students most of the past live years. The college, uliicli lias a faculty of GD, has completed six new buildings under Willis' direction and has established extension programs in several locations in Ihe Big Country. Willis, -ta, is a native of Wal- nul Springs. Me has been ac- live in church and community affairs in Cisco and is a pasl president of Hie Cisco Rotary Club, lie been active in college circles and is a pasl president of the Texas Junior College Athletic Assn. IV' Will you dance with me? Lawrence Welk, band leader arid star of his own television show, hugs an ardent i'an. Mrs. Kmelia Olson, winner of The Reporter-News "Meet Lawrence Welk Contest." The two met upon Welk's arrival Friday aflenioou a I Abilene Municipal Airport. (Staff Photo by Don Blakley) President Urges Strict Rain Misses Limits on Campaign Gifts The Key Cily Although some showers were reported in the Abilene area Friday Hie precipitation missed the Key Cily. Most of Ihe rain was report- ed norlh and east of Abilene, with Monday showing the" most with .81 of an inch. Other (owns reporting rain were Hawley, Anson, Avoca, Nugent, Paint Creek and Itockdale, all a trace. Lucders reported .10 of an inch. fly DICK llAltNKS Associated Press Miller WASHINGTON (A P) President Nixon, moving lo correct the abuses of his own and other pasl campaigns, Friday proposed strict limits on campaign conlribnlions and new federal laws against "dirty tricks." Ihe President said office- seekers should not be, bank- rolled by the government. In a message to Congress and a 15-minule nationwide ra- dio speech, Nixon outlined proposals that would change markedly Ihe federal election syslem. Congress is already sharply divided over some of Ihe lypes of reforms he proposes, but legislative action on the sub- ject is expected (hiring Ihe .spring, "I am doubtful that any leg- islation can provide the pana- cea Ihat some seek to guaran- tee, absolute integrity in Ihc electoral process." said iS'ixun. FBI Arrests Two in Kidnaping WASHINGTON -Two men have been arrested in the kidnaping of 8-year-old John Calzadilla, Ihe l-'Bl announced Friday night. In a release, Kill director Clarence M. Belley said those arrested were Norbato M. Fernandez, 17, and his hrmh- cr. Kligio Fernandez, 19, of Union City, Kelley said the two were ar- rested in the Newark. N..L, area and were charged wilh violating federal kidnaping statutes. He added that information available to the Fill indicates lhal additional individuals were involved in Ihe kidnaping and an extensive investigation is underway lo apprehend all others involved. The kidnapers escaped with a ransom Friday after releasing the Umg Island, X.Y., hoy unharmed after holding him for 33 hours. Second Suit Filed in Clyde Explosion HOV A. .IONUS 11 Reporter-News Staff Writer UAIUD A second large damage suil, this one seeking has been filed here against an Abilene business in connection wilh a Feb. II fire and explosion near Clyde which look the lives of four 'volunteer firemen. Plaintifls in Ihe suit filed against Kmmcll I.. Galloway and Paul R. Galloway, doing business as Galloway Casing Pulling Co., are the survivors of Hoy Lee (loin: his wife, Sue, and their children, I.eah Mosle.v of llairil and Gary Gciin of Waco. The suil, tiled al 12nd Dis- trict Court by attorney Mal- colm Schulz of Abilene, is the second tiled in connection wilh Hie explosion and fire which occurred 12 miles norlh of Clyde on KM 604. The survivors of Michael Ronald Warren, 26, and Abi- lene Chvislian College senior and n fiiblc Icaclicr <il Abilene Christian High School, filed suil for Ihc week alter the explosion. The 55-year-old (loin, a car- penter, was al Hie scene of the fire as a member of the Cljde Volunteer Fire Dept. when a large of solidified 111- Iroglycerin stored in .'in un- marked compartment on the back of Ihc defenJanl's truck exploited, causing his dcalh, Ihe plaintiffs allege. The plaintiffs allege lhal Ihe defendant firm was negligent "in operating a vehicle con- taining hazardous materials not p r o p e r I y marked. .in leaving dangerous explosives unattended in an fire and resultant explosion could reasonably be anticipat- ed by a person or persons ex- ercising ordinary care, in not storing dangerous explosives in Ihc safe container, in care- lessly and negligently starling a fire, anil in leaving Ihe .scene w i I h o u t ascertaining that such dangerous explo- sives were safely stored ami would not harm innocent per- sons." The plaintiffs seek Slall.fiflll for loss of Coin's income, SH'C.OOO for loss of his "alien- lion, care and for physical and men- tal pain and anguish immedi- ately prior in his death, and lor funeral expnse.s. Thev also seek exemplary damages of Ira A. Akcrs was killed in Ihe blast, also, and Mark Kent (lilmorc, 23, died