Friday, November 6, 1970

Abilene Reporter News

Location: Abilene, Texas

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Abilene Reporter-News, The (Newspaper) - November 6, 1970, Abilene, Texas flOTH YEAR. NO. 146 PHONE 6734271 ABILENE. TEXAS, 79604, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 6, 1970-THIRTY-TWO PAGES IN TWO SECTIONS lOc DAILY-25c SUNDAY Auociaied Prtu Trophy Hunter: --L Goldie Hawn added the "Star Of The Year" award to her Oscar in Miami Beach Thursday night. Miss Hawn was honored by the National Association of Theatre Owrers at their convention. She recently completed filming on Mike Franknvich's ''There's a Girl in My Soup" for Columbia Pictures. 1 (AP Wirephoto) Bv ELLIE How Do You Make Ex-Husband Pay Up? q. I have three children and have been divorced over live years. My ex-husband was supposed lo pay (SO a month. He left over two years ago and nobody can find him. He'i a year behind In support. Who can 1 see about finding him? I've tried for 6li months lo see a lawyer or Judge, I can't get past their secretary' or even talk to one on the phone. I don't have the money lo find him myscll, can you help me? A. Yes. We've found several people nho will help you and have sent you the details by mail. Once you've located him, contact the Legal Aid Service at 673-4661, they'1! refer you to a lawyer who handles chi'd support cases. If the'allorney doesn't collect any child support you won't have to pay him; his fee is taken from the child support money that he's able lo collect. Q. I'm very disturbed over the personal property tax on automobiles. never encountered such a tax elsewhere. I'm a new resident and wonder If this lai Is designed to discourage prospective new- comers from settling here and to encour- age ihe ones lhat are here lo move away (note the drop In the U70 A. Sixty per cent nl Ihe larger cities in Texas (over tax automobiles and some cities also tax furniture, motorcycles, boats and the clothes on your back. Abilene taxes automobiles because it's easier to assess their value than lo fairly determine the value of household goods. If it's any consolation, when your car is eight years old, you don't have lo pay tax on It. H'e do have some things in our favor, a t.-.x study made by Wichita Falls showed that out of 18 Texas cities studied, Abilene was 15th; only three cities have lower taxes. So we can't really be accused of driving people away; they're likely to pay higher taxes elsewhere. No matter what Ihe lax rate is, we're just bound to dislike it, guess that's human nature. Q. Yesterday I received a 1970 personal property tax statement In the amount ol JH.60 for owning a H66 automobile. I'd like to know how the tax collector figures these taxes. On what basis? If he says on the value of Ihe automobile, then why should a man with a later model car have lo pay these taxes and his next door neigh- bor with an old model rar not be required Co pay any taxes on his car at all, yet he uses his car for the same thing 1 do, transportation? A man driving a 19S3 Cadillac lakes up as much space In Uie slrert while driving as I do and Just as much space lo park as anyone rise. If one man Is required to pay then let's get everyone In the game and make It lair. A "Automobiles aren't taxable after they're eight years old because they have such a small value that it's just not feasible to try I" says Asst. City Attorney lid He says the space the vehicle uses and Uie wear and tear on Ihe roads has nothing to do with it, H's an ad valorem lax which means, "according to value." And while we're on the subject, the tax IS constitutional. In when Ihe present Constitution was adopted It stated ill prop- erty In the stale shall be taxed In proportion to its value. Kverjlhing you own <nsl has a value is subject in taxation, except certal.i Items whlrh arc specifically exempted. no' l'ir taxes either, but looks like have In live with 'cm. Italy Accepts Peking Regime Ry I1ILMI TOnOS ROME (AP) Italy and Communist China established diplomatic relations today, cli- maxing nearly two ycrrs o! se- cret talks betv.een this Roman Catholic Mediterranean