Feb. in an Abilene, hospital from injuries he received, r.cilli weic Clyde volunteer firemen, luo. "Hi- didn't even pick up a cold during bis captivity. Therr-'.s' no mark on him.'1 said Dr. Morion S. Rosen- baton after examining John Calxadilla in the family's split-level hoinq here. The Kill said it ncve-r went near the New Jersey roadside where Hie S.iO.OOO was dropped by the boy's father. "Our main concern was tlie saloly of the victim, so we kepi away from lhal said .1 Wallace I.aPrade of Ihe Xewaik KB I office. Before freeing Ihe calm and apparently unafraid buy. the kidnapers sent the boy's fa- ther lo a number of telephone booths on Manhattan's upper Side and inlo Harlem for instructions thai nr-rc .some- limes false or never came al all. authorities said al a news John Malone, a s s i s i a n 1 director of the ITU in charge cif Ihe Xow York ollice. said Michael Calzaclilla ultimately drnpprd Ihc motley raised through advances, loans and :t second nuii'lgage on a road near railroad tracks in Sivan- (Us, "All of our solutions in Hie area of campaign reform must go grounded on Hie solid e x p e r i c n of nearly 2UU years, not merely on Hie spir- ited rheloric. which so tie- pervades this Nixon declared. Key poinls of his proposals would: a ciintribuior lo giv- ing to a presidential Ciinelidale and lo a House or Senate candidate. Prevent labnr and busi- ness political ad ion commit- tees from giving money <li- iTdly ciindielalivs: they could slil contribute lei polili ca] parlies, with money car- marked for specific candi- dates. --Require all money lor a candidate lo pass through nne committee and cine bank. cash coiilriliuliiuis of more lhan Jfill would be acceptable and would bar nf stock or the loaning of funds. disruptive and mis- leading activities snc-h as rig- ging public opinion pnll.s ur See MXO.V, t'g. SA, (eel. "Will you dance wilh me'.'" Granny blushed and bowed dor licad "Oh, maybe if this were '20 years ago.1' Then Welk had lo move on (hroiigli the well-wishers and autograph seekers. Kllic asked if she would like to sit down. "Oil, I'm not she cried. She saiil she had rested up for two days for the eveul, never straining herself except lo conk. Show Draws All Ages lly JIM CONLIOY Hi'jiurlrr-News Staff Wriler Some slopped like royally Horn their fancy Others (lobbied in wilh r help of canes, and many were pushed in wheel chairs. when they all crowded inlo Taylor County Coliseum Friday night to see Lawrence Welk, the building was packed from floor to with up- wards of li.llCC1 appreciative. falls They iill came to pay hom- age In a fellow with a German accent who can slill dance like a 35-year- old. Tllfi (IKNI'.n.VlTON gap fell Ijy the wayside as folks (it all ages renewed (heir love af- fair "Champagne Mu- sic." A happy Welk, calling the night his homecoming, began by inviting to the siage one of his "first bosses." Ahilene's Earl Ciiiilar. who befriended Welk here about ago. Welk inlroduced him as "Ihe man who changed my life .who bad compassion on my lillle orchestra." Welk then let (InilLir lead Ihe orchestra as ii played The Kyi's of Texas, which brought the crowd to its feet. Dressed in a pale bine suil. Welk told the packed house lhal the big bai.d s.' had never left. He proved n with swinging versions of such songs as "U'c'vc Only Jusl and others. Although the majority of the audience may have been the silver-haired set, ihe music jiol The dance team of Cissy Kinn and ex-Wall Disney- .Mwisekeleer Btiljby Hingess typical of he accent on yiiuihful talent which brought .coiistani applause from Ihe audience. FANS .sh'-wed lhal Ihcy ;ire as dedicated as those nf any rock star's. had conn1 from KS far awav as Minnesota and several sur- rounding stales, as well as many Texas cilics. It ever an entertainer took over the (oliseuni. Welk did. Then- was no deny'.ig Ihe ihe show. Colorful, brassy, smooth running and vibrant, ihe show's deliglniul .singing, playing and dancing mirrored the lively mood of Ihe crowd. rri'.siding over ihe festivities was a breathy, .smiling Welk See WI.'I.K. I'g. (ol. 5 Inside Today Austin School Official Charged Austin public school's ath- letic director is charged wilh "compelling the prostitution" of o 16- year-old pirl. PQ. 7B. Gov. Dolph Driscoe's cam- paign manager moves !o MHiclrh clcposil ion tak- ing involving Prances Forc-nl hold's campaign lowsuil acjoinsl (lie gov- ernor. Pg. 5A. A government witness says former Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell promis- ed lo to head off cx- (y.Acjie of financier Rob- err Vesco's secret 000 donahon lo the Nix- on re election campaign. Pg. 2A. Amusemcntl Allroloqv Bridflc Church Ncwj Clcmilicd Comici Editpriali Farm ObLluaricl O.I Sporls Today in HislorY TV Log TV Scout Women's Ncwl 106 SC SC 4A 1 ID 6A 1-4C SC 10B 11B