anchor of the North Atlantic Trealv Or- ganization and Mao Tsc-lung's The two countries said In a joint communique released here and in Peking that they had re- cided lo rre'Ognize each other and would exchange ambassa- dors within three months. H-SU Announces New Developers Three new members were appointed -to 'Ihe Hardin- Simmons University Board of Development Friday. They are Dr. John II. Brewer, noted scientist; Dr. Willis J. Whitfield of Albuquerque, N. M.. and Mrs. Fred Moore Jr. of Hamlin, president and chairman of the board of Uie Pied Piper Mills and Moore Elevator Inc. Dr. Brewer recently retired as director of microbiological research for Becton, Dickinson and Co.. Rutherford, N. J. Brewer serves as a part-time member on the H-SU faculty as professor of microbiology. nn. RRKWKR. reared in Abilene, twice a graduate of II- SU and recipient of an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the school in the 1968 spring commencement exercises, commutes to Abilene from Lake Brownwood, where he and his wife presently reside. A Gorman native, he is a member of the National Aeronautics and Space A d m i n i s t r a t ion Advisory Committee on Planetary Quarantine. He served as director of research for one of the largest pharmaceutical houses for Ihe past 30 years and hopes to assist H-SU in starting a curriculum designed to train young men and women lo work in pharmaceu- tical houses. Brewer, a member of Ihe International Atomic Energy Agency Ceimmittee on Radiation Sterilization Procedures, Is the author of several chapters in "Remington's Practice o f a textbook useei by "WEATHEf U. S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE NI Item I Strvki Pg. iA) ABILENE AND VICINITY mint) Fair lonq-t rfl Sa'urCiy. Hlch Friany In low 73i. LfM in Lfoer 4ft Saturday in upper TCi. Socwwtwif 13 to 15 rrtn. TEMPERATURES p.m. Frt- P m- 1-00 41 I'M a 47 s oo tj 4.00 44 7.M tOO 50 7 00 1 nitKNDA (illKKNE Stall Writer "1 think there should be a discontinuance of Ihe unanimous of jurors in jury Thomas M. Ilcavlcy, associate justice of Ihe Texas Supreme Court, said here Friday morning. Judge lleavley was in Abilene to speak at the Brown .Simposium at M c M u r r y College. "I CANT niACINi: 12 people agreeing on anything, especially in these days "hen most are individual he said. "I (eel nine or 10 votes would hr> sufficient in days when most individual h- "I feel nine or 10 voles would b" sufficient lo set a he said. "With the system as it thorn arc so nnny mistrials, which lake undue amounts of time for retrial and undue, amounts of money." "I also think the Judiciary syslem will move lo six-member Jurors" hn said. "The 12- member Jury Is just tradition from the old common law courts." (IN Till: SimJIKT of >nulh. lir.ivky s.vd, "I :im surprised In find jou.'R people all over JUDC.I: IIKAVI.KV six man Juries state (jenenilly feel Hint someone who is part of the establishment, .1 judge, an oflue holder is satisfied." "Young people these days have the idea that members of the sn-ralled establishment are 'nleresirrt in feathering their mm rests, that they .irrn I with jiMico. riglit or he s.iid. "I ihn'l critic 'lie I lhi..k they li.v.c a healthy of concern, of justice, of an-1 wrong, of caring for Itcavlcy said. "RL7 MA.VV OF Ihe your? people feel that the establish- ment doesn't have the same feelings and he said. IIf expressed the need for better communications between the judiciary and the future rational Uadcr.-. "In the tradition of the jueliciary, judges have always ri ir'ivi '1 Ives from iiinliovcrsy, stayed within the n[ Ihcir lie said, "lint in pre-ent times, there is ,1 need for judges to get out and establish better understanding." "We have to tear ai'.'nk- of radical writers and Ilic nssumplion that Hie judiciary vias limit In protect he said. "Jl IIAVK TO get out lo Ml and people that they care ar.d that they are 'real human Ilcavlcy said. Criticism of the judiciary is not unfounded, cither, judge said. ".lust we have always something a certain way Is rn reason lo keep It If it doesn't ft l the he s.lld 'Inmhing briefly on several Si'e HKAVl.KY,